Friday, October 25, 2013

Sandy Hook School Demolition: WHY The Confidentiality?

Today, October 25, the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, is being torn down. It's not any run of the mill demolition. The article below and the Connecticut morning news makes a definite point that the school will be barricaded with high security surrounding the area to keep people out. Supposedly the town wants it this way due to the sensitivity of the the townspeople won't be traumatized? Evidently the town now draws many tourists due to the tragedy that occurred here

I'm sure some of these "tourists" are just curious about what the town of Sandy Hook and the school looks like. However, I think that a larger portion of the people who visit this town are doing so for the purpose of investigation into what many people feel was one of the biggest scams in history and that this is the real reason for such  high security around the school during the demolition. 26 people were reported to have been killed during an alleged shooting at this school. Realistically we do not know whether or not this version of the incident is absolutely true, partially true, or completely fabricated.

I am not trying to be insensitive to this "tragedy" in the event that it is true, however, you can't expect the public to just accept the official version when it kept changing, shows so many inconsistencies, results in goals of gun control and probable future mandatory mental health screening, increased police and video surveillance....and above all.......there has been no hard evidence available to the public.Speaking of video surveillance...there must have been video cameras in the school...especially near the door where Lanza supposedly broke in . There are many suspicious points to consider but I will only address several as it would take a whole book or perhaps a trilogy to discuss them all.
The main issues are the lack of any hard evidence to the public and the fact that Wayne Carver, the State Medical Examiner got a bill put into law that children's autopsy results do not have to be made public. This all seemed to begin after the Petit murders when Dr. Petit was also involved with Carver in changing the law to allow the results of CHILDREN's autopsies to NOT be available to the public under the possible pretense of concern for the parents/relatives of any deceased children.

"Synchronistically, a short time later after this bill was put into law , we have a reported mass murder of children...and Carver is involved.

I just can't get it out of my mind as to why we have been shown absolutely no evidence of bodies or any damage that was done inside the school.......or photos of Adam Lanza entering the school....etc...etc. THEN.....TODAY....I couldn't believe what I was hearing on the news........
Besides barricading the school grounds and the heavy security presence, while the demolition is taking place.....The demolition contractors were made to sign a confidentiality paper that bans the workers from discussing anything they may come across inside the school.... WHAT??????? That makes absolutely no sense at all. What evidence could there be in the school that the people involved do not want to be made public? Perhaps lack of bullet holes and broken glass or lack of other evidence that shows the events didn't take place as the official media version claims? The supposed perpetrator is if their story is valid....public knowledge of what really happened inside the school that day could not detrimentally affect any further investigation. Additionally...if they really caught the shooter then there should be no additional investigation ....unless it is of the officials themselves....because it's supposely a closed solved case. So....why the extreme secrecy? It reminds me of how after 9-11 all the evidence was quickly carted away.
Investigation into the people involved may show ties to Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young...maybe Wells Fargo...etc. Also several of the families involved reportedly moved to Sandy Hook only a year or so previous to the shootings.
All of the wreckage is being ground up before leaving the site!!!!

Video below shows Carver's statement to the public and features an anonymous phone call to Carver's office demanding answers.


  1. The school was pulverized so nobody at the landfill where it was taken would notice the school was closed way before the shooting due to hurricane Sandy. Storm damaged materials would be a tell tale sign of the abandoned school, thst is also why the non-disclosure waivers, no running water, electricity, etc.

  2. Your explanation seems quite possible and another possibility could be that evidence of blood and bullet holes may not have been there. When the story first hit the news.....maybe a day or so later...the media talked about whether they would revamp or "fix" the school or whether they would tear it down. This set up a red flag for me because that is not something that would be thought or reported on so immediately after such a claimed tragic event. I said to myself....I think they wanted a new school to begin with. I didn't know why though.

  3. without being insensitive to any persons who may have been killed the main issues keep me curious. 1. When asked about the blood and bio clean up Sgt Lance replied "What blood" by law a special clean up crew is needed as it it biological hazard. 2. When government injects lies and false statements into a tragedy it set flags off. By not simply reporting facts and making a gun control statement all the facts become suspect. So, if real the agenda created a hoax atmosphere. 3. The crime scene video and photos do not match an affluent school and the panic parents would naturally exhibit. The photo of children being led out has 2 copiers of the same kids in different order. 4. Noah shows up as an afghan child killed in a school bombing in the same clothes as his facebook picture from Sandy Hook?. Several of the people on TV were actors? One girl show up with Obama 3 months later wearing the same cloths could scream photoshop. I don't know what is real and what is not. If real the real tragedy is the confusion and hoax info born of making a an Agenda from a tragedy.


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