Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The video below is the best chemtrail video I have seen yet. Rosalind Peterson, from California Skywatch, disects and investigates each facet of the massive jet aerosol operation taking place over our heads. The public has not been informed of this extensive program nor has the public given its consent. Rosalind Peterson is a certified USDA Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjuster and offers a very credible presentation of her studies and findings concerning these manmade artificial contrails or chemtrails which are negatively affecting our weather, crops, human health,climate and are causing what is now termed as global dimming.
I have been observing this bizarre operation since 1998. Destructive weather occurrances have coincided with this experimentation, however, the weather disruptions are conveniently being blamed on global warming(the validity of which is still being debated).

Rosalind covers the history of this extensive program, the probable contents of the chemtrails, jet traffic patterns, purposes of the program, the unregulated dangerous aspects of chemtrails and weather modification, why this operation is allowed to continue and the effects on our ecosystem.

The artificial clouds and haze that these chemical emissions produce are decreasing our exposure to the healthful benefits of the sun's rays. If you have heard of "global dimming", its important to know that chemtrails are a significant source of this problem. Is the extensive issue of vitamin D deficiency in recent years.....a consequence of this immense secret project? Is weather warfare one of the purposes of chemtrails....or is this operation just irresponsible unregulated experimentation? Could scientists ever possibly determine all of the combined and future effects of manipulating the atmosphere? Should we allow geoengineering or would it make more sense (as it does with health) to address the ROOT problems that seem to make this sort of operation necessary? We think that we can improve on or control nature...but no matter how advanced we become, the limited human brain does not have the unlimited vision to ever possibly predict all the ramifications of this "technology". Only nature/God has this infinite wisdom. However, if we seek divine guidance and wisdom with the right motives, we WILL be led to harmonious solutions.

If you have been trying to convince others that chemtrails are NOT normal contrails then I feel this is a very credible, sanely presented video with which to educate others. I don't believe that chemtrails have been initiated to combat global warming....which is the probable excuse that will soon be used to placate the public.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I was just watching the morning news and the question was asked...."What would you do if you saw a pregnant woman drinking alcohol in a bar?" I have observed the media questioning the public, in this manner, concerning other issues also. It may sound innocent enough but are we being taught to judge others according to popular views, which the media instills in us.... and then encouraged to tell the authorities?

In this particular news segment there was an actress in a bar that was made to look pregnant and she kept ordering hard drinks.She was going overboard. Women who were watching began to get concerned and told the actress what they thought. While this concern is normal and I feel that it is ok to express concern....there is a deeper concern lurking in the behavior of the media.

The government/media is trying to appear as if it cares about us when we know that they are ultimately manipulating us for their own purposes.For's ok to abort babies but it's not ok to drink while pregnant. It's ok to inject pregnant mothers and babies with toxic poisons, such as with the mercury and formaldehyde in vaccines....but it's not ok to have a couple of drinks while pregnant.

It's ok to dose babies and young children with fluoride through the drinking water, toothpaste and dental treatments. It's ok to feed children sugar and other processed foods...etc....etc.

The social engineers are busy at work. Be wary and be observant and don't let them manipulate you. So...I feel that the main issue here is not that the government/media cares about our children and loves them but that the government is seeking more control over our children while at the same time allowing the parents less input and control.If we don't stand up to this subtle creeping invasion of family privacy, the family will lose its place in society.