Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have been reading just a bit about  cell phone towers which emit microwave energy in the process of transmitting cell phone signals. A couple of years ago I bought a Trifield meter to measure household electromagnetic frequencies(EMFS). This meter has been very helpful when trying to place electric appliances and lights far enough away from where people spend much of their time. It is thought that too many EMFS negatively affect human health.

I don't use a microwave oven anymore since my old microwave bit the dust so I was never able to test out the microwave setting on my Trifield meter. A couple of years ago when a fierce summer storm was headed our way I just happened to turn on my meter for another purpose and noticed that the meter was reading reading in the red zone of the microwave setting.When the storm moved away the microwave reading disappeared. This happened twice that summer and  one of the storms featured the weathermen predicting possible tornadoes. It dawned on me that perhaps microwave energy has been or is currently being used in conjunction with weather modification. The military does have satellite microwave weapons capability. I began to keep a log. Winter storms didn't appear to affect my meter. However, this summer I have again been keeping a record. This past week we have had very humid weather and many thunderstorms. Each time the humidty was high and a storm was approaching ,the microwave reading would climb, level off and then the reading would recede along with the storm. The next day...if it was nice, I would check the meter again and the reading would be zero.

In trying to figure it all out, in the beginning I was hypothesizing that mircowave energy may be being used to manipulate the weather. This may still be true , however, I was just reading that when there is high humidity this atmospheric state makes it more difficult for the cell phone microwave transmissions to go through the atmosphere resulting in poor cell phone reception. Perhaps there are sensors on the cell phone towers and when the air is humid or  weather interrupts the signals....the microwave energy is turned up. When the storm and/or humidty passes the signals are lowered.
 Here is a bit of info on how humidity affects cell phone transmission.

Then I was also wondering about the relation of chemtrails being laid down heavily before storm fronts. Maybe this "effort" is partially for keeping  particulates aloft in the atmosphere which may help conduct cell phone and or military transmissions.

I would be interested in any feedback people if you feel inclined please post a response on this blog. Thankyou!

A Radio Frequency Engineer Responds To This Posting. His explanation sounds very feasible and upon further experimentation with my meter it appears that his explanation may be the answer to my question. However a new question needs to be asked. What are the effects on the human body and wildlife when microwave readings register in the red danger zone in the general atmosphere?


I am a retired RF (Radio Frequency) engineer. There are two mechanisms that would increase local microwave energy when it rains or a storm comes through:

(1) Both the cell phone towers and the cell phones themselves self-adjust the transmitted RF signal level based on feedback from the other side as to the received RF signal. For example when there are more RF losses in the atmosphere during periods of high humidity or especially rain, the receive side (your cell phone) sends back a message indicating it needs more signal and the cell phone tower increases the RF signal level transmitted. And likewise, when the cell phone sees that RF signal from the cell phone is low it instructs the Cell phone to increase its transmit power. Thus, when it rains or storms all the cellular transmitters in your immediate vicinity turn up the transmitted RF power - that includes both the cell phones and the cell phone towers. Even if your cell phone is not active, it "pings" (transmits short burts of signals) back and forth between the cell phone and the tower to keep the connection alive and ready to make or receive a call. If you are relatively near a cell tower then the tower is the source of your microwave energy. If you are not too near the tower then your cell phone and all the cell phones in your neighborhood are the source of your microwave energy.

(The actual mechanism is sort of the negative of this, the signal power is turned down until it transmits just enough RF power to communicate - but to simply the explanation, the above is the equivalent.)

(2) Lightning creates short bursts of RF energy in all frequencies - including microwaves. It's not just the lightning strikes you see, but also the ones you don't see inside and between clouds which are more numerous.

I hope this helps,

I thanked the reader for his response and then asked him whether or not the microwave energy could be harmful to life. Here is his response to that question:


I can honestly say that I do not know about the impact of microwaves and other RF energy on humans. The "official" studies all say that there isn't supposed to be any negative impact on people at the signal strengths we are current exposed to from, for example, cell phones. On the other hand, from time to time some story breaks into the news about tumors or other things from high cell phone usage. I know there have been various legal cases presented against the electronic industry for RF exposure but to my knowledge no one has ever won such a case.

There are industry and government agency safety standards about the maximum exposure people can be exposed to, so at some level it is believed that very high levels of RF radiation is hazardous to humans.

I personally think the analogy is similar to nuclear radiation standards and how they evolved. It was obvious that people were clearly being injured by very high levels of nuclear radiation while at lower levels nobody noticed any harm. It took a quite a while for medical science to discover that even at comparatively moderate levels of nuclear radiation, that out of a large number of people and over a long period of time; increased numbers of people would be injured. Then the acceptable safe levels of nuclear radiation for the general population was lowered - meaning less nuclear (or x-ray) radiation would be accepted as safe than was thought during the early days of the nuclear age. I suspect, though I do not know; that eventually it will be discovered that even at the current "safe" level of microwave and other RF radiation there may be some harm to a limited number of people. 

However, even of there is a real, though slight chance of harm to people (probably mostly from their own cell phone next to their ear); most people would probably choose not to give up cell phone and other RF communications because of the very real benefit people get from it.

My personal guidelines for my own safety are:
(1) If my phone is getting warm next to my ear, it means I have talked too long - It is an indirect indicator of average RF power the phone has transmitted. (The transmit section uses much more energy than the receive and the device heats up more when you talk a lot.)
(2) If you are going to have a long conversation put the phone down and use the speaker phone mode. It moves the phone farther from your head and signal levels drop off fast with separation of the cell phone from your head. Just a foot or so drops the RF exposure to your head by quite a lot.
(3) Do not live under or really near to a TV, radio, or cell phone tower.