Thursday, May 26, 2011


It is becoming more and more obvious that most of the rapid fire weather disasters are orchestrated. There are many private lower tech weather modification companies. Just google weather modification companies. Then there are the higher tech more secret military weather and climate control operations.They know how to melt the polar ice caps(to open up trade routes and provide access to untapped natural resources, produce earthquakes, tidal waves, droughts, floods etc). Then they blame it all on the general public and tell us it is all due to climate change. It used to be called just global warming but when the climate didn't seem to be warming up everywhere, they changed the terminology.

We hear alot of talk about HAARP and how HAARP is responsible for the many weather disasters we are experiencing. Now, I'm certainly not an expert on HAARP  however, concerning counter intelligence tactics....focus is often placed on a diversion for the purpose of taking our attention off of what may really be going on. We have the global warming diversion for the environmentalists. Then we have 2012, the apocalypse, and God's revenge for the religious people. It seems to me that not enough attention is being focused on space weapons...not antennas on earth but actual weapons or lasers in space.I believe we have been falsely led as to the true purpose of the space shuttles which our taxes have been paying for. Interesting info at this link about particle beams.  Now, if much of our disastrous weather phenomonona was caused by an earth based weather control system, then that takes the focus off of the weapons in space. Everyone doesn't have to agree but my gut feeling...and common sense is telling me that crop circles are caused by these space based weapons systems. I found it interesting that the above link spoke of certain types of beam weapons giving off a high energy dose of radiation and there was also something to do with magnetic fields. Could the sensations that people feel when they are inside crop circles have anything to do with a magnetic or radioactive residue? If getting us to believe that crop circles are made by aliens... is part of their new world order/one world religion goal...then they might not want us to think too much about lasers or particle beam weapons.....which would be an obvious possible cause of the crop circles. Just something to think about.We know that the Reagan adminsitration thought the alien theme would be a good way to create a "One World". The main theme of new age religion is also becoming ONE. I believe we are all Gods children already and we don't need any so called alien intervention to make us feel more united. Much of the strife between nations is not caused by the people but by governments manipulating them for the purpose of acquiring more power. Look for the connections between the "New Age Movement" and The New World Order when it comes to similar beliefs. I find it very confusing and convenient that on the one hand many are condemning the new world order but the same people are condoning using the United Nations to bring forth this supposed birthing of a new spiritual world. Think about the contradictions .

Is the new age movement being disguised as something other than the creation of a global tyrannical government? Is it a clever way to get people to think that the New Age movement is against One world government when it really may be a psychological operation to help usher in the New World Order? One of the ideas that the "new age" promotes is that when 2012 comes those who are "evolved" enough" (notice how people's egos are being massaged with this) will be able to stay and help form a "New World"...but those who don't go along with it or who SUPPOSEDLY  are not EVOLVED enough to stay here....will disappear off into another realm or dimension where their souls really want them to be. Can you see how convenient this may be for their agenda of mass killings...or who knows......vaporization through space weapons?People are being brainwashed to think that this so called cleansing is necessary. In other words the end justifies the means...or doing evil is ok if your end goal is noble. Well...the Bible tells us that an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit(an apple tree cannot bring forth pears). BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM. Evil cannot produce anything truly good. Then another convenient teaching is that you can't have good without evil....or that there is no such things as good or evil (harmfullness) It goes on and on.

It's fairly obvious that the weather is controlled but ....what is the real source of this destruction? I never really could understand why so much money and effort was put into supposedly exploring outer space. In order to acquire funding for space weapons, perhaps they had to make us think that the government had worthy goals....a quest for knowledge of the unknown. I haven't read the book below (Space Weapons: Earth Wars) so I don't know if it is just another source of propaganda. But there are other books on this subject that you can find connected to the link below. I think we need to read these different books but  while we are doing it we need to be on high alert for parts of the books which just don't seem to ring true. For example, if you are pretty sure that a certain story or theme is being used to control the can usually then fairly accurately appraise something you are reading or listening to if that theme appears supposed truth. You may be reading what sounds to be mostly truth....BUT...look carefully for that one element to be inserted. I just think we all need to become better versed in the tactics used to manipulate us.I might not have all my facts straight here but it's the tactics we need to learn. That is where our freedom lies.When we learn the tactics so well that we acquire a natural feel for them...then we can apply this knowledge to any situation.A book I did read and found very helpful  is "What EveryBODY Is Saying"
It helped to educate me and taught me to better be able to sense certain forms of deception. I found the book helpful in screening public to whether or not they are telling the truth. Sensing deception cannot be learned all at once. There are many steps to it and it is really a continuous learning process. We can learn all of these material methods of spotting deception but the real key is to pray for discernment. If you are sincere and your motives are pure, you will receive this wisdom.


Friday, May 20, 2011


I've seen Lady Gaga's videos here and there before but within the past week or so the full import and pure evilness of the plan is hitting me. This morning on the news....ABC Good Morning America...there was a whole promotion of Lady Gaga and on TV they actually showed women kissing....not your normal affectionate type of kiss but an almost serpent like evil degrading kiss. Sensuousness, lust and degradation are the messages Lady Gaga puts forth. The whole gay movement(govt, NWO) is using gay people to further their agenda. They are using sex in a general ugly way to hide man's higher promote people as animalistic and to give people the sense that we are nothing more than a conglomeration of material body parts.We are even being told now that our minds are nothing more than elaborate computors.

I was at a wedding 2 years ago where most of the music was almost solely composed of that thump thump thump hypnotizing beat...which is what it is meant to be..... It's about hypnotizing and making people suggestible. The bride and the younger people were out there dancing to this tribal drone and the bride was doing this.... what I call serpent kissing.....with another a wedding! It wasn't even what we label as french kissing. I couldn't believe my eyes.In fact I still question myself as to whether I really saw it or not. It was almost like no one noticed.Does that type of beat hypnotize everyone present?'s not a matter of being homophobic or old fashioned, it's about waking up to what we are being conditioned, violence, satanism,debauchery...not to make us "cool" but to eventually enslave us.If there are any young people reading are much more than what is being depicted in modern rock videos and lyrics. Don't buy into the all over body piercing, tatooing, homosexuality and whatever else these videos promote. It will NOT make you cool. It will NOT fulfill you. I don't know how anyone can watch videos like the one below without feeling sick to their stomach. It takes extreme effort for me to watch this stuff. AND what is it with the whole vampire theme for teenagers? I was in the grocery store and those were the only books available. Teenagers are not being independant when they are being led by the nose by all of this propaganda and so called "fashion".Teenagers and ...all of us are being conditioned and used to fulfill the greed and need for power by the so called "elite". Just the name "elite" is trying to give us the impression that they are somehow better than the average person.

So......turn off the videos, turn off the TV, listen to uplifting music. Lean away from modern art and appreciate real beauty. Discover and develope your higher nature. Love your neighbor. Seek the presence or Kingdom of God...the Creator of the Universe. You don't have to follow Hinduism, New Age, Buddhism or even necessarily Christianity in order to connect with God. What if you were born on a remote island and knew nothing of the teachings of Jesus? Do you think God would punish you because of that? I personally TRY to follow the teachings of Jesus because they make sense and in my experience these teachings promote harmonious relationships, needed supply, emotional and physical healing. ...and most of all ....JOY.We all have a direct connection to God...all we have to do is open the channels. We don't need gurus, preachers.....etc. They can be helpful when we are at certain stages...but they can also lead us astray. We are being led by the opinions of others because we think many are more "spiritual" than we are.

You will not find true joy and inspiration in anything that resembles the video below. It's just mortal mind /error/evil trying to trick people into the worship of gross materialism. Are Beastiality,Mind Control Murder,Satanic rituals, Transhumanism and violent sex things you want to aspire to?