Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are Sun Dogs Really A Natural Phenomenon?

This morning there was an announcement on WTNH (ABC) in Connecticut that yesterday (June 17, 2015) quite a few people across the state had called in to report unusually shaped rainbows in the sky with no rain in sight. Of course the media had a ready made explanation for this rare phenomenon. The weatherman told the viewing audience and those who sent in their concerns...not to be alarmed because it was a natural happening. He went on to say that the square rainbows were formed by the sun reflecting off of the ice crystals in the atmosphere and that there were a lot of high cirrus clouds that rolled in.

These "sun dogs" first began appearing around 1998 when the persistent contrail operation was set into motion.  So far, according to concerned activists, the only time that these sun dogs appear in the sky is when the sun reflects off of spreading jet contrails....with no rain in sight. Why don't we see the square or partial rainbows when normal clouds are involved? If it was an old phenomenon then why are scores of concerned citizens calling in to the media to report their sightings? The image above shows a sun dog that formed in the sheet of haze blowing off of a jet contrail.

Yesterday there was a very high concentration of jets leaving persistent contrails that would spread like big white sheets across the sky. I was at the local hardware store as this was occurring . I just couldn't keep quiet because it is so bizarre that others do not notice this blatant display right above our heads. I flagged down a young employee outside the store and pointed out to him what was going on above his head. He was flabbergasted and a bit frightened at the bizarre sight. He said he had heard of chemtrails but never really saw a display like this before. No wonder people were reporting sun dogs to the weather stations!
The two photos on this page were not taken yesterday but they represent what people are seeing through the spreading sheets of jet contrail emissions. You can plainly see the rainbow ring around the sun and the white sheet that has spread across the sky from a persistent contrail. We were told on the news this morning that the clouds we saw yesterday were high cirrus clouds that rolled in. Well that was a lie because the clouds that created the sun dogs were created by the jet emissions. Now that is an obvious fact that can be observed. If the jet emissions are really only ice crystals then why hide the fact that the clouds were formed by  jets systematically laying spreading trails in the sky? Some activists and scientists think that the rings and rainbows are caused by the sun reflecting off of oil or metallic particles in the jet emissions.

It is still up for debate concerning the purpose of these persistent contrails. Officially it appears that whoever is behind this massive operation is covertly seeding information that the purpose is to mitigate global warming. I think this is a possibility but a remote possibility. There may be other reasons why they tend to shield the sun more so than the rest of the sky. Remediation of ozone holes caused by atmospheric experimentation or warfare could be involved. Another possibility could be that certain desired properties of  an atmospheric plasma screen or radio/GPS/military signals, and cell phone communications can be degraded by the sun. These chemtrails may both shield the sun and create an atmospheric soup to enhance these modern communications. Cell phones  became much more widely used around the time of the introduction of persistent jet contrails. I wonder when GPS was widely first used? Weather modification also must factor in here. I am of course only speculating but I think that the communications aspect of chemtrails needs more investigation. I remember reading about his aspect years ago in the American Free Press.

Many people believe that the global warming theory is a scam so if it is a scam then why would they be saying that the purpose of chemtrails is to mitigate global warming.? Some say that the melting of the polar ice and our destructive weather is caused by global warming. However, we now have the technology to melt the polar ice intentionally and to create destructive weather to gain power and resources. See The Intentional Melting of the Polar Ice in the right hand column of this blog and see if that may make some sense. We must learn the tactics of controlled opposition and begin using our own common sense instead of listening to the Truther Gurus.

I went to NASA'S Website to see what they would say about sun dogs and at this link they share a photo and their explanation. Interesting though...the image of their sky with the sun dogs present seems to be plastered with persistent contrails.