Saturday, November 19, 2011


Connecticut skies were very busy this morning. Within 20 minutes numerous jets traversed the deep blue skies and created a smeary cloud cover. Most authorites claim this is normal jet traffic. Do the photos here even remotely resemble "normal"? Those of us who were children in the 50s and 60s should remember how normal jet contrails used to dissipate like a wake behind a boat. If you were watching a jet cross the sky and it was making a contrail.....the trail would soon disappear as the heat from the engine cooled. Sometimes if the atmosphere where the contrail was being formed was humid enough, then the contrail might last until the jet reached the opposite horizon. However, myself and many others never saw trails that actually EXPANDED and created cloud cover! I don't think the "special" trails we watched being formed in air shows even expanded to form cloud cover. Who was it that said the bigger the lie the more we will believe it? Was it Hitler?

If I had to guess what this is all about....I would first toss aside the idea that chemtrails are for the purpose of culling the population. That explanation just doesn't make sense to me. I think it is a diversion from the real purposes......because there are probably more than one. Among these possible purposes may be military communications, military shields of some sort, perhaps they function as part of a weapons system. They may be a contributing factor which helps to facilitate weather and tectonic weapons, climate control....or climate terrorism....etc.

Chemtrail emissions may not necessarily be good for us but I don't feel that they are intentionally being created to make us sick. There are much cheaper ways to reduce the population ...if that was a real goal.Our junk food diets, modern medicine(treating the symptoms and not the cause), and biological warfare are already contributing to a vast increase in chronic illness and early death. We are not being told the real proportions.

Here are more photos from this morning's "whiteout"

This is the sky whited out after the jets accomplished their goal. Sometimes they stop at this point but as I look out the window there are now more jets filling in the blue spaces that have opened up in the clouds.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


 First let's take a step back and look at the news media and government propaganda. Many people still listen to the news and believe that what they hear reported is factual truth. With modern technology we have the ability to photoshop pictures and film...or even to totally stage a news event for the purpose of political manipulation. If you haven't seen the movie WAG THE DOG...then I urge you to do so. The media is definitely being used to program us which may be one reason they call TV shows TV Programs or TV programming.

Another crucial piece to the disinformation we receive is that there is a huge army of controlled opposition out there to confuse even further our perception of what is real. For those of you who are not aware of the term "controlled opposition", this phrase is used to describe those who are hired by the opposition to infiltrate activist groups, alternative media...etc. Their purpose is to appear as if they are sincere and are on the side of the particular group they are infiltrating. In order to appear sincere and to gain followers, the controlled opposition must put forth many truths.In the case of health activism, controlled opposition must look as if they are active and helping by asking people to sign petitions and by trying to pass certain legislation. However, in order to really evaluate the sincerity or effectiveness of a charity or activism group, one needs to look at the results. Have any cures been found or is it any easier for the people to be effectively treated for a specific disease? When it comes to the alternative media, one must evaluate ...very carefully....what parts are truth, what parts may be lies and if there are lies......what motives may lie behind these lies.

At this point you may be asking....what does all this have to do with the children of Fukushima? I believe we need to question the severity of what happened in Japan just as we should scrutinize any other big news event that has the potential to effect the world. As I express some ideas that I have, keep in mind the plan "Agenda 21" which is to evacuate and cordon off certain sections of the world as wildlife preserves....essentially to rewild these areas. Supposedly the plan is to move people to the cities or much nearer to cities. Rising taxes and gas prices may eventually force people off of their land and move them nearer to these designated areas. If this happens people will not be able to support themselves off of their land and will become nothing more than worker bees subject to whatever food and supplies are made available to them.

I got an email this morning from an activism group. It was telling of the horrors of the children dying in Japan from radiation sickness....and of course they were soliciting funds to help these children who were supposedly dying. In a search I looked up Fukushima and children dying. This subject was featured on several alternative media sites.One of the tactics used by controlled opposition is to act like it is playing against the government or whoever is really in power. There is a growing number of people who are questioning the Fukushima disaster. If there was an bad was it really and did it produce a tidal wave? We saw photos of the wave moving inland but why didn't we see any videos of it receding? Supposedly a few governments now have the capability of creating earthquakes and tidal waves...and of course to some degree they can also control the weather. It is my opinion that if there was an earthquake near Japan...that perhaps it was intentionally created. I'm saying the word "IF" because we cannot take for granted ANYTHING that we do not witness with our own eyes. We can evaluate it but we can't know for sure.

Now....if there was an earthquake and it was intentionally created, one would think that the perpetrators would disable the nuclear power plant or remove the harmful radiation somehow...because they would not be so stupid as to contaminate forever, the land they are conquering and would some day occupy. We cannot see radiation. The lay person cannot even measure it. We were told that supposedly the type of radiation that would have been released was the type that only very expensive nuclear power plant geiger counters could measure. It's also been mentioned that there is more background radiation in some areas over other areas as a natural artifact or due to hospital wastes in land dumps...etc. There is no way to prove the reports of radiation contamination of milk...etc over here in the U.S.

The mainstream media is generally quiet when it comes to reporting any possible dangers from  Fukushima. This could actually be part of the deception. If we hear reports from the so called Alternative media that tells us there are horrible scary dangers but that the governments are keeping it quiet...then many of us tend to believe the alternative media because we know it is true that the government keeps many things from the people. However, when using controlled opposition to get the people to believe certain propaganda...this is exactly how they would do it. They give us info that they want us to believe...through THEIR alternative media and say that the government is keeping this info secret but that they (the alternative media) are telling us the real scoop.Because we then believe this alternative media, the people then begin to clamor for the solution they think is theirs but is actually the solution or goal of the people in control.This is a VERY important tactic that we must apply to every important issue.

The symptoms of radiation poisoning are first nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. Symptoms that may follow are headache, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, inflammation of mouth and throat, hair loss, dry cough, burning, darkening of the skin and bleeding spots under the skin. The severity of the symptoms depends on the amount and the type of radiation. Symptoms can occur immediately or from weeks to months later. If there are any real people out there from Japan who are experiencing or their children are experiencing these symptoms, please leave a comment below. The comment function doesn't always work with the first try so keep at it. After the supposed Fukushima disaster, I asked for real people to tell of their first hand experiences and I got zero repsonses. What does that mean? I don't know.

After the Haiti earthquake we had Bill Clinton and George Bush repeatedly asking for funds to help the Haitians. Was the earthquake intentionally caused and is our presemce there for aid or for the purpose of occupation? What role does the International Monetary Fund play in these disasters? They lend money to countries in need and then what happens when these unfortunate countries can't pay up?
Is The International Monetary Fund a global loan shark?

Now after Fukushima we have groups asking for money to help children that are supposedly dying. That's fine as long as what they are asking money for is really happening.

I am curious and would like people to respond if they have heard any ads broadcast requesting aid for people in the northeast who were devastaed by Hurricane Irene. I am wondering if the media would be quiet about it in the northeast but then have the media in other areas of the country requesting aid for the Northeast. If so it would be interesting to find out where the aid(money) went to.

We are now hearing TV show segments and Internet you tube films that warn of an absolute imminent disaster of part of a Canary island falling into the sea and causing a mega tidal wave along the east coast which may reach 20 miles inland. It's another "not a matter of IF but WHEN" scenerio. Whenever I hear this type of raises a scarlet red flag for me. Will a disaster such as this really happen? Will more Nuclear Power plants be supposedly decimated and supposedly leak more radiation that we cannot see? Will we all be evacuated and the land rewilded? Just something to think about as more propaganda and events unfold.

The video below explains pretty well about controlled opposition in the media. You have to listen closely because his explanation is a little involved.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This article is a discussion of a documentary shown on The Discovery Channel's Curiosity Show.The title is "Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?The main thrust of this presentation was to pose the question as to whether or not an alien attack on earth was probable and if so.... how would the people of earth react.  I felt that this show was not created to enlighten and inform but to frighten and condition the public to the IDEA that an alien attack is practically imminent. Why would they do this you may want to know. In the video below is a clue given by Ronald Reagan while speaking to The United Nations. Many people feel that a totalitarian world government is the final goal.While reading the rest of this article, keep in mind that we do have star wars technology in space which we rarely hear anything about. Could this technology be used at some point to orchestrate a fake alien threat or attack....the very type of warfare the documentary identifies with alien technology? As with 9-11 and the war on terrorism.... a false alien threat or attack may serve to introduce martial law and or other steps toward total control...another war without end. Is this why we are inundated with alien movies, shows about aliens, reports of UFOs, crop circle Keep your eyes open for more alien conditioning.

 First they divided the show into several subtitles or chapters which were... Possibility, Arrival and Turning Point.
Under Possibility they drove home the idea that aliens living on another planet isn't crazy at all. The show tells us that there is 100% probability of aliens somewhere in our galaxy (how can you ever determine something like that as 100%?) They tell us it is the height of arrogance to think that we are the only game in town. Then the show states that some say we have found life already. My feelings on this are there very well may be some form of life on other planets but the point is....the way we are being presented with all of this information. If we are familiar with tactics of persuasion and propaganda and if we step back a bit and look at the whole picture, then maybe we will see that there are too many things going on. We are being bombarded with many different types of disasters and anomalies...all of which have the potential to be man made. We have the technology to steer and maybe even create storms. The History Channel even depicted how we can create earthquakes and subsequent tidal waves. Terrorism is often orchestrated by those in control who are pointing their fingers at small time foreign alleged terrorists. Then we also have the economy crashing all at the same time.Would a fake alien invasion or alleged war ....that maybe we can't even see first hand.....also play into the culmination of terror and eventual world takeover?
The next statement from the show set my eyes to rolling. "If there is an encounter, what would happen? That's when we have a heart attack.....that's when we scientists pee in our pants!"
Next under  ARRIVAL the question is presented...."Once we're faced with the reality that an ET presence has landed on earth, then the question would be why? Would it be for our resources or to find another inhabitable planet if theirs craps out?" The show claims that the real danger is not the hunter...sent specifically to kill....but the developer. "We may get in the aliens way."

We are told by certain "experts"  that their weapons would be much more sophisticated than ours. (Does the public really know the sophistication of the weapons we already have developed but are currently labeled as top secret?). They go on to say that the aliens would probably not attack specific nations but that the attack would be a global affair. (That would fit into the globalist's plan for total globalization and tyranny.) It appears that this plan has been in the works for quite a while. Reagan and Gorbachev seemed to think that an alien invasion would create an opportunity for globalization. Scaring us all to death supposedly would unite us all in love and cooperation.However, evil and deception can never bring about true "good" The Bible tells us.....a good tree brings forth good fruit but an evil tree brings forth evil fruit. "By their fruits ye shall know them." Many New Age believers are being sucked in by this whole good alien/ bad alien orchestrated scenario.

Look at the crop circles. Small time hoaxers could never make these elaborate designs. New Age followers are led to believe these crop circles are being made by aliens or through some sort of metaphysical methods of quantum physics. I think it is much more likely that these circles are being created by our own particle beam weapons (microwave energy beams) that we have orbiting the earth. These same weapons may have multiple uses in a planned fake alien attack. This alien documentary talks about the weapons of the aliens and how they would be much more sophisticated than our current weapons. However....the disasters that the show speaks of which they say would be caused by the aliens are already possible and have already been carried out to some degree by our man made starwars weapons. I think that we are possibly being diverted with so much emphasis on HAARP and local radar weather stations as the cause of our erratic weather. After all if Jesse Ventura can talk about HAARP on Tru TV then it is most likely a diversion from the real culprits out in space.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. The show goes on to say that the aliens would use electromagnetic pulses that would subject the earth to a huge blast of energy to short circuit us, which would send us back 150 years into the past. Cell towers, short wave, electricity, etc would all be interrupted....a kinetic energy strike....hitting us hard and fast.It was said that this energy strike would make huge walls of water to crash in on all of the coastlines and would hit 2 billion people within the first day. We're told that if we live on the coastlines or in the cities...we are already dead. If you live inland you will be totally cut off. (Just a note here...... If caused by the govt....I tend to think that blasting out our communications and power would only be temporary or localized. The main method of control over us is the media and much work has gone into the establishment of this all pervasive communications and surveillance network.) The show goes on to say...

The government will be in charge under martial law.

Most vehicles will be unable to get around BUT military vehicles, from underground facilities, will still be able to run. If the aliens are going to eliminate us completely, they still have alot of work to do."Would they stay in orbit or come down and get their hands dirty"? In the meantime The Discovery Channel is flashing chaotic scenes....military vehicles, shooting, bombs, and fire. Then the question is asked.....what will the aliens look like? Conveniently we are told that they would probably look much like us....much more like us than we could ever imagine! We're told that hopefully the alien personality is not like ours...because humans are so warlike.

The next question asked is would you hide or fight back? The scenes flash by of refugee camps and people running and screaming. We are told that we would probably band together but what could we do? They would be more technologically advanced than us. The solution given was Asymetric Warfare.....not necessarily being able to totally annihilate the aliens but to fend them off for long enough so that we are no longer worth their effort. This could take quite a while. I found that scenario to be in keeping with the Elite's Orwellian doublespeak of War is Peace and a tried and true method of perpetuating continued war and thus continued control over the people through martial law or whatever other schemes they have in mind.

Interestingly, it was emphasized that biological warfare would be the attack of choice...once they disrupted our global electrical connections. One of the speakers on the show said that "If I was an ET, I would release biologicals in a surreptitious manner. The ETs would have to know something about our biology. You want the virus to become more pathogenic like Ebola." Then we see a scene where a man's eyes burst with blood shooting all over. Mind control techniques were used throughout the movie. Shock was one of these techniques...and using theories and placing these theories in the show to appear as or to be absorbed by our facts. Then the rest of the information given was based on these ideas which were promoted slyly as facts. The purpose appears to condition us to a current manufactured reality of Alien existence for their own nefarious goals.

The next comment was that" WHEN (notice how they use the word "when" instead of IF) aliens come to kill us, our weapons will be our own bodies.Now that they have the perfect bioweapon, how will they introduce it?" Notice how they made it sound as if the aliens really did already have the perfect bioweapon. The way things are said have a tremendous impact on our subconscious and those who study social manipulation know this very well.

The show mentions that birds would make the perfect carrier of this biological agent. "Quarantines wouldn't help because birds are everywhere. Modern medicine can't take care of any virus that comes along and what's to stop them from creating a second or 3rd virus? Time for us to think of a different strategy. Our only hope might be to attack the mothership. What type of weapon do we launch? The Hydrogen bomb is our most powerful however, that would pulverize everything in sight. We've been told what aliens can do to us but what could we do to them? If our missiles do reach the hull of an alien spacecraft, it would cause depressurization of the craft and maybe we wouldn't win but we could keep them at bay."

Then we come to The Turning Point. "We would unite people if we formed a defense. It could be a long battle. (Sound like the war on terrorism?) The narrator says....One of the values of a program like this is that it draws attention to our vulnerabilities. Threats can come in different shapes and forms. If an alien attack happens we would sure wish that we had prepared for it."

Concerning crop circles and weather warfare....I feel we are being diverted from thinking too much about weapons in space....because if we do focus on these human made weapons in space then we may realize that these weapons may very well be creating the crop circles (to prepare people to accept their fake alien agenda) and may be creating much of our disastrous weather, earthquakes, ...etc. I'm sure that these weapons would also have the capability to disrupt communications and electrical power that they speak of on this Discovery Channel Show.
I don't believe that all of this is leading towards some sort of honest disclosure of the existence of real aliens. I think we have been deceived for years with a gradual working towards a false alien agenda. A couple of the field tests may have been Orson Well's War of The Worlds broadcast that terrorized millions and then we have The Heaven's Gate UFO cult where the members committed suicide while waiting for the UFOs to come and pick them up. Were these orchestrated operations to test our gullibility for a future mass orchestrated event involving UFOs?
The world is a scary place sometimes and I think that many people are searching for meaning, for direction....for something secure and safe that is outside themselves. Gurus fit this bill....for some aliens or ascended masters are what makes people feel safer and more secure.....thinking that someone else out there has more connection or understanding about the Creator and life itself. I think that government and cult leaders play on this human tendency and use it for their own nefarious goals. Perhaps the world is a scary place for them too and more control over others and over their lives... may be their pacifier. None of us know for sure what the real meaning of Life is but my take on it is that we are ALL directly connected to the Creator or God. If there are follows that they also would be created by The Creator. I don't see this as meaning that we are God but that we are perhaps here to express God's good qualities. I feel that's our tune in and to open ourselves up to the Creator's wavelength or channel. I think that in order to experience harmony we need to surrender ourselves to the GOOD will of the Creator or supreme intelligence of the universe. I see some of the New Age leaders claiming they are the hierarchy and that they are gods and therefore have the authority and wisdom to kill off a certain segment of the population and or the wisdom to rule others in some global utopia. I see this as the controlled opposition which may be run by the very global elite that many New agers claim to oppose. The whole transhumanism movement is being pushed forward under the idea that we can become gods through technology. But I'm afraid that the reality is that the controllers will remain human while they technologically turn the masses into transhumanistic robotic slaves. More technology and materialism can never make us more spiritual. Matter is matter and in reality spirit cannot be affected by matter.
So...what's the answer......who are we to believe? In my experience I am learning to take the Bible's advice and not to place our trust in man or even in matter....or in aliens but to seek God directly....not a person...but the spiritual creator of the universe....and to do this with absolute sincerity. Then I believe you will be guided and will know what you need to know when you need to know it. "Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God and ALL the rest shall be added unto you."

Saturday, August 6, 2011


More and more people are being locked away in psychiatric wards due to UNDIAGNOSED or IGNORED Lyme disease and coinfections.  I know personally of two patients who had a known past history of Lyme disease yet in the institutions they were taken to ...when experiencing psychotic episodes... they were refused antibiotics and or treatment for coinfections. Even though the young men were dangerous at this point the parents had to remove them from from these institutions (one of which was a psychiatric ward at Yale Hospital) in order to have access to antibiotics and or specific medicine for babesia or bartonella, which are very common tickborne infections.Instead of treating the causes of these psychiatric symptoms, people are only being offered symptomatic psychoactive drugs. This allows the main cause to go untreated and to more deeply embed itself into the human system.

Many many people with severe chronic illness are being told they are depressed and simply handed a prescription for antianxiety drugs or Prozac. This is a very scary scenerio. We must make this information widely distributed.

For a most excellent article on when to suspect Lyme disease please see the following link. It is an older article but is the best one I have ever read. Dr. Bleiweiss is no longer with us. Suposedly he committed suicide by shooting himself in his driveway....but some people question this version of his death. From what I understand Dr. Bleiweiss had been distributing information that perhaps some people did not want him distributing. Lyme disease is hugely political and a growing number of people feel it it is actually PHASE 2 of the CDC Tuskeegee Experiment where black men were told they had bad blood instead of the syphilis they really had. During the study they were refused antibiotic treatment, while passing  on the pathogen to others and then  died horrible deaths.The Lyme spirochete is a very close cousin to syphilis and appears to act in similar ways in the body. If you know of anyone with chronic illness you need to read this article by Dr. Bleiweiss.

The following is a recent article from Rodale Press

Off-the-Charts Anxiety: Is a Tick Bite Making You Nuts?

Tick-borne infections aren't just causing sore joints and swollen knees. Some cause psychiatric symptoms that often go untreated, some experts say.

By Leah Zerbe
RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Finding an engorged, blood-sucking tick attached to your skin can cause anxiety in and of itself. After all, Lyme disease, an infection that causes multi-systemic, waxing-and-waning symptoms, and a disease that isn't always detected or effectively treated early on, is on the rise. But researchers are starting to realize that, although getting bitten may be stressful, tick-borne infections could actually trigger panic attacks and other psychiatric disorders in some people.

THE DETAILS: "After treating thousands of patients with tick-borne disease in the past 20 years, it appears psychiatric symptoms are more commonly seen when there is a co-infection," explains psychiatrist Robert Bransfield, MD, president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and vice president of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association. Co-infections (when a tick passes along more than one disease) most often involve Lyme, babesiosis, a malaria-like infection that can cause fever, night sweats, and anemia; and bartonella (cat scratch fever), a bacterial infection that causes fever, headache, and raised skin rashes. Co-infections are most often culprits in tick-related panic attacks and anxiety, and these multiple infections from tick bites are quite common, occurring in an estimated 30 percent of cases.
Dr. Bransfield, who is also associate director of psychiatry at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey (a state with a high prevalence of Lyme disease), points out that 240 peer-reviewed scientific articles demonstrate an association between Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and mental illness. For instance, a small study published in The Clinical Journal of Pain in 2005 found that patients experiencing panic attacks also suffered other symptoms not typical of standard panic attacks—extreme sensitivity to light, touch, and sounds, joint pain, mental fogginess, and migrating pain, all of which can be symptoms of Lyme disease—and those people tested positive for Lyme and babesiosis, which, like Lyme, is on the rise in the U.S. Once treated with antibiotics for both diseases, the patients no longer experienced panic attacks. READ MORE......

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think it's a good idea for people to begin documenting the "special effects" present in the sky before many storms which may not be of totally natural origin.Today is August 3rd, 2011. The storm we experienced and these pictures took place 2 days ago on August 1st. Although the sky was very strange in our area of CT, we did not have a severe storm in our town. Nearby areas however, did experience severe storms. We only had moderate rain. A few weeks ago we did have a severe storm and we lost power for 3 days. Much of the state of CT was affected  and this was soon after a very unusual tornado devastated parts of Springfield , Mass, fairly near us. More on the last storm and it's strange effects in the sky... here Of course the pictures presented here can never do justice to the totally bizarre other worldly appearance of our skies before AND after this local storm. It is believed that scalar space based weapons and or HAARP are being used to covertly manipulate the world's weather. Research particle beam weapons, space based weapons, scalar weather weapons, tectonic weapons, chemtrails, scalar signatures. The strange effects seen in the photos below may be caused by some form of electromagnetic frequencies causing the very odd patterns in the clouds

After the storm passed by and the sun began to set, this is what the sky looked like. If you will notice in the picture directly below there is a bright spot to the immediate left of the dark center. It is elongated with a pink outline. Look for this bright spot in the other photos below. The camera is facing south and the sun is setting in the west. Perhaps the bright spot is from the sun's rays hitting the clouds in that spot or could the strange cloud patterns and the bright spot be due to scalar magnetic interference?

Notice the smeariness and the odd patterns. It was a very eerie scene. The whole atmosphere had a  yellow glow.
See the oval bright spot again with the pink outer ring. It's almost as if it's a focused beam of light but as I said before it could just be the rays of the sun reflecting on the clouds
 Before we began having such a rash of severe storms, I remember thunderstorms coming through with more of an old fashioned appearance. One would observe dark thunderclouds moving in. That was it....dark thunderclouds. Now it seems that these unusual skies precede the dark thunderclouds and may also appear afterwards. Just keep your eyes open and try to document.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's Inevitable - Not A
Matter Of If - But When

Has anyone else noticed how the media is making a habit of declaring that such and such is "inevitable" or "it's not a matter of if but when"? Several years ago I began noticing these repetitive statements in all forms of media. This caused me to begin wondering how officials could be so sure these predicted future events would take place.
First the thought came to me...well....maybe those coming up with the predictions are perhaps psychic or that maybe collectively we are, in a way, creating these experiences or events by holding them fearfully in consciousness. I do try to be open to most new or novel ideas. Others would say that the horrible events ,which come about as predicted, are God's wrath. Still others would suggest that it's all part of the master plan to form world government. The conclusion most people come to is that government scientists, technology, and our "Intelligence Agencies", are just so far advanced that we shouldn't even question their predictive capabilities....they are "all knowing".
I tend to think it's a little bit of all of the above.
Here is an excerpt from World News And Report, June 17, 2002 : By Mortimer Zuckerman.
"Even though the American people on Sept 11 witnessed the horror of terrorism up close, at home over and over again on television, they still seem to underestimate this new threat. Our most senior officials tell us that attacks using weapons of mass destruction are inevitable. Not a matter of if..but when."
As Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield put it....."terrorist networks are aggressively trying to get nuclear weapons and they would not hesitate one minute in using them."
Seems as if we are having trouble finding all the weapons of mass destruction.
In the case where the possibility or certainty of anthrax biological warfare was predicted, our government made it quite public what their solution might be....forced anthrax vaccines for everyone. If these forced vaccines were for our they were claimed to be...wouldn't it be an exercise in futility? Wouldn't the supposed enemy use a different biological agent which we wouldn't have been vaccinated for? After all, this vaccination plan permeated the media. I'm sure our "enemies" also watch T.V. and read newspapers. This publicity led me to the suspicion that the anthrax vaccines were not really for our protection.
In fact, due to my research into the politics of Lyme Disease and related misdiagnosed diseases...such as Lupus, ALS, M.S. , Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness, etc, I have come to the conclusion that they are threatening us with the scare of lethal contagious diseases when all the while chronic disabling degenerative diseases are being allowed to pass through the population undetected. This appears to have been accomplished by calling just about every new disease "autoimmune". There has been an obvious and intentional lack of research into infectious causes for these so called autoimmune diseases. Those of us who insist that we have chronic lyme or mycoplasma infections are generally denied antibiotics. Most insurance does not cover natural's diseases are left to progress and pass on to others. It is believed these microbes can pass on to others...friends, family and coworkers. Many times the microbes will affect these people where their weakness lie and cause different symptoms than the person who may have passed it on to them manifested. Another disease label is then given to the family member or coworker.
Dr. Donald MacArthur, who was in charge of the development and testing of biological weapons for the Pentagon, spoke at a Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations in 1969 and tells us the following : "Incapacitating agents are a more recent developement in the R&D phase. In fact, the prime emphasis in agent R&D is on developing better incapacitating agents. We are synthesizing new compounds and testing them in animals. I should mention that there is a rule of thumb we use. Before an agent can be classified as an incapacitant, we feel the mortality should be very low. Therefore the ratio of the lethal dose to the incapacitating dose has to be very high. Now, this is a very technical job. We have some of the top scientists in the country working on this. It is not easy." He also tells us that an incapacitating agent "imposes a greater logistic burden on the enemy when he has to look after the disabled people."
Incapacitants would also slowly destroy the economy.
A few more predictions of inevitable events:
A. Hurricanes will be increasingly severe
B. The eruption of Mt St. Helen is "not a matter of it but when".....Could this be predicted because our scalar weapons technology can cause geological and weather events such as earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes and even volcanic eruptions?
C. FBI Director Robert Mueller says suicide bombings in the U.S are "inevitable"
D. Vice President Cheney tells us that the prospects of a future attack on the U.S. is almost certain "not a matter of if but when."
E. Donald Rumsfield - Assoc. Press Jan 31, 2002 " Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield said Thursday the United States must prepare now for potential surprise attacks "vastly more deadly" than Sept. 11 terrorist hijackings.
All this certainty and high publicity of these specific warlike events should, one would think, warn the "enemy" that we are on to their tricks. Wouldn't this then cause an enemy , with any intelligence, to change their tactics or instigate the event as to foil the United State's protective plans? Well.... not if the real enemy was from within.
There appears to be an astronomical increase of adverse events within the past few years. We've had to deal with terrorist attacks, killer hurricanes, school shootings ( possible promoting of gun control ), kidnappings have been highly emphasized ( eventual micro-chipping of children), earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, drought, floods, forest fires, disease epidemic scares, etc. Doesn't this seem a bit excessive? Of course, in the past, many of the natural events do occur from time to time...but not with such intensity nor in such rapid succession. And all the while these events are taking place ( faster than we can assimilate them ), our rights are quickly being stripped from us.
Scare, Divert, Confuse, Overwhelm and Divide and Conquer. These are the main tactics we must be alert to!
Remember a day or two after the Sept 11 attacks, President Bush told the nation who every terrorist was and that we were now entering a war on terrorism...with no foreseeable end in sight and that Sept 11 has changed forever...our country and the world. How would they know that? I believe those statements were made to ensure public cooperation as our rights are consistently taken away in the name of protection and security.
Are most of these predictions made with such certainty because they are orchestrated or will be orchestrated by the predictors themselves?
I feel that becoming aware of these possible tactics and the social conditioning being heaped upon us, will foil or at least slow down those who may really be planning these predicted events, aimed at destroying our health and freedom. Next time you hear "This is inevitable" or.."it's not a matter of if but when"......think about and analyze what is being said and then point it out to others.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The Winfield Sky Blue cigarette package is a prime example of chemtrail subliminals. These cigarettes are produced by British American Tobacco and are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. British American Tobacco is the world's most international tobacco group.

Wouldn't you think that because a company named a brand of their cigarettes "Sky Blue"...that they would advertise with a clear blue sky and not a sky mostly covered with jet emissions? Those are certainly not naturally occurring clouds in the picture above. Advertising is used to promote products but when a company is owned by global interests, which consist of economic and military components, there may also be other motives to their subliminal messages. Keep in mind that advertising is a science.All images in advertising have a very specific purpose.

 It is becoming more and more obvious that there is a concerted effort to conditon people to think that jet chemtrails are the same thing as normal jet contrails....and that it is normal for these emissions to linger for hours and spread out and thicken into dense cloud cover. These jet emisson subliminals are included in cartoons, the news, game shows, car advertisements...etc. Why?

Chemtrails have pretty much become a global reality. For those of you who are new to the idea that certain jets are emitting something else besides water vapor and normal exhaust particulates...check out the link below for more info and photos on this blog

Sunday, June 5, 2011


 I'm not an expert on HAARP, space weapons or military strategy but as time goes on I am learning a bit more about controlled opposition and their tactics.Every news item isn't always controlled opposition but we have to look at them this way in order to sort out the partial truths from the insinuations and lies.I'm just going to use the video below, about Leuren Moret speaking of HAARP, as an example.I'm not saying that she is lying but that regardless of what we think we still need to analyze....hence the name of this blog.

The main message of the video was that HAARP is solely responsible for the earthquakes and perhaps weather warfare. This may be true but where do the space weapons fit in? I think that needs to be a major question and that we need to demand answers. Do space weapons play a vital role and is that why there is so much talk about distract us or to just give us partial truths? As I've mentioned before we need to question space weapons (particle beam weapons) in relation to crop circles and weather/geological warfare. It's becoming fairly obvious that the world's weather events are anything but normal AND that they are not naturally occurring.

Another aspect of the video bothered me.Radiation is something we cannot see. We may be able to see yellow colored dew or rain but that can be due to many things. We need to keep our minds open. I still feel that the radiation scare is part of the psyop. I feel that it is tied in with Agenda 21 and also part of the weakening of the nations.The big question is why would any attacking entity which wanted to occupy a land or use its resouces....why would they ever want to radiate an area they desired? Controlled opposition will think of many silly answers to this question...such as well...the conquerors are aliens and radiation doesn't bother them.

Leuren advises that because radiation affects the water and the milk that we need to avoid them. Scaring us about water and milk could be paving the way towards TPTB owning the water supply. Perhaps they will claim that they have a filtration system that will take out the radiation? Just a thought.Telling the public that there is heavy radiation in certain areas could also be a way to relocate people according to any plan they may have , such as Agenda 21.

The questions we need to ask of every news item is...first...does the news item or event have any reality at all? the news item real but grossly overblown or exaggerated? Look at the videos of events very carefully to see if scenes have been changed or added. Nowadays, just because we see videos depicting events on the doesn't mean that they are real.It's being discovered that disaster scenes can be made and acted ahead of time (with actors)to have on hand to use as generic inserts for the news. Evaluate all such videos for believability and for things that don't just seem right. In addition, videos and pictures can be photoshopped.Different backgrounds can be added or removed...etc.Also, when a disaster occurs check you tube for independant videos of the event. If all you see are official videos...then more questions need to be asked.

Here is the video I am using as an example of something which needs to be analyzed

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We need to begin speaking out about our disapproval of surveillance cameras everywhere...even in restaurants now. Privacy is being invaded. How private are we in our own homes? Do televisions have a two way capacity......sending and receiving? Are we being monitored from a screen on the wall like in the book 1984? Does your employee track your whereabouts on the road without your knowledge??? Watch the video below to see how extensively we are already being monitored. We do have a say. Check out the link at the bottom of this post to see what Homeland Security is interested in.

Why is it the goal to have a chemical sensing cell phone in everyone's pocket as it mentions in the link below? Why is Homeland Security so interested in everyone being hooked up to this chemical sensing technology? Apparently there are already tracking chips in most cell least Verizon has them. Most people what...I'm  not doing anything wrong! Whether or not you are doing anything wrong is not the point. The point is that cellphone technology is advancing everyday and not only are billions of dollars being made off the public through the public having to have the latest and the greatest but we are being stealthily  trapped by our own nonquestioning, trusting desires for the latest gadgets. As I mentioned in another article, the microchip that everyone already in their cellphones. Now they also have a feature where people can hook up their body functions to "the command center"...supposedly to monitor and protect us and to keep us healthy.How far will this all go? If our bodily functions are connected to some home base receiver....what is to keep this receiver station from transmitting signals to our bodies?

Supposedly, I guess, in order to thwart chemical attack....the DHS is very interested in everyone having a chemical sensor. They must be worried about our health and or the danger of chemical warfare. If this is so...then why don't they just have chemical sensors in the environment of the more susceptible areas of attack, such as the cities. It seems to me that they must have a reason for wanting this "chemical detection system" attached to every person. Is it a matter of tracking people..even though they can already do this....or would this technology detect many activities we are taking part in by detecting specific compounds or chemicals? This may sound far fetched but computor and cell phone technology is already far fetched and very advanced. We take it for granted...but how on earth does it work? The link below is an article about this subject on the DHS website.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


It is becoming more and more obvious that most of the rapid fire weather disasters are orchestrated. There are many private lower tech weather modification companies. Just google weather modification companies. Then there are the higher tech more secret military weather and climate control operations.They know how to melt the polar ice caps(to open up trade routes and provide access to untapped natural resources, produce earthquakes, tidal waves, droughts, floods etc). Then they blame it all on the general public and tell us it is all due to climate change. It used to be called just global warming but when the climate didn't seem to be warming up everywhere, they changed the terminology.

We hear alot of talk about HAARP and how HAARP is responsible for the many weather disasters we are experiencing. Now, I'm certainly not an expert on HAARP  however, concerning counter intelligence tactics....focus is often placed on a diversion for the purpose of taking our attention off of what may really be going on. We have the global warming diversion for the environmentalists. Then we have 2012, the apocalypse, and God's revenge for the religious people. It seems to me that not enough attention is being focused on space weapons...not antennas on earth but actual weapons or lasers in space.I believe we have been falsely led as to the true purpose of the space shuttles which our taxes have been paying for. Interesting info at this link about particle beams.  Now, if much of our disastrous weather phenomonona was caused by an earth based weather control system, then that takes the focus off of the weapons in space. Everyone doesn't have to agree but my gut feeling...and common sense is telling me that crop circles are caused by these space based weapons systems. I found it interesting that the above link spoke of certain types of beam weapons giving off a high energy dose of radiation and there was also something to do with magnetic fields. Could the sensations that people feel when they are inside crop circles have anything to do with a magnetic or radioactive residue? If getting us to believe that crop circles are made by aliens... is part of their new world order/one world religion goal...then they might not want us to think too much about lasers or particle beam weapons.....which would be an obvious possible cause of the crop circles. Just something to think about.We know that the Reagan adminsitration thought the alien theme would be a good way to create a "One World". The main theme of new age religion is also becoming ONE. I believe we are all Gods children already and we don't need any so called alien intervention to make us feel more united. Much of the strife between nations is not caused by the people but by governments manipulating them for the purpose of acquiring more power. Look for the connections between the "New Age Movement" and The New World Order when it comes to similar beliefs. I find it very confusing and convenient that on the one hand many are condemning the new world order but the same people are condoning using the United Nations to bring forth this supposed birthing of a new spiritual world. Think about the contradictions .

Is the new age movement being disguised as something other than the creation of a global tyrannical government? Is it a clever way to get people to think that the New Age movement is against One world government when it really may be a psychological operation to help usher in the New World Order? One of the ideas that the "new age" promotes is that when 2012 comes those who are "evolved" enough" (notice how people's egos are being massaged with this) will be able to stay and help form a "New World"...but those who don't go along with it or who SUPPOSEDLY  are not EVOLVED enough to stay here....will disappear off into another realm or dimension where their souls really want them to be. Can you see how convenient this may be for their agenda of mass killings...or who knows......vaporization through space weapons?People are being brainwashed to think that this so called cleansing is necessary. In other words the end justifies the means...or doing evil is ok if your end goal is noble. Well...the Bible tells us that an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit(an apple tree cannot bring forth pears). BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM. Evil cannot produce anything truly good. Then another convenient teaching is that you can't have good without evil....or that there is no such things as good or evil (harmfullness) It goes on and on.

It's fairly obvious that the weather is controlled but ....what is the real source of this destruction? I never really could understand why so much money and effort was put into supposedly exploring outer space. In order to acquire funding for space weapons, perhaps they had to make us think that the government had worthy goals....a quest for knowledge of the unknown. I haven't read the book below (Space Weapons: Earth Wars) so I don't know if it is just another source of propaganda. But there are other books on this subject that you can find connected to the link below. I think we need to read these different books but  while we are doing it we need to be on high alert for parts of the books which just don't seem to ring true. For example, if you are pretty sure that a certain story or theme is being used to control the can usually then fairly accurately appraise something you are reading or listening to if that theme appears supposed truth. You may be reading what sounds to be mostly truth....BUT...look carefully for that one element to be inserted. I just think we all need to become better versed in the tactics used to manipulate us.I might not have all my facts straight here but it's the tactics we need to learn. That is where our freedom lies.When we learn the tactics so well that we acquire a natural feel for them...then we can apply this knowledge to any situation.A book I did read and found very helpful  is "What EveryBODY Is Saying"
It helped to educate me and taught me to better be able to sense certain forms of deception. I found the book helpful in screening public to whether or not they are telling the truth. Sensing deception cannot be learned all at once. There are many steps to it and it is really a continuous learning process. We can learn all of these material methods of spotting deception but the real key is to pray for discernment. If you are sincere and your motives are pure, you will receive this wisdom.


Friday, May 20, 2011


I've seen Lady Gaga's videos here and there before but within the past week or so the full import and pure evilness of the plan is hitting me. This morning on the news....ABC Good Morning America...there was a whole promotion of Lady Gaga and on TV they actually showed women kissing....not your normal affectionate type of kiss but an almost serpent like evil degrading kiss. Sensuousness, lust and degradation are the messages Lady Gaga puts forth. The whole gay movement(govt, NWO) is using gay people to further their agenda. They are using sex in a general ugly way to hide man's higher promote people as animalistic and to give people the sense that we are nothing more than a conglomeration of material body parts.We are even being told now that our minds are nothing more than elaborate computors.

I was at a wedding 2 years ago where most of the music was almost solely composed of that thump thump thump hypnotizing beat...which is what it is meant to be..... It's about hypnotizing and making people suggestible. The bride and the younger people were out there dancing to this tribal drone and the bride was doing this.... what I call serpent kissing.....with another a wedding! It wasn't even what we label as french kissing. I couldn't believe my eyes.In fact I still question myself as to whether I really saw it or not. It was almost like no one noticed.Does that type of beat hypnotize everyone present?'s not a matter of being homophobic or old fashioned, it's about waking up to what we are being conditioned, violence, satanism,debauchery...not to make us "cool" but to eventually enslave us.If there are any young people reading are much more than what is being depicted in modern rock videos and lyrics. Don't buy into the all over body piercing, tatooing, homosexuality and whatever else these videos promote. It will NOT make you cool. It will NOT fulfill you. I don't know how anyone can watch videos like the one below without feeling sick to their stomach. It takes extreme effort for me to watch this stuff. AND what is it with the whole vampire theme for teenagers? I was in the grocery store and those were the only books available. Teenagers are not being independant when they are being led by the nose by all of this propaganda and so called "fashion".Teenagers and ...all of us are being conditioned and used to fulfill the greed and need for power by the so called "elite". Just the name "elite" is trying to give us the impression that they are somehow better than the average person.

So......turn off the videos, turn off the TV, listen to uplifting music. Lean away from modern art and appreciate real beauty. Discover and develope your higher nature. Love your neighbor. Seek the presence or Kingdom of God...the Creator of the Universe. You don't have to follow Hinduism, New Age, Buddhism or even necessarily Christianity in order to connect with God. What if you were born on a remote island and knew nothing of the teachings of Jesus? Do you think God would punish you because of that? I personally TRY to follow the teachings of Jesus because they make sense and in my experience these teachings promote harmonious relationships, needed supply, emotional and physical healing. ...and most of all ....JOY.We all have a direct connection to God...all we have to do is open the channels. We don't need gurus, preachers.....etc. They can be helpful when we are at certain stages...but they can also lead us astray. We are being led by the opinions of others because we think many are more "spiritual" than we are.

You will not find true joy and inspiration in anything that resembles the video below. It's just mortal mind /error/evil trying to trick people into the worship of gross materialism. Are Beastiality,Mind Control Murder,Satanic rituals, Transhumanism and violent sex things you want to aspire to?

Friday, April 22, 2011


Modern technology sucks us in. It promises us convenience, safety, health, and coolness or sophistication. The latest technologies that we find in Iphones...etc tantalize me also, however, I have now begun to see where it is leading and I'm not going to follow that path. I was listening to a talk show the other day...Truth in 7 Minutes with Markus Allen  The host brought up the idea that the much feared microchip might not be implemented in the manner we have been conditioned to fear. We will probably be controlled and monitored by something that advertising makes us think we need and be fit in to society and to get along better in the workplace.Markus mentioned that near future technology will actually have phones that run off the power of our bodies. This would mean that we would be connected to our phones, either by wires or just the close proximity of our bodies to our phones. Cell least Verizon cell phones... already have tracking chips and are connected to the global positioning system. This high tech system can send and receive signals.

The article below from Science Daily gives just a tiny sample of what is in store for us if we willingly go along with the plan of Transhumanism. This article however only shares what they describe as benefits. If the applications below are now possible, imagine what else could be in our future. Let's take the name of Android phone and analyze the meaning. Actually, it doesn't take much analyzing, the meaning and intention is really pretty straight forward. A definition from ... "Android" An automation in the form of a human being."

Biosensors will be placed in the body As you can see they are not using the word microchip as that term may already have negative connotations. The word "interface" is also used in connection with this technology. Interface means to bring together, to connect or mesh. The body is being meshed with technology. This translates directly into transhumansim. The name of the company's technology is Human++ BAN (Body Area Network). First of all H+ stands for transhumanism or Human +...meaning improving on the human being. I can only imagine what H++ means in relation to the IMEC and Holst Centre.

One other point...even if corporate/government intentions were really benign, we have no real evidence that the power sources used and intermingling with the body's energy field...would be safe. Would we be able to maintain our identity with some external energy force meshing with our energy? Would the enticement of sophistication, supposed safety and convenience trick us into giving up our souls? This is a very serious issue and needs to be widely addressed.

I have not read the following book but it deals with the subject we are discussing. I don't necessarily go along with the Kindle idea even though it saves trees. I worry that books will become obsolete and that the content of books can be changed and electronically controlled and even extinguished. Just like 1984 folks! Beware....and don't get sucked in.
Revolve: Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood

Monitoring Your Health With Your Mobile Phone

ScienceDaily (Oct. 11, 2010) — Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an android mobile phone.

With this interface, imec, Holst Centre and TASS are the first to demonstrate a complete Body Area Network (BAN) connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance (ECG), brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), etc. The system will be demonstrated at the Wireless Health Conference in San Diego (US, October 5-7).
The aging population, combined with the increasing need for care and the rising costs of healthcare has become a challenge for our society. Mobile health, which integrates mobile computing technologies with healthcare delivery systems, will play a crucial role in solving this problem by delivering a more comfortable, more efficient and more cost-efficient healthcare. Body Area Networks (BAN) are an essential component of mHealth. BANs are miniaturized sensor networks; consisting of lightweight, ultra low-power, wireless sensor nodes which continuously monitor physical and vital parameters. They provide long-term monitoring, while maintaining user mobility and comfort. For example patients who are no longer compelled to stay in a hospital could be monitored at home.

The newly-developed low-power interface wirelessly transmits bio-signals retrieved by imec and Holst Centre's Human++ BAN sensor nodes to an Android mobile phone where the data are collected, stored, processed, and sent over the internet to make them available for authorized users such as a physician. The interface is based on a standard Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) interface on Android mobile phones, enabling the integration of all the features available on Google's operating system (SMS, e-mail and data transmission over the internet, GPS to track user location).

Moreover, the mobile phone's hardware is extended to operate with low-power communication protocols and low-power radios, enabling long-term medical telemonitoring. As the interface is based on the Linux kernel, the system is also easily portable on other Linux-based devices, such as PDA's or laptops. And, the system allows configuration of thresholds on the measured parameters and automatic sending of alerts such as SMS messages and e-mails based on these values.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Most people who are aware of how the people are being deceived by the media are also aware of Controlled Opposition and the various ways in which it operates.For those who are not clear as to what the goals and characteristics of controlled opposition are a few traits to look for. Mainstream media also uses these tactics because much of the so called alternative media is run by the same entities as the mainstream media.Due to this situation...of similar methods of operation, a person can often sense when alternative media is leading the public towards the controller's agenda.We may not always be sure what the exact agenda is but if we step back and observe the whole picture we are often able to sense that massive deception is taking place.A few of the methods used are:

1. Sensationalism

2. Moving forward from the premise that certain unproven "facts" are true even if these supposed facts can not be observed by most citizens.Then further developments in the story are based on these unproven "facts". Most people could not personally observe the oil in the Gulf or cannot now observe the supposed radiation.

3. "Not a matter of IF but WHEN". This mind conditioning slogan has been used over and over again. This is a buzzword that should put you on high alert for a future ORCHESTRATED event.For example, a couple of years before 9-11, we were repeatedly told that it was not matter of IF but WHEN a terrorist attack would happen on U.S. soil. 9-11 occurred and supposedly fulfilled their prediction.

4. Another tactic I've observed recently is the widely trusted alternative health media stating that it is absolute fact that radiation is spreading everywhere and anyone who says it is not or who questions this either very stupid, spreading info that will seriously threaten the environment, or has vested interests. This type of action discourages necessary questioning of any news media.It largely prevents rational analysis and discourse which is usually required to get to the truth.

5.Alarmist reporting: I am seeing this tactic being used extensively with the Fukushima incident.Some say that the mainstream media is understressing the claimed radiation disaster. Then the "alternative" media steps in and says...look how the mainstream media is hiding what is REAlly going on.So...even without our direct observation (in this case radiation is invisible) many of us end up believing the so-called alternative media because they APPEAR to be disagreeing with the mainstream media whom we know we don't trust.

6. Partial Truths: One reason that controlled opposition gains loyal followers is because they report around 95% Truth. Usually that 95% is what we have personally observed so this fraction of the controlled opposition reporting rings true to us.The other 5% or so of the controlled opposition's reporting includes their agenda....and usually ideas that we cannot personally observe or prove.Look for those ideas that you cannot observe and prove and analyze them from all angles.

I feel that instead of concentrating on too many of the details of each orchestrated disaster we need to STUDY the underlying methods used to deceive. When citizens learn these tactics or methods, they can personally apply them to any situation and therefore do not need to depend so heavily on alternative media gurus to be able to discern what is really taking place in the world.When evil/error/deception is uncovered, it begins to destroy itself. This is a very important statement. We don't have to fight against it, we only have to learn the deceptive techniques used. Then deception no longer deception and has no more power to control.

If any of you have other controlled opposition tactics to share, I'd love to add appropriate ones to the list.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have placed other posts on this blog concerning chemtrails and their possible purposes so this post is just mainly to share the chemtrail activity in CT on April 9, 2011. This is not a normal air traffic pattern as NASA would have us believe. These trails were made in minutes of each other in a specific close pattern to create  either a coud bank for the purpose of weather modification or possibly for creating and maintaining some sort of plasma matrix for whatever purposes. I don't believe they are spraying to specifically spread disease altho the chemicals in the jet emissions may not be the best for our health.There are much cheaper and MORE SELECTIVE ways of killing people if that is a goal. How can anyone think that the photos below represent normal contrails? Displays such as this used to mean a public airshow was taking place.

Scalar signature above the chemtrails?



Friday, April 1, 2011


The United Nations, world financiers, and environmentalists want to rewild the world. This means that  the human population may be reduced and the remainder relegated to specific allowed areas of the planet. This Wildlands Project stems from The Earth Summit which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The formal name of this conference is "United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). More and more land is being bought up and set aside. One world government is probably still the goal (control of the world by a few) and Agenda 21 may be one of the main plans or methods for bringing this about. Here is a quote you may be familiar with but think of it again in the context of the Japan earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant dilema.

"The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

- Club of Rome,
premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations

Personally I care very much about the environment and feel that we definitely need to clean up our act.

However, often important issues are USED by those in control in order to claim more money , power and control.

 There are many people who actually believe that you can accomplish 'Good" by evil means and then there are those who are in government who have psychopathic tendencies, which means they don't care about consequences, they do not possess normal feelings and compassion. So, in other words there are those who justify their actions by saying or believing that the END justiies the means. And then there are those who purport to care about the environment but really don't give a damn....and their high status and wealth expresses...or shows forth where their focus really lies.

IS there really a danger of radiation coming from the nuclear power plants in Japan? Could there be another scenerio....a deceptive scenerio with both sides being played using information warfare and controlled opposition?I feel it is likely that Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and other recent earthquakes, have been caused by weather & tectonic weapons. There are rumors and news stories of California and even the east coast of the U.S being next. We've had the Movie Oil Storm come out on TV only 6 months before the real event. We have also had a movie of a tidal wave engulfing New York City but no actual disaster there yet..If these disasters are truly intentionally manmade events, what is the goal? What would be the purpose? Is it merely rogue elements of our Government which want to grab more resources.....or is it a much larger plan being set forth by global think tanks? 

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" Maurice Strong, Head of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

Could there be global cooperation at some level which is orchestrating and allowing these crimes against humanity AND the earth? Are they just using the excuse of environmentalism to grab more power and control and shape earth into one feudalistic empire?

We need to use our critical thinking and resist being swayed by the two or more sides of the media which is engaging in information warfare.OK.....let's just try out a different scenerio from what we are being told. What appears to be one side of the media is telling us partially what is happening in Japan. But remember videos can be faked, witnesses can be hired. I have called out on RMN for anyone REAL from Japan to give their version of what is happening. There was total silence. Then a you tube video comes out asking for disclosure of what is really happening. This video was supposed to have been filmed by a real person. It may have been but it may not have been. Apparently there WAS an earthquake and apparently there WAS a tidal wave.....but how much did it really damage the nuclear reactors? If this disaster was manmade, wouldn't you think that the same powers that MAY have created the earthquake  would have  prepared  the nuclear power plant ahead of time to be disaster proof? I was listening to a talk show that brought up the idea that radioactivity of course is invisible. They were also saying that normal affordable geiger counters could not evaluate the type of radiation that would be spewing from a nuclear power plant and that the only people who could really afford a professional nuclear geiger counter would be basically the power plants themselves.

If this is true, it could also follow that we could all be frightened into moving out of certain areas to avoid radiation that might not even be present. One alarmist video said that when people begin to get sick...this will be how we can tell if the radiation has spread. It is important to keep all scenerios in mind and not get stuck in any particular one. Biowarfare could be used to create sick people or even emf frequencies could possibly be used. I think it is definitely wise to support our immune systems but let's not do it out of fear. Common sense tells us that in a modern world where we are exposed to many different things......including our own choice of is wise to rest, eat healthy, excercise moderately and consume certain foods which can protect against radiation and other chemical or biological insults.From the reading I have done I feel that seaweeds and medicinal mushrooms both have very valuable properties in protecting against radiation....etc. This includes radiation from frequent dental xrays and other radiological medical tests.

We are hearing that parts of the east coast and the west coast will sink due to earthquakes and tidal waves. We have been conditioned to expect this by mystical predictions, TV shows and movies.There probably will be more earthquakes and tidal waves but recently something is telling me that there will most likely NOT be any disappearance of land. This may be a scare tactic being used, along with the wildfires and radiation scares for the purpose of relocating people to approved areas of the U.S. and other approved sections of the world. If certain sections of our country were eventually cordoned off and no one was allowed to travel to these areas....there would be no one to observe or to investigate as to whether the land was still there or whether or not it was uninhabitable due to radiation. If  the world financiers were trying to create a paradise and slave camp...I doubt they would intentionally pollute it with radiation that would also kill themselves and the animals and plants they would live on.. All of these disasters we are experiencing have the same flavor and the same reporting tactics. This radiation scare reminds me of the alarming oil spill media. Some people think that the oil spill was underplayed but if one looks closely it was played up to the hilt....especially that video of the oil gushing which I swear was on "repeat".

Controlled opposition plays both sides of the game. The one side says scary things but appears to avoid certain areas of the issue. Then the controlled opposition chimes in and says....oohhh....see how the government/corporations are not telling us the truth about how polluted everything has become from the oil spill. I tend to think the oil spill was a controlled psychological operation but I am not positive of that. What I do is continue to WATCH what their next steps are and if any patterns are followed in the media. Also look for hints of Agenda 21 rewilding efforts. Remember after Katrina how they relocated a massive number of people on buses and other forms of transport? I've heard that most of those relocated people have not returned.

This push for sustainability, spiritual dictatorship and a global monetary system is not about peace and love but about global governance and control over every aspect of our lives. This agenda has been wrapped up in a package promising such worthy outcomes of spiritual enlightenment and world peace. Spiritual progress and peace can only begin within each one of us...through life experiences and personal seeking of the kingdom of God (spiritual truths)..... and can never be attained through some mass experience

The video directly below is coming from a Christian standpoint. If you are not Christian, it doesn't matter. Gary Kah reveals how ALL religions are being watered down and the goal is to bring them all together into one religion....a global government standardized religion. Whatever happened to freedom of religion? We have been brainwashed to think that world's greatest religious teachings have caused all our division and all of our wars. We need to realize that it is NOT the teachings that cause this but it is governmental intrusion and brainwashing that sets one religion against another and causes wars. This being fairly obvious...then why on earth would we ever want any government...never mind a WORLD government dictating what we can believe? I am bringing up the religious aspect and posting Gary Kah's video below because The New World Order that everyone claims to fear ...also includes parts of the New Age movement. It's in the same package as the environmental movement, depopulation and all aspects of globalization. Who would ever want a global dictatorship? There would be no place to turn.....the biggest form of monopoly.

The alternative news presents and promotes conflicting ideas and agendas. On the one hand they say BEWARE of THE NEW WORLD ORDER and beware of the United Nations but then in the second breath the U.N agenda is promoted by saying we need a One World Religion through the U.N. How nonsensical is that?

To sum things up.....the Elite are coming at us from all angles, promoting the reality, worship and fear of aliens, they are behind this 2012 enlightenment and raising of conciousness (becoming ONE),much of the environmental movement is connected also. I am almost convinced that the latest disaster in Japan has been orchestrated by this same entity. I also feel that it is very possible that the crisis involving the nuclear power plant is a controlled crisis. The only way to know is to follow the news and see where it brings us.

The book which opened my eyes to much of this, including the role of Gorbachev, is called The New World Religion by Gary Kah

Below are two articles I have written that describe my experience with Gorbachev and a visit to Costa Rica where there appeared to be very few NATIVE old people