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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)The Arctic Ice Melt for 2008
Last year in 2007, the Arctic had the lowest concentration of sea ice that was ever recorded. In 2008, the melt was not quite as extreme, but still well below the normal levels.

The"Global Warming" issue may very well be one of the biggest scams in history for the purpose of furthering several goals. The melting of the polar icecaps may not be due to car and industrial emissions...but to a type of directed energy technology which has the capability of warming parts of the oceans to cause hurricanes and also the ability to melt the icecaps.Three of the most obvious goals could  be....

1. Opening up access to new trade routes
2. Creating access to natural resources which were unaccessable before
3. Further control by the United Nations through The Law Of The Sea Treaty

These direct benefits of melted polar icecaps are very boldly listed here:From The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Warming Arctic

Global warming is affecting the Arctic more rapidly and more visibly than anywhere else on Earth. The melting polar icecap opens unprecedented prospects for Arctic nations, including shorter routes for shipping, larger commercial fishing areas, and opportunities for drilling, defense and other previously unexplored activities. This emerging marine world will be governed under the Law of the Sea Treaty. Of the five Arctic nations—Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the U.S.—only the U.S. has not yet ratified the Treaty. Although U.S. laws are written in accordance with the Law of the Sea, until the U.S. ratifies this accord, it will have no say in how the Treaty evolves as the physical and geopolitical environment in the Arctic continues to heat up.
Commercial Shipping
According to experts, global warming could completely melt the Arctic’s ice cover during summer months as early as 2013.1 With new transpolar trade routes open, shorter distances and significant fuel savings for ocean-going vessels could produce a seismic shift in commercial shipping and world trade patterns.
Currently, marine shipping vessels between major East Asian exporting countries and European and North American markets must travel through the Suez or Panama Canals. A route from China through the Northwest Passage to the North Atlantic would save more than 4,000 nautical miles, enabling companies to cut fuel and shipping costs dramatically. The Northern Sea Route between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, for example, would shorten the sailing distance between the Dutch port of Rotterdam and Yokohama, Japan, from 11,200 nautical miles to only 6,500 nautical miles and save an estimated 40 percent in shipping costs.2
Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty will also legally guarantee the Rights of Innocent and Transit Passage and ensure safe, uninterrupted flow of commerce to and from U.S. shores through new routes. The Treaty also gives the U.S. authority to prescribe conditions (related to safety or environmental concerns) for foreign vessels entering its 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). For these reasons, both the Chamber of Shipping of America and the World Shipping Council support U.S. ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty.3    
The possible global warming scam seems to be being used to cover up certain projects and to cash in on other aspects of Global warming. There appears to be many nefarious facets to this massive "project". The reported absoluteness of the validity of global warming is being used as a premise for other unnatural events. For example...increased spread of disease is being blamed on global warming when there could be many other factors contributing to  it...such as genetic manipulation of microbes AND their insect vectors. Biological experimentation...such as in field testing of organisms and vectors and biological warfare may also play a role.

Another area of concern where supposed global warming is being used as a premise... involves our more recent erratic and destructive weather. Nothing is ever mentioned in the media about weather warfare capablities and how our weather may be a result of either intentional warfare or experimentation with the weather. I'd like to include here a newspaper article from the The Asheville Citizen Times (1989).....entitled "Can The Soviets Wage Weather War?" By Jack Anderson. I excerpt from an article I wrote entitled Weather Wars or Global Warming?
"WASHINGTON - Mark Twain once observed that everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Twain hadn't counted on the Soviets.

For years the Soviet Union has been working on weather modification techniques that could be used in a covert "weather war" against the United states or Europe. The Central Intelligent Agency has tracked those plans and here is a list compiled by CIA reports.

1. A former Soviet ambassador to the United Nations once openly warned that the Soviets have the capability to punch a hole in the ozone layer using "bromine missle injectors". The Soviets think they can do that with enough precision to affect specific areas on the ground, letting in deadly ultraviolet rays that could damage crops and humans.

2. The Soviets have toyed with the idea of melting the Arctic icecap to moderate temperatures in their northern regions. They have also thought about doing the same to the Antarctic ice cap, using nuclear explosions as a way to break up the ice. Scientists believe that any tampering with the ice caps could cause a new ice age around the world and destroy coastal areas.

3. Another Soviet project is to develope the ability to generate artificial lightening ( which I believe I have witnessed), which could destroy enemy communications or start uncontrollable fires during a dry season.

4. The Soviets have considered artificially triggering earthquakes by filling earth cavities with liquids. Ironically, the U.S. Military discovered this effect when it dumped toxic waste from chemical weapons into wells near a Denver storage area and triggered numerous tremors.

5. The CIA is worried about the global effect, intentional or otherwise, of the continued large scale destruction of Soviet forests.

6. Large scale fog-dispersal programs are already used widely by the Soviets at civilian and military airports. One CIA report says the techniques used by the Soviets have potential military uses because they can stir up the weather unexpectedly.

7 The Soviets are doing some work in controlling the force of thunderstorms, typhoons and hurricanes, but the United States still lead the world as experts. But any method that controls a catastrophe could also be used to create or boost severe storms.

8. The Soviets have rain and snow making programs, although they are considerably more modest than the U.S capability. The CIA reports say that the Soviets have admitted routinely seeding the clouds near Leningrad and Moscow before holiday parades to clear the air and guarantee sunshine. They also claim to have created a beautiful sunny day for the opening ceremony of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

The prospect of damaging weather wars, while fantastical, were sufficiently viable to cause the superpowers to sign a treaty banning hostile manipulation of the weather. But such an agreement is completely unverifiable. The United States has no way of knowing whether the Soviets are fair weather friends or foul weather foes."
Now...remember...this newspaper article was written in 1989. Imagine how technology has advanced since then. As you can see...the intentional melting of icecaps and perhaps blaming this melting on something we would all be responsible not an new idea. In this case scenerio the blame for the specific melting of the icecaps is being placed on all of us...instead of perhaps on a select few who want o gain profit, power and control through a hidden technology that most people don't even realize exists.

Homework: Observe and list other events and issues which are blamed on global warming.
Much money is being made on "green" products and much profit and power will also be gained by issuing global taxes and laws. Profits and laws would be accepted and perhaps helpful if the premise for the profits and laws were valid.However, the premise for global warming is highly suspect.


  1. Deliberately melting the ice caps explains why world temperatures have dropped. Melting ice is an endothermic reaction, absorbing 80 calories per gram of ice. That's how you make ice cream. You force the ice to melt by chemical means and the temperature drops from 32 deg to 0 degrees. That explains the media's propaganda pitch for the last ten years, it explains the melting ice caps and it explains the cooler temperatures. For example, here in Southern California, we have had a very cool and prolonged spring, with lots of marine layer, just what you would expect from artificial cooling.

  2. Interesting, I know that man made global warming is a scam but I've never considered it from this perspective - it does make sense though. Either way, I'm sure the masses will still continue to be bombarded with pictures of the ice caps melting and falling into the sea under the illusion that driving to work that morning has caused it :(

  3. This is one of a very few articles taking this approach!

    It is absolutely true that for forty years, Russian and USA nuclear submarines have been trolling under this ice. Nuclear fission creates energy exothermically; creating heat. These vessels also have advanced ice-breaking tech, check the nice pictures on Google!

    Russia is not land-locked, but many times is ice-locked. The objective is not so much to melt ice, but to limit re-freezing.


  4. Well....I don't have any direct evidence of this idea of intentionally melting the ice caps but there is alot of circumstantial evidence and to me it does make sense.There is more and more being invested in this theory of global warming so if I am will become increasingly difficult to break through the brainwashing. I think we must begin hard questioning now before its too late.I think that our weapons in space are creating crop circles. I also think these weapons are playing a major role in the movement and position of the jet stream for the purpose of altering climate and creating weather disasters. As I mentioned before HARRP like facilties around the world may also be playing a role in this, however,it appears to me that there is a major effort to take attention away from our weapons in space by blaming crop circles on aliens, blaming our weather disasters on global warming and blaming our melting ice caps(if they are really melting)on this same global warming.And....even Jesse Ventura was allowed to mention HARRP on mainstream that fact alone sets me to questioning the contributing or sole contributing role of HARRP Oh, yes, the spread of disease being blamed on global warming, I also mentioned before, but I think that it bears repeating.

    Estamio...thankyou for your input. If you or anyone else has any more thoughts on this...please feel free to post.

  5. Thanks, I tried posting this with full-sized links but may have ended up spamming your blog. Sorry if that happened. Here is what I wanted to add, without links. I do not think they were necessary, just nice to back-up one’s point!

    The “Global Warming” debate hides several interesting things in plain sight. Everybody is noticing the global-legal-jurisdiction grab, but the manipulation of the “affect” is quite a harder concept to contemplate! The anti-GW group paints the Earth as controlling its ups-and-downs (of course it has) with the idea of human emissions sounding silly, the CO2-causing-GW group desire an Imperial Green Revolution. Both of these skip the obvious---advantage for those at Earth’s Achilles Heel.

    Lake Effect snow is a real thing. The lake (Erie in USA often given as example) is a switch, an Achilles Heel. The Arctic is a ‘private ocean’, if you will (you mentioned the controlling countries), and access during Winter is to Russia and USA (or an ice-breaker tanker!). If the USA and USSR were ever really enemies really, it is still conceivable covert competition breaking, melting and navigating off Russia’s extensive coast?

    There sure is advantage for Russia to prevent the polar ice cap from completely refreezing, as you point out convincingly. It is odd that the USA’s version of HAARP is in Alaska? I focused on Nuclear-intervention for the very reason that it always seems omitted from the Arctic discussions, yet it can be effortlessly provided as fact. To those who point out the Arctic is as large as Australia, this info is for benign (legal) nuclear devices---a nuclear device impelled for the purpose of influencing the Arctic Achilles heel need only stop short of the China Syndrome.

    Oil tanker submarines were proposed in 1971 and again recently. Perhaps unrelated, the Chernobyl accident, 1986, is still blamed for radioactive reindeer in Norway!

    I will read what is here (and elsewhere) about “military creating crop circles”. My understanding is, the template (or “mask”) would need to be right-up-against the surface of the ‘crop’ to imprint its pattern, like circuit manufacture? Or do you propose the image is “painted” with a narrower wave? Got me thinking anyway, thanks!

  6. Concerning Russia and the US being enemies or once being enemies...I also question that. I wrote this about Gorbachev a few years ago. Keep An Eye On Gorbachev

    It seems to be that our government has been infiltrated....perhaps by communists... and that we are cooperating with certain other nations towards one world government.The whole Berlin wall event could have been mainly for cosmetic purposes

    You keep mentioning about the water refreezing and that this is the main keep the water from refreezing. Does this mean that all the arctic ice that needs melting is already melted? One article I read mentioned that all the ice would be melted by 2013. I believe this was a CFR article.

    Could directed energy weapons cause targeted areas to be more radioactive? Are these nuclear power plants really filling our enviornment with radioactivity or is it coming from other places?

    I'm certainly not an expert in directed energy technology but my thoughts on the crop circles...are that whatever template there may be...would be in the satellite....along with the computor or computor hookup which creates the design

    1. Hey, thanks for the reply.

      Your Gorbachev article is also good, it is odd when this “enemy leader” slips into great harmony with the USA? My perspective of that time came from a comic book about Boris Yeltsin, it is interesting that I cannot find it with a quick online search, but Yeltsin was portrayed as the populist leader kicking-out the power-that-was-Gorbachev. Yet Yeltsin is perpetuated as the “drunk”?

      A strange “cooperation” does seem likely!

      Nuclear power plants do not release radioactivity. The heated water that turns the turbines is separate from the “cooling water” that carries the heat into your lake or river. The massive amount of spent fuel and everything that was in contact with it is radioactive, but we are trusting it is kept safe!

      Chernobyl is blamed for the radioactive lichen (plants love radiation), which is eaten by the reindeer. That is the official story anyway.

      If the weather can be controlled in any manner, the is/isn’t GW crowds can be kept fighting for their turf while the ‘controllers’ laugh like gremlins controlling a stoplight; “this year the ice cap is thicker than ever…” Oddly, your first commenter, “Anonymous”, might be correct. I read a children’s book from the 70’s where she proposed the Arctic warmed, releasing water, which precipitated into the Glaciers (ice age, or Noah’s flood, depending on your perspective).

      Even the founding father of Al Gore-style Global Warming, James Hansen, states the Earth is a chaotic gas covering a chaotic fluid. He states this all the while trying to convince a clear case for (accidental) Global Warming! Gremlins, indeed.

      The video you included explains the seasonal melting/refreezing cycle well. The ice cap goes through this cycle anyway. Influencing this natural cycle at crucial times was what I propose is likely. If in the Spring, you look where your dog urinated in the snow in Winter, you will see a gaping hole. Holes influence the mound to melt faster. They have had many years to experiment, resulting in the famous polar bear-on-a-small ice block photo opportunity (“well, that proves CO2-caused GW is real and WE need to do something about it!”).

      Crop circle research is difficult because articles of a topic tell you what you want to hear. I don’t mind a challenge, though. Thanks for your stabs at ideas here, I find your articles quite stimulating; you are very perceptive. Don’t worry about getting the details exactly right, being right is the booby prize!

      From what I gather, prankster-made and particle wave “painted” circles have “brush strokes”; the grain is felled directional to the line being drawn (or stamped down), where a single patterned sonic blast would flatten the grain all-in-one direction, or all-outward-from the center (like the petals of a daisy).

      Electro-flocking (fuzzy plastic items, GI Joe's hair…) puts a charge on the surface which attracts the fibers, not unlike a lightening bolt…anyway, thanks again for the brain food, and Happy Spring!

  7. I don't think that it's possible that pranksters with ropes and boards could ever make the highly refined crop circles which can only be discerned from the air.This is why I question the statements made by crop circle investigators."Manmade" crop circles are talked about...along with "natural" crop circles. I believe these terms have been carefully calculated...and their definitions have been predetermined.Whenever the crop circle investigators mention man-made crop circles in movies, on TV and in print, the suggestion is always planted that the man-made circles are accomplished through tramping down the crops with boards and ropes. Sometimes I think that a few of these investigators may have mentioned that helicopters were seen over the fields (trying to offer us another possibility). However, so far...I have never heard any of these investigators (perhaps controlled opposition)mention anything about satellites and directed energy weapons. These weapons are also never mentioned as possible causes for our weather and earthquake disasters. So I guess my point is...that I try to look at what ISN'T being mentioned....and then that's what I look into further.To me...sophistcated technology circling the earth is one of the most plausible explanations for much of our unexplainable phenomonon

    More recently I have been trying to take a new approach.... for me anyway, in trying to determine what is real and what is propaganda.Here and there I am picking up information on methods and tactics of persuasion, controlled opposition, mind control...etc. As I learn I am trying to share...the best I can....what these tactics and methods are. We all need to be able to discern deception for ourselves so that we can decide for ourselves what is propaganda and outright lies....and what is real (Truth).

    From what I sense, the crop circles are just one of the tools being used to convince us that aliens are present and we may even be told that part of our genetics originate through alien interbreeding. It appears that we may have been being prepared for years now to accept some future event involving aliens...which I believe will be a deception....maybe using the same satellite technology. Here is the link to a blurb I wrote about this subject. I mentioned a couple tactics concerns the prankster crop circle makers.

    It might seem that I am jumping around from subject to subject (and I guess I am :>) ....however, the reason that I come up with some of the seemingly weird or different ideas that I because I am so eclectic in my interests. It's like I am interested in many things but an expert in none. This personality quirk seems to allow me to see a bigger least what I think may be the bigger picture. I don't claim to have all the correct ideas and I really do thank you for saying that it isn't necessary to be correct with all the details.You have a very kind way about you. I don't think that any of us could ever have all the details exact but maybe its the general idea that's important....or again...the tactics are what we need to learn.

    That is a very interesting point you made about humans influencing the natural melting cycle. That gives me something else to think about. You mentioned a sonic blast....could you elaborate a bit more on the comparison you were making with particle wave painted circles. Are you saying there is such a thing as particle wave crop circles. Are the particle waves you speak of from directed energy weapons? I don't think I totally understand what you are saying. You have an artistic way of expressing yourself and I think sometimes I don't get it all :->

    1. Thanks for replying and for your range of articles.

      You are certainly correct that the existence of artificial satellites simulates aliens, phenomena from above that governments don’t have to explain. There is a lot of online discussion about this, but I think your take feels pretty close to the Truth.

      With my “flower petals and brush strokes” description of crop circles, I was just trying to visualize your “construction from satellites” idea. Trying to picture what the action of knocking-down grain would result in: all pulled one way like a vacuum cleaner? Smashed down like a footprint? Each detail having its own direction like a brushstroke?

      ‘Whomever’ has done a great job muddying the waters on this, and I think I’m screwed trying to pursue that direction, too many possible fake photographs. Your satellite-explanation might be enough, after all, it is very easy to imagine a satellite (that is in perfect orbit around the Earth) projecting an image on the ground. The action part (of actually breaking the grain) is probably a process, anyway, and not a single “action”.

      We all get different aspects of this wild worldly story, each of us taking away our own stimulation, satisfaction. From your (impressively wide) vantage point, I don’t think those particulars matter. I don’t think they matter to the story, either, really. I am just looking behind the curtain for the secret!

      The secret for me is fascination with their obvious exploitation of the “wave” or aura of this Earth. “Particle beam” and “High energy weapons” are names only, but there is something there that is being exploited. I will use the word “particle beam” without knowing what it is. I do believe there is something worthy of the name.

      There are many online articles acknowledging Tesla as THE electrical genius which is in stark contrast to his “crackpot” reputation. This, of course, folds into the conspiratorial mind as “suppression of the Truth”. Tesla proposed making something he called a particle beam. Tesla has over 200 patents (depending how you count), Einstein has zero (yet is somehow the “genius of the Century”). I like Einstein, I am just intrigued by the mainstream focus away from Tesla.

      Thanks again.

  8. Concerned citizenMarch 1, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    Governments are definitely exploiting the earth's atmospheric skin. It's difficult to know what operation is for what goal. I just received this link to a video uploaded by the Alex Jones channel. I find the timing and the subject very interesting.The story is saying that chemtrails may be for warming and melting the arctic ice so that the resources there can be accessed. It seems that many times when I come up with a new angle on something ,that may be threatening to certain people, that it is soon addressed by the supposedly legitimate alternative media. However, the angle always changes a bit. Sometimes I wonder if it is damage control.I know that Rumormill News, where I post, is monitored for this purpose.

    I suppose chemtrails could be being used to intentionally melt the icecaps but it seems that such an extensive global operation would not be needed to only affect the arctic areas. It also seems that it would be more expensive to fuel this global operation than the money or resources they would get back from it.It makes more sense to me that a directed energy weapon would be more efficient...but I'm not a who knows

    1. Ha! You never know the extent of your influence (Like "It's a Wonderful Life"!). You are a smooth and calm writer---I am a fan. Your short-but-heavy observations hold ground.

      It will be a little while before you see the chart comparing aerosol (chemtrails), to directed energy weapons to nuclear effect on weather!

      Of course you suspect/know that "science" is a very corrupt, exclusive cabal in its own right. Basically, phenomena is presented as discrete particles interacting. They have to do this to model it in a computer. Steven Hawking calls it "Model-Dependant Realism".

      I am an evolutionist-scientist type, so we are sure to point down different roads from time-to-time. I must say that Quantum "science" might be describing a fictional universe; black holes, big bang, dark matter solve equations but may not exist....

      Anyway, thanks for replying and I may start laying down comments on your other (really good-I mean it) articles.

  9. Conspiracy AnalystMarch 2, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    None of us really know how we got here. I like to think of things from a spiritual point of view but for me that doesn't exclude evolution. Evolution may or may not explain material "life" as we know it. To me,our material origins don't matter as much as who we really are spiritually...our souls...or essence. I think of matter as matter and spirit as spirit....but that's just my perception.This trend towards transhumanism (Is Stephen Hawking into that?)is supposedly fueled by those who wish to become be all-knowing...more spiritual..etc.? In my opinion...more and more material technology can never make us more wise or "spiritual".

    Just in case any readers are interested, I have 3 other blogs that I have fun with and also use to try and inform others. They are The Lyme Disease Sentinel Blog Food Freedom Revolution and Soothe and Heal Blog

  10. And how do all these pundits explain the warming of Venus and Mars reported by NASA?
    Clearly the increased energy from Sol (our sun) is the major cause.


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