Thursday, August 18, 2011


This article is a discussion of a documentary shown on The Discovery Channel's Curiosity Show.The title is "Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?The main thrust of this presentation was to pose the question as to whether or not an alien attack on earth was probable and if so.... how would the people of earth react.  I felt that this show was not created to enlighten and inform but to frighten and condition the public to the IDEA that an alien attack is practically imminent. Why would they do this you may want to know. In the video below is a clue given by Ronald Reagan while speaking to The United Nations. Many people feel that a totalitarian world government is the final goal.While reading the rest of this article, keep in mind that we do have star wars technology in space which we rarely hear anything about. Could this technology be used at some point to orchestrate a fake alien threat or attack....the very type of warfare the documentary identifies with alien technology? As with 9-11 and the war on terrorism.... a false alien threat or attack may serve to introduce martial law and or other steps toward total control...another war without end. Is this why we are inundated with alien movies, shows about aliens, reports of UFOs, crop circle Keep your eyes open for more alien conditioning.

 First they divided the show into several subtitles or chapters which were... Possibility, Arrival and Turning Point.
Under Possibility they drove home the idea that aliens living on another planet isn't crazy at all. The show tells us that there is 100% probability of aliens somewhere in our galaxy (how can you ever determine something like that as 100%?) They tell us it is the height of arrogance to think that we are the only game in town. Then the show states that some say we have found life already. My feelings on this are there very well may be some form of life on other planets but the point is....the way we are being presented with all of this information. If we are familiar with tactics of persuasion and propaganda and if we step back a bit and look at the whole picture, then maybe we will see that there are too many things going on. We are being bombarded with many different types of disasters and anomalies...all of which have the potential to be man made. We have the technology to steer and maybe even create storms. The History Channel even depicted how we can create earthquakes and subsequent tidal waves. Terrorism is often orchestrated by those in control who are pointing their fingers at small time foreign alleged terrorists. Then we also have the economy crashing all at the same time.Would a fake alien invasion or alleged war ....that maybe we can't even see first hand.....also play into the culmination of terror and eventual world takeover?
The next statement from the show set my eyes to rolling. "If there is an encounter, what would happen? That's when we have a heart attack.....that's when we scientists pee in our pants!"
Next under  ARRIVAL the question is presented...."Once we're faced with the reality that an ET presence has landed on earth, then the question would be why? Would it be for our resources or to find another inhabitable planet if theirs craps out?" The show claims that the real danger is not the hunter...sent specifically to kill....but the developer. "We may get in the aliens way."

We are told by certain "experts"  that their weapons would be much more sophisticated than ours. (Does the public really know the sophistication of the weapons we already have developed but are currently labeled as top secret?). They go on to say that the aliens would probably not attack specific nations but that the attack would be a global affair. (That would fit into the globalist's plan for total globalization and tyranny.) It appears that this plan has been in the works for quite a while. Reagan and Gorbachev seemed to think that an alien invasion would create an opportunity for globalization. Scaring us all to death supposedly would unite us all in love and cooperation.However, evil and deception can never bring about true "good" The Bible tells us.....a good tree brings forth good fruit but an evil tree brings forth evil fruit. "By their fruits ye shall know them." Many New Age believers are being sucked in by this whole good alien/ bad alien orchestrated scenario.

Look at the crop circles. Small time hoaxers could never make these elaborate designs. New Age followers are led to believe these crop circles are being made by aliens or through some sort of metaphysical methods of quantum physics. I think it is much more likely that these circles are being created by our own particle beam weapons (microwave energy beams) that we have orbiting the earth. These same weapons may have multiple uses in a planned fake alien attack. This alien documentary talks about the weapons of the aliens and how they would be much more sophisticated than our current weapons. However....the disasters that the show speaks of which they say would be caused by the aliens are already possible and have already been carried out to some degree by our man made starwars weapons. I think that we are possibly being diverted with so much emphasis on HAARP and local radar weather stations as the cause of our erratic weather. After all if Jesse Ventura can talk about HAARP on Tru TV then it is most likely a diversion from the real culprits out in space.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. The show goes on to say that the aliens would use electromagnetic pulses that would subject the earth to a huge blast of energy to short circuit us, which would send us back 150 years into the past. Cell towers, short wave, electricity, etc would all be interrupted....a kinetic energy strike....hitting us hard and fast.It was said that this energy strike would make huge walls of water to crash in on all of the coastlines and would hit 2 billion people within the first day. We're told that if we live on the coastlines or in the cities...we are already dead. If you live inland you will be totally cut off. (Just a note here...... If caused by the govt....I tend to think that blasting out our communications and power would only be temporary or localized. The main method of control over us is the media and much work has gone into the establishment of this all pervasive communications and surveillance network.) The show goes on to say...

The government will be in charge under martial law.

Most vehicles will be unable to get around BUT military vehicles, from underground facilities, will still be able to run. If the aliens are going to eliminate us completely, they still have alot of work to do."Would they stay in orbit or come down and get their hands dirty"? In the meantime The Discovery Channel is flashing chaotic scenes....military vehicles, shooting, bombs, and fire. Then the question is asked.....what will the aliens look like? Conveniently we are told that they would probably look much like us....much more like us than we could ever imagine! We're told that hopefully the alien personality is not like ours...because humans are so warlike.

The next question asked is would you hide or fight back? The scenes flash by of refugee camps and people running and screaming. We are told that we would probably band together but what could we do? They would be more technologically advanced than us. The solution given was Asymetric Warfare.....not necessarily being able to totally annihilate the aliens but to fend them off for long enough so that we are no longer worth their effort. This could take quite a while. I found that scenario to be in keeping with the Elite's Orwellian doublespeak of War is Peace and a tried and true method of perpetuating continued war and thus continued control over the people through martial law or whatever other schemes they have in mind.

Interestingly, it was emphasized that biological warfare would be the attack of choice...once they disrupted our global electrical connections. One of the speakers on the show said that "If I was an ET, I would release biologicals in a surreptitious manner. The ETs would have to know something about our biology. You want the virus to become more pathogenic like Ebola." Then we see a scene where a man's eyes burst with blood shooting all over. Mind control techniques were used throughout the movie. Shock was one of these techniques...and using theories and placing these theories in the show to appear as or to be absorbed by our facts. Then the rest of the information given was based on these ideas which were promoted slyly as facts. The purpose appears to condition us to a current manufactured reality of Alien existence for their own nefarious goals.

The next comment was that" WHEN (notice how they use the word "when" instead of IF) aliens come to kill us, our weapons will be our own bodies.Now that they have the perfect bioweapon, how will they introduce it?" Notice how they made it sound as if the aliens really did already have the perfect bioweapon. The way things are said have a tremendous impact on our subconscious and those who study social manipulation know this very well.

The show mentions that birds would make the perfect carrier of this biological agent. "Quarantines wouldn't help because birds are everywhere. Modern medicine can't take care of any virus that comes along and what's to stop them from creating a second or 3rd virus? Time for us to think of a different strategy. Our only hope might be to attack the mothership. What type of weapon do we launch? The Hydrogen bomb is our most powerful however, that would pulverize everything in sight. We've been told what aliens can do to us but what could we do to them? If our missiles do reach the hull of an alien spacecraft, it would cause depressurization of the craft and maybe we wouldn't win but we could keep them at bay."

Then we come to The Turning Point. "We would unite people if we formed a defense. It could be a long battle. (Sound like the war on terrorism?) The narrator says....One of the values of a program like this is that it draws attention to our vulnerabilities. Threats can come in different shapes and forms. If an alien attack happens we would sure wish that we had prepared for it."

Concerning crop circles and weather warfare....I feel we are being diverted from thinking too much about weapons in space....because if we do focus on these human made weapons in space then we may realize that these weapons may very well be creating the crop circles (to prepare people to accept their fake alien agenda) and may be creating much of our disastrous weather, earthquakes, ...etc. I'm sure that these weapons would also have the capability to disrupt communications and electrical power that they speak of on this Discovery Channel Show.
I don't believe that all of this is leading towards some sort of honest disclosure of the existence of real aliens. I think we have been deceived for years with a gradual working towards a false alien agenda. A couple of the field tests may have been Orson Well's War of The Worlds broadcast that terrorized millions and then we have The Heaven's Gate UFO cult where the members committed suicide while waiting for the UFOs to come and pick them up. Were these orchestrated operations to test our gullibility for a future mass orchestrated event involving UFOs?
The world is a scary place sometimes and I think that many people are searching for meaning, for direction....for something secure and safe that is outside themselves. Gurus fit this bill....for some aliens or ascended masters are what makes people feel safer and more secure.....thinking that someone else out there has more connection or understanding about the Creator and life itself. I think that government and cult leaders play on this human tendency and use it for their own nefarious goals. Perhaps the world is a scary place for them too and more control over others and over their lives... may be their pacifier. None of us know for sure what the real meaning of Life is but my take on it is that we are ALL directly connected to the Creator or God. If there are follows that they also would be created by The Creator. I don't see this as meaning that we are God but that we are perhaps here to express God's good qualities. I feel that's our tune in and to open ourselves up to the Creator's wavelength or channel. I think that in order to experience harmony we need to surrender ourselves to the GOOD will of the Creator or supreme intelligence of the universe. I see some of the New Age leaders claiming they are the hierarchy and that they are gods and therefore have the authority and wisdom to kill off a certain segment of the population and or the wisdom to rule others in some global utopia. I see this as the controlled opposition which may be run by the very global elite that many New agers claim to oppose. The whole transhumanism movement is being pushed forward under the idea that we can become gods through technology. But I'm afraid that the reality is that the controllers will remain human while they technologically turn the masses into transhumanistic robotic slaves. More technology and materialism can never make us more spiritual. Matter is matter and in reality spirit cannot be affected by matter.
So...what's the answer......who are we to believe? In my experience I am learning to take the Bible's advice and not to place our trust in man or even in matter....or in aliens but to seek God directly....not a person...but the spiritual creator of the universe....and to do this with absolute sincerity. Then I believe you will be guided and will know what you need to know when you need to know it. "Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God and ALL the rest shall be added unto you."

Saturday, August 6, 2011


More and more people are being locked away in psychiatric wards due to UNDIAGNOSED or IGNORED Lyme disease and coinfections.  I know personally of two patients who had a known past history of Lyme disease yet in the institutions they were taken to ...when experiencing psychotic episodes... they were refused antibiotics and or treatment for coinfections. Even though the young men were dangerous at this point the parents had to remove them from from these institutions (one of which was a psychiatric ward at Yale Hospital) in order to have access to antibiotics and or specific medicine for babesia or bartonella, which are very common tickborne infections.Instead of treating the causes of these psychiatric symptoms, people are only being offered symptomatic psychoactive drugs. This allows the main cause to go untreated and to more deeply embed itself into the human system.

Many many people with severe chronic illness are being told they are depressed and simply handed a prescription for antianxiety drugs or Prozac. This is a very scary scenerio. We must make this information widely distributed.

For a most excellent article on when to suspect Lyme disease please see the following link. It is an older article but is the best one I have ever read. Dr. Bleiweiss is no longer with us. Suposedly he committed suicide by shooting himself in his driveway....but some people question this version of his death. From what I understand Dr. Bleiweiss had been distributing information that perhaps some people did not want him distributing. Lyme disease is hugely political and a growing number of people feel it it is actually PHASE 2 of the CDC Tuskeegee Experiment where black men were told they had bad blood instead of the syphilis they really had. During the study they were refused antibiotic treatment, while passing  on the pathogen to others and then  died horrible deaths.The Lyme spirochete is a very close cousin to syphilis and appears to act in similar ways in the body. If you know of anyone with chronic illness you need to read this article by Dr. Bleiweiss.

The following is a recent article from Rodale Press

Off-the-Charts Anxiety: Is a Tick Bite Making You Nuts?

Tick-borne infections aren't just causing sore joints and swollen knees. Some cause psychiatric symptoms that often go untreated, some experts say.

By Leah Zerbe
RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—Finding an engorged, blood-sucking tick attached to your skin can cause anxiety in and of itself. After all, Lyme disease, an infection that causes multi-systemic, waxing-and-waning symptoms, and a disease that isn't always detected or effectively treated early on, is on the rise. But researchers are starting to realize that, although getting bitten may be stressful, tick-borne infections could actually trigger panic attacks and other psychiatric disorders in some people.

THE DETAILS: "After treating thousands of patients with tick-borne disease in the past 20 years, it appears psychiatric symptoms are more commonly seen when there is a co-infection," explains psychiatrist Robert Bransfield, MD, president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and vice president of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association. Co-infections (when a tick passes along more than one disease) most often involve Lyme, babesiosis, a malaria-like infection that can cause fever, night sweats, and anemia; and bartonella (cat scratch fever), a bacterial infection that causes fever, headache, and raised skin rashes. Co-infections are most often culprits in tick-related panic attacks and anxiety, and these multiple infections from tick bites are quite common, occurring in an estimated 30 percent of cases.
Dr. Bransfield, who is also associate director of psychiatry at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey (a state with a high prevalence of Lyme disease), points out that 240 peer-reviewed scientific articles demonstrate an association between Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and mental illness. For instance, a small study published in The Clinical Journal of Pain in 2005 found that patients experiencing panic attacks also suffered other symptoms not typical of standard panic attacks—extreme sensitivity to light, touch, and sounds, joint pain, mental fogginess, and migrating pain, all of which can be symptoms of Lyme disease—and those people tested positive for Lyme and babesiosis, which, like Lyme, is on the rise in the U.S. Once treated with antibiotics for both diseases, the patients no longer experienced panic attacks. READ MORE......

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think it's a good idea for people to begin documenting the "special effects" present in the sky before many storms which may not be of totally natural origin.Today is August 3rd, 2011. The storm we experienced and these pictures took place 2 days ago on August 1st. Although the sky was very strange in our area of CT, we did not have a severe storm in our town. Nearby areas however, did experience severe storms. We only had moderate rain. A few weeks ago we did have a severe storm and we lost power for 3 days. Much of the state of CT was affected  and this was soon after a very unusual tornado devastated parts of Springfield , Mass, fairly near us. More on the last storm and it's strange effects in the sky... here Of course the pictures presented here can never do justice to the totally bizarre other worldly appearance of our skies before AND after this local storm. It is believed that scalar space based weapons and or HAARP are being used to covertly manipulate the world's weather. Research particle beam weapons, space based weapons, scalar weather weapons, tectonic weapons, chemtrails, scalar signatures. The strange effects seen in the photos below may be caused by some form of electromagnetic frequencies causing the very odd patterns in the clouds

After the storm passed by and the sun began to set, this is what the sky looked like. If you will notice in the picture directly below there is a bright spot to the immediate left of the dark center. It is elongated with a pink outline. Look for this bright spot in the other photos below. The camera is facing south and the sun is setting in the west. Perhaps the bright spot is from the sun's rays hitting the clouds in that spot or could the strange cloud patterns and the bright spot be due to scalar magnetic interference?

Notice the smeariness and the odd patterns. It was a very eerie scene. The whole atmosphere had a  yellow glow.
See the oval bright spot again with the pink outer ring. It's almost as if it's a focused beam of light but as I said before it could just be the rays of the sun reflecting on the clouds
 Before we began having such a rash of severe storms, I remember thunderstorms coming through with more of an old fashioned appearance. One would observe dark thunderclouds moving in. That was it....dark thunderclouds. Now it seems that these unusual skies precede the dark thunderclouds and may also appear afterwards. Just keep your eyes open and try to document.