Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 The flooding in Texas and Oklahoma appears to be a continuation of possible retribution against these states and other states which are opposing Agenda 21. When Oklahoma and other states were experiencing rapid fire repeated tornadoes, I looked up each state in relation to Agenda 21and found that each of these states was either opposing or withdrawing from Agenda 21. You can conduct a search yourself and you will find the information readily at hand. Many citizens have not heard of Agenda 21 but more may have heard of ICLEI....the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. On the surface ICLEI can appear like a very positive organization to save the environment but fundamentally it is a well organized global land grab. Some methods used to take private land away from the people are: encouraging people to leave land in their wills to local towns. I think it may be good to have a small to moderate amount of public land because I do care about the environment but there is no reason why responsible private land ownership cannot be promoted instead of pushing towards the elimination of private land ownership. Another method of confiscating land is using the old "save the rare turtle excuse". Creating wildfires and other natural disasters over and over again in specific areas can also drive people off the land. Creating high insurance and tax rates in certain areas also will eventually force people off their land.

Our more recent weather disasters have all been blamed on "global warming"....but what many people are not aware of is that technology does exist to control much of the weather. Gorbachev was quoted as saying that the environment will be the cornerstone of The New World Order. See  Some might take this as a positive statement meaning that a better world will be created by focusing on the environment in an honest and sincerely helpful way. However, many are realizing that those who are pushing for World Government are being anything but kind to the environment by possibly engaging in weather warfare , intentionally melting the ice caps...etc...all for monetary gain and control over the world. Ideas being promoted are "for the good of the whole"  or "the end justifies the means" which I believe sucks well meaning concerned people into this paradigm of "it is proper and even necessary to kill people and to trash the environment for a while if the goal in the end is to save the "whole". This idea hit home for me when I read a quote by Barbara Marx Hubbard
"Out of the full spectrum of human personality... one-fourth is destructive... They are defective seeds... In the past they were permitted to die a 'natural death.' the elders the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body . Fortunately, you... are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for Death... We come to bring death... The riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. Grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the most painful period in the history of humanity."  The Book of Co-Creation: The Revelation Alternative to Armageddon, Part III Manuscript The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millenium.

I don't think that the "end justifies the means". A very wise saying to contemplate is " An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit."

The recent weather system that is flooding Texas and parts of Oklahoma was named (not sure by whom) "Government" because supposedly government is slow and apparently this storm system is slow moving
We know from past experience that storms are often named to give a hint as to their source. Hurricane Sandy was named  a hybrid storm and as Frankenstein. Both of these terms refer to something that is man-made.

Below is a video which also shares the idea that this storm system hitting Texas is man made using scalar technology. Is it too late to stop weather warfare? I don't know but knowledge is power and knowledge is the first step. We are kept in the dark for a good shining a light on this issue can only help in the long run. Here is the first post I made concerning this issue

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Chemtrails Cause Drought and Floods

All of us would probably agree that the earth is experiencing record breaking weather disasters. The news and weather reports tell us about this upheaval constantly  and we observe the destruction. The reason we are given for these weather disasters is global warming. No other possible cause is ever mentioned...that I am aware of. I might believe the theory that global warming is causing floods, freezing weather, hurricanes, drought, tornadoes and even volcanic eruptions if the ability that governments/corporations have to manipulate the weather was reported in the media. No mention is ever made of our many weather modification companies trying to abort or steer a storm. No information in our country wide media is ever made concerning these companies' abilities to create rain, to collect moisture in the atmosphere to form clouds and then to seed these clouds. It seems probable that there are two or more grades or levels of weather modification.

One level may consist of local weather modification companies around the world such as this one...which probably uses cloud seeding as their main way of causing it to rain. . Then there appears to be a more covert global and  military faction that uses state of the art technology consisting of HAARP and satellite 
equipment to steer the jet stream, cause earthquakes and volcanoes, and spray our skies with chemicals that absorb moisture to form clouds, which has the potential to take the moisture away from certain areas and dump it in other areas.

I often suspected that chemtrails (persistent cloud forming contrails) were somehow affecting the weather. However, I could never pin down the exact mechanism of how the massive amounts of particulate matter sprayed into our skies could change the weather. The articles from NASA, may at least partially explain events such as the drought in California. Granted droughts happen naturally from time to time but we are experiencing relentless weather disasters which come in an unnatural rapid fire manner...along with other instigated social "events" and unrest. This concentrated turmoil strongly hints of a concentrated effort to destabilize the industrialized nations and to gain the resources of the more underdeveloped nations....for the purpose of forming world government.

I found it very interesting that volcanoes may cause the earth to cool but that they also can cause drought. Heavy amounts of particulates in the atmosphere partially block the sun's warming rays which helps to evaporate the water up into the atmosphere which eventually forms clouds. I highly doubt the global warming theory ...and it is only a theory...but it could be possible. However, I tend to think that our melting ice caps and bizarre weather are due more to INTENTIONAL human intervention.

A pattern has developed concerning the persistent contrails formed by high flying jets. Before 1998 I vividly recall two weeks and sometimes more of every day with deep clear blue skies with no clouds in sight. I remember the weather channels showing us their cloud, sun, and rain graphics and how they reflected two weeks of clear blue skies and sun. Approximately around 1998 something changed drastically. Now we MAY have two days in a row.... at the most ....without clouds or haze made from jets. Often it is one day of clear skies after a front comes through and then the skies are clouded up or hazed over with a silvery bluish white tinge. Sometimes you can observe this thick white "air" or haze down at street level our breathing space. Often when driving on the highway it is difficult to see mountains in the distance that are usually clearly present. The average  citizen would just assume that this was smog or humidity. I have noticed that humidity has a much more translucent look to it...after all it's water vapor. The white air caused by the persistent
dripping contrails is more white and opaque. The atmosphere seems extremely dingy and "other worldly" on these days.

Think Tanks and governments have expressed a definite interest in being able to modify the weather. Evidence, science, and even the History and Discovery Channel episodes have stated that technology exists to geoengineer our planet in many different ways, one of them being weather modification. Russia even bragged that they could create nice weather for important events. If this is really true then why are we not hearing about the ability to steer storms and seed clouds to cause rain, steer the jet stream...etc? Why isn't the media reporting that the weather modifcation companies are trying very hard to create rain in California? Is this because drought is being intentionally caused through filtering the sun's ability to evaporate rain to form clouds? Is it because certain corporations want to own the food and water supply? We need answers. Let's try to ask the right questions.

The two articles below speak about the ability of particulates in the atmosphere to cause drought. I don't think there is just one mechanism or purpose for chemtrails. It appears they may have multiple uses.I don't know if the author of the first article really believes in global warming but he is writing as if he does.

Geoengineering: Why or Why Not?
By: Jim Hodges
History tells of volcanoes that have cooled the earth, of gradual global warming over the past 100 years interrupted by eruptions at Katmai, Alaska, in 1912 and Pinatubo, Phillipines, in 1991 that sent effluence aloft that nearly blocked out the sun.
Image to right: Rutgers professor Alan Robock says that geoengineering should be studied and that he is undecided as to whether its benefits could outweigh its consequences. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith.
Why not inject aerosols into the stratosphere to repeat the effect, slowing the inexorable warming that is melting away the ice at Earth's poles, among other effects on nature?
It's called geoengineering, and Alan Robock spoke Friday before an overflow crowd at the Science Directorate of the potential benefits and consequences of doing just that.

"Freshwater precipitation goes down after a big volcanic eruption," said Robock, a professor of climatology at Rutgers and a member of the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore.

Simply put, an absent or highly filtered sun inhibits evaporation that forms clouds that bring rain.

Robock's lecture was part of Langley's "Green Series," and he called it: "The Science and Politics of Geoengineering? Smoke and Mirrors."  Read more here

Here is an excerpt from another article that talks about how large amounts of particulates in the this case from volcanoes..... can cause both floods and droughts depending on different factors that emerge...whether these factors emerge naturally or intentionally.

Yim said that when volcanoes erupt, gas and ash form a column that streams into the air above the volcano. In the most explosive eruptions, the column may rise more than 50 kilometres, penetrating the stratosphere. Its aerosols are then carried elsewhere by the jet stream.
The Kelud eruption formed a column 26 kilometres high, and that of Sinabung a column 12 kilometres high. Both entered the stratosphere and changed the normal circulation pattern.
In 1963, when Indonesia’s Mount Agung erupted mightily, southern China had one of its worst droughts on record. In Hong Kong, water rationing became necessary and water supplies were available for only four hours every four days. The eruption of  Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 was followed by a period of significantly lower rainfall. The year was also Hong Kong’s 11th driest.
In both cases, the eruptions’ rising thermal plumes caused the surrounding cooler air to be drawn in. Because of Hong Kong’s coastal location at the margin of the world’s largest continental land mass, the change from the normal wind direction to predominantly offshore winds was conducive to drought, Yim said.
Depending on an eruption’s explosivity, location and timing, it can also cause flooding, he said. In 1982, when Mexico’s El Chichon erupted, spreading its volcanic cloud to the South China Sea, Hong Kong recorded its second wettest year.
In Malaysia, authorities in Selangor – its most populous province – have started water rationing after  river and reservoir levels reached critical lows. In Singapore, rain fell on just seven days last month, typically the driest month of the year, leaving the lush city-state  parched and prompting officials to warn residents to conserve water. The environment agency expects the dry weather to last until mid-March.
“Volcanoes don’t erupt a lot, but when they do, they make a huge impact on the climate. Yet not a lot of scientists are studying this,” Yim said.
Meteorologists look at things like air flow, so there’s a gross underestimation of the importance of water vapour during volcanic eruptions.
“It is like a detective story. And we, earth scientists, are the detectives.”
Also check out the sidebar of this blog for the article about the possible Intentional Melting of the Ice caps.