Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 The latest biggest mainstream news story is reporting what many of us already knew.....that our phone conversations and emails are being monitored by the government. The excuse as to why they are doing this of course... is to combat "terrorism". WHY is the mainstream news letting out the fact that they are monitoring the people?? We know that the media has become totally controlled by those who are pushing the global agenda of world government and total control.What should this be telling us? We need to be suspicious!

These global loan sharks would not be "telling" on themselves if there was not a nefarious motive behind it. Could this announcement of total surveillance be to see how the citizens react? Is it a test to see what they can get away with? Is it to produce fear? Maybe they are letting out this information because  phone and email tapping  is only the most insignificant of the surveillance technology that is now available. Due to the global positioning system most of us are trailed wherever we go. We play into this scheme by purchasing all of the latest and coolest gadgets that are hooked up to this global positioning system. What about our TVs? How many of you have read 1984 by George Orwell where each person was equipped with a large TV screen on their wall so they could be monitored through it? How many of us now have large TV screens on our walls? How many scenarios in 1984 are coming true?  Here is a pretty good summary of the types of surveillance currently available. I am sure there is even more invasive technology that is kept secret.

Another possibility as to why the mass media is admitting to illegal surveillance of citizens is to take attention away from the larger evil of ongoing weather warfare. The incidence of disastrous weather is ramping up in conjunction with other serious "events (such as school shootings) for the purpose of taking away our constitutional  rights and instituting global government. When people doubt that the global loan sharks (some of which are in our government) could ever institute global government...they need to look at the whole picture....the slew of chaos being presented before us on the biggest brain washing machine ever...the TV. A small portion of the news we watch is real, some of the events on the news are orchestrated terror, some of it is totally made up. Most of it is lies, exaggerations.propaganda and fear mongering. The more a person understands about the media...the more difficult it is to watch....without becoming seriously frustrated.

There is a tendency in the media to have us focus on "our" government as the culprit in taking our rights away. It is true that nefarious factions have infiltrated our government and influenced it's policies. But we must begin to see that it is not George Bush or Obama whose deeds we need to understand or focus on but that the need is to broaden our view to see who and what is pulling the strings of our presidents. I remember years ago people would say that the British Royal family were just figureheads of the real government behind the scenes....but most of us never thought that about our country. Our ancestors were always very leery of "credit" because they knew where credit would debt, loss of property, freedom and self respect. Credit and Debt is one of the biggest things enslaving us.

Is it possible in our modern society to avoid new technology with all the surveillance built in? I think it is impossible to expect to control surveillance when we clamor for more techy gadgets to play with and more surveillance cameras to protect us. The future should be very say the least!

If any "Joe' can monitor your phone.....what technology must the government have???

Monday, June 3, 2013


The other day the headlines in the mainstream news, concerning the Oklahoma Tornadoes, blasted forth the following announcement...... TARGETED OKLAHOMA!

 The public can take that statement two ways. A person could assume it means that mother nature or "Global Warming" is...for some reason targeting Oklahoma. Or......if one is a bit more familiar with the United Nation's Agenda 21 and the military's weather warfare capabilities, you might suspect that these outrageous storms, which Oklahoma and other states nearby are experiencing, have been intentionally orchestrated. Of course many people when confronted with this later possibility want to know.......why on earth would any enemy (foreign or domestic) want to disable our country or specific states through weather warfare? This is a good question and needs to be asked. Most citizens are not even aware that weather manipulation technology exists. Well...unfortunately this technology has existed for some time now and is getting more sophisticated. It's time the public learns more about it!

In 1976 The United Nations was involved with having nations sign a Weather Weapons Treaty. You can find out more about it here   It seems doubtful that this Treaty was ever made official.... especially when one looks at the total picture of destructive one of a kind storms bombarding our nation. It's not only tornadoes but blizzards, drought, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and tidal waves. The military industrial complexes  of some countries (including the United States and Russia) do currently have the technology to wage weather warfare and to create earthquakes and tidal waves. There is a newspaper article from the Asheville Times from 1989 entitled "Can The Soviets Wage Weather War?" By Jack Anderson that talks about this capability. People need to read it! It is contained in the following article. It also speaks of the Russians wanting to melt their polar ice caps to gain access to the many natural resources under the ice.... which includes oil and marine life. The melting of polar ice also opens up very important trade routes!

Before I get to my main point concerning Oklahoma,Kansas, Missouri and the recent monster tornadoes...allow me to quickly brief you on the United Nations Operation of Agenda 21 which may have direct bearing on our wildfires, tornadoes and other "one of a kind" storms that have been battering our nation for a number of years now and they are increasing in number and intensity. Here is a quote from Maurice Strong 

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?

Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"

---Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environmental Program - Opening speech, Rio Earth Summit, 1992
 Gorbachev also states that the environment is the cornerstone of the New World Order. Read about his plans for the world here 

Here is  one of the first videos I came across that will give you some idea of what Agenda 21 is all about. There is much out there on Agenda 21 and a google search should be very fruitful and educational on this subject. You may even be able to see how it is being put into effect in your community under the guise of saving open spaces. I am torn on this particular aspect of the subject because in Connecticut we are experiencing more and more suburban sprawl...however, we must fully understand the immensity of this Agenda 21 plan before we take too many steps in the wrong direction. If those who are promoting Agenda 21 are really causing our more recent one of a kind violent storms, wildfires, etc..... then it seems doubtful that they really do care about the environment

Now, back to the subject of Oklahoma and it's unrelenting tornadoes.......
When wondering why Oklahoma was being "targeted" as the main stream news declared (they sometimes like to throw double meanings into their news headlines....such as Hurricane Sandy being officially declared as a "hybrid frankenstorm" other words...manmade) I thought of looking up Oklahoma together with the phrase Agenda 21 to see if anything significant came up. This is what I found and I believe it may be VERY significant!

We also have Kansas bucking up against the Agenda 21 goals. They are also experiencing the unrelenting unnatural tornadoes

We also find out that Missouri is in the same tornado path. What is their status with Agenda 21? 

I certainly didn't have to go very far to find information on this. It seems obvious to me as to what may really be happening here but people need to make up their own minds. You may also want to observe the predictive programming continually being spouted by the mainstream media. This conditioning includes warnings that our weather disasters will only get more frequent and more destructive. We have also been bombarded with warnings in the news and the popular media (movies) that a global pandemic is...."not a matter of IF but WHEN".It's like they are conditioning us to accept a global pandemic.... that may occur or may only be a natural event. After all...they predicted it...right? This morning I hear on the news that some dangerous virus is on the loose! Try and think about what future political goals could be accomplished by either a real or a fake pandemic.  Carefully watch the unfolding of this piece of news. At the same time while we are watching tornadoes, earthquakes, shootings, gun confiscation, supposed terrorist attacks,disintegration of the family, emerging society of surveillance and biometrics and pandemics, we need to step back and look at how everything is coalescing together at once to form the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a weakened and unprotected  society. If we become aware of the real causes of our recent disasters then we may have a chance. However, if we chose to ignore these warnings out of fear or disbelief then whatever happens....well...we will only have ourselves to blame.

Of course the deterioration of our environment is a crucial and valid issue but the money barons of the world USE and extend these valid issues towards their own selfish goals of profit and control. Because many of these issues are valid (women's rights, treating gay people with equality and respect, healing the environment, etc) many of us are fooled into supporting these con artists our own eventual detriment. These con artists  often cause the problem and then offer THEIR solution by getting the people to think that the goals of the con artist are the goals the people thought of on their own.

Notice the complete lack of information on the mainstream news concerning the reality of weather manipulation technology. Maybe they're afraid that if the public realizes  the reality of weather modification technology...we might ask the question as to why powerful storms are not being neutralized or steered away from vulnerable populated areas. Let's do our homework and find out what other states are resisting Agenda 21 and what their weather status has been. Maybe it's not money that these hard hit states need the most... but maybe it's our investigation and political support! Is the money being sent to these disaster areas being used to further power the corporate elite?