Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Propaganda Illusion of Perfect Countries

 Sing to the old "Kennel Ration" commercial

My country's better than yours country's better than yours, my country's better cause we aren't human, my country's better than yours.

I used to think that the United States was the only pure and innocent country in the world. It didn't occur to me that our government could be infiltrated by and/or partially composed of dishonest people. I must have thought there were border patrols surrounding the United States to keep out dishonest power hungry people. I felt sorry for all of the other countries who were only allowed to view and listen to deceptive propaganda. I thought our media was open and honest. However, over time, through personal experiences, learning the tactics of the dishonest manipulative people, and then observing events unfold, I have come to see that the United States is just as "human" and vulnerable to corruption as any other country. In order to restore our freedoms and save our country, we need to be able to discern the deception and methods of manipulation.

 Often wars are solely for gaining control of other countries and their resources. This can be accomplished in a covert manner through using propaganda.... by training the public to believe a war is for the purpose of either protecting the specific country going to war or that a country is helping another country to resist oppression. A very popular tactic used to convince people to go to war is to create a single false flag attack or many of them in planned succession. These planned events could be  contrived or fake terrorism, school shootings, orchestrated weather disasters, etc. Immediately after these events in the news you will see pre-planned movies, presidential speeches, and choreographed news clips. These pre-planned propaganda pieces (which are all ready to go) will always address the event with the solutions desired by the dishonest manipulative people who want more power and control.

Here are some of these "solutions" provided by the globalists in and outside of our government. The 9-11 solutions were increased surveillance, war without end because terrorists can reside anywhere, travel restrictions, breach of privacy (going through private belongings at recreational events), loss of constitutional rights, city lock-downs,  and increased police presence.

Solutions to school and other shootings are school lock-downs (used to be only in prisons), mandatory mental health screening which would result in more drugging,  tighter restrictions on a person's right to bear arms which will eventually lead to total confiscation, and the clamping down on free speech and the right to question the government. This is especially true with the Sandy Hook event. If any citizen even dare to suggest that Sandy Hook did not occur as the media presented it to us, well...then you are just the most horrible, uncaring person in the world and are to be scorned and even ostracized or imprisoned.

 George Bush uttered this famous quote after 9-11... "Either you are with us, or you are a terrorist!" This statement automatically labels anyone who dares to question the a terrorist and should set up an immediate red flag that psychological manipulation is being used.

Solutions to our weather disasters, which are strongly suspected to be deliberately orchestrated, are to institute global taxes and laws ..supposedly because these rapid fire weather disasters are caused by global warming/climate change. Gorbachev stated that the cornerstone (or fear inducing factor) of the New World Order is the environment. It is true that we need to respect and care better for our environment, however, this does not have to include giving up national sovereignty, which is the current plan. "They" want us to think that we cannot solve our problems as individual countries but that we have to become a monopoly in order to survive and thrive. Weren't we taught as kids that monopolies are dangerous? Much of this talk about Love and Oneness is not sincere on the part of the globalists who are manipulating the New Age beliefs. They want One World Government, and One World Religion. Seems like John Lennon was introducing this idea. Idealistically it all sounds good but in reality it will be an absolute totalitarian regime using technology beyond our wildest dreams to control us.

So, to sum this up, no, there are no perfect countries and every citizen of EVERY country needs to be vigilant and question question question. We mustn't accept anything as fact unless we have experienced it ourselves. Instead of letting the propaganda divide us, let's unite on the common front of exposing those who have to deceive us in order to gain and retain control. Many republicans and others will agree that we are losing our freedoms but they are not looking into the ways and methods being used to do this. The propaganda on Facebook from both democratic and republican parties is created by the globalists to go only part way with the truth. Because  both parties support the mainstream media versions of 9-11, war on terror, school shootings, etc......they are both complicit and NOT on the side of the people. They are leaving out the biggest piece of the puzzle. Those who own the media are controlling the events!

It is Not being a traitor or terrorist to question and to demand answers from those who are running the show. If you truly love your country and what it stands for you will want to protect it from the criminal cabal that is currently gaining further control of the world. The culprits are not just found in the United's the globalist bankers from every part of the world that are responsible for our recent terrorist events. They are using these events to create fear and final submission. The events are going to escalate until they either get what they want or they are totally exposed. Events will increase, not because some Muslims in caves are jealous but because it is part of the globalists' plan for psychological manipulation, gaining resources and forming world government.