Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm sure that many insurance companies are aware of modern weather/tectonic warfare capabilities.Because the survival of insurance corporations depend on there being as few disasters as possible why isn't the insurance industry speaking out? Prevention of disasters and sickness SHOULD be of prime concern to insurance companies.You would think that the insurance investigators hired by these companies would be able to discern that many of our so called recent natural disasters...are anything but natural. Do the oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc have more to do with modern energy wars? Are the oil industry, the IMF, insurance companies and other entities all connected somehow?

What I am about to suggest may be unpopular but it must be at least considered. It could very well be that the nuclear power plant in Japan is truly experiencing radiation meltdown problems.....however, it could also be that the problem has been orchestrated or exaggerated for the purpose of the oil industry gaining more power and control. We are hearing reports of radiation in the water...etc. If Japan's disaster was artificially created through tectonic warfare, then it would probably follow that those who perpetrated the act would not purposely try to contaminate an area of the world which they may want to eventually populate.

Information warfare is a very effective tool being used by governments and corporations. They plant information on both sides to confuse and deceive. I believe that's what is happening here. The constant news coverage...the blow by blow accounting of the supposed nuclear meltdown is extremely reminiscent of the Gulf Oil spill news coverage. They are both ongoing edge of your seat horror reports. One side tells of imminent disaster and the supposed  "other side" tells of possible coverup and minimizing of damage. When the public hears about govt, oil companies etc trying to cover up...then usually they will also believe whatever other information is put out by those who are claiming a coverup. Say one faction wants to gain more money, power and control through the oil industry......then maybe as a method of doing this they would try to destroy other forms of energy which competes with them. I am certainly not saying that I am for nuclear energy...I am just trying to determine what the global power struggles may entail.

We know that corporate governments want to own the food supply, the water supply and the energy supply. I believe the whole global warming "story" is also a part of the energy wars. I have a hunch that our melting polar icecaps may be due to specific energy weapons in space. It may not be an arguement as to whether or not the icecaps are melting but the arguement may be.....WHAT is melting the icecaps. See other articles on this subject in the sidebar of this blog.Politicians have spoken of the positive gain through the melting icecaps. They have told of increased access to oil in the northern seas and trade routes have also opened up. How convenient! See articles in sidebar which talk about a newspaper article from the 1980s which tells of Russia's proposed plans to melt the icecaps in their northern regions.

OK...back to the insurance companies for a moment. The same type of nonsensical actions on the part of insurance companies is also taking place in the realm of disease. Insurance companies are not supporting true prevention. As with weather disasters and weather warfare, the insurance companies seem to be ignoring and possibly even preventing the knowledge from coming out which would help us prevent  chronic illness and supposedly save them money. I have definitely seen this with Lyme disease. Instead of preventing long term complications of Lyme disease by diagnosing and treating it properly.....long enough and strong enough and by identifying all the co-infections....antibiotics and or other truly preventative natural treatments are denied. As a consequence patients who are left inadequately treated will go on from specialist to specialist who then prescribes an almost infinite number of treatments which only treat the symptoms. This allows the underlying cause of disease to go untreated and results in chronic illness. Patients who become well are no longer making money for the drug companies.

All of this says to me that the insurance companies must have vested interests in the drug companies and possibly with any other corporations that would SEEM to be in competition with them.

When we watch the news we must keep in mind that the perpetrators play both sides of the information we receive. One side will sound like it is spewing the mainstream baloney and the other side will sound like it is exposing the first side. However, both seeming sides may be from the same source. Research Information Warfare to learn more about how we are being deceived.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been noticing lately how fewer and fewer people are using cash....and even checks. Credit cards seem to be the most accepted way to currently purchase whatever we need. In our not too distant past, credit was almost considered shameful. Now we are being strongly encouraged to stay in debt. Money is becoming literally a virtual entity. Now when I try to buy my groceries with a check, the cashier tells me not to write anything on it, they pass it through the cash register and give it back to me. Checks and cash will soon be a thing of the past. People may think this will be convenient but every aspect of our financial lives will be on computors and can be turned off with the click of a mouse.

Someone sent me one of those emails this morning that are being passed around and that email reminded me of many concerns I have. BOOKS....they are headed for extinction. This may be good for our tree population and Kindles may be easier to hold, BUT we need to look past convenience and try to see how we are entrapping ourselves by accepting new technologies. Think what will happen when there are no more landlines for telephones, no more personal books to read, music will be all electronic and controlled. What about embedded frequencies and Our atmosphere is already a chaotic mix of who knows what!

If all newspapers are online and if all mail is sent through the computors....where is our privacy and where is our independence? We will be totally dependant on whatever is electronically fed to us.Even games are being played on computors instead of outside or around the dining room table.

In the future will we own anything or will it all be a virtual reality? This was once spoken of by futurists but I never expected it to become reality so fast.It's amazing how many people have the potential to be tracked and monitored through their cell phones which are connected to the global positioning system. Doesn't anyone think about this? My friend who worked for Verizon said that there were tracking chips in all of the cell phones. It's no big secret. People don't have to have cell phones and they don't HAVE to have microwaves (double boilers heat food just fine).I wonder if VERIzon is connected with VERIchip? We are being conditioned through fear to think that our infrastructure will crash. Actually this would be a good thing if it did. However, if the elite stay in control, they will have to do so by MAINTAINING this infrastructure of computors and electronics, TV, Cell phones, monitoring chips, etc.They may cause specific local disasters to create fear and chaos but I bet they will do all they can to keep most of us glued to TV, cell phones and computors. In order to do this, basic society has to remain intact

Before we buy these new high tech products and support this emerging system of control, we need to think about what the consequences will be. The PEOPLE perhaps need to form local groups in their towns to discuss some of the ramifications of emerging technologies. This is what a responsible citizenship should do....monitor and have some control and say over what will end up controlling them in the long run.We are all so fractionated and divided from each other. The small town cohesiveness is quickly melting away. Let's save it before its too late. It may be one of the keys to saving our humanity. One of the keys to maintaining our freedom is rejection of current technology. This is NOT a backwards or naive statement. Take the time to look around. Observe people with their cellphones. It's not normal!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our sky the other day started out blue and as you can see the two contrails or chemtrails above are beginning to spread out. An hour or so later the whole sky was whited out. Rain was supposed to come in the next day. I don't think that these "chemtrails" necessarily DIRECTLY cause inclement weather but I am leaning more now towards the idea that these long lasting and spreading jet emissions are for the purpose of integrating plasma weapons with HAARP for the purpose of creating earthquakes and weather disasters.

People who are aware of the abnormal military jet traffic that spews out contrails which spread to cover the sky, often notice that these whiteouts of the sky, which eventually cause thin or thick cloud cover, always are extra busy right before storms. I used to think that they were creating the storms with these clouds. However, Now I feel that while chemtrails are still connected to weather creation, that the emissions are more for the creation of a plasma screen in the atmosphere which aids HAARP in transmitting their Extra Low Frequencies for the purpose of weather and tectonic warfare. I think that the reason they spray more heavily before a storm is to keep the levels of chemicals (the plasma screen) at a stable rate. Often when storm clouds break up after the precipitation, you can see chemtrail clouds above the storm clouds. Rain and snow would wash any chemicals involved in this weaponry.....down to the ground where they would not be of use...hence the consistent spraying from jet airplanes. In the northeast section of the United States, we are allowed only 2 days....and at the most, 3 days of totally blue sky before we have chemtrail spraying. Even some of these seemingly blue sky days are contrailed with an apparently different mixture of chemicals which only haze the sky....turning it a silvery blue. This could possibly have to do with the humidity factor or it could be the mix of the emissions.....and or maybe even different HAARP signals. Most likely DIRECT weather modification has more to do with individual weather modification companies which use smaller planes to spray into already formed clouds.

Concerning plasma screens in the they have the same properties as plasma screen TVs? TV is beginning to show holograms. Could holograms on Plasma  TV screens use the same mechanism of projection as a plasma screen in the atmosphere? Does HAARP and a plasma screen in the atmosphere have more than one purpose? Are many of our UFO sightings really holograms?

I also wondered why on basically clear days they would still spray but only directly around the sun. Does the sun degrade the necessary chemicals? Just a thought.
The video below was posted on Rumormill News which is what caused me to think more deeply about this subject. I had always suspected that HAARP was involved with chemtrails or that chemtrails had something to do with military communications but the video below has made it a bit more clear.

I just want to make one more comment before you watch this important video. We must be careful as to what solutions are presented to us when the world is under fear chaos and stress. George Herbert Walker Bush had once said that we must fashion a New World Order and that it should or would come about through the United Nations. We know that the purpose of The United Nations is to create world government. It is implied in the very title of this organization. Of course it is desirable for Nations to be peaceful and cooperative and respectful of each other BUT what is happening is certainly not peaceful. We are being tricked into thinking that corporations and modern greed is trashing our world(which is true in one respect). However, we are also being brainwashed into thinking that it is mainly our individual greed which is causing the current chaos in the world. In other words the perpetrators are THE ONES who are blaming the vicitms and will end up taxing us,making sweeping global laws....probably through the U.N. ... which will benefit them and not the people or the world as a whole. We will be their slaves. The video below mentions the criminal cabal as including the Clintons and the Bushes.

OK....what I think might happen...and I predicted this several years ago (along with others) is that perhaps these crimes of weather/tectonic warfare will come to light. Most of the truth will be revealed BUT.....I am afraid that the solution given to a world that will be experiencing extreme chaos....will be for the United Nations to step in and take control of these criminals and the disastrous situation that they created. I mentioned before you can hear George Bush in the video directly below saying that this desired New World Order will come to us through The United Nations. So....Beware of any attempt of the UN to implement global laws and taxes . The Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers and whoever else is involved in CREATING this chaos will also be the ones benefitting. If they are intimately connected with the U.N then we do not want the U.N stepping in to solve the crises which were probably created by the very same people. very discerning....part of the New Age Religion is behind this deception of the UN bringing peace to the world.




Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JET CHEMBOWS & The Science of Contrail Formation

When I was a child we did have jet aircraft. When I was a teenager, young adult and middleaged we also had jet airplanes. In school we were taught that rainbows in the sky were produced by the sun refracting off the moisture in the sky during or right after a rain. We were never taught that jets leaving contrails could create clouds OR create rainbows. We were never advised to look for rainbows in spreading jet contrails. Normal contrails did not spread back then. They may have lingered while the jet reached the opposite horizon. This happened on days of higher humidty.The rainbow in the photo above was caused by a jet that left the spreading emission.

Here is a definition of how a contrail forms from this website "Contrails form when HOT humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature." Ok.....this would explain the contrails I saw as a younger person that disappeared like  a wake behind a boat. The photo of what we call chemtrails, on the website above, shows far too many steaks in the sky for it to be normal air traffic out of one airport

Now.....think about when it's very cold outside and you breathe hot air out of your mouth into the surrounding air....or when hot exhaust exits from a car. It forms a cloud at first...right? But these short acting clouds disappear right away once the heated air, from your mouth or the car, cools off. Even if there are particulates from the car exhaust still in the air.....unless the heat remains with the particulates...there is no condensation cloud left for the eye to see.I believe it is the same principle with the jets. Can you imagine how lost we would all get in the clouds of condensation if all the air everyone breathed out on cold days remained for hours in the air AND expanded for a mile or so?

So...I still don't understand the mainstream explanation for contrails expanding and forming thick mucky cloud cover. As the jet exhaust cools, I would think that if it was a condensation trail that requires heat to form....that it would disappear once the heat source cooled off.As you can see our sky started out as bright deep blue this morning. It is now a pale silvery bluish grey from many jets leaving the feathery drifting emissions you see in the photo above.It has an almost metallic glint to it. Some have speculated that the jets have some kind of oil in the emissions and that this is what is causing the rainbow effects.. The emissions from the jets do seem to leave different types of trails and cloud cover depending on the humidity of the air.  No storms are predicited for today and tomorrow so the air might be drier and may account for the thin more wispy silvering of the sky as opposed to right before a storm when the contrails turn into thick cloud cover.The question is this......If contrails form behind a jet because of the heat emitted from the exhaust...then what causes contrails(chemtrails) to keep expanding after the heat source ceases?

Chemtrail activists say that this spreading and thickening of clouds may be due to chemicals , such as barium, which may be included in the jet exhaust emissions(fuel) or emissions from other contraptions which may be mounted on the jets. If I am explaining this incorrectly, please chime in