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I wrote this article about Body Modification a couple of months ago but "Before Its News" just posted the video below so I wanted to include it in this article because it fits the subject of body modification  to a tee. The main point of the earlier article  below was that tattoos had been introduced to the public...especially the young get the population comfortable with defacing and merging things with their this case the goal is to merge electronics with the body. The video below shows how the speaker uses tactics to get people thinking that wearing a electronic tattoo is very cool and will keep us safe. Don't believe it! Be cool and don't go along with it! This is unbelievable. The text below the video is the older article where I predicted that the purpose of tattoos is to condition people to merge  with electronics. ...Transhumanism. The Creator already made our bodies miraculous. We have screwed them up with improper diet and unhealthy living. What makes people think that people can improve on nature?

Body modification is becoming more prevalent, more invasive and more bizarre. Young people who are searching for their identity, rebelling against their parents or the "system", or who just want to be unique and different, are usually the first in society to be swayed by these new fads. Some of the modifications are piercings of just about any body part, tattoos, subdermal implants and something called corset piercing. The video below demonstrates each type of body modification.

Now....I think it is very important to try and understand who or what starts these fads and for what purposes. Common sense tells me that these fads don't just begin with a random person in the crowd who thinks of something unique and shows his friends who then copy it. It seems more likely, and has been documented in some cases, that something larger with a covert purpose in mind starts the ball rolling. There are probably several factors involved.....creating a market for a product and/or service, molding and manipulating the population towards a specific covert goal such as the microchipping and eventual transformation of the people into robotic or transhuman organisms.

The hippie or drug revolution was supposedly instigated by the CIA...probably for experimentation purposes, to addict and demoralize the population, and to create an illegal drug market to make the rich richer.  Other social and civil rights movements, I believe, were also intentionally created to manipulate and control society. Usually valid human rights issues are used but then taken to unnatural extremes....such as the women's lib movement and gay rights. For example...women should have the right to vote and the right to have equal pay for equal work. However, it is reported that the CIA funded Ms Magazine and the Rockefellers promoted women's rights. A couple of their purposes in doing so was not because they loved and respected women but now that almost all women have to be in the workforce, taxes can be collected from both sides of the family and the children are now more often with the state and/or strangers than they are with their parents. All of this serves to break up the family unit. Women should be able to work if they want to but the economy has now been artificially manipulated so that women have to work....and worse...they are conditioned into thinking that if they
don't have a career outside the home....they will not be fulfilled and will have a boring meaningless life.

To sum up the manipulation...the rich actually manipulate the people to clamor for and demand the rich people's goals. the people's eventual detriment.This brings us back to body modification. Young adults are conditioned to think that through body modification they will be unique, and are rebelling against society and their parents ,when in actuality they are being herded like sheep towards a covert nefarious goal.
People need to evaluate any new fad before "going along with the crowd". Is a particular form of body modification really attractive or are we being brainwashed to think that it is? Where is the fad eventually headed? How could it affect society in the long run?

Try not to get too grossed out by the video below!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


 Above: Spiral Form of Borrelia Burgdorferi

Supposedly the cause of Alzheimer's Disease ( AD ) is unknown and supposedly there is no cure. Alzheimer's disease is increasing at an exponential rate....along with the increasing incidence of Lyme disease in the population. AD is a type of dementia and is very similar to the cognitive issues associated with Lyme disease and syphilis (a close cousin of Lyme disease). An aging population is not a good excuse for the rising incidence of AD. AD is not a natural inevitable part of aging.

Before we get into the study and the video below, I would like to share some of my experiences and a couple of books that have changed my whole perspective on Lyme disease, blood sugar control, dental work and dementia. Very important connections! I was misdiagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 8 years...when all along I had Lyme disease.... and therefore was left untreated for that length of time. The spirochete had ample time to set up permanent housekeeping. During this time I began having cognitive...or you could say...dementia issues from the Lyme disease. When I finally connected with a Lyme literate doctor she had a SPECT Scan done on my brain which measures blood flow to the various parts of the brain. The first SPECT scan showed pretty severe restriction of blood flow to certain parts of the brain. The radiologist reported that it was a SPECT scan typical of Alzheimer's patients. I went on antibiotics on and off for about a year and my brain seemed to be clearing up. At this point my doctor ordered another SPECT Scan which showed may brain was almost back to normal. Because of the political controversy surrounding the treatment of Lyme disease, I was taken off the antibiotics. After about a year I was again having severe neurological symptoms which included the cognitive issues. Another SPECT scan was ordered and this scan showed that the blood flow to the brain was almost as bad as the first time. I was again put on antibiotics with more improvement.

A few  years ago my attention was brought to the research of Alan MacDonald and Judith Miklossy. They have both found, upon autopsies of Alzheimer's brains, that Lyme disease spirochetes and other ORAL spirochetes were found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients but not in the autopsies of the control brains.About a year ago I read the books written by Dr. Nordquist which speak of spirochetes...oral spirochetes and Lyme spirochetes.... and their relation to heart disease and dementia. Well....a curious person might ask...what would oral spirochetes have to do with heart disease or dementia. How would these oral germs get into the bloodstream,heart and brain? Dr. Nordquist explains how gum disease and different types of dental work, including root canals, can offer this open access of oral germs to the rest of the body. He wrote
The Silent Saboteurs: Unmasking Our Own Oral Spirochetes as the Key to Saving Trillions in Health Care Costs and The Stealth Killer: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing Link in the Dental and Heart Disease Labyrinth? .

These two books opened my eyes to what may have been one of the inciting factors in my own illness. I used to be a smoker and as a result had poor gum health. It got to the point where gum surgery was recommended. Looking back I can now see what may have happened. Living in the woods I was bitten by many ticks but around the time I became very ill there was no known tick bite or rash that I remember but after looking back at my medical records I have discovered that I had gum surgery about a year before I became severely ill. Our mouths are full of bacteria, including oral spirochetes and maybe Lyme spirochetes (borrelia burgdorferi). More research needs to be done in this area. During that year between the gum surgery and the acute onset of illness (Lyme or other spirochetosis) I began having low back aches, chills, little flulike illnesses, gastrointestinal problems, low blood sugar, heart palpitations, headaches, and achy joints. Then that summer it hit me full force. Was the dental work partially to blame? Is our exponential rise in dementia due to the many root canals, infected gums, gum surgery, implants...allowing direct access of our oral germs directly into the brain (heart also)?

My father-in-law was diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrochephalus which includes the symptom of dementia. I insisted on a lyme test and the blood test showed that he had the most positive lyme test my doctor ever saw. His main symptom was dementia. He  had been a gardener all his life and appeared to have accumulated spirochetes through the years when finally in old age, his immune system could no longer keep it in check. He was given a month of IV antibiotics in which time his shuffling began to improve and his dementia also BEGAN to improve. BUT....medicare would not pay for more IV antibiotics so after he was taken off he swiftly deteriorated and eventually passed on. I wonder how much dental work he had done in his lifetime?

Another book I found extremely helpful and important is Dr. Fife's
Stop Alzheimer's Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders

Dr. Bruce Fife speaks of how Alzheimer's Disease is becoming known as Type 3 diabetes. He also connects the disease with Lyme disease and other infections. He explains how the cells of the brain have difficulty up taking glucose for the energy that the brain needs to think. He reports on how ketones are another very acceptable source of energy for the AD brain and how coconut oil can provide these ketones and in some cases improve and/or arrest the disease. His other book about Oil Pulling has valuable information also.

Let's just say that oral health does play a key role in the health of our hearts and brains. If so....then we need to learn how to keep our gums and teeth healthy naturally. A book I would very highly recommend is
Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, 2nd Edition


Alzheimer's disease - a neurospirochetosis. Analysis of the evidence following Koch's and Hill's criteria

Judith Miklossy
International Alzheimer Research Center, Prevention Alzheimer Foundation, Martigny-Combe, Switzerland
Journal of Neuroinflammation 2011, 8:90  doi:10.1186/1742-2094-8-90

The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at:

© 2011 Miklossy; licensee BioMed Central Ltd


It is established that chronic spirochetal infection can cause slowly progressive dementia, brain atrophy and amyloid deposition in late neurosyphilis. Recently it has been suggested that various types of spirochetes, in an analogous way to Treponema pallidum, could cause dementia and may be involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Here, we review all data available in the literature on the detection of spirochetes in AD and critically analyze the association and causal relationship between spirochetes and AD following established criteria of Koch and Hill. The results show a statistically significant association between spirochetes and AD (P = 1.5 × 10-17, OR = 20, 95% CI = 8-60, N = 247). When neutral techniques recognizing all types of spirochetes were used, or the highly prevalent periodontal pathogen Treponemas were analyzed, spirochetes were observed in the brain in more than 90% of AD cases. Borrelia burgdorferi was detected in the brain in 25.3% of AD cases analyzed and was 13 times more frequent in AD compared to controls. Periodontal pathogen Treponemas (T. pectinovorum, T. amylovorum, T. lecithinolyticum, T. maltophilum, T. medium, T. socranskii) and Borrelia burgdorferi were detected using species specific PCR and antibodies. Importantly, co-infection with several spirochetes occurs in AD. The pathological and biological hallmarks of AD were reproduced in vitro by exposure of mammalian cells to spirochetes. The analysis of reviewed data following Koch's and Hill's postulates shows a probable causal relationship between neurospirochetosis and AD. Persisting inflammation and amyloid deposition initiated and sustained by chronic spirochetal infection form together with the various hypotheses suggested to play a role in the pathogenesis of AD a comprehensive entity. As suggested by Hill, once the probability of a causal relationship is established prompt action is needed. Support and attention should be given to this field of AD research. Spirochetal infection occurs years or decades before the manifestation of dementia. As adequate antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapies are available, as in syphilis, one might prevent and eradicate dementia.

Alzheimer's disease; bacteria; Borrelia burgdorferi; dementia; infection; Lyme disease; periodontal pathogen; spirochetes; Treponema; syphilis


The recognition that pathogens can produce slowly progressive chronic diseases has resulted in a new concept of infectious diseases. The pioneering work of Marshall and Warren has established that Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) causes stomach ulcer [1]. Also the etiologic agent of Whipple's disease was revealed to be another bacterium, Tropheryma whippeli. Recent reports have documented that infectious agents also occur in atherosclerosis, cardio- and cerebrovascular disorders [2-10], diabetes mellitus [11-16], chronic lung [17-20] and inflammatory bowel diseases[1,21-25], and various neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders [26-31].
Nearly a century ago, Fischer, Alzheimer and their colleagues [32,33] discussed the possibility that microorganisms may play a role in the formation of senile plaques. Historic data indicate that the clinical and pathological hallmarks of syphilitic dementia in the atrophic form of general paresis, caused by chronic spirochetal infection, are similar to those of AD. There is an increasing amount of data that indicates that spirochetes are involved in the pathogenesis of AD. This review presents historic and new data related to the involvement of spirochetes in AD. The goal was to critically analyze the association and causality between spirochetes and AD, based on the substantial amount of data available and on established criteria of Koch [34,35] and Hill [36]

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 The so-called "clouds" in the photo below are really persistent jet contrails that linger and spread out to form cloud cover. Is this massive jet aerosol program contributing to our Vitamin D deficiency blocking some of the natural sunlight?

Evidently back in 1977 technology was becoming available to manipulate the weather and to cause earthquakes and tsunamis A friend saved a newspaper article from around that time which I will type out here. Unfortunately the copied article does not mention what newspaper this article was from. Here is the article...

Banning "Weather Warfare"
"Scant attention was paid to last week's US Senate ratification of an international treaty banning weather warfare. Yet the occasion ought to be taken to recognize the treaty's groundbreaking promise. It shows that many nations are willing to stop somewhere in military hostilities; it includes, for the first time in a disarmament pact, a means for investigating alleged departures from it through a fact-finding "consultative committee of experts".

It has been three years since The United Nations General Assembly approved the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques. Not only weather modification is covered but any "deliberate manipulation of natural processes" to change the "dynamics, composition or structure" of the earth, its atmosphere, or outer space. On the forbidden list would be, for example, upsetting the ecological balance of a district, altering the state of the ozone layer, producing earthquakes, and causing tsunamis, the huge sea waves that come from underwater disturbances.

The UN had before it a study pointing to such techniques as generating storms, stimulating volcanoes, causing fog or clouds with chemicals, burning vegetation on a large scale. The study told of cyclones containing energy greater than that in nuclear devices. It warned of possible effects on human beings and communications systems from man-made efforts to alter the electrical properties of the atmosphere.

Even though the United States was one of the initiators of the environmental convention, its ratification of it has been preceded by more than enough other countries - including The Soviet Union, another initiator - to bring it into force. Twenty ratifications were required and that number was achieved over a year ago.

Some governments have been properly critical of the convention's failing to go far enough in its ban.. The agreement is limited to techniques having "widespread", and long lasting or severe effects", meaning several hundred square kilometers, several months, or significant disruption to human life and natural or economic resources.

No manipulation of natural processes for hostile purposes ought to be accepted. Nations should not need a treaty to refrain from such manipulation. But agreeing to such a treaty is at least an earnest of good intentions. We're glad the Americans have got aboard."

United Nations Weather Weapon Treaty

There are several points that need to be made in relation to this treaty and the rapid fire 
weather disasters, prolific wildfires, and earthquakes and tsunamis that we have been
 experiencing in recent years since this destructive technology has been available.

1. If indeed this technology does exist there should also be the capability to steer away 
 and other storms from target areas. But...instead we see hurricanes making sharp unexpected
 turns towards civilization and then often stalling for prolonged periods of time...or...even turning 
around and coming back to hit the target again.

2. Our current weather warfare capabilities or even possibilities are NEVER mentioned in the
 media. Instead ALL of our strange  destructive weather is blamed on global warming
....which is only a theory.

3. There are too many vague restrictions in this treaty. It evidently allows for a certain degree
 of weather warfare.

4. Would Agenda 21, a Global Initiative to do away with private property.....override this sort of 
Treaty...supposedly for the good of the planet?

5. We need to begin demanding answers from the media/government/global think tanks. 
Our weather and wildfires are getting out of control!