Sunday, February 21, 2016


Most of you folks who are reading this are already well informed about chemtrails or persistent contrails, however, we need to keep the info flowing and not get discouraged when we don't seem to be getting anywhere. The photo above was taken this morning on February 21, 2016. I was at a large discount store the other day speaking to a gentleman promoting solar energy. I couldn't resist the opportunity to speak to him about chemtrails and how they limit the amount of energy collected by solar panels. I told him how I thought  this subject should keenly interest those in the solar business. He appeared very interested and we talked for about 10 minutes. He was very open and interested. It seems that those higher up in the solar industry must be aware of this aerosol program. You might want to take the opportunity to speak to more people representing the solar companies at trade shows, fairs, home shows, etc. to both get their take on the subject and to inform those who are not aware. Bring photos with you.

One of the theories as to the reason for this program... is to mitigate global warming. I think we need to be careful not to blindly accept this reasoning even though there are patents out there which seem to support this theory. Years ago , closer to when this program began, I remember people predicting that at some point the governments would admit the chemtrail program was real but that it was for the mitigation of global warming. Just because there were proposals for mitigating global warming using particulates spewed into the air, doesn't mean that this is the purpose. Due to the covert psychological warfare tactics used every day on the American people, the patents and or proposals could be planted. Furthermore Patrick Minnis at NASA admits that jets make persistent contrails. Even though he says this is true he claims these expanding trails are normal...which is pretty obvious that they are NOT. He has said that persistent contrails actually can cause global warming and have. So why...if global warming is real....would they be creating cloud cover to produce global warming??? The link below speaks to this issue

When I try to explain to people about this program, I use the following examples. I start with car exhaust and relay how on very cold days small amounts of condensation ejects from car tailpipes. I ask them what would happen if this condensation lingered and expanded into clouds like the jet emissions are doing? We wouldn't be able to see where we were going! Our breath on a cold day is another example. If clouds formed we would be in big trouble!
The photo above shows three large expanding horizontal persistent contrails...and then we have 6 newer contrails going at different diagonals. No one can tell me ...believably ....that this is a normal jet traffic pattern. Also this morning a jet came through this mess with a normal dissipating contrail. The sky started out as dark blue at dawn and then was quickly clouded over by these trails. ALL of the white you see in these images is caused by these persistent contrails.

As to the purposes of this program, I think that the following are some possibilities. 1. weather modification and weather warfare 2. tracking by satellite the weather patterns they are creating  3. enhancing cell phone and military communications through creating some sort of plasma screen 4. protecting us from ozone holes that their experimentation has caused 5. An added benefit at some point could possibly be that these particulates could be used as a projection screen for holographic / spectral images. I do not agree with the popular theory being spread that chemtrails are being used to kill us off. This explanation is being used to distract from the real reasons and to make chemtrail activists appear a bit loony which then discredits the whole movement. If they were spraying global areas with this purpose in mind...everyone would be affected, including the animals. This is not to say that there are not side effects inherent to whatever is in the spray....such as aluminum or barium...etc. There are many other more focused ways to make us keep the cash cow flowing for the drug and other medically oriented corporations. Areas of the globe have been sprayed with biologicals and mosquitoes, etc but these were not  global programs...they were focused and directed...and then monitored.

Homework....think about what commercial segments of our population benefit from sunlight and good, solar companies...etc....and speak out to them in a rational manner.


  1. I am in Rhode Island and I saw the chem trails from here. Very unusual

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