Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking Advantage Of Disasters Or Causing Them?

                                Obama's Reaction To Newtown Shooting? Question Everything!

Right after the tragedy of 9-11 citizens were beginning to question the official version of this disaster. A while later, in response to public scrutiny, the government held what was supposedly an investigation into 9-11. A growing segment of U.S citizens was beginning to question why our rights were being stripped in the wake of this event. The "investigation" tried to appear as if it was closely examining the issue. However, if we look closely at how the hearing was formulated we will see that the public was only given two choices to consider. The two choices were..... 1. The president and parts of our government had no idea that 9-11 was going to occur. They were totally innocent. 2.The president and whomever pulls his strings (perhaps the IMF/World Bank) heard rumors that 9-11 was going to occur but that they let it happen so they could gain more power by taking our rights away and also by gaining an excuse for war. Nowhere was it even mentioned that this same faction may have intentionally caused this disastrous incident. The idea behind this tactic is that the people will be more likely to forgive an oversight than they would an intentional criminal action. Of course they did not find the administration guilty of anything....because it was investigating itself!

What is it going to take before people realize that our recent disasters...earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, drought, extreme wildfires, school shootings, terrorist attacks, etc ....are not just naturally occurring or due to global warming? I've talked about all of this before...however it seems that we need to repeat and repeat and repeat.....until it sinks in!

We need to find out some of the true facts related to the recent Connecticut shooting but then let's not remain on this subject too long without connecting it to the overall chaos the people of the earth are experiencing...especially in the United States. Rapid Fire disasters are what we are being bombarded with and many believe that these disasters have been intentionally caused. This past summer we had wildfires, drought in much of the bread basket of our country, tornadoes...etc.Weather modification is a present reality.  Look it up and investigate it for yourself. Consider this....if nations have the technology to manipulate the weather, including hurricanes (see other posts on this blog for more info)...then why are these storms not being steered away from susceptible areas? The fact is that these superstorms have had very unusual paths, many times being delayed over the target areas. The people who are in charge of  documenting the weather and naming our superstorms have named them Frankenstorms, Hybrid Storms and one recent early northeaster in Connecticut was named after the Goddess of War (Athena). These names all hint at the probability that these disasters have been intentionally caused through advanced technologies. Think about the satellite star wars weapons from the Reagan era. Certain documents and even the History Channel reveal that we have the power to move the jet stream, cause earthquakes, to steer and enhance or deflate hurricanes...etc.

Governments also have the knowledge and experience in brainwashing or programming human beings to carry out horrific acts they would normally not even consider. Don't believe the dogma that hypnotism cannot make you do anything that is foreign to your personality or morals. I believe that this false statement is being used so that hypnotism, mesmerism and hard core mind control can be used on unsuspecting subjects.

It is becoming obvious to many...myself included, that what our country and possibly other countries also are experiencing....are internal takeovers. Our economies are being severely stressed by these  rapid fire occurring storms. Our youth is being conditioned , roboticized, and drugged. Our rights to privacy are being stripped with increased surveillance. Sound morals are being discouraged through rock music, slutty and violent TV programming, divorce, gay marriages....etc. The modern motto is...."If it feels it!" Mind you, I'm not against rights for gay people . What I am against is that those in control are using the normal rights of gay people and other legitimate issues to destroy the cohesive fabric of our country.

 What exactly is the purpose of the heavily promoted push for vaccines? Do they give us diseases to  create a market for more drugs? Are vaccines a way to change our genetics or to ensure birth control? These are all questions we need to be asking instead of blindly following the staus quo!

What is this entity that is trying to control the whole world under the guise of necessary globalism? We are made to think that it is a spiritual uniting of the planet. Afterall..we're conditioned to think that if we are all "ONE" then there will be no more wars and no more pollution. However, I'm afraid that human nature will never long as we are living a material life. We will have the law abiding citizens who just want to live their own lives and not take advantage of others.....and then we will always have those who for whatever reasons....want power and control. There can be no earthly utopia. We can only do the best that we can to set laws or rules to keep the totalitarian urge from overtaking the planet.

Usually the public is only given two choices as to what forms of government are possible......the corrupt government we already have which is corporatism or government meshed with the corporations....or a no choice communistic/socialistic government. I think we need to look back at what provisions were in the Constitution before we had this corporate problem. What laws were changed to allow for corporate takeover? Can we reinforce or reinstitute these laws or provisions?

As many are observing, our recent disasters are not just being allowed to happen but are most likely intentionally caused to fulfill the government's predictive programming of  apocalyptic type events and the supposed consequences of "global warming." Shock and fear are being successfully created by these events to prime the public to accept a "solution" they would not otherwise accept under normal circumstances. The final solution will be total control of the population under the guise of protecting the citizens and the earth. Don't fall for their tactics! The key word in the wake of the Newtown shooting is "Watch!" . There will either be a fairly quick passing of controlling gun laws or we will experience another tragedy to further reinforce fear and the desire for supposed government protection. Please see other articles on this blog that have to do with weather warfare, intentionally melting the ice caps , etc.... Then formulate your own opinions and educate others on how to recognize propaganda. All of the disasters we are experiencing are being fired at us all at once to accomplish an agenda. What was Hitler's motto.....Order Out Of Chaos?

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