Monday, January 31, 2011


These are the mounds of snow we already have from shoveling dangerous amounts of snow from the roof

The sky is apparently being whited out in preparation for the storm tomorrow

Some call this a scalar signature showing that the atmosphere is being electrified?


: The northeast of the United States has been hit with several
: large snow storms.The accumulations are unprecedented.
: Another large storm is headed our way which may be snow and
: it may be ice. This could possibly bring the northeast to a
: standstill. I made an error in a previous post the other
: day. I stated that the weathermen here in CT were saying
: that the Gulf stream was doing loop de loops and seemed to
: be stuck in a pattern that would keep bringing us snow in
: the future. What I meant to say was that the JET stream is
: doing loop de loops and is stuck in position.

: We have heard that HAARP applications can affect the jet
: stream. At the link below, it talks about a future
: invention called a Jet Stream Solar Power satellite which
: could move the jet stream and unstick it from dangerous
: patterns.Is HAARP already capable of doing what the
: invention below is purported to do? It is known that real
: time technology is usually much more advanced than what the
: public is aware of or what is written about on the internet
: for all to see...even foreign enemies.
: So.....please .....all of you weather modification people out
: bout steering this storm out to sea?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Jessie Ventura's  recent Conspiracy Theory show was about mind control and manchurian candidates. Apparently much of what was brought out seems to be true. But... many of us are asking ourselves.....what's the glitch? Why is mainstream TV allowed to air such shows if it is all truth? That would seem rather self defeating for the elite to rat on themselves. Time Warner owns True TV which is where Ventura's Conspiracy Theory airs.
Is there much more to the story than what was released on this show? Are we all being brainwashed/mind controlled and hypnotized everyday? Does this show take the focus away from how normal ordinary people are being conditioned and manipulated by the very networks that produce shows such as Conspiracy Theory? I have also noticed that The History Channel,The Discovery Channel...etc....have also aired what appears to be truth about weather warfare, The Masons...etc.
There is a reason for this and it is not to help us. Perhaps the solution is not to try and disect the conspiracies too deeply...because that can just make us go around in circles.... but to get the general overall feel for what is going on with each orchestrated disastrous event but then spend the rest of our time seeking God's(Spirit's) presence and guidance. It is evident to many that Chaos Creation is for the purpose of taking our attention and devotion away from what is really important.
The so called "New Age Religion or Spirituality" contains or puts forth ...what I believe....are some age old Truths...but just like with every human backed movement...there is a materialistic agenda.There has to be Truths or real concerns mixed in with the deception in order for us to accept the whole package....hook, line and sinker.
Religions are human inventions....even the "New Age Religion". However, religion often gives mankind a structure, a backbone....a Foundation. Even if I don't agree with with the tenants of certain religions....there are many good and spiritual people who find their strength from these foundations....and progress spiritually from within this framework. TPTB know that in order to have total control of the people that they have to denigrate and destroy these frameworks and bring about their framework wrapped up in fluffy promises.
A few years ago I wrote an article "Defending Ourselves Against Mind Control." I feel that we need to begin to demonstrate where our real source of intelligence comes from. If you haven't already read the article at the link below...hopefully it contains another perspective that may be helpful to you.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Whenever we hear predicitions such as the one below, we need to be wary and we need to focus on heavier exposure of related issues. The issues here that need to be focused on are weather warfare, rewilding and manipulation of the masses through propaganda and StarWars technology. Of course no one knows for sure but the article below smells of fear mongering and preparing our conciousness for a disaster that may be manmade. Whenever sweeping predictions below...are made we need to evaluate and not just accept what we hear.

9-11 seems to have been an example of this technique. Several years before 9-11...the and movies...began warning us that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN terrorism would occur on American soil. There were disaster movie scenerios played out day by day on TV. Then lo and behold...just like they predicited...the World Trade Towers were destroyed and of course it was blamed on foreign terrorists. Wow....our politicians must be really smart to have predicted such a huge terrorist act that subsequently is taking many of our rights the name of terrorism.

Is the news article below valid? Is there really such an indication that a NATURAL event(super storm) will occur? this a warning that an orchestrated superstorm will take place in the near future. TPTB are escalating the chaos so we need to definitely take heed as to their warnings....BUT....let's not stop there. We need to investigate these claims more fully and at the same time educate everyone you know about weather warfare. We cannot worry whether or not we will be labeled kooks or terrorists by the government.
In a free society there should be nothing wrong about questioning 9-11...or questioning whether certain shootings have been orchestrated....or questioning whether the article below is totally truthful......unless......they have something to hide

Research weather warfare and see what you come up with.Not only is it possible to create super storms but earthquakes also. Check out the term "tectonic weapons"
A good book to read on this subject would be Weather Warfare

If Quakes Weren’t Enough, Enter the ‘Superstorm’
Published: January 15, 2011

 SACRAMENTO — California faces the risk not just of devastating earthquakes but also of a catastrophic storm that could tear at the coasts, inundate the Central Valley and cause four to five times as much economic damage as a large quake, scientists and emergency planners warn.

 The potential for such a storm was described at a conference of federal and California officials that ended Friday. Combining advanced flood mapping and atmospheric projections with data on California’s geologic flood history, over 100 scientists calculated the probable consequences of a “superstorm” carrying tropical moisture from the South Pacific and dropping up to 10 feet of rain across the state.
“Floods are as much a part of our lives in California as earthquakes are,” said Lucy Jones, the chief scientist for the United States Geological Survey’s multi-hazards initiative, adding, “We are probably not going to be able to handle the biggest ones.”
The geological survey estimates that such a storm could cause up to $300 billion in damage. The scientists’ models estimate that almost one-fourth of the houses in California could experience some flood damage from one.
The conference was convened by the geological survey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the California Emergency Management Agency to help disaster-response planners draft new strategies to limit the storms’ impact.
Climate scientists have for years noted that the rising temperature of the earth’s atmosphere increases the amount of energy it stores, making more violent and extreme weather events more likely.

Weather Warfare

Friday, January 14, 2011



An old article that spoke about Project Bluebeam shared the idea that part of the Bluebeam Project was the "supposed" uncovering of archeological ruins, bones.....whatever(through earthquakes and other natural disasters)....and how these uncoverings or discoveries would reveal "new truths" about the origins of man. This would inevitably lead people to discard religious beliefs that have basically held society together for intermittent segments of time....beliefs or ideals that helped to keep the people sovereign and free.
We are told that all religion has made man we need to free ourselves from religious domination. To some degree it is true that certain religions have used God as an excuse to rule and control the people.It is a fact that rulers have used and manipulated the people to believe that God is on their side in war....or that we need war to protect our right to believe or worship God.However....if one goes directly back to the teachings of Jesus...for example....there is absolutely no teachings that promote war. The teachings of Jesus promote Love, forgiveness and prayer for our enemies.
I have witnessed this kind of prayer as very powerful and absolute. We are made to think that this kind of prayer is giving in to our "enemies" or allowing them to do wrong. And...I think this is one of the aspects where people see religion as perhaps making us docile and subsequently they believe the propaganda that the idea of believing in an infinite all powerful Creator is taking away our freedoms.
History has shown us that whenever there is a trend towards totalitarianism.....the idea of God is undermined. Religions have been banned. This was true...I know specifically ...of Christian Science in Germany. Books were confiscated and churches were closed.However, that did not stop the power of God in the people's lives who turned to God for constant guidance and protection. We are ALL connected to the Divine Intelligence. All we need in order to finely tune into this loving wise intelligence are sincere motives and a desire to know or feel God's presence.
I got a bit a couple main points that I am trying to make is....that faith and trust in God IS Powerful...not wimpy....and this is why "mortal mind", government...etc wants to distort or change our perceptions of what God is.I was just listening to a talk show and the host...Markus Allen..brought up the idea that if you break down the word government into two words, you have "govern" which means to control, manage , steer or pilot...and the suffix "ment" means mind. Put the two together and government can mean to control the mind.I thought that was interesting.
So...when you hear reports of new discoveries...especially during this crucial time period where they are trying to birth this new age civilization.... that supposedly will be some sort of utopia....question any reported discoveries which somehow change history as we now know it. That's not to say that all history is truth but we do know that current media is very strongly and forcefully trying to change our ideals,socieital structure...everything that gives us a sure foundation to stand strong against the wiles of the "devil"or "mortal mind". I don't see evil as an entity or person...but more as "world belief"...or love of the world.
Be watchful and discerning


The Environmental Movement is not what many people think, watch the video below and check out my observations from a trip to Costa Rica at the following link

Monday, January 3, 2011


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)The Arctic Ice Melt for 2008
Last year in 2007, the Arctic had the lowest concentration of sea ice that was ever recorded. In 2008, the melt was not quite as extreme, but still well below the normal levels.

The"Global Warming" issue may very well be one of the biggest scams in history for the purpose of furthering several goals. The melting of the polar icecaps may not be due to car and industrial emissions...but to a type of directed energy technology which has the capability of warming parts of the oceans to cause hurricanes and also the ability to melt the icecaps.Three of the most obvious goals could  be....

1. Opening up access to new trade routes
2. Creating access to natural resources which were unaccessable before
3. Further control by the United Nations through The Law Of The Sea Treaty

These direct benefits of melted polar icecaps are very boldly listed here:From The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Warming Arctic

Global warming is affecting the Arctic more rapidly and more visibly than anywhere else on Earth. The melting polar icecap opens unprecedented prospects for Arctic nations, including shorter routes for shipping, larger commercial fishing areas, and opportunities for drilling, defense and other previously unexplored activities. This emerging marine world will be governed under the Law of the Sea Treaty. Of the five Arctic nations—Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the U.S.—only the U.S. has not yet ratified the Treaty. Although U.S. laws are written in accordance with the Law of the Sea, until the U.S. ratifies this accord, it will have no say in how the Treaty evolves as the physical and geopolitical environment in the Arctic continues to heat up.
Commercial Shipping
According to experts, global warming could completely melt the Arctic’s ice cover during summer months as early as 2013.1 With new transpolar trade routes open, shorter distances and significant fuel savings for ocean-going vessels could produce a seismic shift in commercial shipping and world trade patterns.
Currently, marine shipping vessels between major East Asian exporting countries and European and North American markets must travel through the Suez or Panama Canals. A route from China through the Northwest Passage to the North Atlantic would save more than 4,000 nautical miles, enabling companies to cut fuel and shipping costs dramatically. The Northern Sea Route between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, for example, would shorten the sailing distance between the Dutch port of Rotterdam and Yokohama, Japan, from 11,200 nautical miles to only 6,500 nautical miles and save an estimated 40 percent in shipping costs.2
Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty will also legally guarantee the Rights of Innocent and Transit Passage and ensure safe, uninterrupted flow of commerce to and from U.S. shores through new routes. The Treaty also gives the U.S. authority to prescribe conditions (related to safety or environmental concerns) for foreign vessels entering its 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). For these reasons, both the Chamber of Shipping of America and the World Shipping Council support U.S. ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty.3    
The possible global warming scam seems to be being used to cover up certain projects and to cash in on other aspects of Global warming. There appears to be many nefarious facets to this massive "project". The reported absoluteness of the validity of global warming is being used as a premise for other unnatural events. For example...increased spread of disease is being blamed on global warming when there could be many other factors contributing to  it...such as genetic manipulation of microbes AND their insect vectors. Biological experimentation...such as in field testing of organisms and vectors and biological warfare may also play a role.

Another area of concern where supposed global warming is being used as a premise... involves our more recent erratic and destructive weather. Nothing is ever mentioned in the media about weather warfare capablities and how our weather may be a result of either intentional warfare or experimentation with the weather. I'd like to include here a newspaper article from the The Asheville Citizen Times (1989).....entitled "Can The Soviets Wage Weather War?" By Jack Anderson. I excerpt from an article I wrote entitled Weather Wars or Global Warming?
"WASHINGTON - Mark Twain once observed that everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Twain hadn't counted on the Soviets.

For years the Soviet Union has been working on weather modification techniques that could be used in a covert "weather war" against the United states or Europe. The Central Intelligent Agency has tracked those plans and here is a list compiled by CIA reports.

1. A former Soviet ambassador to the United Nations once openly warned that the Soviets have the capability to punch a hole in the ozone layer using "bromine missle injectors". The Soviets think they can do that with enough precision to affect specific areas on the ground, letting in deadly ultraviolet rays that could damage crops and humans.

2. The Soviets have toyed with the idea of melting the Arctic icecap to moderate temperatures in their northern regions. They have also thought about doing the same to the Antarctic ice cap, using nuclear explosions as a way to break up the ice. Scientists believe that any tampering with the ice caps could cause a new ice age around the world and destroy coastal areas.

3. Another Soviet project is to develope the ability to generate artificial lightening ( which I believe I have witnessed), which could destroy enemy communications or start uncontrollable fires during a dry season.

4. The Soviets have considered artificially triggering earthquakes by filling earth cavities with liquids. Ironically, the U.S. Military discovered this effect when it dumped toxic waste from chemical weapons into wells near a Denver storage area and triggered numerous tremors.

5. The CIA is worried about the global effect, intentional or otherwise, of the continued large scale destruction of Soviet forests.

6. Large scale fog-dispersal programs are already used widely by the Soviets at civilian and military airports. One CIA report says the techniques used by the Soviets have potential military uses because they can stir up the weather unexpectedly.

7 The Soviets are doing some work in controlling the force of thunderstorms, typhoons and hurricanes, but the United States still lead the world as experts. But any method that controls a catastrophe could also be used to create or boost severe storms.

8. The Soviets have rain and snow making programs, although they are considerably more modest than the U.S capability. The CIA reports say that the Soviets have admitted routinely seeding the clouds near Leningrad and Moscow before holiday parades to clear the air and guarantee sunshine. They also claim to have created a beautiful sunny day for the opening ceremony of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

The prospect of damaging weather wars, while fantastical, were sufficiently viable to cause the superpowers to sign a treaty banning hostile manipulation of the weather. But such an agreement is completely unverifiable. The United States has no way of knowing whether the Soviets are fair weather friends or foul weather foes."
Now...remember...this newspaper article was written in 1989. Imagine how technology has advanced since then. As you can see...the intentional melting of icecaps and perhaps blaming this melting on something we would all be responsible not an new idea. In this case scenerio the blame for the specific melting of the icecaps is being placed on all of us...instead of perhaps on a select few who want o gain profit, power and control through a hidden technology that most people don't even realize exists.

Homework: Observe and list other events and issues which are blamed on global warming.
Much money is being made on "green" products and much profit and power will also be gained by issuing global taxes and laws. Profits and laws would be accepted and perhaps helpful if the premise for the profits and laws were valid.However, the premise for global warming is highly suspect.