Monday, December 21, 2015


For several years now government officials have been warning us that the power grid WILL go down. They tell us it's a definite fact and it's not a matter of IF but WHEN. Here is a news item I came across today that speaks to this issue.

I distinctly remember Janet Reno and others repeating this mantra. They use the exact same phrase...not a matter of IF but WHEN. Whenever we hear this, we must immediately question the statement and consider it in more detail. We should wonder how they can be so certain about their prediction and look for any possible goal of whatever is predicted as certain to happen. I wrote an article before about this tactic of predictive programming. It looked back at 9-11 and how before 9-11 we were told over and over that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN, terrorism would appear on American soil. Sure enough 9-11 occurred and all of our recent loss of rights, increased surveillance, increased police presence, and our recent wars are based on the premise that foreign terrorists attacked us. Of course most people are aware that many suspect that 9-11 was an inside job, orchestrated by infiltrators with opposing ideology to the freedoms that Americans hold dear.

As I observe the media...we see increased reports of asteroids that may hit us, terrorists that may use cyber attacks against us, solar flares that could knock out the grid....etc. It appears to me that they are priming our minds...our expectations of future events that may be caused by those who are warning us. We are repeatedly told we will experience more shootings and that there will be a massive power grid attack. Before Hurricane Sandy occurred we watched movies that showed New York City being flooded. Before the Ebola blitz we were told that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN we would experience plagues...some of them perhaps bio-warfare related. From observing the media surrounding the Ebola propaganda, I tend to think at least some of the Ebola cases over here were fake. This is not to say that there is no Ebola or that science has not created it, however, I think part of it had to do with priming us for later incidents and to see how the public would react. The Ebola segment in the Simpsons made it especially clear that whatever does happen with Ebola in the future may be intentionally brought about by those warning us of the certainty of coming plagues .

In the event of a power grid outage I think what we need to be careful that we don't automatically accept the mainstream explanation for it nor should we automatically accept the alternative news explanation for it because often the alternative news is controlled opposition. If we do experience a power grid outage, I would bet that it wouldn't last for an extensive period of time. The reason I think this would be so is because those currently in control need the media in order to control us, condition us....and brainwash us. This is why we have televisions in just about every room. It is probably one of the main reasons the internet was created...especially the social media. Then of course we have GPS set up so if they want to track everyone, they would need the grid working to do so.

To sum things up....if and when we do experience a power grid outage, let's not automatically accept the idea that Iranians or some other made up foreign terrorists did it. We also should not automatically turn to the idea of sunspots,  asteroids coming too close to earth, alien attack, or the planet turning off its axis, etc. These ideas have been seeded in the public mind for quite a while and I believe are a  form of predictive programming. So let's put on our thinking caps and observe and analyze  everything the media talks about. We are repeatedly being told by the alternative media that the government is hiding past and current communications with aliens. I see the exact opposite happening. I have observed countless movies, History and Discovery Channel shows, books...etc... that feature the idea that aliens exist. They are intentionally seeding this idea through controlled opposition and outright on TV and movies. I am not saying that there is no other life anywhere in the universe because there is no way we can rule that out...however, everything in the media today is controlled and working towards world government.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


It's time people began being suspicious and investigating into these rapid fire mass shootings, which we are led to think are random, carried out by lone nuts and now terrorists...home grown terrorists. I've never seen such similarities and a  rapid fire pace in "random" events before. The solutions to this chaos are to seed the minds of the public..... through media.... with the ideas that we need to...increase limits and surveillance concerning travel, intrude on privacy, institute MANDATORY mental health screening(which would naturally include increased drugging), to  ultimately initiate  gun confiscation, to get people used to martial law or "lockdowns"(which used to be conducted only in prisons), increase police presence, and  to rat on each other as in Nazi Germany because now we have "home grown terrorists". Do these "solutions" also sound like tactics to take a country gain more power and control for the cabal?

Everyone is being trained to be suspicious of their neighbors......especially if they own guns and like to target practice. Gun owners are being pitted against those who would like guns taken away. If you don't see much of your neighbor and he keeps to himself......gee, maybe you had better report him? Today on the news ABC stated that only 2 shootings have NOT been carried out by a lone wolf. (This comment puts suspicion on anyone who keeps to themselves and maybe likes privacy). ABC ALSO said in the same clip that when it comes to terrorism we need to look at where they were trained and who trained them. Well...yes...for sure...I couldn't believe they said that! Of course they were not referring to the CIA and other global entities that are creating and funding terrorists and even creating false flag events with crisis actors! Listen to the news clip at the link below. Hopefully it hasn't been taken off the air. Apparently the news commentator slipped 

 Some of you are probably already aware of the link below to ISIS which has one of it's branches in The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. People who came across this website, noticed that it had to do with military training and presence in specific countries for the stated purpose of protecting the interests of countries and corporations. When people began speaking out about this ISIS group right in our nation's capitol, I went back to the site to get the link ..but when I did, I noticed that the title of the group was now SIS...without the I in front. However, you can still see ISIS in the top heading and on other pages. ISIS is NOT who or what we are told it is. It has been created by forces working together....such as perhaps the CIA, the Mossad, the IMF, the United Nations....etc. I am not an expert in the who and why department ...but to me it looks as if the whole charade is to gain resources, power, control,  and to aid in the formation of World Government. A New World Order or one world government has been promoted by our politicians, such as Strobe Talbot, George Bush senior,and others. Oh yes.... and let's not forget Gorbachev. 

My advice for those of you who still believe the mainstream media as to the boogeyman being the to take ABC's advice and investigate who and what is funding ISIS and other related groups. It is also important to consider that ISIS is a goddess in Theosophy which is the religion of the United Nations, the mystery religions,  the Masons, the New Age, and other groups I am not aware of. Be very critical and analyze everything the media talks about. Notice the psychological manipulations being used....and the specific words being used to create terror in the viewing audience. It is also interesting that those currently in control like to brag about what they are doing to us. Blatant websites , such as the one just referred to, is one example. Predicting future terrorist attacks in movies and cartoons is another example. Iconography and symbolism is paraded right before our eyes. Does warning us ahead of time really have to do with their ideology or are they just mocking us because they realize the majority will not get it?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Propaganda Illusion of Perfect Countries

 Sing to the old "Kennel Ration" commercial

My country's better than yours country's better than yours, my country's better cause we aren't human, my country's better than yours.

I used to think that the United States was the only pure and innocent country in the world. It didn't occur to me that our government could be infiltrated by and/or partially composed of dishonest people. I must have thought there were border patrols surrounding the United States to keep out dishonest power hungry people. I felt sorry for all of the other countries who were only allowed to view and listen to deceptive propaganda. I thought our media was open and honest. However, over time, through personal experiences, learning the tactics of the dishonest manipulative people, and then observing events unfold, I have come to see that the United States is just as "human" and vulnerable to corruption as any other country. In order to restore our freedoms and save our country, we need to be able to discern the deception and methods of manipulation.

 Often wars are solely for gaining control of other countries and their resources. This can be accomplished in a covert manner through using propaganda.... by training the public to believe a war is for the purpose of either protecting the specific country going to war or that a country is helping another country to resist oppression. A very popular tactic used to convince people to go to war is to create a single false flag attack or many of them in planned succession. These planned events could be  contrived or fake terrorism, school shootings, orchestrated weather disasters, etc. Immediately after these events in the news you will see pre-planned movies, presidential speeches, and choreographed news clips. These pre-planned propaganda pieces (which are all ready to go) will always address the event with the solutions desired by the dishonest manipulative people who want more power and control.

Here are some of these "solutions" provided by the globalists in and outside of our government. The 9-11 solutions were increased surveillance, war without end because terrorists can reside anywhere, travel restrictions, breach of privacy (going through private belongings at recreational events), loss of constitutional rights, city lock-downs,  and increased police presence.

Solutions to school and other shootings are school lock-downs (used to be only in prisons), mandatory mental health screening which would result in more drugging,  tighter restrictions on a person's right to bear arms which will eventually lead to total confiscation, and the clamping down on free speech and the right to question the government. This is especially true with the Sandy Hook event. If any citizen even dare to suggest that Sandy Hook did not occur as the media presented it to us, well...then you are just the most horrible, uncaring person in the world and are to be scorned and even ostracized or imprisoned.

 George Bush uttered this famous quote after 9-11... "Either you are with us, or you are a terrorist!" This statement automatically labels anyone who dares to question the a terrorist and should set up an immediate red flag that psychological manipulation is being used.

Solutions to our weather disasters, which are strongly suspected to be deliberately orchestrated, are to institute global taxes and laws ..supposedly because these rapid fire weather disasters are caused by global warming/climate change. Gorbachev stated that the cornerstone (or fear inducing factor) of the New World Order is the environment. It is true that we need to respect and care better for our environment, however, this does not have to include giving up national sovereignty, which is the current plan. "They" want us to think that we cannot solve our problems as individual countries but that we have to become a monopoly in order to survive and thrive. Weren't we taught as kids that monopolies are dangerous? Much of this talk about Love and Oneness is not sincere on the part of the globalists who are manipulating the New Age beliefs. They want One World Government, and One World Religion. Seems like John Lennon was introducing this idea. Idealistically it all sounds good but in reality it will be an absolute totalitarian regime using technology beyond our wildest dreams to control us.

So, to sum this up, no, there are no perfect countries and every citizen of EVERY country needs to be vigilant and question question question. We mustn't accept anything as fact unless we have experienced it ourselves. Instead of letting the propaganda divide us, let's unite on the common front of exposing those who have to deceive us in order to gain and retain control. Many republicans and others will agree that we are losing our freedoms but they are not looking into the ways and methods being used to do this. The propaganda on Facebook from both democratic and republican parties is created by the globalists to go only part way with the truth. Because  both parties support the mainstream media versions of 9-11, war on terror, school shootings, etc......they are both complicit and NOT on the side of the people. They are leaving out the biggest piece of the puzzle. Those who own the media are controlling the events!

It is Not being a traitor or terrorist to question and to demand answers from those who are running the show. If you truly love your country and what it stands for you will want to protect it from the criminal cabal that is currently gaining further control of the world. The culprits are not just found in the United's the globalist bankers from every part of the world that are responsible for our recent terrorist events. They are using these events to create fear and final submission. The events are going to escalate until they either get what they want or they are totally exposed. Events will increase, not because some Muslims in caves are jealous but because it is part of the globalists' plan for psychological manipulation, gaining resources and forming world government.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


How safe are vaccinations? Are vaccinations really effective? How many vaccines are too many? How do all of the required vaccinations interact with each other? Are there any long term studies to determine the overall safety of vaccines? Should it be mandatory for the general public to be vaccine guinea pigs? And....the biggest question of all...should be......are we approaching immunity in a logical and helpful manner? Please read to the end of this article where there is proof that it is very possible we are being intentionally experimented on through the vaccination program.This is a long article but I feel it is worth taking the time to read. We must begin to look at the whole premise for vaccines.

 Most of society (including doctors) has blindly believed  the American Medical Association and other government agencies when it comes to the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. We are told that many diseases have been eradicated solely due to the vaccine program. What we are not told is that most diseases have a cycle which they go through. First a disease passes through the population and as people acquire immunity to the disease, the disease tends to wane considerably. Modern sewers, cleaner water supplies and other hygienic measures have also played a role in reducing deaths from infectious disease. How much of a role vaccines have actually played in this lessening of certain diseases is difficult to decipher. Many diseases which were claimed to have been eradicated were already on the decline when the corresponding vaccine was introduced.

People don't become ill with disease due to vaccine deficiency. They become ill because their immune systems are deficient. Lowered immune system activity can result from not enough food, poor food choices, chemicals in the environment, and stresses of different types. People are not just helpless victims of disease microbes but play an active role in determining whether they are healthy and robust or diseased and sickly. Many people try to live in a healthy manner but much of the time the advice we are given by "authorities",  which we have been conditioned to trust, is false and based solely on profit motives.

Vaccines consist of poisonous chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and unknown factors. They are administered in an unnatural manner...through a needle. This means that the vaccine ingredients bypass the body's natural detoxification, selection and neutralization processes which are found with digestion and respiratory filters. An example might be peanut oil that is used in some vaccines. The constituents of peanut oil are absorbed into the bloodstream through injection... without passing through the normal digestive process, which breaks down certain proteins and other substances in the peanut oil. When peanut oil is digested naturally, the dangerous elements are broken down properly and then can  enter the rest of the body in a harmless manner. Allergies to peanuts may develop through vaccinations which include peanut oil...because the body sees these raw unbroken down components as foreign invaders which the body then mounts a hyper-immune response to.

The vaccine controversy is presented to us in the following manner. The government side of the debate states that there are two sides to the controversy. One side consists of people who are "for" vaccines because they are supposedly safe and effective so why on earth would anyone not want to get vaccines for themselves or their children? The other side is presented to us as "against" vaccines because those who are questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines must be believing false rumors and of course they are supposedly endangering the rest of the population. The premise to the government/corporate angle" is that vaccines are safe and effective. The truth is.... that as the vaccine schedule increases so has allergies, SIDS, supposed shaken baby syndrome, encephalitis or meningitis, ADD, ADHD, Autism and autoimmune disease. Sometimes vaccine injuries happen immediately after vaccination so cause and effect can easily be determined. But more often mild and serious long term side effects occur months or even years down the road. The vaccine corporations know that the vaccine's relation to the side effects usually cannot be proven.

Now, getting to the main point of this article, I want to share an article supported by our own American Medical Association. The title of this article from the Virtual Mentor Policy Forum is...  " "Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials Be Mandated" and was published in January 2012. The article basically promotes the idea that mandatory vaccine experimentation on the "for the good of the whole". They state that in "recent decades there has been a distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials." "Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies is one alternative solution that is not as outlandish as it might seem on first consideration." They show as an example of mandating activities for the "good of the whole" other countries more or less making organ donation mandatory. Now I would ask a very serious question to this. Very large sums of money are made on selling and buying organs...which is also true with aborted fetuses and the sale of vaccines. So...are these laws really for the good of the whole or for the good of those who make the laws or lobby for them?

 Why has there been such a decline in vaccine experiment volunteers? A logical reason would be that people are experiencing dangerous side effects or observing others experiencing death and side effects. At this point I think I should relate my experience with the Lyme disease vaccine created by Smithkline Beecham(Lymerix). During the Lyme vaccine trial or experiment where volunteers got the vaccine before it was made available to the public, it was known in the Lyme literate community that Smithkline Beecham knew that approximately 30% of those who had a certain genetic type would react negatively to the vaccine and could contract an autoimmune version of Lyme disease which could not be treated. Before the vaccine became available to the public I stood outside of a grocery store with copies of information that I spent my own money on. The information included both sides of the controversy so people could make up their own minds. Halfway through the day, two young men came up to me, took the information and walked into the store. After a while they came back out ...with no groceries...and came over to me. They wanted to know who was supporting or backing me. I told them that  no one was backing me and that I was doing this on my own. They were very angry and disapproved of what I was doing. They finally left and I surmised that they may have played some role in the production or promotion of that vaccine.

After the vaccine came out on the market I went back to the the store again to hand out general Lyme disease information that is NOT made available to the public by Government health agencies. A few of the workers at the store came by and informed me that they were in the Lyme vaccine trials and that they now were ill and labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. I attended a Lyme disease conference at this time in Connecticut. They had a Smithkline Beecham representative present to give a talk. Doctors and patients were eagerly awaiting his talk hoping to learn more about the reported side effects that many of the Lyme literate doctors were seeing in their patients. The representative gave his talk on Lyme rashes! The presentation had nothing to do with the vaccine as we had hoped. At the end one doctor stood up and said we were hoping to hear about the vaccine and the reactions and illness people acquired after the vaccine. The representative from Smithkline Beecham had the nerve to say that there were no significant side effects! The doctors and patients in the audience let out a collective moan and many doctors just got up and walked out. This could be one example of why there is such a decrease in those who volunteer for vaccine experiments. Smithkline Beecham finally took Lymerix off the market. When asked why they did this...Smithkline responded that the reason was because there was a lack of interest. I suppose they were not totally lying but they did leave out the reason why there was a lack of interest...and it was because it made many people chronically ill....probably about 30 % of those who got the vaccine....which Smithkline knew would happen ahead of time.

Here is another quote I would like to discuss. "But perhaps most importantly, as a society we need to evaluate our perception of vaccination. Any successful vaccine program by its very nature takes a once-feared illness out of the public eye. This means that the benefits of immunization become forgotten while side effects in small numbers of individuals fill the headlines."  The first sentence of this quote I agree with. ...but for different reasons. The second sentence needs to be debated. It is thought that many of our modern diseases, chronic autoimmune diseases...etc could be mutated viruses and bacteria from the vaccinations which now present in a different way. The disease which is claimed to be  prevented by vaccination may have been traded for a mutated or immune activated form. And the third sentence also needs to be turned around. Actually we do NOT hear about vaccine side effects in the media, we only hear about the supposed dangers of being unvaccinated. Let's take Disney World and the measles outbreak for example. Later reports shared the idea that if it was a real outbreak it was more likely to have been caused by the vaccinated children who may have passed the live virus on to others. Here is the article I am speaking of from The Journal of Ethics

So...I feel that the real question that needs to be asked is not shall we experiment on the people with vaccines for the good of the whole...putting many people in danger and perhaps even disabling our society.....but why do we need vaccines in the first place? Isn't the real need to find how to boost our immune systems naturally through traditional foods that kept our ancestors healthy and robust so that we could be here today? Instead, through vaccines we are artificially stimulating the immune system while introducing toxic chemicals and heavy metals which further suppress the immune system. Are we doing both at once and totally confusing the body? The adjuvants are added to stimulate the immune system and the same chemicals and heavy metals also depress the immune system and invade the brain. Everything is backwards. The plagues in the past were often caused by famines, poor hygiene and filthy water supplies. The answer then would not be to add more bacteria and dangerous substances but to clean up the offending causes and address the famine. In modern day the solution is not to add more chemicals , heavy metals, bacteria and viruses but to clean up our diet, reduce our intake of chemicals, address stress and prepare our foods in traditional ways. For solid traditional advice on how to keep your immune system running naturally and smoothly, please visit The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are Sun Dogs Really A Natural Phenomenon?

This morning there was an announcement on WTNH (ABC) in Connecticut that yesterday (June 17, 2015) quite a few people across the state had called in to report unusually shaped rainbows in the sky with no rain in sight. Of course the media had a ready made explanation for this rare phenomenon. The weatherman told the viewing audience and those who sent in their concerns...not to be alarmed because it was a natural happening. He went on to say that the square rainbows were formed by the sun reflecting off of the ice crystals in the atmosphere and that there were a lot of high cirrus clouds that rolled in.

These "sun dogs" first began appearing around 1998 when the persistent contrail operation was set into motion.  So far, according to concerned activists, the only time that these sun dogs appear in the sky is when the sun reflects off of spreading jet contrails....with no rain in sight. Why don't we see the square or partial rainbows when normal clouds are involved? If it was an old phenomenon then why are scores of concerned citizens calling in to the media to report their sightings? The image above shows a sun dog that formed in the sheet of haze blowing off of a jet contrail.

Yesterday there was a very high concentration of jets leaving persistent contrails that would spread like big white sheets across the sky. I was at the local hardware store as this was occurring . I just couldn't keep quiet because it is so bizarre that others do not notice this blatant display right above our heads. I flagged down a young employee outside the store and pointed out to him what was going on above his head. He was flabbergasted and a bit frightened at the bizarre sight. He said he had heard of chemtrails but never really saw a display like this before. No wonder people were reporting sun dogs to the weather stations!
The two photos on this page were not taken yesterday but they represent what people are seeing through the spreading sheets of jet contrail emissions. You can plainly see the rainbow ring around the sun and the white sheet that has spread across the sky from a persistent contrail. We were told on the news this morning that the clouds we saw yesterday were high cirrus clouds that rolled in. Well that was a lie because the clouds that created the sun dogs were created by the jet emissions. Now that is an obvious fact that can be observed. If the jet emissions are really only ice crystals then why hide the fact that the clouds were formed by  jets systematically laying spreading trails in the sky? Some activists and scientists think that the rings and rainbows are caused by the sun reflecting off of oil or metallic particles in the jet emissions.

It is still up for debate concerning the purpose of these persistent contrails. Officially it appears that whoever is behind this massive operation is covertly seeding information that the purpose is to mitigate global warming. I think this is a possibility but a remote possibility. There may be other reasons why they tend to shield the sun more so than the rest of the sky. Remediation of ozone holes caused by atmospheric experimentation or warfare could be involved. Another possibility could be that certain desired properties of  an atmospheric plasma screen or radio/GPS/military signals, and cell phone communications can be degraded by the sun. These chemtrails may both shield the sun and create an atmospheric soup to enhance these modern communications. Cell phones  became much more widely used around the time of the introduction of persistent jet contrails. I wonder when GPS was widely first used? Weather modification also must factor in here. I am of course only speculating but I think that the communications aspect of chemtrails needs more investigation. I remember reading about his aspect years ago in the American Free Press.

Many people believe that the global warming theory is a scam so if it is a scam then why would they be saying that the purpose of chemtrails is to mitigate global warming.? Some say that the melting of the polar ice and our destructive weather is caused by global warming. However, we now have the technology to melt the polar ice intentionally and to create destructive weather to gain power and resources. See The Intentional Melting of the Polar Ice in the right hand column of this blog and see if that may make some sense. We must learn the tactics of controlled opposition and begin using our own common sense instead of listening to the Truther Gurus.

I went to NASA'S Website to see what they would say about sun dogs and at this link they share a photo and their explanation. Interesting though...the image of their sky with the sun dogs present seems to be plastered with persistent contrails.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 The flooding in Texas and Oklahoma appears to be a continuation of possible retribution against these states and other states which are opposing Agenda 21. When Oklahoma and other states were experiencing rapid fire repeated tornadoes, I looked up each state in relation to Agenda 21and found that each of these states was either opposing or withdrawing from Agenda 21. You can conduct a search yourself and you will find the information readily at hand. Many citizens have not heard of Agenda 21 but more may have heard of ICLEI....the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. On the surface ICLEI can appear like a very positive organization to save the environment but fundamentally it is a well organized global land grab. Some methods used to take private land away from the people are: encouraging people to leave land in their wills to local towns. I think it may be good to have a small to moderate amount of public land because I do care about the environment but there is no reason why responsible private land ownership cannot be promoted instead of pushing towards the elimination of private land ownership. Another method of confiscating land is using the old "save the rare turtle excuse". Creating wildfires and other natural disasters over and over again in specific areas can also drive people off the land. Creating high insurance and tax rates in certain areas also will eventually force people off their land.

Our more recent weather disasters have all been blamed on "global warming"....but what many people are not aware of is that technology does exist to control much of the weather. Gorbachev was quoted as saying that the environment will be the cornerstone of The New World Order. See  Some might take this as a positive statement meaning that a better world will be created by focusing on the environment in an honest and sincerely helpful way. However, many are realizing that those who are pushing for World Government are being anything but kind to the environment by possibly engaging in weather warfare , intentionally melting the ice caps...etc...all for monetary gain and control over the world. Ideas being promoted are "for the good of the whole"  or "the end justifies the means" which I believe sucks well meaning concerned people into this paradigm of "it is proper and even necessary to kill people and to trash the environment for a while if the goal in the end is to save the "whole". This idea hit home for me when I read a quote by Barbara Marx Hubbard
"Out of the full spectrum of human personality... one-fourth is destructive... They are defective seeds... In the past they were permitted to die a 'natural death.' the elders the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body . Fortunately, you... are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for Death... We come to bring death... The riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. Grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the most painful period in the history of humanity."  The Book of Co-Creation: The Revelation Alternative to Armageddon, Part III Manuscript The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millenium.

I don't think that the "end justifies the means". A very wise saying to contemplate is " An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit."

The recent weather system that is flooding Texas and parts of Oklahoma was named (not sure by whom) "Government" because supposedly government is slow and apparently this storm system is slow moving
We know from past experience that storms are often named to give a hint as to their source. Hurricane Sandy was named  a hybrid storm and as Frankenstein. Both of these terms refer to something that is man-made.

Below is a video which also shares the idea that this storm system hitting Texas is man made using scalar technology. Is it too late to stop weather warfare? I don't know but knowledge is power and knowledge is the first step. We are kept in the dark for a good shining a light on this issue can only help in the long run. Here is the first post I made concerning this issue

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Chemtrails Cause Drought and Floods

All of us would probably agree that the earth is experiencing record breaking weather disasters. The news and weather reports tell us about this upheaval constantly  and we observe the destruction. The reason we are given for these weather disasters is global warming. No other possible cause is ever mentioned...that I am aware of. I might believe the theory that global warming is causing floods, freezing weather, hurricanes, drought, tornadoes and even volcanic eruptions if the ability that governments/corporations have to manipulate the weather was reported in the media. No mention is ever made of our many weather modification companies trying to abort or steer a storm. No information in our country wide media is ever made concerning these companies' abilities to create rain, to collect moisture in the atmosphere to form clouds and then to seed these clouds. It seems probable that there are two or more grades or levels of weather modification.

One level may consist of local weather modification companies around the world such as this one...which probably uses cloud seeding as their main way of causing it to rain. . Then there appears to be a more covert global and  military faction that uses state of the art technology consisting of HAARP and satellite 
equipment to steer the jet stream, cause earthquakes and volcanoes, and spray our skies with chemicals that absorb moisture to form clouds, which has the potential to take the moisture away from certain areas and dump it in other areas.

I often suspected that chemtrails (persistent cloud forming contrails) were somehow affecting the weather. However, I could never pin down the exact mechanism of how the massive amounts of particulate matter sprayed into our skies could change the weather. The articles from NASA, may at least partially explain events such as the drought in California. Granted droughts happen naturally from time to time but we are experiencing relentless weather disasters which come in an unnatural rapid fire manner...along with other instigated social "events" and unrest. This concentrated turmoil strongly hints of a concentrated effort to destabilize the industrialized nations and to gain the resources of the more underdeveloped nations....for the purpose of forming world government.

I found it very interesting that volcanoes may cause the earth to cool but that they also can cause drought. Heavy amounts of particulates in the atmosphere partially block the sun's warming rays which helps to evaporate the water up into the atmosphere which eventually forms clouds. I highly doubt the global warming theory ...and it is only a theory...but it could be possible. However, I tend to think that our melting ice caps and bizarre weather are due more to INTENTIONAL human intervention.

A pattern has developed concerning the persistent contrails formed by high flying jets. Before 1998 I vividly recall two weeks and sometimes more of every day with deep clear blue skies with no clouds in sight. I remember the weather channels showing us their cloud, sun, and rain graphics and how they reflected two weeks of clear blue skies and sun. Approximately around 1998 something changed drastically. Now we MAY have two days in a row.... at the most ....without clouds or haze made from jets. Often it is one day of clear skies after a front comes through and then the skies are clouded up or hazed over with a silvery bluish white tinge. Sometimes you can observe this thick white "air" or haze down at street level our breathing space. Often when driving on the highway it is difficult to see mountains in the distance that are usually clearly present. The average  citizen would just assume that this was smog or humidity. I have noticed that humidity has a much more translucent look to it...after all it's water vapor. The white air caused by the persistent
dripping contrails is more white and opaque. The atmosphere seems extremely dingy and "other worldly" on these days.

Think Tanks and governments have expressed a definite interest in being able to modify the weather. Evidence, science, and even the History and Discovery Channel episodes have stated that technology exists to geoengineer our planet in many different ways, one of them being weather modification. Russia even bragged that they could create nice weather for important events. If this is really true then why are we not hearing about the ability to steer storms and seed clouds to cause rain, steer the jet stream...etc? Why isn't the media reporting that the weather modifcation companies are trying very hard to create rain in California? Is this because drought is being intentionally caused through filtering the sun's ability to evaporate rain to form clouds? Is it because certain corporations want to own the food and water supply? We need answers. Let's try to ask the right questions.

The two articles below speak about the ability of particulates in the atmosphere to cause drought. I don't think there is just one mechanism or purpose for chemtrails. It appears they may have multiple uses.I don't know if the author of the first article really believes in global warming but he is writing as if he does.

Geoengineering: Why or Why Not?
By: Jim Hodges
History tells of volcanoes that have cooled the earth, of gradual global warming over the past 100 years interrupted by eruptions at Katmai, Alaska, in 1912 and Pinatubo, Phillipines, in 1991 that sent effluence aloft that nearly blocked out the sun.
Image to right: Rutgers professor Alan Robock says that geoengineering should be studied and that he is undecided as to whether its benefits could outweigh its consequences. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith.
Why not inject aerosols into the stratosphere to repeat the effect, slowing the inexorable warming that is melting away the ice at Earth's poles, among other effects on nature?
It's called geoengineering, and Alan Robock spoke Friday before an overflow crowd at the Science Directorate of the potential benefits and consequences of doing just that.

"Freshwater precipitation goes down after a big volcanic eruption," said Robock, a professor of climatology at Rutgers and a member of the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore.

Simply put, an absent or highly filtered sun inhibits evaporation that forms clouds that bring rain.

Robock's lecture was part of Langley's "Green Series," and he called it: "The Science and Politics of Geoengineering? Smoke and Mirrors."  Read more here

Here is an excerpt from another article that talks about how large amounts of particulates in the this case from volcanoes..... can cause both floods and droughts depending on different factors that emerge...whether these factors emerge naturally or intentionally.

Yim said that when volcanoes erupt, gas and ash form a column that streams into the air above the volcano. In the most explosive eruptions, the column may rise more than 50 kilometres, penetrating the stratosphere. Its aerosols are then carried elsewhere by the jet stream.
The Kelud eruption formed a column 26 kilometres high, and that of Sinabung a column 12 kilometres high. Both entered the stratosphere and changed the normal circulation pattern.
In 1963, when Indonesia’s Mount Agung erupted mightily, southern China had one of its worst droughts on record. In Hong Kong, water rationing became necessary and water supplies were available for only four hours every four days. The eruption of  Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 was followed by a period of significantly lower rainfall. The year was also Hong Kong’s 11th driest.
In both cases, the eruptions’ rising thermal plumes caused the surrounding cooler air to be drawn in. Because of Hong Kong’s coastal location at the margin of the world’s largest continental land mass, the change from the normal wind direction to predominantly offshore winds was conducive to drought, Yim said.
Depending on an eruption’s explosivity, location and timing, it can also cause flooding, he said. In 1982, when Mexico’s El Chichon erupted, spreading its volcanic cloud to the South China Sea, Hong Kong recorded its second wettest year.
In Malaysia, authorities in Selangor – its most populous province – have started water rationing after  river and reservoir levels reached critical lows. In Singapore, rain fell on just seven days last month, typically the driest month of the year, leaving the lush city-state  parched and prompting officials to warn residents to conserve water. The environment agency expects the dry weather to last until mid-March.
“Volcanoes don’t erupt a lot, but when they do, they make a huge impact on the climate. Yet not a lot of scientists are studying this,” Yim said.
Meteorologists look at things like air flow, so there’s a gross underestimation of the importance of water vapour during volcanic eruptions.
“It is like a detective story. And we, earth scientists, are the detectives.”
Also check out the sidebar of this blog for the article about the possible Intentional Melting of the Ice caps.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

They Are Stealing Our Children

Does it really take a village to raise a child or have parents been doing a sufficient job through the ages of teaching, caring and protecting their children? The human race has survived and thrived through thousands of years by living within nature's setup. It's when humans step in and think they can do a better job than nature that problems begin to occur. No human system is perfect. Only nature/God creates perfection midst the larger scheme of things. Those who think we are God/gods must believe that humans possess an all encompassing knowledge or view of creation and that humans understand all the details and interactions within the universe's ecosystem.

Let's just use our modern foods and the food system as an example of what I am trying to share in this article. According to history humans were first hunters and gatherers. They would eat wild berries, roots, nuts, greens, and hunt for wild healthy animals. When the food supply would dwindle in their area they would move to another location where the food supply was fresh and abundant. In the meantime the food supply in the area that they had moved from would gradually replenish. Families or clans raised their own children. All this was done without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and genetically modified food and government interference. It is estimated that the lifespan may have been somewhat shorter but the people had to be reasonably healthy in order to survive. Humans are still around so this system must have worked.

Now let's just take a minute to focus on what humans (who some consider to be gods) have done to the food supply. To begin with the food supply has become basically centralized. Keep in mind that this is what they also want to do with child care. It's a basic fact that whoever owns the food and water supply controls the people. I think it would logically follow that whoever controls the children will control society. The price, quality and availability of our food is controlled through this centralized system. Processed foods make up the bulk of what is made available to us. These devitalized foods are creating low immunity and chronic illness in the population. The quality or rather lack of quality of our food supply is determined by greed and profit...not by what is best for the people.....or society. Propaganda tries to convince us that society has progressed so far and that we are much smarter and more technologically advanced over our hunter and gatherer ancestors. It's true...we do have more technology....but look around the larger scheme of things how has that really benefited humans, animals and the planet? Would God or gods make such a mess of things?

It's been reported by Aaron Russo that Nick Rockefeller claims the Rockefellers and the CIA were responsible for the Women's Liberation Movement....not because they loved and cared about women but so that they could collect taxes from both halves of the family and so that while the women were out working the state could gain more control over the children.  They have created a system where parents don't have enough time to spend with their children to teach them morality, responsibility, kindness towards others, and an ability to question, analyze and reason. Then when the children step out of line or don't conform to Government expectations, they steal the children to medicate and indoctrinate. If mandatory mental health screening ever becomes law...then we will be in big trouble! Our nation will become a pack of mind controlled drugged zombies to do the will of the rich.....a modernized slave state or feudalistic system.

Throughout history if people lived in tribes or clans....they would raise children within their tribal system which was mutually agreed upon by the people within this small enclosed system. Rules and customs concerning marriage, food gathering, food preparation, religious practices, child rearing, etc were created for the benefit of the individual people in the tribe and for the community as a whole. In some cases this small enclosed community or clan some degree... watch over other people's children. There were many different tribes, clans, and villages all over the world. Yes there were wars and disagreements between these different groups of people.....but that is human nature and it's not going to change...unless of course we are all lobotomized, hypnotized, and uploaded into computors. But then.... where is our humanity and ability to learn from life's experiences? Whenever society gets too large.... the rich control the poor. They gain more control, power and money when they have control over the young generations. How do they gain this control? The control over the children begins with what appears to be concern over the children's welfare. Situations will be intentionally created, made up, or exaggerated and focused on to make it seem as if parents are not responsible enough to raise their own children. One of the latest news items concerned the girl who was 17 and wanted to choose natural treatment for cancer over toxic chemotherapy... but was taken away from her parents and forced to take chemotherapy.   In the eyes of nature , this girl is an adult and in a free country where supposedly people still have basic human rights to decide what is done to their bodies, she should have the right to decide her fate....especially when she has her parent's support! Science/medicine is far from perfect and often causes more harm than good. Often death is a direct result of medical how can any thinking person decide that people should be forced to undergo dangerous treatments especially where a cure cannot be guaranteed. That's called experimentation or criminal activity.

I have seen similar situations take place involving Lyme disease. Being able to acquire adequate long term treatment for Chronic Lyme disease is very difficult. In fact certain factions of government and the medical system claim that there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme. Doctors who try to adequately treat this relapsing infection are often chastised and some have lost their licenses to practice medicine. There have been many instances across the country and throughout the world where parents have stood by their children. The parents  know their children and believe that they are really sick so they PUSH to get long term antibiotic treatment. They have seen this treatment work and when it is withdrawn, the child often relapses.  There are many instances where these children have been taken away from their parents and taken off antibiotics or just totally denied  antibiotics all together. The parents then become labeled as having Munchhausen's Syndrome by proxy....which supposedly is a disorder where the parent makes the child sick. The children who are confiscated by the State remain ill, are given another disease label , such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.S, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis....etc. Of course no known causes or cures are known or available for these disease LABELS so the child becomes a life long customer of the drug companies and drugged for the many different symptoms that the underlying persistent infection causes.

I could keep going with this post but I think you get the idea. The woman below shares a different type of example of this increasing control of the government over our lives. How can anyone think that governments...which are really corporations....can love and care for children more than the parents? There will always be parents who neglect their children or parents who make poor decisions but the solution is not giving our control over our own the State. One of the solutions should be going back to having one parent at home and styling the economy to provide for this option. The more parents work, the longer and more time the children spend with the State or their indoctrinated peers who influence them in a predetermined or orchestrated manner. The government wants control of our children. Are we going to let this happen? It does not take a Corporation/Govt ( or village as Hilary would call it) to raise a child!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Astroturfing, Media Propaganda and Vaccines

If the public can get a handle on how we are being manipulated by public relations firms, government, and the drug companies, then we may be able to regain some of our lost freedoms and preserve the ones we still have. One of our most basic rights is being threatened through the use of propaganda, astroturfing, and controlled opposition. If legislation passes to mandate vaccinations for everyone.... without the right to refuse for medical, religious, or other reasons...then we are absolutely no longer living in a free country. Due to the fact that a law mandating vaccines for everyone is actually being pushed for...this calls for immediate and thorough investigation into the safety and efficacy of vaccines. A person can not have a more basic right than to determine what does or does not go into his body.

You may have noticed by now that the media never lists the many vaccine injuries or deaths that are reported every year. The only brief mention on the news that I have heard on this vital issue is that vaccine reactions, injuries and death are rare....that's all...that's it! How balanced and accurate is that...especially when the fact may be that allergies, autoimmune disease, asthma, cancer, and brain dysfunction are steadily increasing in proportion to the increase in the number of vaccines. The lack of possible correlation being noticed by the public is stunning! The vaccine companies even admit in the package inserts that studies have not been done to see if cancer can be caused by the vaccines! I attribute this non-rational total trust in the non personal corporate entities (government, drug companies and public relations firms) to the advanced methods of mind control being used by these corporate entities.

One of the tactics being used is first to create two sides of the issue..."The Provaxers and the Antivaxers. This keeps the two sides busy attacking each other instead of actually investigating the main issue. Then astroturfers(often people who work for the PR Companies or the drug companies) are hired to either claim they had a child become ill with a specific disease (such as measles) because they came into contact with someone who was not vaccinated or to just rant on and call people who question the safety and efficacy of these vaccines to be dangerous, moronic, idiotic, or hysterical. You will most likely never hear it mentioned on the news that often children have become ill ....for example with the measles....because they either received the measles shot or came into contact with someone who was vaccinated with the live virus measles vaccine. Live virus vaccines shed and as a result vaccinated children and adults can pass on the virus to those they come into contact with. of the main tactics used by astroturfers is to call those who question the propaganda all sorts of names. It's childish really...but people fall for it. For example there was a well known personality ...a doctor...on the news...supposedly sticking up for the rights of those who do not want to inject foreign substances into their bodies by an unnatural route. He said that the people who refuse to be vaccinated are lunatics but that still they should have the right to refuse vaccines. Do you see what he is doing here? He is sending a mixed message that would lead many people to think...well.....if these "antivaxers" are lunatics then maybe they shouldn't have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to be vaccinated....especially if they are endangering others! The fact is...there is a very large and growing movement that is protesting mandated vaccines...not because they are lunatics for questioning authorities, but because they themselves or their children have been seriously injured by vaccines.... and not bringing up this absolute legitimate issue in the media is one of the main tactics of propaganda and astro-turfing. Those who use this technique skirt around the issue and instead divert attention by placing the blame  on those who are questioning and resisting their nefarious goals. Once you understand these tactics of name calling, diverting attention, ignoring the issues, blaming those who oppose your agenda, and hiring people to falsely testify...then you will see these methods being used everywhere keep the public inside the virtual reality bubble. This bubble needs to be burst!

My goal isn't to hope that people believe my opinions on certain vital subjects but that they learn the tactics used.... for themselves they will not be manipulated and possibly harmed as a result. The following video is an excellent short presentation explaining the tactics used by media, government and public relations firms that often leads to more control over the people and is usually not in the best interests of the people.