Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombing

I looked up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his deceased brother in the public records and there appears to be no one with these names in the whole U.S. Maybe I spelled them wrong?  The same thing happened when people looked up Adam Lanza in Connecticut.  Of course there could be other explanations for this but it needs to be further investigated.

 Check what entity is setting up the Boston Bombing Fund and find out what bank is collecting the money. People should know the details of where their money is going before they donate.The profiling of the bomber suspect is that of a very nice person...a regular Joe. So...with Sandy Hook  and Aurora we have  deranged nuts that supposedly should have had psychiatric evaluations to pinpoint him to prevent the disaster at Sandy Hook. far ...with the Boston Marathon Bomber suspect we have what appears to be a very normal person. We need to look where this profiling may be leading us. We have a nut and supposedly a normal person. This may mean that EVERYONE needs to be evaluated....cause you just never know who might be crazy. Did you ever hear the saying that it is those doing the fingerpointing that are the guilty ones....the CRAZY ones? There is a profiling expert on TV right now talking about how people can appear very normal to many people but that they can have another side. This is a true statement but it is more true of the psychopaths...some of which are running our government and the world.. I think we need mandatory impartial mental health evaluations of our officials and the world bankers. : > )

George Bush wanted to pass a mandatory mental health screening for all children  If our rapid fire disasters have been orchestrated  by the world banksters  then there appears to be several goals. Closely evaluate the following possible goals as you watch the news.... mandatory mental health screening, more military and police presence, greater camera surveillance, facial recognition for everyone, gun confiscation,another war, people reporting on each other, entry into people's houses without a search warrant, getting us used to the new "lockdown scenario" ( a popular new buzz word)...and see if you can notice any more goals.

Where would we be if all these goals are realized? Our children would be drugged and classified as to how much of a risk they may be to society. What would be the guidelines they would go by? On the news they have been insinuating that it is "wrong" to say that some of our wars are stupid.This is supposedly what the bomber suspect said to someone in his past. Would that be a thought that is considered "dangerous"?
I am posting the link below again because it can be very helpful in investigations of any kind. If we are going to have such invasive technology and records used against us...we may as well use it too....but for good purposes.

Also watch for further events that occur after this marathon bombing. What usually happens is those who may be orchestrating all of these events...focus on the terror of a specific event for a few months to get it set in our minds and then they move quickly on to the next event ....before people have a chance to really investigate and concentrate on the previous event. They also have to have time after each event to gather enough donations....probably in the millions or  billions. Why do the victims need so much money? Are they getting all the money? What I want people to notice is the very unnatural timing of all these disasters which all point to the same goals.

If I am wrong...I want to apologize to anyone that this may implicate. My intention is not to be radical or disrespectful but I just want to encourage people to investigate. This is a normal healthy thing to do when our  human rights are in danger. Don't let anyone tell you it is wrong to question the government and the world bankers/corporations. They are all connected nowadays.