Monday, December 21, 2015


For several years now government officials have been warning us that the power grid WILL go down. They tell us it's a definite fact and it's not a matter of IF but WHEN. Here is a news item I came across today that speaks to this issue.

I distinctly remember Janet Reno and others repeating this mantra. They use the exact same phrase...not a matter of IF but WHEN. Whenever we hear this, we must immediately question the statement and consider it in more detail. We should wonder how they can be so certain about their prediction and look for any possible goal of whatever is predicted as certain to happen. I wrote an article before about this tactic of predictive programming. It looked back at 9-11 and how before 9-11 we were told over and over that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN, terrorism would appear on American soil. Sure enough 9-11 occurred and all of our recent loss of rights, increased surveillance, increased police presence, and our recent wars are based on the premise that foreign terrorists attacked us. Of course most people are aware that many suspect that 9-11 was an inside job, orchestrated by infiltrators with opposing ideology to the freedoms that Americans hold dear.

As I observe the media...we see increased reports of asteroids that may hit us, terrorists that may use cyber attacks against us, solar flares that could knock out the grid....etc. It appears to me that they are priming our minds...our expectations of future events that may be caused by those who are warning us. We are repeatedly told we will experience more shootings and that there will be a massive power grid attack. Before Hurricane Sandy occurred we watched movies that showed New York City being flooded. Before the Ebola blitz we were told that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN we would experience plagues...some of them perhaps bio-warfare related. From observing the media surrounding the Ebola propaganda, I tend to think at least some of the Ebola cases over here were fake. This is not to say that there is no Ebola or that science has not created it, however, I think part of it had to do with priming us for later incidents and to see how the public would react. The Ebola segment in the Simpsons made it especially clear that whatever does happen with Ebola in the future may be intentionally brought about by those warning us of the certainty of coming plagues .

In the event of a power grid outage I think what we need to be careful that we don't automatically accept the mainstream explanation for it nor should we automatically accept the alternative news explanation for it because often the alternative news is controlled opposition. If we do experience a power grid outage, I would bet that it wouldn't last for an extensive period of time. The reason I think this would be so is because those currently in control need the media in order to control us, condition us....and brainwash us. This is why we have televisions in just about every room. It is probably one of the main reasons the internet was created...especially the social media. Then of course we have GPS set up so if they want to track everyone, they would need the grid working to do so.

To sum things up....if and when we do experience a power grid outage, let's not automatically accept the idea that Iranians or some other made up foreign terrorists did it. We also should not automatically turn to the idea of sunspots,  asteroids coming too close to earth, alien attack, or the planet turning off its axis, etc. These ideas have been seeded in the public mind for quite a while and I believe are a  form of predictive programming. So let's put on our thinking caps and observe and analyze  everything the media talks about. We are repeatedly being told by the alternative media that the government is hiding past and current communications with aliens. I see the exact opposite happening. I have observed countless movies, History and Discovery Channel shows, books...etc... that feature the idea that aliens exist. They are intentionally seeding this idea through controlled opposition and outright on TV and movies. I am not saying that there is no other life anywhere in the universe because there is no way we can rule that out...however, everything in the media today is controlled and working towards world government.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


It's time people began being suspicious and investigating into these rapid fire mass shootings, which we are led to think are random, carried out by lone nuts and now terrorists...home grown terrorists. I've never seen such similarities and a  rapid fire pace in "random" events before. The solutions to this chaos are to seed the minds of the public..... through media.... with the ideas that we need to...increase limits and surveillance concerning travel, intrude on privacy, institute MANDATORY mental health screening(which would naturally include increased drugging), to  ultimately initiate  gun confiscation, to get people used to martial law or "lockdowns"(which used to be conducted only in prisons), increase police presence, and  to rat on each other as in Nazi Germany because now we have "home grown terrorists". Do these "solutions" also sound like tactics to take a country gain more power and control for the cabal?

Everyone is being trained to be suspicious of their neighbors......especially if they own guns and like to target practice. Gun owners are being pitted against those who would like guns taken away. If you don't see much of your neighbor and he keeps to himself......gee, maybe you had better report him? Today on the news ABC stated that only 2 shootings have NOT been carried out by a lone wolf. (This comment puts suspicion on anyone who keeps to themselves and maybe likes privacy). ABC ALSO said in the same clip that when it comes to terrorism we need to look at where they were trained and who trained them. Well...yes...for sure...I couldn't believe they said that! Of course they were not referring to the CIA and other global entities that are creating and funding terrorists and even creating false flag events with crisis actors! Listen to the news clip at the link below. Hopefully it hasn't been taken off the air. Apparently the news commentator slipped 

 Some of you are probably already aware of the link below to ISIS which has one of it's branches in The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. People who came across this website, noticed that it had to do with military training and presence in specific countries for the stated purpose of protecting the interests of countries and corporations. When people began speaking out about this ISIS group right in our nation's capitol, I went back to the site to get the link ..but when I did, I noticed that the title of the group was now SIS...without the I in front. However, you can still see ISIS in the top heading and on other pages. ISIS is NOT who or what we are told it is. It has been created by forces working together....such as perhaps the CIA, the Mossad, the IMF, the United Nations....etc. I am not an expert in the who and why department ...but to me it looks as if the whole charade is to gain resources, power, control,  and to aid in the formation of World Government. A New World Order or one world government has been promoted by our politicians, such as Strobe Talbot, George Bush senior,and others. Oh yes.... and let's not forget Gorbachev. 

My advice for those of you who still believe the mainstream media as to the boogeyman being the to take ABC's advice and investigate who and what is funding ISIS and other related groups. It is also important to consider that ISIS is a goddess in Theosophy which is the religion of the United Nations, the mystery religions,  the Masons, the New Age, and other groups I am not aware of. Be very critical and analyze everything the media talks about. Notice the psychological manipulations being used....and the specific words being used to create terror in the viewing audience. It is also interesting that those currently in control like to brag about what they are doing to us. Blatant websites , such as the one just referred to, is one example. Predicting future terrorist attacks in movies and cartoons is another example. Iconography and symbolism is paraded right before our eyes. Does warning us ahead of time really have to do with their ideology or are they just mocking us because they realize the majority will not get it?