Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Lately the weather people seem to be coming up with all sorts of new terms to describe our oddball disastrous weather patterns. We have had "Frankenstorms" (Frankenstein was a manmade monster), "Hybrid Storms (that infers a storm is manmade), and now we have "Polar Vortexes".The term polar vortex has supposedly been around for quite a while but we rarely heard about it because the vortexes were not as severe as what we are currently experiencing. I'm sure there are many more new buzz words but these came to mind first.

Our first Polar Vortex of the year occurred in the beginning of January, and now on January 22 through approximately the 30 of January our weather will also feature record breaking low temperatures moving now mainly towards the Northeast. Why are all of our more recent storms  so much more intense and destructive? I think there are several plausible theories for our recent one of a kind weather disasters. 1. the most popular or propagandized theory of global warming. 2. intentional manipulation of the weather with advanced technology. 3. If the ice caps are being intentionally melted for the purpose of access to trade routes, oil , and other marine resources, our intense weather patterns could be a "side effect" of fooling with Mother Nature. The "officials" seem to be betting on further warming or melting of the icecaps. People and corporations are even investing in certain oil companies that will be exploring the arctic where the polar ice is melting.People are betting on the weather through weather derivatives. It was reported that Al Gore  bought 20 oil wells  He owns stock in Occidental Petroleum. More investigation is needed as to which oil companies are exploring the Arctic for future drilling sites now that the ice caps are so certain to melt further .... conveniently opening up access to a new and an extreme wealth of resources. Learn more about the Law of The Sea Treaty in relation to the melting polar ice. Try connecting the oil corporations with corporations that invent and create aerospace weapons and geoengineering.

It appears that we are being given two choices by the media in the debate over "global warming" often termed as climate change. This newer term covers the inconsistent weather patterns...patterns that appear to be inconsistent with a  steady increase in global temperature. Supposedly the Antarctic is not melting. This would also be inconsistent with a general global warming trend. The two choices are...1. the ice caps are melting due to global warming 2. The ice caps are not melting due to global warming. However, trade routes are apparently opening up...hence all the excitement over who gets to the resources first. This tends to lead me to conclude that the ice caps ARE melting. BUT...the real question we should be debating WHY are the icecaps melting?

Here is some info which tries to explain our disastrous weather through the global warming theory. This info infers that our extreme cold can result from global warming or the melting of the icecaps.

One of the questions I have is.....whether the polar regions warm up when the United States and other  countries experience the polar vortex? Does the Polar Vortex remove some of the cold air from the Arctic when this vortex occurs? There is going to be an Arctic Oil and Gas 2014 Summit in Oslo Norway. Will it be warmer in Oslo due to our polar vortex? Can this vortex help to melt the icecaps further? Possible technology used to accomplish this feat may include HAARP and/or satellite particle beam/microwave weapons. The Russians have been wanting to melt the ice caps for years. See this link to a newspaper article from the 1980s (included in a longer article)

Oslo Arctic Oil Conference!

See videos below for a more detailed account of the "arctic Rush" for resources

Monday, January 6, 2014


The mystery of the latest crop circle is supposedly solved. The company Nvidia has admitted that they created this crop circle as a publicity stunt to advertise their new computor chip. Many news feeds all over the world have picked up this story. I have read approximately 20 of them and so far none of the articles have explained how the crop circle was formed. We want details!

When we are presented with theories on how crop circles are made...we are given approximately 3 or 4 choices by the media. 1. crop circles are made by humans with boards and ropes as a prank. 2. crop circles are made by aliens trying to communicate with us. 3. crop circles emerge somehow from another dimension. 4. helicopters somehow shoot a beam of light when flying low over a field which then presses down the crops.

 The news media, concerning the latest crop circle in California, reports that the design was pressed into the field and another term used was that it was etched into the field. No details were given. The photo above does seem to show a line or perhaps an entry point from the road and another "line" that goes out of the crop circle near the other side of the circle. It is possible that these lines were created after the crop circle was made as a way of getting into the circle to examine it. The story goes that the owner of the field had no idea that this crop circle was being made because he just happened to be on vacation. I don't know whether I believe that or not.

I think it is highly unlikely and perhaps even impossible to create the intricate crop circles from the ground...especially with boards and ropes. One cannot view proportions from within a crop to form these intricate designs. Common sense tells me that crop circles must be created from above using some sort of template. Those in the media who present these possible causes of crop circles to the public realize that most thinking  people would reject the boards and ropes what is left? Aliens, crop circles emerging from another dimension and a helicopter or plane sending out some sort of laser beam. I think that the most probable explanation for crop circles is that they are created by satellites in orbit around the earth. We have Starwars Weapons in space which no one seems to be talking about. These weapons can be used to possibly play a role in weather warfare, melting polar ice and even creating crop circles. We need to do more research on the following terms....particle beam weapons, microwave weapons, star wars weapons, satellite weaponry, laser beams....etc.

Many people feel that the government is hiding the supposed reality of aliens from the public. I see the opposite happening through controlled opposition and reverse psychology. We have actually been bombarded by alien propaganda through movies, books and TV...especially through the Discovery and History Channels. All types of media are heavily influenced if not totally owned and controlled by governments/world finance and whatever they place in the media is there for a specific purpose. There is a covert reason for planting the seeds of an alien presence. Let's be alert to all angles of any future event or supposed scientific knowledge that will have been said to have been discovered...such as humans having alien DNA or other disinformation.I still think that there is a possibility of life somewhere else in the universe...however our current focus on aliens...I feel has been intentionally manufactured to further a global goal of control. Kissinger, Gorbachev and Reagan...etc... thought we needed a scare from outside our world in order to supposedly bring us together in peace "world government control"...the ultimate monopoly. We all know that monopolies are dangerous.

The purpose of the United Nations has always been to form World Government, however, nations will be reluctant to relinquish their sovereignty so a threat from "beyond" has to be manufactured to make people fearful enough to beg for protection from world government. See Reagan's speech below where he suggests that what we need is a threat from beyond our earth to bring all countries on earth together in world government. So just to restate my main point.....the government is NOT trying to hide an alien presence from us. Instead we have been saturated with alien images, stories, crop circles, movies and government sanctioned TV shows such as those on the Discovery Channel and History Channel. I ask....why so much emphasis on aliens?

I feel there is a bigger reason for this latest crop circle in California beyond it supposedly being an advertisement for a Nvidia Chip. Let's delve a little deeper.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Ugly forms of modern art, pornography, transhumanism, TV shows devaluing marriage, satanic forms of rock music, promotion of premarital and extramarital sex, bathroom humor on TV sitcoms, emphasis on consumerism, power and money, elevating human beings to the status of God while at the same time creating the impression that we are nothing more than a collection of material body parts, and elevating science to the status of God....all reflect a nefarious influence that is bent on destroying the soul or spiritual nature of humanity. TV shows such as Survivor and movies/books like The Hunger Games are really not teaching people to work together but to stab even your alliances in the back when it comes down to survival. Then we are told...well...this is just human nature.......but is it?

I can remember some of the alternative media claiming that TPTB have some sort of technology to steal people's souls. This announcement no doubt frightened many people. However, our souls are not material, they are spiritual and essentially cannot be manipulated by matter. Our souls can  be lost though through abandoning morals that have been established throughout the centuries and have proven to have held societies together. Government "leaders" may have used religions to instigate wars but usually the basic precepts of religion were that of furthering humanity's higher nature......that is until government corrupts it....until the government uses it to further their own war agendas. Why is there a concerted push away from religion? Why are we being told that religion was only formed to brainwash and control? Due to the facts that religion/morals/love/caring/doing good to others, holds society together, elevates the human race and which has the potential to form an unshakable foundation against tyranny.....religion of the ages is under attack. To replace this necessary institution we are being fed a hollow substitute......that of worshiping or valuing the creation instead of the Creator, the idea that there really is no good or evil do as you will. This substitute also encourages people not to think "negative" thoughts and to see that whatever is happening in our world (whether "good" or "evil") is meant to be for our growth and other unknown purposes. There is some wisdom in the advice not to dwell or to live in negative thinking, however when we ignore everything that is unpleasant we then give total reign over to those who are trying to manipulate and form society into what essentially is their image.

 Who are these people who so badly want control, power, money, and the energy and souls of the people? No....I don't think these "soul stealers" are least not aliens from another planet. However, these manipulating people whose motives and thoughts seem so alien to us are human but they appear to have brains which lack the capability to really love, to have compassion and remorse. that sense they are "alien" to us. Certain popular guru types present this section of humanity as shapeshifting aliens...literally. I have come to suspect that this characterization is to make the elite or psychopathic element of our society seem more frightening and dangerous. After all ....we couldn't know what the supernatural powers of reptilian aliens could be........scary...huh? I read a book about Ninja Mind control and throughout history those of the psychopathic bend...those who wanted to control.....have spread similar rumors about themselves (through controlled opposition) for the purpose of making themselves seem larger than life...and unconquerable. This propaganda definitely has a tendency to encourage the populace to acquiesce to tyranny. Born Again Christianity may also have been influenced by these psychopathic controllers. I have heard many born again Christians say....."well...the chaos we are experiencing is obviously due to being in The End Times so there is nothing we can do about it. God ordained it. Besides we will be raptured anyway." This reasoning...when evaluated.....can clearly be seen as a method to quell resistance to the psychopath control grid.

The reality is....psychopaths/sociopaths really don't have any supernatural powers of their own but only the ability to deceive. They deceive us through predictable tactics that can be learned  or recognized by us. There are more "normal" people than there are psychopaths so the psychopath has to get us to want to go along with their agenda. They must deceive us in order to gain control. They need our cooperation. Once we learn their tactics of manipulation our personal lives and the health of society will greatly benefit because we will learn not to feed into their agenda. Psychopaths are empty inside and need the constant stimulus of adrenaline rushes to make themselves believe they are happy. These rushes are addicting. Psychopaths want to project on others their lack of a soul...their emptiness...hence their concerted efforts to drag us down the tubes with them.

This article was supposed to be a book review on
Defeated Demons: Freedom from Consciousness Parasites in Psychopathic Society by Thomas Sheridan but there was so much I ended up wanting to say that I think this post is too long already , however I do want to include a quote from his book which kind of summarizes what I have been saying. " Each of these scientific methods had one singular goal.... to crush the human spirit and reduce us to the level of souless automatons with no concept of a more transcendental view of our own humanity. In other words, to make proto-psychopaths of us all."

I have also read 
Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath and highly recommend both books in helping to better understand our personal relationships regarding psychopaths and to help society as a whole break free from the psychopathic influence. I feel that understanding this issue is crucial to the survival of mankind and absolutely empowering to the individual. Thomas Sheridan makes a lot of sense with much of his information that seems to make what is really going on in our society a lot more clear. However, this does not mean we have to accept everything he says. Disinformation can always be hidden among the truths. No one person has all the answers and if someone proclaims to have all the answers then this is when we must question the most.

One other thing I wanted to add.... Many people want to know how or why psychopathic personalities emerge in the first place. Some psychopathic personalities may be created by trauma or training by Elite families but many psychopaths seem to have been born that way. What could account for this aberration? I often go back in my mind to the works of Dr. Weston Price who studied indigenous people who ate their native diets and compared their health, skeletal formations, and behavior to those living near the trading posts and cities who ate the jams, white bread and other processed modernized foods . He found that in the outlying areas where the diet was whole and natural, people were happier, their skeletal structures were perfectly formed, and they enjoyed almost perfect health. There were no doctors and no jails because there were no criminals.. He took hundreds of photos which documented the differences. He found that the diet of parents definitely affected many traits which appeared in the human offspring. One generation of poor diet passed on negative traits to the offspring and then of course the direct diet of the offspring continued to influence their health. He discovered that mongolism (Downs Syndrome) could be at least partially reversed by adding a dental appliance to free up certain brain structures. The shape of our skulls and jaws are determined my parental nutrition. Could psychopathy be caused by poor parental nutrition? Could this be one reason why our society has become so psychopathic? This area needs further study. One other book I would highly recommend towards healing our society is
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price. An aberrant diet produces an aberrant society. Let's learn the root causes of our society's current psychopathic we can heal it before it is too late.