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 A couple of days ago I was listening to the morning news when a segment was aired about a video game being released on the internet that was based on the Sandy Hook Shootings. It was supposedly a reenactment of the reported disaster. The media's reaction to this and the reaction of a few citizens who were interviewed, was one of shock and disgust. The video was quickly taken down. Much press surrounded this video being made, aired and then taken down because the subject was just too disturbing. The question was posed as to how anyone could put together such a horrible video game where children had been killed.

In the next breath...on the very same day...... praises for The Hunger Games Trilogy was being shouted from the rooftops!! Guess where the author of the Hunger Games lives? She lives in Newtown which Sandy Hook is a part of. And......of course the main theme in the Hunger Games Trilogy is teenagers/children killing each other....mass killings. The story line is a bit different from the official version of what happened at Sandy Hook but it is the very same basic idea. The current movie out.....Catching Fire , which is the second book in the being glorified and advertised on TV. Everyone is just sooo excited!What the media is really saying is that it is NOT OK ...and that it is even evil to create a video game based on the Sandy Hook reported killings yet it is highly desirable to heavily promote a movie and book which focuses on the killing of children. The Hunger Games Trilogy are books specifically targeted at children. Libraries and schools even carry the books! This situation needs to be examined much more closely. The contradictions are just beyond bizarre! And here....LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING LINK and do more research on your own concerning how the kids are being encouraged to ROLE PLAY They are encouraged to fight other the DEATH. I truly feel that this is an extreme example of social engineering and predictive programming. More on predictive programming in the video below.

If the author of the Hunger Games really wanted to warn people about the current encroachment of government on our rights and lives, she would have picked a more real and believable story...the one that is occurring as I speak. In the public's mind children are not now being killed by their own government so the story really comes off more as complete fiction rather than a warning of what is currently happening to our freedoms right under our noses.,,,,as the movie airs. If the media (news and movie) was really trying to help would be pointing out the crimes being perpetrated by government that  are occurring right now, such as weather warfare and false flag events. Look at Sandy Hook...what a parallel! We have lost several rights in monitoring our government( local and federal) with this whole Sandy Hook affair. The police were refusing to let the public see and hear any evidence of the crime that is the basis for stricter gun laws. No videos, no 911 tapes of police communication and the most bizarre and coincidental incident of all was the new law put forth, pushed by none other than the Sandy Hook Chief Medical Examiner, Wayne Carver, to allow medical examiners and police to keep evidence of a crime involving CHILDREN...private  Then only months later a supposed mass murder of many children occurs in the area under his jurisdiction. Talk about bizarre and coincidental! Then what happens? They are trying to keep all evidence confidential. This is unprecedented and is not a minor issue! Don't believe the excuse that evidence is not being made public for the purpose of shielding the parents involved. Something else is going on.

Now......the excuse used by the media and parroted by fans of this trilogy, is that this scenario of a tyrannical government could happen in the distant future to the people in the U.S if we don't take heed.This is the excuse being used for promoting (pushing) children to become deeply immersed in a scenario which involves children killing children. This movie is an example of possible predictive programming and  resembles George Orwell's 1984 and the reaction of the public to his book. The theme of his book seemed too surreal to ever be true...never mind that society was gradually experiencing the emergence of this reality as they read the book. When 1984 came and went the people would comment that well..ha ha....see...1984 hasn't happened! Actually is was happening...piece by piece as they were reading the book.The same is true for The Hunger Games Trilogy. The airing the first segment that day, which I mentioned above, concerning the Sandy Hook video game.....served to covertly influence the public to feel that our government and the media are very moral and upright and that any tyranny in our country would be so far in the future that it wouldn't affect them. The movie also promotes survival of the fittest, which has been a media theme in the past several years...with shows like Survivor. There is an agenda here. Does all this sick media embed the inevitability of these future events in the people's consciousness so that eventually when it is all implemented people are used to the idea and offer little resistance?Is this an example of predictive programming?

The heavy promotion of The Hunger Games, in all it's forms, is serving another purpose besides what is claimed. Most of us realize that the media is now almost totally owned by corporate world banks and that if dictatorship, tyranny and world government does occur, these forces behind the media will be included if not totally responsible for this takeover. So.....if The Hunger games was really going to accomplish increased awareness of the public concerning the dangers of government, it would NOT be promoted by the mainstream media. The whole thing is just so perverted! People are going along with the idea that these Hunger Game books and movies where children are killing each other...are fine because they are artistically done and have a valuable message. To make these movies and their message any where near valuable......examples must be included of how our freedoms are being taken away by the untruthful media which is promoting these books and movies!

Another interesting facet of the whole Sandy Hook event is the extreme reluctance of the police to divulge the 9-11 calls and any photographs to the public. Again...the excuse being used is that it is too delicate of a matter for the parents of the alleged victims to bear. This morning parents in general were interviewed and asked if they would shield their children from such news reports. "Oh....absolutely" they said. But then it's perfectly fine to go see children murdering each other in the movies??? These two news items were intentionally placed together on the same day. Another issue to compare this to where government talks out of both sides of their mouth is the drug problem. Supposedly the CIA introduced drugs to the American children and even covertly performed drug testing on them at colleges and universities. LSD was one of these drugs experimented with. From what I understand (I haven't looked for proof)  the CIA also conducts drug running. Then comes the contradictory part where we are all taking so many prescription drugs , which are supposedly safe, people are arrested for using and selling street drugs, and drug programs are implemented in the schools like DARE... which may also be promoted by the same agencies trying to make it look as if they care and are trying to fix the drug problem.

 I just want to state that in a democratic system  the people /citizens are supposed to keep their government in check and monitor it for corruption because if the people trust government too much it will absolutely...sooner or later.... take advantage of that trust. Government is a machine and needs constant surveillance...not the other way around with the government tracking and monitoring the people. Government is supposed to serve the people and if the people don't have knowledge of the workings of government....that is when the trouble begins. This is why laws should NEVER be made to restrict the public from seeing evidence of crimes. That's a perfect way for governments, corporations ,  corrupt police departments, hide their crimes. Concerning Sandy Hook.....the excuse of keeping evidence of a crime secret is most likely not for the benefit of the parents of victims but for hiding criminal acts. Just remember the world banking systems control the media and TV Programming is just that...a tool to program the people.

Here is an excellent link of important quotes , in relation to government.....uttered by our Founding Fathers. I am including several  of these important quotes.

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government. " Patrick Henry

"Government is not reason: it is not eloquence. It is force, and force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust their people with arms." James Madison

"The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen. At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the US government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties."
John F. Hylan, Mayor New York 1918-1925 

Keeping in mind the quote above, it is interesting to note that many of the people involved with Sandy Hook were either involved with the Libor  Financial Scandal and/or worked for Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young, GE Financial and Wells Fargo Bank was the collector of many of the donations. What on earth were all those donations needed for?

I don't claim to know the exact truth about what really happened at Sandy Hook. All I know is that something is very wrong with the official story and an independent investigation should be carried out.
The video below is fairly long but very informative concerning predictive programming and how the media is used to condition the public and to  accomplish nefarious goals. Please take the time to listen to it and pass it along to those who find it hard to believe that our government could ever do anything wrong. Check out other posts on this blog that are related to Sandy Hook which should raise more questions as to what really happened that day in Sandy Hook, CT

Friday, November 15, 2013


There seems to be a growing number of "experts" who are able to predict the future with the consistent statement that a certain type of disaster or terrorism is certain to happen with no doubt or need for question. How can these experts be so sure of themselves? We often hear the slogan...."It's not a matter of IF but WHEN. I have learned through experience to always question any predicted event when these terms of certainty or absoluteness are attached.

As I was going through my email this morning I came across this one sent from the GRIST list which prompted me to write this article.

It contained this paragraph  "Even after it gained official hurricane status, raking across Jamaica and Cuba and soaking the Bahamas, U.S. weather models predicted that it would spin off into the North Atlantic and peter out, as most such storms do.
But Sandy did something different. After briefly losing steam, it rolled northward along the Eastern Seaboard and then veered left like a car that had just lost a wheel, barreling into the Jersey Shore and pushing storm tides through the streets of New York City. When the skies finally cleared and Wall Street opened back up, at least 159 people were dead, and the storm had caused $65 billion in damages and relocated the city’s rat population."
It's difficult to know what is really happening in New York in the aftermath of Sandy but one wonders if more than the rat population was relocated.

The main focus of the article was centered on the opinion of Nicholas Coch, a professor of geology and an expert on the effects of hurricanes on the ecosystems and who calls himself a forensic hurricanologist. He claims that Hurricane Sandy was not even the "Big one" and predicts with certainty that another perhaps worse hurricane will soon hit New York City. "Sooner or later, Coch says, a major hurricane will barrel up the East Coast and hit New York broadside. Long Island juts out into the Atlantic at a nearly right angle, he points out, and will be the first significant topography a storm like that encounters on its path northward. Manhattan sits right on its heel."

I have been studying some of the tactics of predictive programming and I feel we are seeing a lot of that technique being used on the public to condition them to supposedly inevitable disasters and therefore to accept the disasters as natural and legitimate. For those of you who are unaware of  current weather modification/warfare technology..... you may want to conduct an internet search on this subject. We do have the technology to heat up the ionosphere, move the jet stream, heat up parts of the oceans, steer hurricanes, create droughts and floods....and even earthquakes. So...when you hear all the talk of "global warming" or "climate change (which is it anyway) which seems to be the scapegoat for all our rapid fire weather some analyzing of your own to determine what the real cause of these disasters are. You may also want to research "Agenda 21". which is a global movement to do away with property rights and to garner all the resources, such as food and water, into the hands of the few who may be causing the disasters in the first place.

I wondered if Nicholas Coch, who lectures or advises certain government agencies on hurricanes and preparing for them...... was innocently unaware of weather warfare capabilites as he didn't even mention this possibilty in the article at the link above. The other thought I had was that perhaps he knew with such certainty that there will be another weather strike on NYC because he has some sort of inside information. Always be leary and question when you hear the phrases "Not a matter of IF but when"....or a certain natural disaster is certain to happen....any time now. I was a bit more curious about Nicholas Coch so I looked him up at  and found the only person listed who is associated with him was Carol Coch who the records state works, for the Army Corp of Engineers. I thought that was interesting so I looked up the Army Corp of Engineers to see what this government agency is actually involved with.

In the case of disasters,The Army Corp of Engineers often works together with FEMA in removing debris, relocating people and evidently pushes for land buyouts when people cannot afford to rebuild. They often talk about the cost of building seawalls, dams, levees....etc which  they say will only be knocked out again in the next other words they are promoting the idea that rebuilding is not a good idea. The Army Corp of Engineers tries to encourage rewilding, relocation, and the  buying out of properties...probably cheaply. The article below is very interesting and sheds more light on the subject. What would be the consequences if the government and the U.N owned all of the land? For one thing we could not grow our own food and therefore we would not be able to take responsibility for our own health. 

There are the sincere environmentalists and then there are extreme environmentalists and then we have  those  who claim to care about nature and the environment but are only in it for the profit. From what I have read briefly ....concerning redevelopment or rewilding after looks as if The Army Corp Engineers tries to get community consensus for what is really THEIR plan of action but the people are made to think it is their idea and for the good of all. The rewilding plan of action could be good and useful if these one of a kind superstorms were actually infrequent natural storms and there were no profit or land grab motives behind it all. However, because these storms have a very suspicious MO and seem to occur in key areas, sometimes over and over again as in the summer tornadoes of 2013......we need to question if these disasters are actually implemented by the proponents of Agenda 21. Again the technology is available.

Now....if these storms are artificially engineered ...there are many people who are involved that must be aware of this. However, people are often brainwashed into thinking the that evil deeds that harm others and the earth will eventually produce "good". This is an impossible concept. The Bible is a collection of enduring wisdom. Here is what it shares with us in the chapter of Luke....

Luke 43: "For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Luke 44: For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
Luke 45: A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil:" 

Weather disasters kill much wildlife , humans, and produce much undocumented leakage of  chemical toxins. It is also a huge financial drain. Who or what....besides our taxes....lends the money for disaster recovery? Think about how the International Monetary Fund is involved in all of this. What happens when countries and cities sustain so much damage that they can no longer pay back their loan to this global loan shark?


Thursday, November 14, 2013


I will begin by admitting that I know absolutely nothing about weather derivatives but I am beginning to realize that this is a subject we desperately need to understand. The ability to manipulate the weather has advanced to such a point that this technology has enabled a whole new class of warfare and betting on the stock market. Utilizing weather warfare is the perfect .... almost secret ....way to take control of a country. Through this advanced technology we can now cause droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, typhoons, lightening, and even earthquakes. Crops can be destroyed and an economy destabilized. Groups of people are also often relocated and many never return to the desired area. This happened with hurricane Katrina. Who or what then does the rebuilding and who profits from it?

We need to look at who or what lends the money to specific countries for the purpose of rebuilding. What happens when a specific country incurs one disaster after another, borrows more money until it can no longer pay back their debt? Is this country then basically owned by the World Bank or International Monetary Fund? Would it be a similar situation to when a mortgage on a house can no longer be paid and the bank then takes ownership of the house? Another facet to consider is the plea for donations to these countries or "victims" of shootings and other disasters.Where does the money really go? Let's look and see who belongs to these international financial groups and what their connections are.

On top of all this we now have weather derivatives where entities/people can bet on the weather. Now, imagine the money to be made if an institution can create the desired weather to make money from these derivatives. I'm trying to figure out if a particular country would even bet on a certain weather condition, then cause that weather condition in their own country to make money with these derivatives..... kind of like white lightening ...burning your own house and collecting the insurance. I could be way off base because I do not totally understand how these derivatives operate. I just might have to buy the book above to better understand....however, my house is overflowing with books so maybe a reader could post a really simple explanation with an example that we can share with the readers of this blog.

Now...I hope that by bringing attention to this subject that I do not encourage more dishonest trading. Those who are complicit in these apparent weather wars must not be very farsighted. Participating in this type of thing only escalates weather warfare in general and ruins the environment and economy for everyone in the long run, including the families of the perpetrators.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Petrel is a type of sea bird and Haiyan is the Chinese name for petrel.

It's often very interesting to learn the meanings of the names of storms...especially the one of a kind superstorms that seem so popular lately. These storms are often blamed on Global Warming but a growing number of citizens are realizing that weather warfare is a more probable explanation.

I'm sure there is more than one way to profit off of superstorm disasters. Weather derivatives, accomplishing Agenda 21, money from rebuilding, and from taking hold of a country's natural resources as a result of debt incurred from disasters. The IMF or World Bank may be the collectors of this debt...perhaps by eventually owning or controlling a country due to this debt.

One of the most sought after resources of course is oil. Now...this theory may be a bit far fetched but it's worth considering. Do storm names ever have hidden meanings? I'm not sure whether or not the name Sandy had any meaning involving Hurricane Sandy but the nicknames officials gave the storm were a "hybrid" storm and a Frankenstorm. Both of these names refer to man-made things. Many people feel that Hurricane Sandy was man-made.

Getting back to Typhoon Haiyan. The name given this storm.....Haiyan ...means Petrel in Chinese. Was there a reason for giving this storm a Chinese name? The word petrel is the name of a seabird...however, could this name be a play on words...perhaps hinting that petrol or oil was the focus of this devastating typhoon? The link above under the picture of the petrel speaks of  the oil business in the Philippines. It seems that Haiti also had oil resources. Perhaps all countries have oil wells somewhere . I'm not well enough versed in this area but I just thought that oil may be an added purpose for creating this superstorm...that is if it was artificially created. I strongly tend to think that it was. The video below talks about  disagreement between China and the Philippines over oil reserves in the South China Sea

Friday, November 8, 2013


As I'm watching the news this morning on November 8, 2013, supposedly the worst typhoon to hit land.... ever....anywhere ... is bearing down on the Philippines. Certain segments of Mankind have always desired more than what they have...more resources.....more power....more money. This tendency has not decreased as civilizations have become more "civilized" or technologically advanced. People are still the same. Propaganda and brainwashing have become more and more refined resulting in false impressions of what is really occurring in the world.

I used to feel sorry for people in other countries who were lied to by their government media. I honestly had no clue that our government was just as guilty in this respect...if not more so than  say Russia or China. You might be asking what does this all have to do with an unprecedented typhoon battering the Philippines. There may be no connection but due to the ever increasing one of a kind superstorms devastating different areas of the world at the same time the world financial systems are trying to create a world government......we must take a deeper look to try and discern what really might be happening. Coinciding with destructive storms that are destroying crops, homes and local economies are many other destructive and controlling events or activities....such as terrorist attacks, rapid fire shooting events, increased surveillance and security. It's getting pretty obvious. We need to look at the bigger picture and try not to focus too long on what appears to be each false flag event. The first biggest most recent event in this chain of deception was 9-11. This....what many people feel was a false flag  disaster ....precipitated an unending war on terror where the supposed enemies can change on a whim. After all...terrorists can be anywhere. This opens up opportunites to start wars anywhere a "power" wants, in order to gain more resources. This is the exact scenerio that was written about in George Orwell's 1984....endless war against a supposed enemy that no citizens have actual contact with or proof of. Citizens of countries...including the United States...are conditioned to think their particular country is standing up for the rights of other countries when they are supposedly being attacked by either another country or the country's own leader...such as Saddam Hussein. The usual scenario is that we are told we are going in to a particular country to save them...when perhaps we are really trying to occupy that area to gain more resources, power and money.

The United States has always had an interest in the Philippines. However, it is becoming clearer that the United States is no longer run by independent Presidents but by corporations and other world powers. This brings me to focusing more on financial institutions , such as the World Bank , the International Monetary Fund and the stock market. For those of you who have researched the valid subject of weather warfare, you realize that some world powers have had the technology to wage weather war for a number of years now. Apparently the technology has grown more refined and this fact is being covered up by placing the blame for all of our weather disasters on "climate change". I do think the climate is changing but not due to what we are told. Technology exists to heat up oceans, move the jet stream, to create droughts and floods and even to create earthquakes by focusing certain types of energy. What really happened in Haiti?

As the typhoon  story in the Philippines unfolds...let's research more deeply into the whole scenario. What natural resources does the Philippines have? How much money does it owe the World Bank or The IMF (not sure what the difference is between these institutions). Who will make money from helping to clean up and rebuild? What investments were made in the stock market before this typhoon or other disastrous events? Perhaps some of you with more of a financially oriented mind will be able to investigate this matter and make more sense of it than I can. Are the World Bank and The International Monetary Fund really just global loan sharks? Do they cause a problem which forces a country to borrow money and then take them over when they can no longer pay...due to repeated disasters? Is this what is happening in America also?

The video at the top is a "must see". It talks about the money making aspect of these disasters. We now have what we call "weather derivatives". In other words people can actually gamble and invest according to what they believe the weather will do. If one has the power to influence or create the weather can imagine. There is also much profit in reconstruction
For more ideas and info about weather warfare, check out the sidebar of this blog.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sandy Hook School Demolition: WHY The Confidentiality?

Today, October 25, the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, is being torn down. It's not any run of the mill demolition. The article below and the Connecticut morning news makes a definite point that the school will be barricaded with high security surrounding the area to keep people out. Supposedly the town wants it this way due to the sensitivity of the the townspeople won't be traumatized? Evidently the town now draws many tourists due to the tragedy that occurred here

I'm sure some of these "tourists" are just curious about what the town of Sandy Hook and the school looks like. However, I think that a larger portion of the people who visit this town are doing so for the purpose of investigation into what many people feel was one of the biggest scams in history and that this is the real reason for such  high security around the school during the demolition. 26 people were reported to have been killed during an alleged shooting at this school. Realistically we do not know whether or not this version of the incident is absolutely true, partially true, or completely fabricated.

I am not trying to be insensitive to this "tragedy" in the event that it is true, however, you can't expect the public to just accept the official version when it kept changing, shows so many inconsistencies, results in goals of gun control and probable future mandatory mental health screening, increased police and video surveillance....and above all.......there has been no hard evidence available to the public.Speaking of video surveillance...there must have been video cameras in the school...especially near the door where Lanza supposedly broke in . There are many suspicious points to consider but I will only address several as it would take a whole book or perhaps a trilogy to discuss them all.
The main issues are the lack of any hard evidence to the public and the fact that Wayne Carver, the State Medical Examiner got a bill put into law that children's autopsy results do not have to be made public. This all seemed to begin after the Petit murders when Dr. Petit was also involved with Carver in changing the law to allow the results of CHILDREN's autopsies to NOT be available to the public under the possible pretense of concern for the parents/relatives of any deceased children.

"Synchronistically, a short time later after this bill was put into law , we have a reported mass murder of children...and Carver is involved.

I just can't get it out of my mind as to why we have been shown absolutely no evidence of bodies or any damage that was done inside the school.......or photos of Adam Lanza entering the school....etc...etc. THEN.....TODAY....I couldn't believe what I was hearing on the news........
Besides barricading the school grounds and the heavy security presence, while the demolition is taking place.....The demolition contractors were made to sign a confidentiality paper that bans the workers from discussing anything they may come across inside the school.... WHAT??????? That makes absolutely no sense at all. What evidence could there be in the school that the people involved do not want to be made public? Perhaps lack of bullet holes and broken glass or lack of other evidence that shows the events didn't take place as the official media version claims? The supposed perpetrator is if their story is valid....public knowledge of what really happened inside the school that day could not detrimentally affect any further investigation. Additionally...if they really caught the shooter then there should be no additional investigation ....unless it is of the officials themselves....because it's supposely a closed solved case. So....why the extreme secrecy? It reminds me of how after 9-11 all the evidence was quickly carted away.
Investigation into the people involved may show ties to Morgan Stanley, Ernst and Young...maybe Wells Fargo...etc. Also several of the families involved reportedly moved to Sandy Hook only a year or so previous to the shootings.
All of the wreckage is being ground up before leaving the site!!!!

Video below shows Carver's statement to the public and features an anonymous phone call to Carver's office demanding answers.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Chemtrails in Connecticut

Share this critical video with others. Do your part in making people aware of the massive secret aerosol program taking place in our skies...right over our heads....without our permission.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Let's take a closer look at methods used to throw conspiracy analysts off track. One tactic is to focus on a VALID issue involved in an event but to leave out other parts for the purpose of redirecting our attention AWAY from the main point or culprit.

Another tactic or method is to suggest that officials USED the opportunity of a certain event...such as carry out certain goals they may have...such as starting a war or taking our rights away...more surveillance, etc. When these methods are being used there is never any hint or mention that those who are trying to stay in control (politicians, world bankers, etc) are probably the ones who actually caused the disaster or event to further their  own goals. This is not an unusual scenerio! History is full of such conspiracies! Governments often cause disastrous events to legitimize future actions they want to take. Wars are often based on false premises in order to gain more control and resources from other countries. However, now that the United Nations is involved in an apparent planned global takeover, I would assume they will be going along with our President's claim that Syria used chemical weapons on their people.

Now, concerning the latest Naval Yard Shooting, it appears that different sources are again focusing on legitimate issues, such as over-prescription of Psychiatric drugs...but what is being left out? Take a look at Mike Adam's recent post from Natural News and see if you think anything might be missing?

Why was the shooter hearing voices and experiencing other electrical sensations? Why was he really on psychiatric drugs...if any of this is really even true? Is there more to the story than the shooter being on psychiatric drugs? We also have to be careful concerning supposed mental illness. Was the shooter's state of mind something that just came about naturally or was there some outside help? The military is known to experiment on servicemen. Is there more of an agenda concerning this shooting besides taking away the guns? I feel that mandatory mental health screening may even be more of a goal than gun confiscation. Notice how all of the shootings have been preformed supposedly by someone who is mentally ill. You would think that some of the shootings...if these events are just random and not planned by larger entities.... would consist sometimes of a larger plot or conspiracy with political goals and not just always lone mentally ill gunman.

So...while the pushing of psychiatric drugs on many many people should be seems highly likely that there is much more to the story. One disaster after another. The timing couldn't be more artificial. Be watchful of the news media. Is gun control mentioned yet again? What about mental health issues being stressed? We need to be very careful as to what we accept for solutions. Often the solutions we end up clamoring for are the goals of the so called "elite". gun control (confiscation), increased surveillance everywhere, perhaps mandatory mental health screening, a form of socialized medicine due to an intentional out of control health industry....etc. People are being relocated due to wildfires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, tidal waves...etc. It is becoming more and more obvious that these weather disasters are not due to "global warming" but more probably to weather warfare. Will micro-chipping of the population also gradually become a reality because of missing people? What is the big picture?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Today on the news (April, 28, 2014)  we hear of a very destructive tornado sweeping across the Midwest. I am adding a new link about Arkansas today and its fight against Agenda 21. Arkansas is one state being heavily hit by this sweeping tornado....right now.   The battle certainly does seem to be going to a whole new level as the title of the article states.

Connecting the dots......I urge all of you to research the Agenda 21 policies and activism being implemented in the states which are experiencing the most intense weather disasters.....on a repeated unnatural basis. These one of a kind storms are all being blamed on climate change and the newer positions of the jet stream. Modern technology includes the ability to steer the jet stream with HAARP and or satellite star wars weapons which can heat up the oceans and the ionosphere. Geo-engineering and weather warfare has been around for a while now. In the 1970s the United Nations supposedly had nations sign a treaty not to use weather warfare against each other. There are also other articles on this blog concerning weather warfare which you may want to check out in the right hand column.

Agenda 21 is a real and valid global effort to do away with private property rights....among other things. The states which appear to be bucking up against this private land grab are experiencing extreme weather which of course can harm crops and drive people from their homes. These storms also stress the economy which may result in states having to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund which is most likely involved with Agenda 21. What happens when these states are deeply indebted? Control of the water and food supply...along with the land, is the ultimate goal. Many well meaning people who are honestly concerned about the environment are being sucked into this global financial and resource grab scam under the benign sounding banner of environmentalism and sustainability. See "Keep An Eye On Gorbachev.

Before it's too late let's learn what "sustainability" is really all about! Understanding more about Agenda 21 and the corporations, U.N, governments and the financial institutions it is connected to ,may finally explain the rapid fire weather disasters...including wildfires, droughts and floods that are being blamed on global warming. People who live in the affected areas are being required to buy additional disaster insurance. The expense of all this eventually will drive people out of these areas which other entities either want to redevelop or re-wild.

Most of us care deeply about our environment and would want to support legitimate efforts to keep it clean...but there is a desperate need to make sure that the powers behind the mainstream environmental movement are legitimate and genuine. All of our tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes,hurricanes, snowstorms, droughts and floods are just too scripted, intense, and rapid fire to be due to pollution of the environment. The weather disasters are all converging on us at the same time as confiscation of rights, increased surveillance, supposed terrorism, school shootings, decline in morals, increase in chronic disease, which often are caused by microbes, increased push for biometrics...etc. Global control (government) appears to be the  goal. Quotes concerning a New World Order or global government have been stated by George Bush Senior, Strobe Talbot and many other politicians and world bankers. Are we going to ignore their warnings?

Maybe all of this evidence adds up to pure coincidence however, I always encourage others not to "believe" any single person but to do their own research, come up with their own conclusions and then share them with others.

The current flooding has affected Missouri, Tennessee, N.C. and Arkansas

News Report On Tennessee Flood

Article about Arkansas's battle with Agenda 21

 North Carolina's Dealings With Agenda 21

For info on Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma and Agenda 21 see

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have been reading just a bit about  cell phone towers which emit microwave energy in the process of transmitting cell phone signals. A couple of years ago I bought a Trifield meter to measure household electromagnetic frequencies(EMFS). This meter has been very helpful when trying to place electric appliances and lights far enough away from where people spend much of their time. It is thought that too many EMFS negatively affect human health.

I don't use a microwave oven anymore since my old microwave bit the dust so I was never able to test out the microwave setting on my Trifield meter. A couple of years ago when a fierce summer storm was headed our way I just happened to turn on my meter for another purpose and noticed that the meter was reading reading in the red zone of the microwave setting.When the storm moved away the microwave reading disappeared. This happened twice that summer and  one of the storms featured the weathermen predicting possible tornadoes. It dawned on me that perhaps microwave energy has been or is currently being used in conjunction with weather modification. The military does have satellite microwave weapons capability. I began to keep a log. Winter storms didn't appear to affect my meter. However, this summer I have again been keeping a record. This past week we have had very humid weather and many thunderstorms. Each time the humidty was high and a storm was approaching ,the microwave reading would climb, level off and then the reading would recede along with the storm. The next day...if it was nice, I would check the meter again and the reading would be zero.

In trying to figure it all out, in the beginning I was hypothesizing that mircowave energy may be being used to manipulate the weather. This may still be true , however, I was just reading that when there is high humidity this atmospheric state makes it more difficult for the cell phone microwave transmissions to go through the atmosphere resulting in poor cell phone reception. Perhaps there are sensors on the cell phone towers and when the air is humid or  weather interrupts the signals....the microwave energy is turned up. When the storm and/or humidty passes the signals are lowered.
 Here is a bit of info on how humidity affects cell phone transmission.

Then I was also wondering about the relation of chemtrails being laid down heavily before storm fronts. Maybe this "effort" is partially for keeping  particulates aloft in the atmosphere which may help conduct cell phone and or military transmissions.

I would be interested in any feedback people if you feel inclined please post a response on this blog. Thankyou!

A Radio Frequency Engineer Responds To This Posting. His explanation sounds very feasible and upon further experimentation with my meter it appears that his explanation may be the answer to my question. However a new question needs to be asked. What are the effects on the human body and wildlife when microwave readings register in the red danger zone in the general atmosphere?


I am a retired RF (Radio Frequency) engineer. There are two mechanisms that would increase local microwave energy when it rains or a storm comes through:

(1) Both the cell phone towers and the cell phones themselves self-adjust the transmitted RF signal level based on feedback from the other side as to the received RF signal. For example when there are more RF losses in the atmosphere during periods of high humidity or especially rain, the receive side (your cell phone) sends back a message indicating it needs more signal and the cell phone tower increases the RF signal level transmitted. And likewise, when the cell phone sees that RF signal from the cell phone is low it instructs the Cell phone to increase its transmit power. Thus, when it rains or storms all the cellular transmitters in your immediate vicinity turn up the transmitted RF power - that includes both the cell phones and the cell phone towers. Even if your cell phone is not active, it "pings" (transmits short burts of signals) back and forth between the cell phone and the tower to keep the connection alive and ready to make or receive a call. If you are relatively near a cell tower then the tower is the source of your microwave energy. If you are not too near the tower then your cell phone and all the cell phones in your neighborhood are the source of your microwave energy.

(The actual mechanism is sort of the negative of this, the signal power is turned down until it transmits just enough RF power to communicate - but to simply the explanation, the above is the equivalent.)

(2) Lightning creates short bursts of RF energy in all frequencies - including microwaves. It's not just the lightning strikes you see, but also the ones you don't see inside and between clouds which are more numerous.

I hope this helps,

I thanked the reader for his response and then asked him whether or not the microwave energy could be harmful to life. Here is his response to that question:


I can honestly say that I do not know about the impact of microwaves and other RF energy on humans. The "official" studies all say that there isn't supposed to be any negative impact on people at the signal strengths we are current exposed to from, for example, cell phones. On the other hand, from time to time some story breaks into the news about tumors or other things from high cell phone usage. I know there have been various legal cases presented against the electronic industry for RF exposure but to my knowledge no one has ever won such a case.

There are industry and government agency safety standards about the maximum exposure people can be exposed to, so at some level it is believed that very high levels of RF radiation is hazardous to humans.

I personally think the analogy is similar to nuclear radiation standards and how they evolved. It was obvious that people were clearly being injured by very high levels of nuclear radiation while at lower levels nobody noticed any harm. It took a quite a while for medical science to discover that even at comparatively moderate levels of nuclear radiation, that out of a large number of people and over a long period of time; increased numbers of people would be injured. Then the acceptable safe levels of nuclear radiation for the general population was lowered - meaning less nuclear (or x-ray) radiation would be accepted as safe than was thought during the early days of the nuclear age. I suspect, though I do not know; that eventually it will be discovered that even at the current "safe" level of microwave and other RF radiation there may be some harm to a limited number of people. 

However, even of there is a real, though slight chance of harm to people (probably mostly from their own cell phone next to their ear); most people would probably choose not to give up cell phone and other RF communications because of the very real benefit people get from it.

My personal guidelines for my own safety are:
(1) If my phone is getting warm next to my ear, it means I have talked too long - It is an indirect indicator of average RF power the phone has transmitted. (The transmit section uses much more energy than the receive and the device heats up more when you talk a lot.)
(2) If you are going to have a long conversation put the phone down and use the speaker phone mode. It moves the phone farther from your head and signal levels drop off fast with separation of the cell phone from your head. Just a foot or so drops the RF exposure to your head by quite a lot.
(3) Do not live under or really near to a TV, radio, or cell phone tower.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 The latest biggest mainstream news story is reporting what many of us already knew.....that our phone conversations and emails are being monitored by the government. The excuse as to why they are doing this of course... is to combat "terrorism". WHY is the mainstream news letting out the fact that they are monitoring the people?? We know that the media has become totally controlled by those who are pushing the global agenda of world government and total control.What should this be telling us? We need to be suspicious!

These global loan sharks would not be "telling" on themselves if there was not a nefarious motive behind it. Could this announcement of total surveillance be to see how the citizens react? Is it a test to see what they can get away with? Is it to produce fear? Maybe they are letting out this information because  phone and email tapping  is only the most insignificant of the surveillance technology that is now available. Due to the global positioning system most of us are trailed wherever we go. We play into this scheme by purchasing all of the latest and coolest gadgets that are hooked up to this global positioning system. What about our TVs? How many of you have read 1984 by George Orwell where each person was equipped with a large TV screen on their wall so they could be monitored through it? How many of us now have large TV screens on our walls? How many scenarios in 1984 are coming true?  Here is a pretty good summary of the types of surveillance currently available. I am sure there is even more invasive technology that is kept secret.

Another possibility as to why the mass media is admitting to illegal surveillance of citizens is to take attention away from the larger evil of ongoing weather warfare. The incidence of disastrous weather is ramping up in conjunction with other serious "events (such as school shootings) for the purpose of taking away our constitutional  rights and instituting global government. When people doubt that the global loan sharks (some of which are in our government) could ever institute global government...they need to look at the whole picture....the slew of chaos being presented before us on the biggest brain washing machine ever...the TV. A small portion of the news we watch is real, some of the events on the news are orchestrated terror, some of it is totally made up. Most of it is lies, exaggerations.propaganda and fear mongering. The more a person understands about the media...the more difficult it is to watch....without becoming seriously frustrated.

There is a tendency in the media to have us focus on "our" government as the culprit in taking our rights away. It is true that nefarious factions have infiltrated our government and influenced it's policies. But we must begin to see that it is not George Bush or Obama whose deeds we need to understand or focus on but that the need is to broaden our view to see who and what is pulling the strings of our presidents. I remember years ago people would say that the British Royal family were just figureheads of the real government behind the scenes....but most of us never thought that about our country. Our ancestors were always very leery of "credit" because they knew where credit would debt, loss of property, freedom and self respect. Credit and Debt is one of the biggest things enslaving us.

Is it possible in our modern society to avoid new technology with all the surveillance built in? I think it is impossible to expect to control surveillance when we clamor for more techy gadgets to play with and more surveillance cameras to protect us. The future should be very say the least!

If any "Joe' can monitor your phone.....what technology must the government have???

Monday, June 3, 2013


The other day the headlines in the mainstream news, concerning the Oklahoma Tornadoes, blasted forth the following announcement...... TARGETED OKLAHOMA!

 The public can take that statement two ways. A person could assume it means that mother nature or "Global Warming" is...for some reason targeting Oklahoma. Or......if one is a bit more familiar with the United Nation's Agenda 21 and the military's weather warfare capabilities, you might suspect that these outrageous storms, which Oklahoma and other states nearby are experiencing, have been intentionally orchestrated. Of course many people when confronted with this later possibility want to know.......why on earth would any enemy (foreign or domestic) want to disable our country or specific states through weather warfare? This is a good question and needs to be asked. Most citizens are not even aware that weather manipulation technology exists. Well...unfortunately this technology has existed for some time now and is getting more sophisticated. It's time the public learns more about it!

In 1976 The United Nations was involved with having nations sign a Weather Weapons Treaty. You can find out more about it here   It seems doubtful that this Treaty was ever made official.... especially when one looks at the total picture of destructive one of a kind storms bombarding our nation. It's not only tornadoes but blizzards, drought, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and tidal waves. The military industrial complexes  of some countries (including the United States and Russia) do currently have the technology to wage weather warfare and to create earthquakes and tidal waves. There is a newspaper article from the Asheville Times from 1989 entitled "Can The Soviets Wage Weather War?" By Jack Anderson that talks about this capability. People need to read it! It is contained in the following article. It also speaks of the Russians wanting to melt their polar ice caps to gain access to the many natural resources under the ice.... which includes oil and marine life. The melting of polar ice also opens up very important trade routes!

Before I get to my main point concerning Oklahoma,Kansas, Missouri and the recent monster tornadoes...allow me to quickly brief you on the United Nations Operation of Agenda 21 which may have direct bearing on our wildfires, tornadoes and other "one of a kind" storms that have been battering our nation for a number of years now and they are increasing in number and intensity. Here is a quote from Maurice Strong 

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?

Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"

---Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environmental Program - Opening speech, Rio Earth Summit, 1992
 Gorbachev also states that the environment is the cornerstone of the New World Order. Read about his plans for the world here 

Here is  one of the first videos I came across that will give you some idea of what Agenda 21 is all about. There is much out there on Agenda 21 and a google search should be very fruitful and educational on this subject. You may even be able to see how it is being put into effect in your community under the guise of saving open spaces. I am torn on this particular aspect of the subject because in Connecticut we are experiencing more and more suburban sprawl...however, we must fully understand the immensity of this Agenda 21 plan before we take too many steps in the wrong direction. If those who are promoting Agenda 21 are really causing our more recent one of a kind violent storms, wildfires, etc..... then it seems doubtful that they really do care about the environment

Now, back to the subject of Oklahoma and it's unrelenting tornadoes.......
When wondering why Oklahoma was being "targeted" as the main stream news declared (they sometimes like to throw double meanings into their news headlines....such as Hurricane Sandy being officially declared as a "hybrid frankenstorm" other words...manmade) I thought of looking up Oklahoma together with the phrase Agenda 21 to see if anything significant came up. This is what I found and I believe it may be VERY significant!

We also have Kansas bucking up against the Agenda 21 goals. They are also experiencing the unrelenting unnatural tornadoes

We also find out that Missouri is in the same tornado path. What is their status with Agenda 21? 

I certainly didn't have to go very far to find information on this. It seems obvious to me as to what may really be happening here but people need to make up their own minds. You may also want to observe the predictive programming continually being spouted by the mainstream media. This conditioning includes warnings that our weather disasters will only get more frequent and more destructive. We have also been bombarded with warnings in the news and the popular media (movies) that a global pandemic is...."not a matter of IF but WHEN".It's like they are conditioning us to accept a global pandemic.... that may occur or may only be a natural event. After all...they predicted it...right? This morning I hear on the news that some dangerous virus is on the loose! Try and think about what future political goals could be accomplished by either a real or a fake pandemic.  Carefully watch the unfolding of this piece of news. At the same time while we are watching tornadoes, earthquakes, shootings, gun confiscation, supposed terrorist attacks,disintegration of the family, emerging society of surveillance and biometrics and pandemics, we need to step back and look at how everything is coalescing together at once to form the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a weakened and unprotected  society. If we become aware of the real causes of our recent disasters then we may have a chance. However, if we chose to ignore these warnings out of fear or disbelief then whatever happens....well...we will only have ourselves to blame.

Of course the deterioration of our environment is a crucial and valid issue but the money barons of the world USE and extend these valid issues towards their own selfish goals of profit and control. Because many of these issues are valid (women's rights, treating gay people with equality and respect, healing the environment, etc) many of us are fooled into supporting these con artists our own eventual detriment. These con artists  often cause the problem and then offer THEIR solution by getting the people to think that the goals of the con artist are the goals the people thought of on their own.

Notice the complete lack of information on the mainstream news concerning the reality of weather manipulation technology. Maybe they're afraid that if the public realizes  the reality of weather modification technology...we might ask the question as to why powerful storms are not being neutralized or steered away from vulnerable populated areas. Let's do our homework and find out what other states are resisting Agenda 21 and what their weather status has been. Maybe it's not money that these hard hit states need the most... but maybe it's our investigation and political support! Is the money being sent to these disaster areas being used to further power the corporate elite?


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombing

I looked up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his deceased brother in the public records and there appears to be no one with these names in the whole U.S. Maybe I spelled them wrong?  The same thing happened when people looked up Adam Lanza in Connecticut.  Of course there could be other explanations for this but it needs to be further investigated.

 Check what entity is setting up the Boston Bombing Fund and find out what bank is collecting the money. People should know the details of where their money is going before they donate.The profiling of the bomber suspect is that of a very nice person...a regular Joe. So...with Sandy Hook  and Aurora we have  deranged nuts that supposedly should have had psychiatric evaluations to pinpoint him to prevent the disaster at Sandy Hook. far ...with the Boston Marathon Bomber suspect we have what appears to be a very normal person. We need to look where this profiling may be leading us. We have a nut and supposedly a normal person. This may mean that EVERYONE needs to be evaluated....cause you just never know who might be crazy. Did you ever hear the saying that it is those doing the fingerpointing that are the guilty ones....the CRAZY ones? There is a profiling expert on TV right now talking about how people can appear very normal to many people but that they can have another side. This is a true statement but it is more true of the psychopaths...some of which are running our government and the world.. I think we need mandatory impartial mental health evaluations of our officials and the world bankers. : > )

George Bush wanted to pass a mandatory mental health screening for all children  If our rapid fire disasters have been orchestrated  by the world banksters  then there appears to be several goals. Closely evaluate the following possible goals as you watch the news.... mandatory mental health screening, more military and police presence, greater camera surveillance, facial recognition for everyone, gun confiscation,another war, people reporting on each other, entry into people's houses without a search warrant, getting us used to the new "lockdown scenario" ( a popular new buzz word)...and see if you can notice any more goals.

Where would we be if all these goals are realized? Our children would be drugged and classified as to how much of a risk they may be to society. What would be the guidelines they would go by? On the news they have been insinuating that it is "wrong" to say that some of our wars are stupid.This is supposedly what the bomber suspect said to someone in his past. Would that be a thought that is considered "dangerous"?
I am posting the link below again because it can be very helpful in investigations of any kind. If we are going to have such invasive technology and records used against us...we may as well use it too....but for good purposes.

Also watch for further events that occur after this marathon bombing. What usually happens is those who may be orchestrating all of these events...focus on the terror of a specific event for a few months to get it set in our minds and then they move quickly on to the next event ....before people have a chance to really investigate and concentrate on the previous event. They also have to have time after each event to gather enough donations....probably in the millions or  billions. Why do the victims need so much money? Are they getting all the money? What I want people to notice is the very unnatural timing of all these disasters which all point to the same goals.

If I am wrong...I want to apologize to anyone that this may implicate. My intention is not to be radical or disrespectful but I just want to encourage people to investigate. This is a normal healthy thing to do when our  human rights are in danger. Don't let anyone tell you it is wrong to question the government and the world bankers/corporations. They are all connected nowadays.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Anyone who has really listened to and observed the news about Sandy Hook...from the very beginning...can not help but to question the many many inconsistencies. There is a lot of information on the internet concerning the numerous inconsistencies  so I will not go into them all and will instead focus on Adam Lanza.

First of all....anyone who has used photoshop to Fix their photos... or to even create something "new" will be able to see on close observation that the photo above has been heavily manipulated. Look at the eyes very carefully and just notice the overall mess and odd colors and light on his face. The shape of his lips has been altered due to the messy photoshop job.

Let's think back to the very beginning when the media was telling us that it was RYAN Lanza who allegedly  shot children at Sandy Hook. How and why could a mistake like that have been made? Was it a mistake? There are so many questions. I am not going to attempt to answer them here because at this point it is impossible to know all the details. However, we DO need to ask the questions and while we are asking them we need to be careful to not focus too hard on any one theory because then we would be excluding other possibilities.

Here is a video which presents some evidence that the Adam Lanza we have come to know, may not even exist.

Another video on the internet was speaking about who actually resided in the Lanza home in Sandy Hook. The people who resided in the Lanza home were listed as Peter Lanza, Nancy Lanza, and John Riebe. Who is John Riebe? One thought was that he was the architect of the home. There was no mention of an Adam Lanza. Here is the video. Please watch it to the end where evidence is shown that Adam may not have lived in the Lanza home...if there is an Adam.

From what I am observing....the reports of gun violence is being ramped up since the Sandy Hook incident. Along with the supposed gun violence there is also emphasis on mental health screening. Can you envision our country/world if all guns were taken from the people and we had mandatory mental health screening? Those two issues can determine our fate. Will mental healthcare become so twisted and controlled (especially with Obama Care) that anyone who is declared a conspiracy theorist or who just doesn't go along with the rich bankers/corporate goals...will be declared as mentally unfit and then drugged accordingly?

Many parents involved in the Sandy Hook incident are connected with Morgan Stanley and other big financial interests. The "fiscal cliff" just seems to be happening at the same time as Sandy Hook. Is that a coincidence?

Even the mainstream news questioned the recent whereabouts of Adam Lanza...reporting that there was no evidence of him for several years before the alleged shootings. Was there ever an Adam Lanza associated with Peter and Nancy.....or was he around at one point and then disappeared? Where did he live if it wasn't at the Lanza home? Now they have come up with a new story reporting that there is more evidence that Adam Lanza planned this whole affair way ahead of time. I doubt if it was Adam Lanza who planned Sandy Hook ahead of time. It is more likely that the movie producers/financial interests planned it ahead of time. Have any of you watched The Dark Knight see if Sandy Hook AND Aurora are really mentioned in that movie? If any of you sleuths out there have extra energy, you may want to investigate connections between film companies like Warner Brothers, Lionsgate......etc in connection with Morgan Stanley, The Hunger Games and think about the connections of some of those involved with Sandy Hook who were employed by Morgan Stanley. Many of you already know that Suzanne Collins who wrote The Hunger Games...lives in Sandy Hook. The fact that the author of such a controversial trilogy...made into a movie...lives in Sandy Hook...doesn't seem to be just a freaky coincidence. Something connects all of this and it has something to do with communistic ideals, finance and world power.

Hurricane Irene was featured in a pretty large scene of The Adams Family Movie...way before the actual hurricane ever occurred . The TV movie Oil Storm also came half a year before Hurricane Katrina. So.....logic would dictate that we need to look closely at the connections between the film companies and the large finance corporations....and the connections of the people who are involved in these apparently staged catastrophes. However, trying to connect the alleged names of those involved will not always lead to accurate answers because many times the names given in the media are NOT the people's real names. Take a browse through You Tube and look up Sandy Hook and actors.

POSTSCRIPT:  Another theory I came across after posting this article and while doing more research on Sandy that Adam apparently did exist but may have changed his name 3 or 4 years ago when recently even the mainstream news reported that Adam appeared to drop off the face of the earth. There have been No records or activity associated with Adam Lanza since then. As readers have commented....there are no pictures of Adam and Ryan family pictures.The picture we see of Adam from the mainstream media, has been heavily photoshopped. Did Adam/Ryan  move away from Sandy Hook,start work for Ernst and Young and change his name when he made the move or shortly thereafter? Sandy Hook appears to have been planned for several years at least. The appearance of the words Aurora and Sandy Hook in the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie suggests this. We don't know all the details of Sandy Hook...whether or not people were killed...or how many...but anyone who has followed the story can plainly see that something is very wrong with the official story. The motives or goals appear to be confiscation of guns, the eventual implementation of mandatory MENTAL health screening....and a very strong connection with world financial institutions such as Ernst and Young, Morgan Stanley...and all their related business cronies.

Creating a patsy (Adam Lanza) that no longer officially exists would be one way to avoid investigations by family or arrest or death of the supposed perpetrator. There have been no photographs, surveillance videos or any other hard evidence provided to the public to prove that events occurred as the mainstream media has portrayed. Nancy Lanza and Peter Lanza also both had top jobs with financial institutions. Millions of dollars have been collected...supposedly for the families of the supposed tragedy. Is Nancy still alive....or she she dead? I am listening to the news as I write this and they are STILL raising money for the families and first responders. Let's just say that the "families" or most of the families were actors...along with some or all of the first responders...then where would the money really be going? Is the money helping to fund wars? Again..this whole fiscal cliff is occurring at the same time as Sandy Hook. Also....what has really happened to all of the donations collected for Hurricane Sandy which came right before Sandy Hook? Kind of coincidental that the names are the same and the events occurred almost simultaneously. Also it is important to realize that these financial institutions own CBS and other mainstream media outlets.

There are many many unanswered questions and it's difficult to know for sure what really happened. I have found that one way to help sort through the maize of theories is to evaluate each theory and to observe whether a certain theory is promoted as "the truth". Often (not always) the "theories" which are promoted as "definitely" what happened....are the theories that are more suspect. We must keep our minds open and flexible....but yet not too open to all the misinformation. Follow the money and correlate with recent world happenings. Concerning investigations by the public....the financial angle needs to be stressed even over the gun confiscation angle....because if we only focus on the gun issue...or the mandatory mental health screening issue....the two sides of these issues will always be polarized and that's because we are focusing on the wrong things. The public is being manipulated to focus on the gun and mental health issues to distract from the probable real financial goals. Money and Power corrupts! Gun confiscation by the government and the proposed mandatory mental health screening are absolutely important issues but to get the public to agree with each other and work together, I feel that focusing on the possible financial scam will bring us further on the path to the truth. 


Notice where the boy calls it a drill above This next video has news interviews of people who have never heard of Adam Lanza. I noticed that one of the other videos I posted has been taken down or blacked out. To me that is an indication that whomever does not want certain information to be aired.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cataclysmic Events, Deception then EXTORTION!

Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office...
Now.....I am certainly not an economist and I am far from understanding how the world is so interconnected through finance. But..... I do see a dangerous and deceptive pattern emerging that needs to be thoroughly investigated.
Firstly we need to draw our attention to the frequent one of a kind disasters that are all being labeled as "historic" and "never seen before." We are being led to believe that the weather disasters are all caused by " mother nature" which is rebelling ....due to pollution caused by the general population. We are being told that mass shootings are all due to lone crazy gunmen. Much news has been circulated promoting the idea that the arctic icecaps are melting due to this general pollution by the masses. Granted we are polluting and something needs to be done about it....however, it appears that the world banks/corporations/government (all connected) are using a legitimate issue to further their own agendas. These agendas may have to do with acquirng more money and power for the purpose of gaining more money and power! No one ever seems to mention that Space Weapons could be  used to intentionally melt the polar ice caps in order to open up trade routes and have access to natural resources such as fishing and oil.
My message to everyone is to watch and observe what the solutions and calls to action are after all of these disasters. Here is a list of just some of the recent events that I question.
1. 9-11 of course is the most famous disastrous event and became the premise for perpetual war and increased surveillance and confiscation of rights. As I remember donations to the families were also requested....and then more charities popped up to garner more money. It's made to seem that the money is all going to different good causes ...sometimes very loosely related to the disastrous event. Where does the money really go? Was 9-11 caused by factions of the global financial system which has officials placed in government positions?
2.  Hurricane Katrina was a disaster that was labeled as a natural event and it was insinuated that it was a consequence of global warming. Residents of the affected area were bussed all over the country. Many of them still have not been able to return to their homes. It was said that the Red Cross and Salvation Army collected billions. Who ultimately owns these organizations? Where did the money really go? Have developers taken over the land areas that had been flooded and do many of the same people, who were natives...still live in these areas? The biggest question should be....was Katrina an example of weather warfare caused by our weapons in space. We don't hear much about our space weapons we? What are the many trips into space really all about? About half of a year before Hurricane Katrina happened, there was a TV movie called OIL STORM...which depicted almost the exact scenario of Katrina.
3. The Haiti earthquake was reported to be a huge disaster. Bill Clinton and George Bush went on national TV to request donations to Haiti. Do they have connections with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? The History Channel reported that we now have the capabilities to cause earthquakes. The channel even showed diagrams of how it could be done. Where did the billions of donated dollars go? Does Haiti now owe money to the much that they could be owned by the IMF?  Is the money donated  that is slated for Haiti..really going to their government and people to rebuild? If so then maybe they shouldn't need to borrow money from the IMF. Check out the IMF website and see how much Haiti still owes. What are some of Haiti's desirable resources? Here is an article that addresses some of these questions
4.Hurricane Irene and it's devastating economic impact on our country..also needs to be investigated. Money was  requested from the world for this disaster too. Hurricane Irene may also have been man made. As I have mentioned before weather warfare is a present capability. If "they" do have a degree of technology to control the weather then why are they NOT steering storms AWAY from vulnerable areas? Instead the storms often stall over the areas and sometimes the storms even turn around and come back!!! Here is a quote by Maurice Strong "Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrial nations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” --- Maurice Strong, Chairman, 1992 Earth Summit . One thing that can make nations collapse are repeated disasters. The country then asks for aid from the IMF which loans them money. What happens when the country becomes so disabled that they cannot pay back the IMF? Well...I'm sure that global loan sharks operate in a similar manner to gangland loan sharks and banks which retrieve the other words they then own the disabled country. Is this how the New World Order that George Herbert Walker Bush predicted was a certainty...will come about? Is blaming everything on the Masons, or the Jews....or the Communists...etc etc...just a diversion from realizing what the world's banking systems are doing to us? One other point of interest......if you wonder whether or not Hurricane Irene was thought of before hand....check out the Adams Family Movie (which came out before Hurricane Irene) and look for the scene where Uncle Fester takes a book out of a bookcase, the camera rests on the title of the book "HURRICANE IRENE" which Uncle Fester then opens and unleashes the hurricane on everyone there in the room with him.

5. Hurricane Sandy was a recent enough event for us to remember the donations requested for this happening. In fact, I think they are still working on this one. It's not that I don't think we should donate to these victims of what I believe to be a horrendous crime against humanity....I just think we have to somehow do it privately so the money gets into the proper hands.

6.  The Sandy Hook Shooting is also possibly a very bizarre example of a staged event. I don't even know where to start here but something is terribly wrong with the official story. Sandy Hook and Aurora where words that appeared in the movie The Dark Knight Rises..... That should be a fact that everyone is made aware of. This cannot be a coincidence. Billions of dollars are being raised for ...what.....about 20 families in Sandy Hook? Why on earth do they need so much money? Why do they need ANY money. This is bizarre! I can understand cards of sympathy but millions or billions of dollars? It's interesting that many of the families involved with the shootings at Sandy for Morgan Stanley and other financial institutions. There is a rumor that Adam Lanza's father was to testify at the LIBOR Financial scandal trial. It has also been rumored that the father of James Holmes (the supposed Aurora Shooter) was also to testify at this financial scandal trial. When looking up Nancy Lanza, many have come across information that says she also worked for Morgan Stanley.Some of the parents of the allegedly deceased children also work for Morgan Stanley. It is extremely pertinent that the "financial cliff"...involving these financial institutions was occurring at the very same time the Sandy Hook shootings occurred. Are most of the donations going to these banking groups to offset their losses? Or even the whole financial cliff  a scam? It's difficult to know the details but if we do not question and investigate this deception will continue.

7. Now the latest event is the meteor in Russia. Something about this story just didn't set right. I am not a scientist but to me it seems odd that the meteor broke the sound barrier. I didn't think that falling items could break the sound barrier. I thought it had to be jet propelled to accomplish this. Was there a missle involved? They still haven't found any pieces but I'm sure they will come up with some sooner or later.Because I am not sure whether this event is  totally staged, partially messed with or real as reported....I look for what is promoted along with the event. NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) might be looking for funding to create a meteor observatory in least that's what they say  the building project  in space would be for. As I was looking around this morning for more talk of the Russian Meteor, I came across a news item that said another meteor fell in San Francisco. Watch the video at the following link.  I have also written an article that was entitled "Not a Matter Of IF but WHEN. See if you notice that phrase being used in the video. This phrase can be used as part of predicted programming where propaganda is used to get people to expect certain events in the that when these events occur people will be mentally prepared to accept the official version of the event.   I tend to think that if any funds are created or forthcoming due to the announcement of 2 supposed meteors coming into our atmosphere within a day or so of each other...that they may be used for weapons in space instead of a peaceful observatory...but I could very well be wrong. These are just questions we need to be asking.

Notice how after disasters supposed terrorist attacks, school shootings and maybe even meteors...there is an immediate plan of action already all set up to put into action. Some of these action plans include the stripping of our rights, special xray machines that are immediately invented and available at airports, well planned in advance efforts to take guns away, and now the immediate plan to build a "near earth observatory" (supposedly) But as usual, this observatory would be something that the population could not verify. Even sighting a meteor...nowadays...does not have to mean it is really there. Holographic effects and technology such as special missiles need to be considered.

To sum this up we have to recognize that the earth is experiencing far too many disastrous one of a kind events in an UN-Natural sequence. We are seeing a rapid fire sequence...possibly meant to destabilize.....Order Out Of Chaos. Does the U.S owe the IMF money? Where is all the Federal aid coming from that the President hands out under States of Emergency? Again...the words of Maurice Strong  "Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrial nations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

But...don't neccessarily think that Strong  and his cronies are sincere about saving the planet. They are most likely just chasing more money and power. We are being decieved ....big time!