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 This is an older post that has been updated with new information

 We have been conditioned to think of psychopaths only as mass murderers. We have also been led to believe that there are fairly few psychopaths in society. When we consider the psychopathic personality we tend to view these people as loners. These misconceptions can be very misleading and apparently are used to cover up the wide presence of the psychopathic personality midst the very rich and powerful. And of course those who are rich and powerful are the ones who appear to be controlling the destiny of those with "normal" personalities.

When horrific events happen in society, it is very difficult for people with "normal" personalities(those who have compassion, conscience and a caring for others) to even consider that their government or seemingly well functioning, respected individuals could have committed such atrocities.This is one of the aspects that keeps people enslaved. Because of this, we need to become very aware of the traits of a psychopath.

Recently I have become very interested in this subject due to a very unfortunate experience of a friend and a current highly publicized court case taking place in Connecticut this month. I am noticing very similar body language and personality traits....concerning the people involved.... that fit with the psychopathic mind. Many times the culprit is the unsuspected one(s). Everyone needs to become aware of psychopathic traits. Psychopaths can be very charming and friendly. They have learned this behavior to accomplish their desired goals, which is usually to take advantage of others. They have no real compassion or conscience and rarely think about the consequences of their actions. Below are some of the traits of a psycopath from and the video below that teaches you how to be aware of a psychopath's body language and social interactions.

Glibness/superficial charm
 Grandiose sense of self worth

Need for stimulation/prone to boredom
 Pathological lying

 Lack of remorse or guilt

Shallow emotional response
 Callous/lack of empathy

Parasitic lifestyle
 Poor behavioral controls

Promiscuous sexual behavior
 Early behavioral problems

Lack of realistic long term goals

 Failure to accept responsibility for their own actions

Many short term relationships
 Juvenile delinquency

Revocation of conditional release
 Criminal versatility 

Some traits I have personally noticed
 Very good actors/actresses
 Will give gifts and then ask for them back
Very jealous...jealous of possessions and often jealous of the good qualities in people
Unable to appreciate or feel real joy. Psychopaths may become exhilarated through adrenaline rushes when they con someone or receive praise..etc  but i don't believe they can feel real joy, peace and happiness. As a result they try to take down others who are able to experience these feelings.

Wonderfully talented at faking sincerity


Very Competitive, and very concerned about appearances (their own physical appearance and appearances involving money, things, and status

Even when you mostly catch on to their act...they can still suck you in over and over.

Selective memory

Insincere generosity....used only to get what they want or to make themselves appear normal

Projection......  The psychopath will blame others constantly and if one really stops and analyzes the situation...the psychopath is actually projecting their own traits or actions on those he is blaming. An example of this. I knew someone whose psychopath relative constantly blamed them for intercepting the mail and therefore preventing the psychopath from her goal. When going through the elderly psychopath's old letters (to see what to throw out) that were being stored in the relative's home , they came across an old letter from a boyfriend to the relative but the relative had never received this letter. Evidently when the relative still lived at home with the psychopathic parent....the parent intercepted the mail...just like she was now saying that her relative was doing to her!

May have been cruel to animals

Very Inconsistent

 Jekyll and Hyde personality switches

Will make others feel guilty

Will strike out if cornered

Thinks he is immune to society's rules

You'll be their best friend as long as you are fulfilling their needs but watch out, you will be dropped like a hot potato when you are no longer useful

Says hurtful things out of the blue

Twists the facts

Changes the subject when cornered

Likes to move around a lot from place to place. I think part of this is that when people begin to catch on to the psychopath's tactics...they want to move to more fertile ground.

Will compete with you even though you are not trying to compete

I've been thinking quite a bit on how psychopaths in politics negatively control society...the grip they seem to have on us. Well...they will no longer have a grip once the majority catches on to their tactics. I've also been pondering shows such as Survivor and the Hunger Games, trying to figure out the purpose of the pervasive theme of survival of the fittest and survival of those who stab even their alliances in the back. One wonders why so many people go along with or take part in our numerous false flag events/disasters. We marvel at the seeming impossibility of the many people required to pull off these goals. How could almost a whole town , for example, be in on such huge conspiracies? Is it because we are being brainwashed with the survival of the fittest mentality? That you must do whatever you have to do to succeed? I just want to share a thought with all you conspirators out there. You will get old and decay just like the rest of us. When you are no longer useful to the goals of the world psychopaths, you will also be cast aside. I am seeing once "successful" psychopaths begin to crumble in their old age with most everyone abandoning them. They are extremely unhappy because they based their happiness on appearance instead of what is real and good in life. They can no longer manipulate like they used to because half the time they can't remember what they have and have not said.

Of course there are many people in society who are swept up in this competitive mess and they are not really psychopaths. It's those to whom I speak...because supposedly a real psychopath cannot change their behavior

If you want a deeper understanding of this subject, the following books would be very helpful. Also, for more info, watch the video below

Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath favorite
In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People..  shares the traits of psychopaths but also shows you how to deal with them

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

Important videos

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It's easy to get sucked into the different avenues of "mind control" and to regard them as helpful or harmless.We are told over and over again that hypnotism cannot make you do anything that is alien to your personality. Well...certain government mind control projects have proven that statement to be false. Some of the methods used for experimentation on the mind are... cognitive enhancement, artificial methods that claim to produce states of enlightenment.... self help tapes, hypnotism, brain entrainment, guided meditation, binaural beats (digital drugs)... and the list goes on. The ultimate goal is to be able to totally control the human mind, reproduce it, download it, reprogram it...etc. I'm not saying that every person who applies these methods to others is aware of any conspiracy nor that they are a concious part of a plot. Many well meaning people believe that they are truly helping people. And...there very well may be some temporary good effects...however.....we must observe society and government and try to discern the details and real purposes of this overall trend.

I think that many people....including myself in the past...go through an explorative phase and are tempted to try out these technologies with the hope that it will give them some sort of power, insight or control that they didn't have before. Altered states of conciousness seem to have become an end goal in and of a sign that someone has become more enlightened or spiritual. I feel that the promotion of this view is part of a deceitful web that is trying to convince us that we can become gods or as wise as gods...when in reality it is a vast experiment in transhumanism and quest for global control.

When gauging true spiritual development we should look more to our actions and feelings, rather than to what some may call supernatural mind experiences.Anyone, through practice of techniques or brainwashing...can have some of these extrasensory experiences or perceptions....which in and of themselves do not make you closer to God or a better person. The real message of spirituality is expressing the Love of God through thought, prayer and action. We are being sidetracked with glitz and glitter.I think that the following quote from the Bible would apply to those seeking true spiritual oneness with God and to those who may be trying to lead us astray.How do we tell what or who is good and worthy and real? "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7 I take this to mean that it doesn't matter in the spiritual scheme of things as to whether or not you have mystical experiences...the real proof is in the pudding. Evil can never produce good. For example a segment of our world who appears to be planning genocide and totalitarian control, often fool themselves and others by saying that the end justifies the means. Well...all I can say is that the really wise ones know that evil can never produce "Good".

If you are interested in the spiritual aspects of this discussion , you may want to read an older article "Defending Ourselves Against Mind Control"

Check out the video below if you are not aware of what they are now calling digital drugs

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Many people still think of the transhumanist movement as just another science fiction idea or concept.However, it is very real and has possible consequences beyond the imagination. Please watch this very important video to learn just how serious this issue is. I feel the only real solution to this misperception of what our real goals should be..... will have to be a spiritual solution...a turning to the Creator for real guidance through this hazy mist of increasing materiality.Some are saying that one of  the end goals of the transhumanist movement is to contact angels, God, demons, ET intelligence...etc.and to mesh our intelligence or soul with these entities.

I feel that this approach...using more and more material inventions to somehow gain spiritual knowledge or godhood...will never work. How can more and more matter lead to Spirit? I am sensing that the materialistic promises of transhumanism are really about selling our soul to the devil. These are materialstic goals that can never translate into spiritual goodness. We don't need computors and mind interfaces to connect with God. We already live and move and have our Being within God. Our job is to realize this fact and act in accordance with this Truth. Human Beings do not have the infinite spiritual intelligence that the Creator has.How would it be possible for us to forsee all of the consequences of altering God's creation? However, if we have pure motives and the desire to truly help others, we can immediately connect with this divine intelligence for the answers which will help all mankind. We don't need brain chips to recieve Divine guidance. ...all we need is a pure heart and a confidence that our prayers for guidance will be answered.

So, as you watch the following video, think of this quote by Mary Baker Eddy, called The Scientific Statement of Being.....and a quote by Albert Einstein 
"There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual."
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.468:9

"Concerning matter, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. THERE IS NO MATTER."  Albert Einstein

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By Marjorie Tietjen

I wanted to share a story/experience that seemed to come to my attention for a purpose. I know someone who has been attending Northeastern University in Boston for 2 years now. We visited this person several times during their first year there. Almost every time we were there Gorbachev was there, complete with his limo and motorcycle bodyguards. I mentioned that I thought that this was somehow strange but everyone kind of laughed at me and shrugged it off.

The next year this same Northeastern student e-mailed me and said " You know, Gorbachev is here alot, I wonder why? I looked up Gorbachev on the internet and found the Gorbachev Foundation, so I e-mailed them and said that I was curious as to why Gorbachev was at Northeastern all the time and what did he think of the One World Government?

I got a reply the next day which stated that the reason that Gorbachev was at NorthEastern all the time was because the University was the new headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation and as to my second question they said they could not answer that. Before this Foundation moved to Northeastern it was located at the Presidio ( A Former Military Base ) in San Francisco.

Gorbachev is generally thought of in a postive way. After all, didn't he end Communism and isn't he promoting democracy and the saving of the environment? Gorbachev is a very charismatic personality and has U.S. officials, along with the public, eating out of his hand. Let me share with you some of his quotes and plans for the future of the world.

The following is a quote from Gary Kah's book " The New World Religion". " Among those at the forefront of this movement( Globalization) there is one individual who stands out more than any other. Believed by many to have fallen from the political scene with the collapse of the Soviet Union, he currently wields more power and influence in shaping the future of the world than perhaps any diplomat of our generation. Yet strangely, most of us are not even aware of his influence, let alone that he has risen to the top of the one world movement. His keen sense of timing and political prowess has enabled him to forge alliances where others before him have failed. His friends include many of the world's most adept politicians, financial powerbrokers and religious leaders. The person of whom I am speaking is Mikhail Gorbachev.

In 1989 Gorbachev was quoted speaking to the Politburo saying the following " In October 1917 we parted with the old world rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road." He also said "Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our aim is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep." During 1989 when the Berlin wall came down he proclaimed " I am a convinced Communist. For some this may be a fantasy but for me it is my main goal"

Gorbachev's blueprint for the future is manipulating the world's people into accepting a one world government under the pretense of saving the environment. He has created a global Foundation called Green Cross which has as it's magna carta " The Earth Charter" which he hopes will rival the Ten Commandments. He is helping to initiate a complete restructuring of our economy,our political system and also our religious views. He has also been instumental in the scaling back of our armed forces while at the same time increasing the presence of foreign troops on our soil.

Gorbachev, Maurice strong and Al Gore are referred to as "The Three Musketeers" of the environmental movement. It appears that the environmental situation is being used along with instilling the fear of biological warfare in order to further the one world agenda. Gorbachev states " The environmental crisis is the cornerstone for the New World Order" Maurice strong ( U.N. environmental leader ) was quoted as saying, " Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" James Garrison ( President of the Gorbachev Foundation ) says " we are going to end up with world government. It's inevitable... There's going to be conflict, coercion and consensus. That's all part of what will be required as we give birth to the first global civilization."

Paul Erlich who wrote "The Population Bomb", writes " The first task is population control at home. How do we go about it? Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve such control. One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of the antidote would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size." Could this be one of the reasons for the malathion spraying and or the frequent chemtrails being sighted?

It seems that the West Nile virus outbreak along with the subsequent spraying may be achieving several agendas at once. It is very difficult to unravel it all but some of the goals involved may be sterilization, the weakening of our immune systems, money making schemes for pharmaceutical and pesticide companies, depopulation, and possibly creating a crisis situation so the public will become so fearful as to accept the solutions of those who have orchestrated the whole mess in the first place.

Martial law could be instituted at some point as the first step toward this One world Government. Of course this is only speculation but listen to another quote from Gary Kah. "Another reason why the environment is such an important issue to Gorbachev is that it will enable him to introduce and ratify comprehensive international treaties granting unprecedented power to seize government and private property all in the name of protecting the environment.

In fact, Gorbachev's mandate for the future includes the imposition of stringent global environmental laws that would regulate every area of life. Toward this end he has been supporting the creation of an all encompassing planetary document called "The Earth Charter". Samantha Smith, a journalist who attended "The State of the World Forum" confirms these developments. "At this conference we were told that an Earth charter, A Bill of Rights for the planet, would be presented to the United Nations for ratification then hopefully adopted by the year 2000.

According to Smith, Maurice Strong, the U.N's top environmental activist, referred to the charter as a Magna Carta for earth." Gorbachev goes even further, describing the charter as a new set of rules to guide humanity. He states "My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a Sermon on the Mount, that provides a guide for human behaviour toward the environment in the next century and beyond." Gorbachev and the U.N. are simply waiting for the proper moment to implement any final agreements in order to begin full enforcement of their programs. Together with other major environmental legislation already drafted, the charter if accepted, will govern life in the 21st century." Samantha continued "

Gorbachev harped on the importance of having "consensus" for the Global Governance - where nations under world government would lose sovereignty, giving way to international laws that will dictate common beliefs, values, standards and behaviour, and conform to the consensus of a chosen group of leaders. The former head of Russia's communist party has selected 100 elite "innovative thinkers" called the Global Brain Trust or The Council of the Wise, who will meet annually at the Presidio ( probably now they will meet at Northeastern ) to guide global issues during the transition into the next century."

Gorbachev spoke in Indiana in 1996 saying " We need a new paradigm of development in which the environment will be a priority... World Civilization as we know it will soon end...we have very little time and we must act...If we can address the environmental problem we have hope,,, but it will have to be done with a new system,a new paradigm...We have to change our mindset, the way humankind views the world"

Considering the mess that Gorbachev left Russia in, including the Chernobyl disaster, we should question his true concern for the environment. Adverse events and appearances of many new diseases seem to be escalating. I feel the need is urgent to postpone some of our individual causes and join together to address the largest issue which may be the takeover of the world.

For example, I am a Chronic Lyme disease patient and activist. I have been observing that the Lyme disease political situation is getting worse instead of better despite many who are working very hard trying to get issues solved through the proper government channels. Unless we uncover the basic agenda, which is one of massive control, we will continue to be blocked in our individual efforts for justice, health and freedom. Have Americans fallen asleep? Has Gorbachev's goal been accomplished? Yes the environment has it's problems and they need to be addressed but is it really necessary to relinquish our nation's sovereignty to some " Council of the Wise " which we have had no say in the formation of?

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Antidepressants: Motives Behind The Push

The goal of this article is not to stop people from taking antidepressants when they really need them. For some, these drugs can be lifesaving. However, if one will notice, it seems as if at least half the population is on these psychotropic drugs. This is not normal and we need to ask ourselves why. Lyme patients are often faced with their doctors telling them that they are only depressed and that antidepressants will either help or cure them.The following is something I wrote a few years back.

Antidepressants - Motives Behind The Push

By Marjorie Tietjen


It has become increasingly obvious that there may be diabolical motives behind the intense push for antidepressant consumption. Antidepressants are immune suppressive, can cause violent tendencies, suicidal thoughts, depersonalization, complete changes in personality and depression, the very symptom this drug is supposed to alleviate.

I highly recommend a book by Ann Blake Tracy. I encourage you to read it and pass it on. The title is Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? the Rest of the Story on the New Class of Ssri Antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox
It is an excellent eye opener. The following is a quote from her book. " A Yale study , which was released in March 1991, indicates that one out of seven of their patients suffered intense suicidal preoccupation or intense feelings of violence. They state very clearly , that from their observations, this is not a coincidence, but a reaction directly related to Prozac. If we use their one out of seven figure, or approximately 15%, we are looking at an astounding figure of 1,350,000 patients, three quarters of a million patients experiencing the most serious of Prozac's adverse reactions - adverse reactions which affect not only the patient but all of society."

Many chronically ill patients with disease labels such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, Gulf War Illness, Alzheimer's, Lyme, etc., are essentially being denied curative treatment, in the form of antibiotics and natural substances. Most insurance companies do not cover naturopathic services. This seems odd to me considering preventative treatments would save the insurance companies large sums of money. Many have been recently raising the question as to why, using certain lab tests, many patients with these diseases are found to be infected with mycoplasma, the lyme spirochete and other microbes which are treatable with antibiotics. Certain government agencies are very aware of this situation. Why then is nothing being done about it? Instead of curative treatment, we are being told that our symptoms are all in our head, therefore we must need psychoactive drugs. The SSRI drugs , which include Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft, suppress the immune system, so......not only are we being denied curative treatments but we are being coerced into using drugs which further weaken our already fragile immune systems. I wonder how many of you are on these drugs yourselves or know someone that is ?

The following is another excerpt from Ann Blake Tracy's book. "The CIA had a great interest in drugs for chemical warfare and mind control in particular. After several years of using Scopolamine and liquid marijuana, they began searching for additional, even stronger mind altering drugs and turned to LSD. Their goal was to find a chemical which would: 1. cause a disruption in memory, 2. discredit individuals by producing aberant behavior, 3. alter sexual patterns, 4. elicit information from the person, 5. open one's mind to suggestion for mind control, and 6. create addiction and dependence. If the reader will turn to the chapter entitled "Patient Reports", they will find those on Prozac reporting all six of these results as reactions to the drug."

Our world is filling up with increasing numbers of people who don't want to know what is taking place in our society. It's as if they are numb to what is happening to their bodies and to their nation. People are being swayed and conditioned by the obvious lies/propaganda in the media

There are many methods of producing apathy in citizens ....through propaganda, subliminal messages, specific electronic frequencies, chemicals, and more. Could the use of antidepressents be playing a role in the zombification of our nation? A book published by Stanford University in 1983 "On Nineteen Eighty Four", extensively explains how these chemicals erode our identities and it's devastating effects on society as a whole. Many report that these drugs affect one's ability to connect spiritually. Some patients on Prozac report that it rips out one's soul.

A quote from "Toxic Psychiatry" by Dr. Breggin. "I saw no mystery in how the treatments worked. By damaging the brain and mind, they made the patients docile and passive...suitable for control within these abusive institutions. The frontal lobes are the seat of higher human functions such as love, concern for others, empathy, insight, creativity, initiative, autonomy, rationality, abstract reasoning, judgement, future planning, foresight, willpower, determination and concentration. The frontal lobes allow us to be human in the full sense of that word. They are required for a civilized, effective, mature life."

Psychiatric drugs are designed to interfere with the neurotransmitters which connect the frontal lobes of the brain with the rest of the brain. This creates a lobotomy effect.

A large portion of the population who are experiencing symptoms such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks, may actually be suffering from a brain infection. For example, irritability, rage, depression and panic attacks are only some of the brain symptoms that can be produced by the lyme spirochete and certain strains of mycoplasma. Wouldn't it make more sense to treat the underlying cause rather than allowing the disease to progress by covering up the symptoms? Adding immune suppression to the picture, caused by antidepressents, makes a recipe for disaster. We must not leave out the fact that natural life circumstances are also a cause for depression....but it is then the situation and our response to it which needs attention. Here again, antidepressents only mask the underlying problem.

I'd like to share one more quote from the book "Prozac, Panacea Or Pandora". "Prozac blocks out too many necessary life generating emotions. It tends to dull the higher feelings while enhancing the animalistic feelings. When Prozac affects the mood centers to block out what we would classify as "bad" feelings, it also blocks out the "good" feelings. Aren't feelings there to let us know we do exist and to increase our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings? Is it worth cutting those unpleasant feelings out of our life , if we at the same time cut out the feelings of love, concern, empathy, hope - all the good feelings? Without feelings are we really alive? Are we human? And if we can no longer feel, is life "real" for us and worth living? How terribly depressing it must be to feel nothing."

One can see how easy it would be to gain total control of a nation of drugged apathetic citizens. People seem to be losing the ability to care, reason and evaluate the events taking place in our world. Many of us can't even remember what we did yesterday. More of us need to step out of the crowd, voice our opinions and share constructive information with others. The future of our world depends on each and every one of us. While you're at it, don't forget to spread some love around. That is the most essential ingredient!

Please refer to Ann Blake Tracy's book for natural solutions


Date: Sunday, 12-Sep-2010 09:07:01 For me it basically began with 9-11.From the 9-11 disaster I learned quite a bit about the social manipulation of the masses....and I continue to learn with every passing castastrophe or other manipulative news item that is trying to outrage, frighten and condition the people.

The whole 9-11/mosque building/Koran burning issue stems from the 9-11 attacks. One must look at the actual premise from which everyone is forming their positions. If a person believes that the collapse of the trade towers was really accomplished by small time muslim terrorists then of course they would be angry if muslims wanted to erect a Mosque on the very site of this disaster. However, if the real culprits of 9-11 are the financial puppeteers of the world and 9-11 was an event to further world domination....then perhaps we would view the recent 9-11 related news items as more propaganda.

Take a minute and ponder this thought. What are the chances that out of all the places in the world to build a mosque, a group of muslims decided to build one adjacent to "ground zero"( an inflammatory sensationalistic term) the media terms it? The timing of this news item seems to have been orchestrated to flow through to September 11. How do we know that this is authentic and not a staged event to anger and outrage and pit people against each other? On the one hand they are teaching us to fear muslims....and on the other hand they preach tolerance. We're being set up. They even pick a president with a very suspicous muslim sounding name containing the very components of two SUPPOSED different "bad guys". The name Obama sounds very similar to Osama (Osama BinLaden)and then of course there is Hussein (Saddam Hussein). I don't think for a moment that this is coincidence.

I don't understand all the connections, however, the point I am trying to make here is to not trust the premise or foundation of many news stories.

Just this moment I finished listening to a news roundtable talk centered on this very issue.They didn't say too much of importance except that that this has been the most contentious 9-11 anniversay so far...and why is this? They didn't really have an answer. One of the speakers made an interesting comment. He was referring to the pastor who wanted to burn the Koran. He said "We helped to create this guy out of nothing." He was an obscure pastor who all of a sudden became the focal point of hate, anger and fear. I sense that this was combined with the mosque building news for the sole purpose of dividing and conquering. The commenters also mentioned that there is a rising extremism in our country.Let's analyze what the source of this rising extremism really is and refuse to be manipulated any longer.

For a more lengthy article on how the people are manipulated by the news.... see the link below

Watch How They Choreograph The News

Watch How They Choreograph The News

By Marjorie Tietjen

The fact that there are nefarious motives behind the all pervasive, ever increasing media propoganda, is becoming so obvious that if it were not so serious and effective, it's transparency would be laughable.

Once a person begins to discern the manipulation then one emerges into a whole new perception of reality. The public is continually and intentionally being set up for the expectation of certain future events. When these orchestrated events actually come to pass, many accept them as natural or even inevitable.....after all, they were predicted.

David Icke termed a form of this covert manipulation as Problem - Reaction - Solution. Those in control intentionally create a problem, expect a certain reaction from the public and then offer a solution which was really the controller's original goal. Many times the public is made to believe that the solution was their idea which often results in the public demanding that their solution be implemented. This makes it all very easy for those in power. These methods are very deeply embedded into our media structure. It's really amazing to me how they can keep all the lies from tripping over each other.

Take 9-11 for example. Looking back on things I'm sure most people will remember the media informing us that terrorism in the United States was inevitable. We were firmly told that it was not a matter of "if" but "when". Before this tragedy even occurred many were aware of a quote by Henry Kissenger which stated that an incident of this magnitude would be needed to convince the people of America to accept a One World Government. His exact words were.....

" Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [ referring to the 1991 LA. riot ]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenerio, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by the World Government." Dr. Henry Kissenger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France 1991

Informed and intuitive citizens knew that it wouldn't be long before an orchestrated catastrophic event would occur. It was no surprise to many when immediately after the Trade Towers were hit, our government already had an immediate plan of action. We were going to fight a war on terror....a war that would have no forseeable end in sight. This of course sets up the opportunity for future attacks on any country which has the slightest possibility of harboring "supposed" terrorists. Almost immediatley the names of all the terrorists were known. We knew exactly what leader and country was responsible. Bills severely restricting our rights, such as The Patriot Act, were furtively and quickly pushed through. One clause in this ridiculously named bill, concerns the FBI and it's access to all our library records.

A local library I visit regularly had a sign up sheet for computor use. In order to use a computor one was required to sign their name, along with other information. One day I went to sign up for a computor and the sign in system was totally changed. One no longer had to sign their name. I asked the librarian if this change had anything to do with The Patriot Act. She told me that yes it did. This particular library had decided to change their system so that if the FBI did demand computor records, there would be none to hand over. I then spoke to the library manager who told me that if the FBI came and confiscated all the computors, for the purpose of investigating people's computor habits, that he would not even be allowed to tell the public where the computors went. If he did mention that the FBI took them then he could be jailed without a trial. He was horrified that such an Orwellian law could be passed through in America. He stated that we live in very frightening times but that it is not some fictional terrorists that we need to fear, but instead we need to be questioning our own government. All the librarians I have spoken to feel that this law really has nothing to do with protecting our country. The War On Terror is being used as an excuse! If we allow this deception to continue, it will result in the demise of The United States Of America, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights. The process has already begun.

George Bush had all the answers. He knew who all the "evildoers" were and exactly where the "axis of evil" resided. As I mentioned in another article, the actual culprits are often those doing the fingerpointing.... and or those supporting them behind the scenes. The whole War On Terrorism seems much too pat and choreographed to be believable. The media coins specific buzzwords such as "evil doers", "weapons of mass destruction", "axis of evil", etc, in order to create fear and to sculpt our views of the supposed enemies. Many of the past "evil" rulers or dictators have actually been installed in different countries by our own government.

Many Americans realize there is something very wrong with the media. It is admitted by quite a few that the news is very sensationalized but it is felt that this is because T.V Networks are competing against each other for ratings. People don't want to go any further with the reasoning. The media and other corporations are really meshed with our government structure and until people acknowledge that the public is being manipulated by the media/government for political goals, we will continue to be enslaved and controlled.

The following quotes reinforce the idea that the past and present administrations are pushing for One World Government and that the media is the essential tool to bring this about.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develope our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a World Government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferrable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." David Rockefeller, founder of The Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991

"The most powerful clique in these groups (Council On Foreign Relations), have one objective in common: They want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the U.S. They want to end national boundries and racial and ethnic loyalties, supposedly to increase business and ensure world peace. What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people. The Council On Foreign Relations was founded for "the purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of the U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all powerful One World Government." Harpers, July 1958

George Bush senior was the first president to speak publicly of One World Government. Now his son seems to be moving us further in this direction. George W. Bush was quoted at least twice saying "Things would be much easier if this were a dictatorship, as long as I was the dictator."

"The world can therefore seize the opportunity ( Persian Gulf Crisis) to fullfill the long-held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind." George Herbert Walker Bush

"In the next century nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority. National Sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." Strobe Talbot, President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20, 1992.

Strobe Talbot was the Director of The Yale Center for The Study of Globalization. He was also a journalist for Time Magazine for 21 years. He edited a book which came out in 2001. The title of this book is "The Age Of Terror - America and The World After September 11". The book is a compilation of ideas from eight different authors. I attended the round table discussion and booksigning. Strobe Talbot and several of the authors were on the discussion panel. They spoke of the "Old World" before 9-11 and how unprepared we are for the "New World". There was great emphasis placed on this "New World" whose admitted catalyst was 9-11. Perhaps Strobe Talbot is well aware of the real motives behind 9-11.

Was 9-11 the "outside threat" that Kissenger spoke of...a threat that would eventually leave us all begging for protection from a One World Government? We certainly seem to be standing he predicted, while our rights are being taken away in the name of protection or Homeland Security. The media is the central tool of the bureaucratic elite. When the public believes what they hear on the news, they become putty in the hands of those in power. The fear of disease is also being shoved down our throats. People will believe it all. We've all been fooled from time to time. Months ahead of flu season, killer strains of flu are predicted and then usually a vaccine shortage will also be announced simultaneously or shortly thereafter. Predictably everyone frantically scrambles to get these shots for themselves and for their children. Millions of dollars are made each year by pharmaceutical companies, on the flu vaccine alone. No one really knows what the accumulative and long term effects are of single or multiple vaccines.

Crime is also played up in the media to condition us to accept increased security surveillance and disarmament of the people. I feel that the school shootings are a classic example of "Problem-Reaction-Solution". It is hoped that the people will become so horrified by these senseless tragic acts, that we will demand that our guns be taken away. This is one of the classic historical steps involved when taking over a country from within. Personally I am not for or against guns but I do feel it is the right of the people to decide for themselves whether or not to own a gun.

It is a fact that there are mind control techniques available which have been developed and used by the CIA, and other government agencies, to accomplish certain clandestine goals. They have a serious reputation of having used children for their own agendas. In fact, I am a casual friend of a woman who claims she was one of these tortured, mind controlled children used by the CIA. Some of her experiences are beyond the imagination.

Were the children involved in the school shootings mind controlled and then programmed to self destruct after the crime? Next time something shocking like this occurs, watch the media carefully right afterwards and evaluate what the main message seems to be. Right after the school shootings our leaders pleaded with the American public, on national T.V., to consider more restrictive gun laws.

I would like to share two more vital quotes which concern propaganda and mind control. The first quote is from Aldous Huxley's lecture to The California Medical School in San Francisco in 1961. "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that in fact people will have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel - by propaganda, or brainwashing or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods (antidepressants?). And this seems to be the final revolution."

Several of the children involved in the school shootings were reported to be on antidepressants. In fact much of the population seems to be on antidepressants. Besides propaganda and pharmacological methods of mind control, there also appears to be another method - remote control mind control. The following is a quote by Jose Delgado from The Congressional Record no 26, vol 118, Feb. 24, 1974. He was the Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale Medical School and actually demonstrated this method on CNN. He showed how a charging bull could be stopped in it's tracks through remote control. "We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develope his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

I would like to share with you something from a friend.

"The propaganda is immense. The "daily news" and "social movements" seem orchestrated to destroy families, communities, and any other method folks have of holding themselves together through connection. Connections with the opposite sex. Connections through age. Connections to God. When these connections are severed so are our strengths. It is so important for men and women to see themselves as allies, companions, necessary cogs in the great wheel of life rather than as competitors. These New World Order folks want us to orphan our children, abandon our elders, fight with our spouses, distrust our neighbors. They want us drugged, dependant, devoid of meaning, purpose, strength. They want to patent God's creation. They can only appreciate what they can profit from. Their medium is fear. They control all major institutions on this planet and all forms of information like "news", advertising, entertainment, publishing, education, etc. through which they try to shape the way human beings think and feel about themselves. Caught like we are in this virtual matrix of darkness, what is a person to do?"

Humanity needs to know that we are here for each other. We need to reconnect and not be so fearful and suspicious of our fellow human beings. The media / illuminate knows that connections between people are not in their best interests. Their goal is to disconnect us from each other. Whether it's pitting children against parents, males against females, one nationality against another, creating the illusion of separate political parties, etc - this is one sure method of a few gaining control over the masses. We are all so busy being fearful, angry or competing with each other that we have no time or energy left to step back and view the whole situation.

We all have the power to refuse to accept the many negative suggestions that we are endlessly bombarded with. We need to begin trusting our own values and intuitions. We should also begin questioning the main premise or basis of many news stories. For example, many feel that the "war on terror" is necessary in order to protect our country and the world from the many acts of terror we see paraded before us every day on the news. Most of us are believing that the media is telling us the truth as to the identity of the perpetrators of these acts of terror. However, it is often discovered that it is those who are behind the dissemination of the news ( such as the CIA ), who are actually the ones committing the crimes, for the purpose of manipulating the public for political goals. This has been a tactic used throughout, as I mentioned before we need to begin questioning the very foundations of these stories.

We all complain how we are so busy that how could we ever possibly have the time to investigate into all this confusion. Maybe we could begin by turning off our televisions and by boycotting other avenues of the mainstream media. This would give us time to research into the methods used for mass manipulation and control.

It is really rather ironic how we are shelling out our hard earned money for T.Vs, cable services, newspapers, radios, etc, when these are the main avenues used to brainwash and control.

Let's all think about this carefully.

Those who currently seem to be in control can only manipulate us if we allow them to.

Recommended homework.......Rent the movie....."Wag The Dog"

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Most people may not think of it this way but adding fluoride and possibly lithium to the water supply is drugging society on a massive scale. We are told that fluoride would prevent cavities but yet people's teeth and bones are crumbling, due to the buildup of fluoride in the body  Flouride is a toxic poison and has been used in the past to make prisoners docile and accepting of authority

Fluoride is included in many drugs, toothpastes, dental fluoride treatments, fluoride drops for children. They even have a special BABY WATER they are now promoting...with fluoride in it. Fluoride is in our water supply which means that all the food  that is grown with fluoridated water is high in fluoride. Food that is cooked in fluoridated water absorbs the fluoride from the water. Most bottled drinks, including sodas, reconstituted juices, beer, etc are made from fluoridated water systems. If the government agencies responsible for promoting fluoride were really concerned about our health, you would think that they would be warning people about the dangers of accumulating very dangerous amounts of fluoride in our bodies. It is unbelievable that we have come to the point of accepting the mass drugging of  society....especially with a substance that is known to negatively affect  the brain in the manner spoken of in the link above.
Here is a  good overview of the dangers and toxic effects of Fluoride

Now, they want to add lithium to the water supply to help prevent suicide. Are they really serious? This drug is used to treat mental illness and has the same basic affects on the brain that fluoride make people calmer and more docile.The article at the link below discusses this idea.
Adding Lithium To The Water Supply May Reduce Suicide

This morning I found the following abstract in my email. Often sudies are rigged to further a specific agenda. While I'm not saying that this is true of the abstract below, it is a possibility. However, even if what they are saying about the immune enhancing affects of lithium are true, wouldn't it make much more sense to strenghten our immune system with proper diet and improved lifestyle? That is where true immunity comes from...but it doesn't make any money so we continue to follow false dietary advice given by government agencies and we continue to acquire autoimmune and degenerative disease. Then we are advised and or forcibly made to consume toxic substances which they tell us are for our benefit.

As I look into the future I can see how studies such as the one below will condition us to think that lithium may be a SAFE drug to use instead of antibiotics....and even an additive to our water supply. But actually it may be a preconcieved method to totally control the mental functioning of society, which has been the stated goal of the Elite. Here is a quote by Jose Delgado who invented remote control mind control and demonstrated it on CNN. He was also a professor at Yale. "We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. ... The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

Aldous Huxley his Brave New World Revisited...wrote about the pharmaceutical control of the population.Currently research is going forward concerning both the electronic control of the brain (microchips or "brain chips") and the psychic drugging of society. Below this abstract is the first video in a series of 5. The other 4 videos are in the sidebar of this blog. Alex Jones is the host who is interviewing Dr. Russell Blaylock concerning the true dangers and motives behind the contamination of our water supply. While I don't particularly care for Alex Jone's sensationalistic attitude and his possible motives to instill revolution, I do feel that what Dr. Blaylock is saying is extremely important for all of us to hear.
Pharmacopsychiatry. 2000 Sep; 33(5):159-64.

Antiviral and immunomodulatory effect of lithium.
Rybakowski JK.

Department of Adult Psychiatry, University of Medical Sciences, PoznaƄ, Poland.

Experimental and clinical data pointing to antiviral and immunomodulatory effects of lithium have been reviewed in the context of new information accumulated in the last recent two decades, indicating a possible pathogenic role of viral infection and/or immune dysfunction in affective illness. Antiviral effects of lithium, particularly against herpes viruses, was demonstrated in both experimental and clinical conditions. Patients with affective illness taking lithium for prophylactic purposes have a greatly reduced frequency of labial herpes recurrences. The therapeutic action of oral and topical lithium administration on labial and genital herpes was also demonstrated in non-affective subjects. In both experimental conditions and in clinical studies with affective patients, lithium was shown to exert favorable effects on many parameters of cellular and humoral immunity. The evidence was also presented that lithium may alleviate the immune-endocrine component concomitant to an acute affective episode, such as acute phase reaction, cytokine secretion and hyperactivation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. It is speculated that the antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of lithium may contribute to psychotropic actions of this ionic drug, especially prevention of recurrences in affective illness.


You may also want to read the transcribed tapes from a lecture given in the 60s to a group of doctors. These tapes describe the plans of the elite for the mass population. Many of these predicitons have already come true. Decide for yourself if these tapes are legitimate.