Friday, March 22, 2013


Anyone who has really listened to and observed the news about Sandy Hook...from the very beginning...can not help but to question the many many inconsistencies. There is a lot of information on the internet concerning the numerous inconsistencies  so I will not go into them all and will instead focus on Adam Lanza.

First of all....anyone who has used photoshop to Fix their photos... or to even create something "new" will be able to see on close observation that the photo above has been heavily manipulated. Look at the eyes very carefully and just notice the overall mess and odd colors and light on his face. The shape of his lips has been altered due to the messy photoshop job.

Let's think back to the very beginning when the media was telling us that it was RYAN Lanza who allegedly  shot children at Sandy Hook. How and why could a mistake like that have been made? Was it a mistake? There are so many questions. I am not going to attempt to answer them here because at this point it is impossible to know all the details. However, we DO need to ask the questions and while we are asking them we need to be careful to not focus too hard on any one theory because then we would be excluding other possibilities.

Here is a video which presents some evidence that the Adam Lanza we have come to know, may not even exist.

Another video on the internet was speaking about who actually resided in the Lanza home in Sandy Hook. The people who resided in the Lanza home were listed as Peter Lanza, Nancy Lanza, and John Riebe. Who is John Riebe? One thought was that he was the architect of the home. There was no mention of an Adam Lanza. Here is the video. Please watch it to the end where evidence is shown that Adam may not have lived in the Lanza home...if there is an Adam.

From what I am observing....the reports of gun violence is being ramped up since the Sandy Hook incident. Along with the supposed gun violence there is also emphasis on mental health screening. Can you envision our country/world if all guns were taken from the people and we had mandatory mental health screening? Those two issues can determine our fate. Will mental healthcare become so twisted and controlled (especially with Obama Care) that anyone who is declared a conspiracy theorist or who just doesn't go along with the rich bankers/corporate goals...will be declared as mentally unfit and then drugged accordingly?

Many parents involved in the Sandy Hook incident are connected with Morgan Stanley and other big financial interests. The "fiscal cliff" just seems to be happening at the same time as Sandy Hook. Is that a coincidence?

Even the mainstream news questioned the recent whereabouts of Adam Lanza...reporting that there was no evidence of him for several years before the alleged shootings. Was there ever an Adam Lanza associated with Peter and Nancy.....or was he around at one point and then disappeared? Where did he live if it wasn't at the Lanza home? Now they have come up with a new story reporting that there is more evidence that Adam Lanza planned this whole affair way ahead of time. I doubt if it was Adam Lanza who planned Sandy Hook ahead of time. It is more likely that the movie producers/financial interests planned it ahead of time. Have any of you watched The Dark Knight see if Sandy Hook AND Aurora are really mentioned in that movie? If any of you sleuths out there have extra energy, you may want to investigate connections between film companies like Warner Brothers, Lionsgate......etc in connection with Morgan Stanley, The Hunger Games and think about the connections of some of those involved with Sandy Hook who were employed by Morgan Stanley. Many of you already know that Suzanne Collins who wrote The Hunger Games...lives in Sandy Hook. The fact that the author of such a controversial trilogy...made into a movie...lives in Sandy Hook...doesn't seem to be just a freaky coincidence. Something connects all of this and it has something to do with communistic ideals, finance and world power.

Hurricane Irene was featured in a pretty large scene of The Adams Family Movie...way before the actual hurricane ever occurred . The TV movie Oil Storm also came half a year before Hurricane Katrina. So.....logic would dictate that we need to look closely at the connections between the film companies and the large finance corporations....and the connections of the people who are involved in these apparently staged catastrophes. However, trying to connect the alleged names of those involved will not always lead to accurate answers because many times the names given in the media are NOT the people's real names. Take a browse through You Tube and look up Sandy Hook and actors.

POSTSCRIPT:  Another theory I came across after posting this article and while doing more research on Sandy that Adam apparently did exist but may have changed his name 3 or 4 years ago when recently even the mainstream news reported that Adam appeared to drop off the face of the earth. There have been No records or activity associated with Adam Lanza since then. As readers have commented....there are no pictures of Adam and Ryan family pictures.The picture we see of Adam from the mainstream media, has been heavily photoshopped. Did Adam/Ryan  move away from Sandy Hook,start work for Ernst and Young and change his name when he made the move or shortly thereafter? Sandy Hook appears to have been planned for several years at least. The appearance of the words Aurora and Sandy Hook in the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie suggests this. We don't know all the details of Sandy Hook...whether or not people were killed...or how many...but anyone who has followed the story can plainly see that something is very wrong with the official story. The motives or goals appear to be confiscation of guns, the eventual implementation of mandatory MENTAL health screening....and a very strong connection with world financial institutions such as Ernst and Young, Morgan Stanley...and all their related business cronies.

Creating a patsy (Adam Lanza) that no longer officially exists would be one way to avoid investigations by family or arrest or death of the supposed perpetrator. There have been no photographs, surveillance videos or any other hard evidence provided to the public to prove that events occurred as the mainstream media has portrayed. Nancy Lanza and Peter Lanza also both had top jobs with financial institutions. Millions of dollars have been collected...supposedly for the families of the supposed tragedy. Is Nancy still alive....or she she dead? I am listening to the news as I write this and they are STILL raising money for the families and first responders. Let's just say that the "families" or most of the families were actors...along with some or all of the first responders...then where would the money really be going? Is the money helping to fund wars? Again..this whole fiscal cliff is occurring at the same time as Sandy Hook. Also....what has really happened to all of the donations collected for Hurricane Sandy which came right before Sandy Hook? Kind of coincidental that the names are the same and the events occurred almost simultaneously. Also it is important to realize that these financial institutions own CBS and other mainstream media outlets.

There are many many unanswered questions and it's difficult to know for sure what really happened. I have found that one way to help sort through the maize of theories is to evaluate each theory and to observe whether a certain theory is promoted as "the truth". Often (not always) the "theories" which are promoted as "definitely" what happened....are the theories that are more suspect. We must keep our minds open and flexible....but yet not too open to all the misinformation. Follow the money and correlate with recent world happenings. Concerning investigations by the public....the financial angle needs to be stressed even over the gun confiscation angle....because if we only focus on the gun issue...or the mandatory mental health screening issue....the two sides of these issues will always be polarized and that's because we are focusing on the wrong things. The public is being manipulated to focus on the gun and mental health issues to distract from the probable real financial goals. Money and Power corrupts! Gun confiscation by the government and the proposed mandatory mental health screening are absolutely important issues but to get the public to agree with each other and work together, I feel that focusing on the possible financial scam will bring us further on the path to the truth. 


Notice where the boy calls it a drill above This next video has news interviews of people who have never heard of Adam Lanza. I noticed that one of the other videos I posted has been taken down or blacked out. To me that is an indication that whomever does not want certain information to be aired.