Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Is Happening To The United States Government?

 I think the video below makes some very important points. One thing I'd like to emphasize is where the speaker in the video talks about how the Al Gores, Jane Fondas...John Denver...etc, what some call leftists, will be very disillusioned when they finally come into contact with the actual society they have helped to create.He also predicts that once their usefulness has will their lives be ended.Is this what happened to John Denver?

Many of the ideals sound wonderful but are they really workable within our current system of corruption? Our problems are being blamed on the corporations. Michael Moore is good at this. In a way those who point their fingers at the corporations are right BUT they either fail to realize OR fail to mention (intentionally)that our government is now intimately intertwined with the corporations. So...when Michael Moore and others like him, tell us we need more government control.... they are really saying that we need more corporate control over America. According to this video, Michael Moore had better watch his back.Many of the people who are really running things have psychopathic tendencies and as a result they have no empathy or loyalties to anyone.

What do you think is the main message of the show Survivor? I see it not as a show just about surviving under tough circumstances...but I feel it goes deeper. People appear to work together in the beginning. They form alliances... but in the end, its all about stabbing the others in the back to get what you want. That's the message I got from the video below. Please watch the video below if you care anything about freedom.

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