Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think it's a good idea for people to begin documenting the "special effects" present in the sky before many storms which may not be of totally natural origin.Today is August 3rd, 2011. The storm we experienced and these pictures took place 2 days ago on August 1st. Although the sky was very strange in our area of CT, we did not have a severe storm in our town. Nearby areas however, did experience severe storms. We only had moderate rain. A few weeks ago we did have a severe storm and we lost power for 3 days. Much of the state of CT was affected  and this was soon after a very unusual tornado devastated parts of Springfield , Mass, fairly near us. More on the last storm and it's strange effects in the sky... here Of course the pictures presented here can never do justice to the totally bizarre other worldly appearance of our skies before AND after this local storm. It is believed that scalar space based weapons and or HAARP are being used to covertly manipulate the world's weather. Research particle beam weapons, space based weapons, scalar weather weapons, tectonic weapons, chemtrails, scalar signatures. The strange effects seen in the photos below may be caused by some form of electromagnetic frequencies causing the very odd patterns in the clouds

After the storm passed by and the sun began to set, this is what the sky looked like. If you will notice in the picture directly below there is a bright spot to the immediate left of the dark center. It is elongated with a pink outline. Look for this bright spot in the other photos below. The camera is facing south and the sun is setting in the west. Perhaps the bright spot is from the sun's rays hitting the clouds in that spot or could the strange cloud patterns and the bright spot be due to scalar magnetic interference?

Notice the smeariness and the odd patterns. It was a very eerie scene. The whole atmosphere had a  yellow glow.
See the oval bright spot again with the pink outer ring. It's almost as if it's a focused beam of light but as I said before it could just be the rays of the sun reflecting on the clouds
 Before we began having such a rash of severe storms, I remember thunderstorms coming through with more of an old fashioned appearance. One would observe dark thunderclouds moving in. That was it....dark thunderclouds. Now it seems that these unusual skies precede the dark thunderclouds and may also appear afterwards. Just keep your eyes open and try to document.


  1. Well thanks for sharing those photos with us. I live in Michigan on the Lake Michigan side. I have seen similar clouds lately here as well. I aslo took pictures and they look exactly the same. We had storms shortly after and they were wicked. Keep up the good work and do your best to stay out of the rain. I am now collecting rain samples in new mason jars and time dating them, hope we can make the people who drop this on us drink every drop.

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing your important efforts. I'm glad others are noticing that this isn't normal.The problem is, government agencies and corporations come to sites like this, read what we have to say and then figure out how to twist people's perceptions of what they are seeing by the reporting of strange cloud formations, extreme weather and chemtrails as either normal or due to global warming. The abnormal weather conditions begin to get ingrained into the subconcious as always having been that way....after all the weatherman says it's notmal.

  3. Hi, I live in Austria (Europe) and we have this type of "clouds" often too! And our storms got strange and quite crazy too (don't have the right words to say what I mean!)
    In Austria and Germany it's more dry and does rain less than usual... especially the about last 2 years for my feeling it got much worse for my opinion.... But when it rains, it tendentially rains *more* and we tend to have flooding!
    Especially the last few years we have generally very less wind, and if we have storms, they tend to "standing"...
    Greeting from Austria, and a happy new year!


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