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 First let's take a step back and look at the news media and government propaganda. Many people still listen to the news and believe that what they hear reported is factual truth. With modern technology we have the ability to photoshop pictures and film...or even to totally stage a news event for the purpose of political manipulation. If you haven't seen the movie WAG THE DOG...then I urge you to do so. The media is definitely being used to program us which may be one reason they call TV shows TV Programs or TV programming.

Another crucial piece to the disinformation we receive is that there is a huge army of controlled opposition out there to confuse even further our perception of what is real. For those of you who are not aware of the term "controlled opposition", this phrase is used to describe those who are hired by the opposition to infiltrate activist groups, alternative media...etc. Their purpose is to appear as if they are sincere and are on the side of the particular group they are infiltrating. In order to appear sincere and to gain followers, the controlled opposition must put forth many truths.In the case of health activism, controlled opposition must look as if they are active and helping by asking people to sign petitions and by trying to pass certain legislation. However, in order to really evaluate the sincerity or effectiveness of a charity or activism group, one needs to look at the results. Have any cures been found or is it any easier for the people to be effectively treated for a specific disease? When it comes to the alternative media, one must evaluate ...very carefully....what parts are truth, what parts may be lies and if there are lies......what motives may lie behind these lies.

At this point you may be asking....what does all this have to do with the children of Fukushima? I believe we need to question the severity of what happened in Japan just as we should scrutinize any other big news event that has the potential to effect the world. As I express some ideas that I have, keep in mind the plan "Agenda 21" which is to evacuate and cordon off certain sections of the world as wildlife preserves....essentially to rewild these areas. Supposedly the plan is to move people to the cities or much nearer to cities. Rising taxes and gas prices may eventually force people off of their land and move them nearer to these designated areas. If this happens people will not be able to support themselves off of their land and will become nothing more than worker bees subject to whatever food and supplies are made available to them.

I got an email this morning from an activism group. It was telling of the horrors of the children dying in Japan from radiation sickness....and of course they were soliciting funds to help these children who were supposedly dying. In a search I looked up Fukushima and children dying. This subject was featured on several alternative media sites.One of the tactics used by controlled opposition is to act like it is playing against the government or whoever is really in power. There is a growing number of people who are questioning the Fukushima disaster. If there was an bad was it really and did it produce a tidal wave? We saw photos of the wave moving inland but why didn't we see any videos of it receding? Supposedly a few governments now have the capability of creating earthquakes and tidal waves...and of course to some degree they can also control the weather. It is my opinion that if there was an earthquake near Japan...that perhaps it was intentionally created. I'm saying the word "IF" because we cannot take for granted ANYTHING that we do not witness with our own eyes. We can evaluate it but we can't know for sure.

Now....if there was an earthquake and it was intentionally created, one would think that the perpetrators would disable the nuclear power plant or remove the harmful radiation somehow...because they would not be so stupid as to contaminate forever, the land they are conquering and would some day occupy. We cannot see radiation. The lay person cannot even measure it. We were told that supposedly the type of radiation that would have been released was the type that only very expensive nuclear power plant geiger counters could measure. It's also been mentioned that there is more background radiation in some areas over other areas as a natural artifact or due to hospital wastes in land dumps...etc. There is no way to prove the reports of radiation contamination of milk...etc over here in the U.S.

The mainstream media is generally quiet when it comes to reporting any possible dangers from  Fukushima. This could actually be part of the deception. If we hear reports from the so called Alternative media that tells us there are horrible scary dangers but that the governments are keeping it quiet...then many of us tend to believe the alternative media because we know it is true that the government keeps many things from the people. However, when using controlled opposition to get the people to believe certain propaganda...this is exactly how they would do it. They give us info that they want us to believe...through THEIR alternative media and say that the government is keeping this info secret but that they (the alternative media) are telling us the real scoop.Because we then believe this alternative media, the people then begin to clamor for the solution they think is theirs but is actually the solution or goal of the people in control.This is a VERY important tactic that we must apply to every important issue.

The symptoms of radiation poisoning are first nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. Symptoms that may follow are headache, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, inflammation of mouth and throat, hair loss, dry cough, burning, darkening of the skin and bleeding spots under the skin. The severity of the symptoms depends on the amount and the type of radiation. Symptoms can occur immediately or from weeks to months later. If there are any real people out there from Japan who are experiencing or their children are experiencing these symptoms, please leave a comment below. The comment function doesn't always work with the first try so keep at it. After the supposed Fukushima disaster, I asked for real people to tell of their first hand experiences and I got zero repsonses. What does that mean? I don't know.

After the Haiti earthquake we had Bill Clinton and George Bush repeatedly asking for funds to help the Haitians. Was the earthquake intentionally caused and is our presemce there for aid or for the purpose of occupation? What role does the International Monetary Fund play in these disasters? They lend money to countries in need and then what happens when these unfortunate countries can't pay up?
Is The International Monetary Fund a global loan shark?

Now after Fukushima we have groups asking for money to help children that are supposedly dying. That's fine as long as what they are asking money for is really happening.

I am curious and would like people to respond if they have heard any ads broadcast requesting aid for people in the northeast who were devastaed by Hurricane Irene. I am wondering if the media would be quiet about it in the northeast but then have the media in other areas of the country requesting aid for the Northeast. If so it would be interesting to find out where the aid(money) went to.

We are now hearing TV show segments and Internet you tube films that warn of an absolute imminent disaster of part of a Canary island falling into the sea and causing a mega tidal wave along the east coast which may reach 20 miles inland. It's another "not a matter of IF but WHEN" scenerio. Whenever I hear this type of raises a scarlet red flag for me. Will a disaster such as this really happen? Will more Nuclear Power plants be supposedly decimated and supposedly leak more radiation that we cannot see? Will we all be evacuated and the land rewilded? Just something to think about as more propaganda and events unfold.

The video below explains pretty well about controlled opposition in the media. You have to listen closely because his explanation is a little involved.


  1. I am a disabled Navy veteran. I do not work a full time job, so I have time to peruse through lot's of information online. With that being said the media (msm as well as alternative) is doing a great job of confusing me. Just when I think I have a grasp on a subject some more information comes in that is contradictory. The thing that really burns my ass is our Government is using tax money to keep us confused, and I do not like it.

    With the blog above it seems you are right there with me on that confusion part. Fukushima is a sore spot with me also. Right after the EQ and nuclear accident I figured it was a rather straight forward event. Until Ben Fulford came out with his video claiming it was all a hoax, along the lines of your comments above. Now on top of this coming out of left field with my back turned he acted strange in this video, all shaky, hands wringing, giving a masonic hand signal around the 30 sec mark and with an intentional close-up at the end showing his sweat and emotional state. It is my view he did the video in that way to intentionally spread confusion. But I am not sure. He is no longer someone I will listen to about anything because of it. Now reading your blog, I wonder.

    I hope someone from Fukushima will leave a comment, but even then without checking how do we know? I could think in circles all day on this subject. Where is Jesus when you need him?

  2. Thankyou Gary for taking the time to comment. You mention you are a disabled veteran. May I ask how you became disabled? I am wondering if it has anything to do with many symptoms where the cause can't be pinpointed? If you like you can email me at

    I find it odd that no one from Japan has ever responded to any of my calls for information concerning the tidal wave and now this post.Is Japan connected to our internet?

    I listened to a show where a regular person decided to pick someone in Japan out of the directory ....someone who lived in a town near the disaster... and told this person why he was calling and asked what the scoop was over there. The man was awrae that something had happened but he was doing fine where he was and didn't sound like it was such a big deal. Of course I am believeing what this person said was true...that he did call someone he didn't know in Japan. The call was recorded and is posted on a Talkshoe if anyone wants to hear it I will try to find the link and post it.
    What did B Fulford say about the disaster being a hoax? Maybe he is putting even another spin on the situation. Controlled opposition can seem like they are on your side but yet there is still certain points they may make that don't make sense if you really study it.

  3. I read yesterday the radiation levels all these months on are still 500% over what would be considered 'normal' in California! So I dread to think what the poor people of Fukushima/Japan have yet to go through in their lives. Deeply saddening :(

  4. Conspiracy AnalystFebruary 4, 2012 at 3:59 AM

    I am learning NOT to accept ANYTHING as fact unless I can verify it myself. Of course radiation is invisible and the type of radiation they speak of can only be monitored with very expensive equipment. Background radiation can also come from hospital wastes and other sources that we are not normally told about. I feel there is an agenda and that we need to be very discerning. We need to question everything we are told on mainstream TV and in the alternative news. Sadly, disinformation and controlled opposition is becoming very sophisticated. In order to maintain our freedoms we must become experts in identifying the tactics of propaganda and controlled opposition


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