Friday, November 8, 2013


As I'm watching the news this morning on November 8, 2013, supposedly the worst typhoon to hit land.... ever....anywhere ... is bearing down on the Philippines. Certain segments of Mankind have always desired more than what they have...more resources.....more power....more money. This tendency has not decreased as civilizations have become more "civilized" or technologically advanced. People are still the same. Propaganda and brainwashing have become more and more refined resulting in false impressions of what is really occurring in the world.

I used to feel sorry for people in other countries who were lied to by their government media. I honestly had no clue that our government was just as guilty in this respect...if not more so than  say Russia or China. You might be asking what does this all have to do with an unprecedented typhoon battering the Philippines. There may be no connection but due to the ever increasing one of a kind superstorms devastating different areas of the world at the same time the world financial systems are trying to create a world government......we must take a deeper look to try and discern what really might be happening. Coinciding with destructive storms that are destroying crops, homes and local economies are many other destructive and controlling events or activities....such as terrorist attacks, rapid fire shooting events, increased surveillance and security. It's getting pretty obvious. We need to look at the bigger picture and try not to focus too long on what appears to be each false flag event. The first biggest most recent event in this chain of deception was 9-11. This....what many people feel was a false flag  disaster ....precipitated an unending war on terror where the supposed enemies can change on a whim. After all...terrorists can be anywhere. This opens up opportunites to start wars anywhere a "power" wants, in order to gain more resources. This is the exact scenerio that was written about in George Orwell's 1984....endless war against a supposed enemy that no citizens have actual contact with or proof of. Citizens of countries...including the United States...are conditioned to think their particular country is standing up for the rights of other countries when they are supposedly being attacked by either another country or the country's own leader...such as Saddam Hussein. The usual scenario is that we are told we are going in to a particular country to save them...when perhaps we are really trying to occupy that area to gain more resources, power and money.

The United States has always had an interest in the Philippines. However, it is becoming clearer that the United States is no longer run by independent Presidents but by corporations and other world powers. This brings me to focusing more on financial institutions , such as the World Bank , the International Monetary Fund and the stock market. For those of you who have researched the valid subject of weather warfare, you realize that some world powers have had the technology to wage weather war for a number of years now. Apparently the technology has grown more refined and this fact is being covered up by placing the blame for all of our weather disasters on "climate change". I do think the climate is changing but not due to what we are told. Technology exists to heat up oceans, move the jet stream, to create droughts and floods and even to create earthquakes by focusing certain types of energy. What really happened in Haiti?

As the typhoon  story in the Philippines unfolds...let's research more deeply into the whole scenario. What natural resources does the Philippines have? How much money does it owe the World Bank or The IMF (not sure what the difference is between these institutions). Who will make money from helping to clean up and rebuild? What investments were made in the stock market before this typhoon or other disastrous events? Perhaps some of you with more of a financially oriented mind will be able to investigate this matter and make more sense of it than I can. Are the World Bank and The International Monetary Fund really just global loan sharks? Do they cause a problem which forces a country to borrow money and then take them over when they can no longer pay...due to repeated disasters? Is this what is happening in America also?

The video at the top is a "must see". It talks about the money making aspect of these disasters. We now have what we call "weather derivatives". In other words people can actually gamble and invest according to what they believe the weather will do. If one has the power to influence or create the weather can imagine. There is also much profit in reconstruction
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  1. You are on the right track, but, finance is only the tip of the iceberg.

    This Typhoon was man made.

    1. Was China the target of Typhoon? Damage was $849 mil to China vs Philippines' $93 mil. Hainan has a large military base and there is a very important oil port in Beihai.


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