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How safe are vaccinations? Are vaccinations really effective? How many vaccines are too many? How do all of the required vaccinations interact with each other? Are there any long term studies to determine the overall safety of vaccines? Should it be mandatory for the general public to be vaccine guinea pigs? And....the biggest question of all...should be......are we approaching immunity in a logical and helpful manner? Please read to the end of this article where there is proof that it is very possible we are being intentionally experimented on through the vaccination program.This is a long article but I feel it is worth taking the time to read. We must begin to look at the whole premise for vaccines.

 Most of society (including doctors) has blindly believed  the American Medical Association and other government agencies when it comes to the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. We are told that many diseases have been eradicated solely due to the vaccine program. What we are not told is that most diseases have a cycle which they go through. First a disease passes through the population and as people acquire immunity to the disease, the disease tends to wane considerably. Modern sewers, cleaner water supplies and other hygienic measures have also played a role in reducing deaths from infectious disease. How much of a role vaccines have actually played in this lessening of certain diseases is difficult to decipher. Many diseases which were claimed to have been eradicated were already on the decline when the corresponding vaccine was introduced.

People don't become ill with disease due to vaccine deficiency. They become ill because their immune systems are deficient. Lowered immune system activity can result from not enough food, poor food choices, chemicals in the environment, and stresses of different types. People are not just helpless victims of disease microbes but play an active role in determining whether they are healthy and robust or diseased and sickly. Many people try to live in a healthy manner but much of the time the advice we are given by "authorities",  which we have been conditioned to trust, is false and based solely on profit motives.

Vaccines consist of poisonous chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and unknown factors. They are administered in an unnatural manner...through a needle. This means that the vaccine ingredients bypass the body's natural detoxification, selection and neutralization processes which are found with digestion and respiratory filters. An example might be peanut oil that is used in some vaccines. The constituents of peanut oil are absorbed into the bloodstream through injection... without passing through the normal digestive process, which breaks down certain proteins and other substances in the peanut oil. When peanut oil is digested naturally, the dangerous elements are broken down properly and then can  enter the rest of the body in a harmless manner. Allergies to peanuts may develop through vaccinations which include peanut oil...because the body sees these raw unbroken down components as foreign invaders which the body then mounts a hyper-immune response to.

The vaccine controversy is presented to us in the following manner. The government side of the debate states that there are two sides to the controversy. One side consists of people who are "for" vaccines because they are supposedly safe and effective so why on earth would anyone not want to get vaccines for themselves or their children? The other side is presented to us as "against" vaccines because those who are questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines must be believing false rumors and of course they are supposedly endangering the rest of the population. The premise to the government/corporate angle" is that vaccines are safe and effective. The truth is.... that as the vaccine schedule increases so has allergies, SIDS, supposed shaken baby syndrome, encephalitis or meningitis, ADD, ADHD, Autism and autoimmune disease. Sometimes vaccine injuries happen immediately after vaccination so cause and effect can easily be determined. But more often mild and serious long term side effects occur months or even years down the road. The vaccine corporations know that the vaccine's relation to the side effects usually cannot be proven.

Now, getting to the main point of this article, I want to share an article supported by our own American Medical Association. The title of this article from the Virtual Mentor Policy Forum is...  " "Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials Be Mandated" and was published in January 2012. The article basically promotes the idea that mandatory vaccine experimentation on the "for the good of the whole". They state that in "recent decades there has been a distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials." "Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies is one alternative solution that is not as outlandish as it might seem on first consideration." They show as an example of mandating activities for the "good of the whole" other countries more or less making organ donation mandatory. Now I would ask a very serious question to this. Very large sums of money are made on selling and buying organs...which is also true with aborted fetuses and the sale of vaccines. So...are these laws really for the good of the whole or for the good of those who make the laws or lobby for them?

 Why has there been such a decline in vaccine experiment volunteers? A logical reason would be that people are experiencing dangerous side effects or observing others experiencing death and side effects. At this point I think I should relate my experience with the Lyme disease vaccine created by Smithkline Beecham(Lymerix). During the Lyme vaccine trial or experiment where volunteers got the vaccine before it was made available to the public, it was known in the Lyme literate community that Smithkline Beecham knew that approximately 30% of those who had a certain genetic type would react negatively to the vaccine and could contract an autoimmune version of Lyme disease which could not be treated. Before the vaccine became available to the public I stood outside of a grocery store with copies of information that I spent my own money on. The information included both sides of the controversy so people could make up their own minds. Halfway through the day, two young men came up to me, took the information and walked into the store. After a while they came back out ...with no groceries...and came over to me. They wanted to know who was supporting or backing me. I told them that  no one was backing me and that I was doing this on my own. They were very angry and disapproved of what I was doing. They finally left and I surmised that they may have played some role in the production or promotion of that vaccine.

After the vaccine came out on the market I went back to the the store again to hand out general Lyme disease information that is NOT made available to the public by Government health agencies. A few of the workers at the store came by and informed me that they were in the Lyme vaccine trials and that they now were ill and labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. I attended a Lyme disease conference at this time in Connecticut. They had a Smithkline Beecham representative present to give a talk. Doctors and patients were eagerly awaiting his talk hoping to learn more about the reported side effects that many of the Lyme literate doctors were seeing in their patients. The representative gave his talk on Lyme rashes! The presentation had nothing to do with the vaccine as we had hoped. At the end one doctor stood up and said we were hoping to hear about the vaccine and the reactions and illness people acquired after the vaccine. The representative from Smithkline Beecham had the nerve to say that there were no significant side effects! The doctors and patients in the audience let out a collective moan and many doctors just got up and walked out. This could be one example of why there is such a decrease in those who volunteer for vaccine experiments. Smithkline Beecham finally took Lymerix off the market. When asked why they did this...Smithkline responded that the reason was because there was a lack of interest. I suppose they were not totally lying but they did leave out the reason why there was a lack of interest...and it was because it made many people chronically ill....probably about 30 % of those who got the vaccine....which Smithkline knew would happen ahead of time.

Here is another quote I would like to discuss. "But perhaps most importantly, as a society we need to evaluate our perception of vaccination. Any successful vaccine program by its very nature takes a once-feared illness out of the public eye. This means that the benefits of immunization become forgotten while side effects in small numbers of individuals fill the headlines."  The first sentence of this quote I agree with. ...but for different reasons. The second sentence needs to be debated. It is thought that many of our modern diseases, chronic autoimmune diseases...etc could be mutated viruses and bacteria from the vaccinations which now present in a different way. The disease which is claimed to be  prevented by vaccination may have been traded for a mutated or immune activated form. And the third sentence also needs to be turned around. Actually we do NOT hear about vaccine side effects in the media, we only hear about the supposed dangers of being unvaccinated. Let's take Disney World and the measles outbreak for example. Later reports shared the idea that if it was a real outbreak it was more likely to have been caused by the vaccinated children who may have passed the live virus on to others. Here is the article I am speaking of from The Journal of Ethics

So...I feel that the real question that needs to be asked is not shall we experiment on the people with vaccines for the good of the whole...putting many people in danger and perhaps even disabling our society.....but why do we need vaccines in the first place? Isn't the real need to find how to boost our immune systems naturally through traditional foods that kept our ancestors healthy and robust so that we could be here today? Instead, through vaccines we are artificially stimulating the immune system while introducing toxic chemicals and heavy metals which further suppress the immune system. Are we doing both at once and totally confusing the body? The adjuvants are added to stimulate the immune system and the same chemicals and heavy metals also depress the immune system and invade the brain. Everything is backwards. The plagues in the past were often caused by famines, poor hygiene and filthy water supplies. The answer then would not be to add more bacteria and dangerous substances but to clean up the offending causes and address the famine. In modern day the solution is not to add more chemicals , heavy metals, bacteria and viruses but to clean up our diet, reduce our intake of chemicals, address stress and prepare our foods in traditional ways. For solid traditional advice on how to keep your immune system running naturally and smoothly, please visit The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at

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  1. My Doctor of 40 years always told me this stuff is all poison. All drugs are chemical poisons and there is not a drug made that will heal any disease. Take the poisons at your own risk.


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