Sunday, September 12, 2010


Date: Sunday, 12-Sep-2010 09:07:01 For me it basically began with 9-11.From the 9-11 disaster I learned quite a bit about the social manipulation of the masses....and I continue to learn with every passing castastrophe or other manipulative news item that is trying to outrage, frighten and condition the people.

The whole 9-11/mosque building/Koran burning issue stems from the 9-11 attacks. One must look at the actual premise from which everyone is forming their positions. If a person believes that the collapse of the trade towers was really accomplished by small time muslim terrorists then of course they would be angry if muslims wanted to erect a Mosque on the very site of this disaster. However, if the real culprits of 9-11 are the financial puppeteers of the world and 9-11 was an event to further world domination....then perhaps we would view the recent 9-11 related news items as more propaganda.

Take a minute and ponder this thought. What are the chances that out of all the places in the world to build a mosque, a group of muslims decided to build one adjacent to "ground zero"( an inflammatory sensationalistic term) the media terms it? The timing of this news item seems to have been orchestrated to flow through to September 11. How do we know that this is authentic and not a staged event to anger and outrage and pit people against each other? On the one hand they are teaching us to fear muslims....and on the other hand they preach tolerance. We're being set up. They even pick a president with a very suspicous muslim sounding name containing the very components of two SUPPOSED different "bad guys". The name Obama sounds very similar to Osama (Osama BinLaden)and then of course there is Hussein (Saddam Hussein). I don't think for a moment that this is coincidence.

I don't understand all the connections, however, the point I am trying to make here is to not trust the premise or foundation of many news stories.

Just this moment I finished listening to a news roundtable talk centered on this very issue.They didn't say too much of importance except that that this has been the most contentious 9-11 anniversay so far...and why is this? They didn't really have an answer. One of the speakers made an interesting comment. He was referring to the pastor who wanted to burn the Koran. He said "We helped to create this guy out of nothing." He was an obscure pastor who all of a sudden became the focal point of hate, anger and fear. I sense that this was combined with the mosque building news for the sole purpose of dividing and conquering. The commenters also mentioned that there is a rising extremism in our country.Let's analyze what the source of this rising extremism really is and refuse to be manipulated any longer.

For a more lengthy article on how the people are manipulated by the news.... see the link below

Watch How They Choreograph The News

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  1. It's such a powerful tool the mainstream media, I rarely expose myself to it but when I do do - gosh! it actually makes me feel physical sick knowing the masses are blindly taking in such dangerous tripe in everyday.


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