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 We have been conditioned to think of psychopaths only as mass murderers. We have also been led to believe that there are fairly few psychopaths in society. When we consider the psychopathic personality we tend to view these people as loners. These misconceptions can be very misleading and apparently are used to cover up the wide presence of the psychopathic personality midst the very rich and powerful. And of course those who are rich and powerful are the ones who appear to be controlling the destiny of those with "normal" personalities.

When horrific events happen in society, it is very difficult for people with "normal" personalities(those who have compassion, conscience and a caring for others) to even consider that their government or seemingly well functioning, respected individuals could have committed such atrocities.This is one of the aspects that keeps people enslaved. Because of this, we need to become very aware of the traits of a psychopath.

Recently I have become very interested in this subject due to a very unfortunate experience of a friend and a current highly publicized court case taking place in Connecticut this month. I am noticing very similar body language and personality traits....concerning the people involved.... that fit with the psychopathic mind. Many times the culprit is the unsuspected one(s). Everyone needs to become aware of psychopathic traits. Psychopaths can be very charming and friendly. They have learned this behavior to accomplish their desired goals, which is usually to take advantage of others. They have no real compassion or conscience and rarely think about the consequences of their actions. Below are some of the traits of a psycopath from and the video below that teaches you how to be aware of a psychopath's body language and social interactions.

Glibness/superficial charm
 Grandiose sense of self worth

Need for stimulation/prone to boredom
 Pathological lying

 Lack of remorse or guilt

Shallow emotional response
 Callous/lack of empathy

Parasitic lifestyle
 Poor behavioral controls

Promiscuous sexual behavior
 Early behavioral problems

Lack of realistic long term goals

 Failure to accept responsibility for their own actions

Many short term relationships
 Juvenile delinquency

Revocation of conditional release
 Criminal versatility 

Some traits I have personally noticed
 Very good actors/actresses
 Will give gifts and then ask for them back
Very jealous...jealous of possessions and often jealous of the good qualities in people
Unable to appreciate or feel real joy. Psychopaths may become exhilarated through adrenaline rushes when they con someone or receive praise..etc  but i don't believe they can feel real joy, peace and happiness. As a result they try to take down others who are able to experience these feelings.

Wonderfully talented at faking sincerity


Very Competitive, and very concerned about appearances (their own physical appearance and appearances involving money, things, and status

Even when you mostly catch on to their act...they can still suck you in over and over.

Selective memory

Insincere generosity....used only to get what they want or to make themselves appear normal

Projection......  The psychopath will blame others constantly and if one really stops and analyzes the situation...the psychopath is actually projecting their own traits or actions on those he is blaming. An example of this. I knew someone whose psychopath relative constantly blamed them for intercepting the mail and therefore preventing the psychopath from her goal. When going through the elderly psychopath's old letters (to see what to throw out) that were being stored in the relative's home , they came across an old letter from a boyfriend to the relative but the relative had never received this letter. Evidently when the relative still lived at home with the psychopathic parent....the parent intercepted the mail...just like she was now saying that her relative was doing to her!

May have been cruel to animals

Very Inconsistent

 Jekyll and Hyde personality switches

Will make others feel guilty

Will strike out if cornered

Thinks he is immune to society's rules

You'll be their best friend as long as you are fulfilling their needs but watch out, you will be dropped like a hot potato when you are no longer useful

Says hurtful things out of the blue

Twists the facts

Changes the subject when cornered

Likes to move around a lot from place to place. I think part of this is that when people begin to catch on to the psychopath's tactics...they want to move to more fertile ground.

Will compete with you even though you are not trying to compete

I've been thinking quite a bit on how psychopaths in politics negatively control society...the grip they seem to have on us. Well...they will no longer have a grip once the majority catches on to their tactics. I've also been pondering shows such as Survivor and the Hunger Games, trying to figure out the purpose of the pervasive theme of survival of the fittest and survival of those who stab even their alliances in the back. One wonders why so many people go along with or take part in our numerous false flag events/disasters. We marvel at the seeming impossibility of the many people required to pull off these goals. How could almost a whole town , for example, be in on such huge conspiracies? Is it because we are being brainwashed with the survival of the fittest mentality? That you must do whatever you have to do to succeed? I just want to share a thought with all you conspirators out there. You will get old and decay just like the rest of us. When you are no longer useful to the goals of the world psychopaths, you will also be cast aside. I am seeing once "successful" psychopaths begin to crumble in their old age with most everyone abandoning them. They are extremely unhappy because they based their happiness on appearance instead of what is real and good in life. They can no longer manipulate like they used to because half the time they can't remember what they have and have not said.

Of course there are many people in society who are swept up in this competitive mess and they are not really psychopaths. It's those to whom I speak...because supposedly a real psychopath cannot change their behavior

If you want a deeper understanding of this subject, the following books would be very helpful. Also, for more info, watch the video below

Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath favorite
In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People..  shares the traits of psychopaths but also shows you how to deal with them

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

Important videos

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