Sunday, June 5, 2011


 I'm not an expert on HAARP, space weapons or military strategy but as time goes on I am learning a bit more about controlled opposition and their tactics.Every news item isn't always controlled opposition but we have to look at them this way in order to sort out the partial truths from the insinuations and lies.I'm just going to use the video below, about Leuren Moret speaking of HAARP, as an example.I'm not saying that she is lying but that regardless of what we think we still need to analyze....hence the name of this blog.

The main message of the video was that HAARP is solely responsible for the earthquakes and perhaps weather warfare. This may be true but where do the space weapons fit in? I think that needs to be a major question and that we need to demand answers. Do space weapons play a vital role and is that why there is so much talk about distract us or to just give us partial truths? As I've mentioned before we need to question space weapons (particle beam weapons) in relation to crop circles and weather/geological warfare. It's becoming fairly obvious that the world's weather events are anything but normal AND that they are not naturally occurring.

Another aspect of the video bothered me.Radiation is something we cannot see. We may be able to see yellow colored dew or rain but that can be due to many things. We need to keep our minds open. I still feel that the radiation scare is part of the psyop. I feel that it is tied in with Agenda 21 and also part of the weakening of the nations.The big question is why would any attacking entity which wanted to occupy a land or use its resouces....why would they ever want to radiate an area they desired? Controlled opposition will think of many silly answers to this question...such as well...the conquerors are aliens and radiation doesn't bother them.

Leuren advises that because radiation affects the water and the milk that we need to avoid them. Scaring us about water and milk could be paving the way towards TPTB owning the water supply. Perhaps they will claim that they have a filtration system that will take out the radiation? Just a thought.Telling the public that there is heavy radiation in certain areas could also be a way to relocate people according to any plan they may have , such as Agenda 21.

The questions we need to ask of every news item is...first...does the news item or event have any reality at all? the news item real but grossly overblown or exaggerated? Look at the videos of events very carefully to see if scenes have been changed or added. Nowadays, just because we see videos depicting events on the doesn't mean that they are real.It's being discovered that disaster scenes can be made and acted ahead of time (with actors)to have on hand to use as generic inserts for the news. Evaluate all such videos for believability and for things that don't just seem right. In addition, videos and pictures can be photoshopped.Different backgrounds can be added or removed...etc.Also, when a disaster occurs check you tube for independant videos of the event. If all you see are official videos...then more questions need to be asked.

Here is the video I am using as an example of something which needs to be analyzed


  1. HAARP is NOT a weapon, it is a instrument used for testing. It is a phased array of antenna's (much like the newer modern radar) of microwave beams. As we all know microwave will not penetrate deep enough to cause an earthquake...period. It may get a few of feet into the earth but thats rare. There have been some leaps with radar (ground penetrating) but these are generally low power. HAARP is just atmospheric testing. It can NOT bend the beams back down to earth and cause storms, hurricanes, nor earthquakes. Some people just do not research anything, and go off some lunatics words with our any regard to logic or scientific study.

  2. Most of these storms of the time, and earthquakes, ARE naturally occurring. There are three reasons for this.
    1. We are in a high point of the 11 year solar cycle.
    2. We are entering a highly energetic wave of "flux/fluff" of the galaxy.
    3. We are aligning with the galactic plane...This WILL cause more gravitational forces on our star and planets.

    People should do some serious research before making assumptions like these.

  3. This is why we need to look much more closely at our weapons in space...which we do have.

  4. What people DO NOT UNDERSTAND, is that H.A.A.R.P. is a PHASED ARRAY of antennas! application in the public sector is MIMO Wi-Fi antennas!

    Also called "BEAMFORMING"

    This "system" can affect "pulse points" on the earth grid system, also called "Ley Lines".


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