Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We need to begin speaking out about our disapproval of surveillance cameras everywhere...even in restaurants now. Privacy is being invaded. How private are we in our own homes? Do televisions have a two way capacity......sending and receiving? Are we being monitored from a screen on the wall like in the book 1984? Does your employee track your whereabouts on the road without your knowledge??? Watch the video below to see how extensively we are already being monitored. We do have a say. Check out the link at the bottom of this post to see what Homeland Security is interested in.

Why is it the goal to have a chemical sensing cell phone in everyone's pocket as it mentions in the link below? Why is Homeland Security so interested in everyone being hooked up to this chemical sensing technology? Apparently there are already tracking chips in most cell least Verizon has them. Most people what...I'm  not doing anything wrong! Whether or not you are doing anything wrong is not the point. The point is that cellphone technology is advancing everyday and not only are billions of dollars being made off the public through the public having to have the latest and the greatest but we are being stealthily  trapped by our own nonquestioning, trusting desires for the latest gadgets. As I mentioned in another article, the microchip that everyone already in their cellphones. Now they also have a feature where people can hook up their body functions to "the command center"...supposedly to monitor and protect us and to keep us healthy.How far will this all go? If our bodily functions are connected to some home base receiver....what is to keep this receiver station from transmitting signals to our bodies?

Supposedly, I guess, in order to thwart chemical attack....the DHS is very interested in everyone having a chemical sensor. They must be worried about our health and or the danger of chemical warfare. If this is so...then why don't they just have chemical sensors in the environment of the more susceptible areas of attack, such as the cities. It seems to me that they must have a reason for wanting this "chemical detection system" attached to every person. Is it a matter of tracking people..even though they can already do this....or would this technology detect many activities we are taking part in by detecting specific compounds or chemicals? This may sound far fetched but computor and cell phone technology is already far fetched and very advanced. We take it for granted...but how on earth does it work? The link below is an article about this subject on the DHS website.

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  1. I loathe mobile phones. Mine is almost always off and there's no way I'm carrying it round with me in my pocket all day! Sure it's good to have the means to contact people in certain circumstances but to become addicted to and almost permanently attached to them, as sadly most of the population seem to be is just insane. People just can't see them for what they truly are - yet more tools for control...


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