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A couple of days ago I received the link below in my email ....informing us that the sun is exploding and that this will cause massive tornadoes and other dire events.This article is one of the most extreme examples of predictive programming and fear mongering that I have ever come across.

I feel that it is urgent for people to begin or continue to learn the tactics of predictive programming, methods of persuasion, basing conclusions on false premises, the use of electrically charged words and phrases...and other methods of conditioning and mind control. Whenever you hear "It's not a matter of "IF" but "When" begin critical analysis on the spot. Carefully scrutinize when you hear phrases such as...."What will we do WHEN the aliens attack?" or the solar flares WILL produce dire consequences in the future....and It's not a matter of IF but WHEN we will have terrorism on American soil. (We heard that often before 9-11".)

A huge part of manipulating and conditioning our thinking and creating fear is the way things are worded. Before I give some examples from the article at the link above, I would like to briefly explain my take on our increasing incidence of rapid fire weather disasters of all different types.  Since space weapons, chemtrails and HAARP have been in operation,the world has been experiencing many so-called natural disasters with unnatural timing sequences and ready made explanations..... which usually are blamed on global warming, 2012,planet X, solar flares, mother earth revolting...etc....etc.

If people will really think about it they will see that  the New Age Movement, all the talk of 2012, our superstorms, crop circles,alien conditioning, hypnosis, much of the guided meditations, becoming ONE,extreme environmentalism...etc. are most likely the same thing as the U.N push for world government. I believe that forces who desire global government have created their controlled opposition (New Age Movement) to act as if it is against the NWO but it is actually leading those who are honestly seeking peace and spirituality right into their web of vile deception. When examined more closely, the goals of the New World Order are the same as the goals of the New Age Movement. I am all for Love and harmony but genocide and ecoterrorism can never produce anything worthy or good.

New Agers are supposedly all about Love and Peace but notice how the New Age movement talks about how those who do not accept the supposed "new spirituality" (In reality the NWO) will somehow be swept off to another dimension where their unevolved souls will be in their proper environment. What does this actually mean? Barbara Marx Hubbard tells us what it means to her. "One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death." Psychologist Barbara Marx Hubbard - member and futurist/strategist of Task Force Delta; a United States Army think tank.

 Barbara Marx Hubbard is a leading spokesperson for the New Age Movement. The NWO wants to eliminate anyone who does not go along with their plans. In other words we need to evolve into a one world religion of communism/socialism and for all nations to give up their whom? Who will be these unelected leaders?

Gorbachev is supposedly all about democracy, peace and environmentalism but if you haven't already read it, check out Keep An Eye On Gorbachev  Gorbachev is also affiliated with the New Age/Environmental Movement.

OK...with that background, let's move on to the article in question. I would like to use it as an example of how words and phrases can be used to cause fear, mesmerize, hypnotize and condition. The whole orchestrated trend of mesmerism, hypnotism, guided meditation and even personal meditation is leading towards the nefarious goal of increasing our suggestibility and control over our minds. Let's examine Exploding Sun to Fuel 1000s of Super-Tornadoes. Here is the first paragraph. The rest is at the link at the top

When the sun becomes angry super spacestorms scour Earth. For the next 14 months the sun will be the angriest it's been since 1859. The massive storms electrify the geomagnetic field, affects the Arctic vortex, and warps and twists the jetstream creating gigantic vortexes sweeping across the defenseless Midwest. What are normally tornadoes become super-tornadoes that are super-destructive. What could be in store for much of the USA? Total devastation from 300mph plus windsTiny towns scraped off the mapAnd major cities left in tattered ruins after being smashed apart by the merciless hands of Nature gone mad
I do appreciate descriptive writing but as you will see this excellent example of propaganda falls overboard on the hysterical scale. I don't feel that this type of writing is to just garner  interest in a story but that there is a real and definite purpose behind this style of writing. Together let's learn the tactics. I put together a list of electrically charged words and phrases from the article. The truth is that almost every word and phrase in the article appeared to be inflammatory, fear producing and based on possible false premise. My point is not to pick specifically on this article or the writer of the article but to share an example of an alarming tactic that is being increasingly used on the people.

Deadly                                               Total devastation from 300 mph  PLUS winds
horrific violence                               Tiny towns scraped off the map
angry sun                                          Tattered ruins
super space storms                            smashed apart
massive                                              Nature gone mad

ruptured                                            Knock out power for months
gigantic                                             Cripple water plants
super-tornadoes                                Millions on verge of starvation
super destructive                              Apocalypse in the Heartland
Destruction and Death                    Thunderous winds
ever increasing
Danger is Now, It's Extreme, Horrifying
Wiped out
Mega Storm
Bombed out cities
When the sun attacks people will die
Martial law might be imposed
Looters would be harshly treated

We are told that "an early sign of solar-generated approaching doom would be giant vortexes and whirlpools appearing in the world's oceans" and that "During the past 12 months such vortexes have begun to appear".

First of all we shouldn't automatically believe the premise of this claim...being that an early sign of solar trouble are water vortexes and whirlpools. I have never learned this in any science class I have ever taken. Secondly....if we do begin seeing whirlpools and "vortexes" we must remind ourselves of the very sophisticated government technologies (space weapons on satellites...and possibly HAARP) that most citizens are not aware of. More and more people are beginning to question our erratic and disastrous weather events. Often the blame.... concerning weather warfare.... is placed on the Soviets...which may be partially true. However, we must realize that our government has been infiltrated by Gorbachev and others so that unfortunately it appears that certain factions of our government are cooperating with the Soviets towards a common goal....World Government. An example of the incorporation of Nazi doctors and researchers into our government would be after World War 2 when Plum Island and other institutions recruited Nazi scientists to join us and share their knowledge.

As I write this I am listening to the morning news on TV. The news announcers are warning of a brutal spring to come. What is behind the chaos to come....they ask. They pose the question....What is the recipe for the dangerous season ahead? We will have a brutal spring....more bugs....more erratic weather...etc. Folks...these are examples of predictive programming....brainwashing which is in a fervent desperate stage. This media is not trying to calmly inform,  inspire, merely warn, to give guidance or direction, but it's obviously meant to brainwash, terrorize and immobilize!

Remember Gorbachev feels that the environment is the cornerstone of the New World Order. Enough fear and chaos must be created and blamed on the destruction of the environment by the people. What we need to investigate with the utmost urgency is......the whole concept of Problem-Reaction-Solution. Those who want control actually cause the problem....expect a certain reaction from the people and then a solution is offered by those who want more control....yet it is made to appear to the people that it is their solution...their idea. Then the deceptive goal is much easier to accomplish with the people begging for it . Here is a great link to an article about Gorbachev

Governments have the capabilities to control the weather and to create many different sound and visual anomolies. Let's not be fooled by their tricks. When they tell us that superstorms are coming....that they are inevitable... due to whatever excuse they think of, these predictions may very well come true. However, don't assume they came true due to the reasons they offered us. Predictive programming is to get us to say...."See...the scientists told us that we would have more storms due to global warming or solar flares....and look...they were right." The goal is to get us to accept the whole package of the lie.


  1. Excellent article! However, when I read the following-"New Agers are supposedly all about Love and Peace but notice how the New Age movement talks about how those who do not accept the supposed "new spirituality" (In reality the NWO) will somehow be swept off to another dimension where their unevolved souls will be in their proper environment." Yes, that is just plain wrong. However, it is the same within the Christan community, perhaps worse (only some branches of Christianity). I have heard over and over that if one does not believe as the evangelicals do, that they will be left behind on a burning planet as the ones who believe the one and true religion (whichever that is) will be swept upon a cloud and promptly delivered to heaven. I guess most every organized anything has some sort of propaganda. We certainly do need to be careful.

  2. Conspiracy AnalystMarch 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    Thankyou for your thoughtful comment. I do agree with much of what you say concerning many religions, however, what worries me about the New Age religion is not some of the spiritual beliefs or perhaps spiritual truths held by the followers of this "religion" but how the people are being used by the creators of this "religion".I know this happens in other religions also.

    There are other religions which are also controlled by the same factions and seem to be conditioned with just a different version of this death or leaving the "area" scenerio (rapture vs removal to another dimension).I've noticed that the born again Christians feel that 2012 is the end of the world with a twist from the Bible. Then we have the New Agers who feel that 2012 is the end but interpret it differently. Like you said...both seem to have the same idea of being taken away. Now...supposedly Christians are against New Age and New World Order so.....if we see Christians disappear...then the excuse could be made that they were raptured. ...from the other Christian's point of view who are still here. The New Ager may look at the missing Christians or missing others who did not go along with "The Plan" as being transported to another dimension because they couldn't accept the changes of the New Age AKA New World Order. They were not ready to evolve.I am thinking that both of these promoted views have originated from certain factions of govts that want excuse for hidden slavery or genocide...etc. Some people would think that the missing people were either "saved" or transported to another dimension. Who knows what technology is now out there to deceive concerning this angle. It seems so convoluted...hope I made some sense. :-)

  3. Probably more accurate than some New Agers would like to believe.

    Thanks for pointing out this particular article. I read it yesterday and was wondering how suddenly solar flares could cause Earth super tornadoes. Every article I read says blame it on something not caused by humans.

    Yet totally ignoring HAARP. A real disconnect. As HAARP is obviously involved....just watch HAARP rings being formed throughout the MidWest (I don't have this link handy....but there is a website that watches for these anomalies).

    So it isn't an article written to bring up evidence, but instead is telling us what to watch for. Some likes propaganda....feels like it....and my verdict is ...PROPAGANDA!

  4. I agree language is most definitely one of the most effective tools for subliminal programming and when it is laden with fear, hysteria and panic, then that immediately sets off alarm bells off (at least in my head!)


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