Sunday, March 18, 2012


Rare, "one of a kind" superstorms are popping up everywhere in a suspiciously, unnatural, rapid fire manner. We are told that this alarming trend is due to some of the following causes...... global warming/climate change (which is it?), solar flares, mother earth revolting, God's revenge, planet X....etc. Notice how it is impossible for the average citizen to validate these theories. Most, if not all of these causes cannot be seen or observed. However,we can see , feel and hear the effects , such a, tidal waves, earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, abnormally fierce lightening, the sighting of aurora borrelalis in new places...etc.

Today on the news, March 18, 2012, the news reporters are warning of a severe weather potential in the heartland. They are predictng violent weather for millions of people(today and tomorrow) and are telling everyone to make disaster/fierce weather plans and to get their helmets ready.The basis of these predictions focuses on the extreme warm weather much of the country has been experiencing and the fact that there is a very strong dip in the jet stream which is causing all this warm weather and predicted disaster.

If you are not aware of  advanced government weather manipulation capabilities, you may want to read an article at the link below which includes a newspaper article from the 1980s, which talks about the technology that existed back then.

We have been told that HAARP and possibly satellite weather weapons can steer the jet stream through heating the ionosphere. Here is a short article speaking of this capabilty

Now....let's try and analyze the prediction I heard on the news this morning. The video below (History Channel) speaks of the technology which is available for the purpose of weather manipulation/warfare. If this technology is really a present fact and if there is no conspiracy to bring down the industrialized nations for the purpose of creating a level playing field and world government....then WHY are they not steering the jet stream to a more normal position? Quite a few sources claim that certain government agencies have the technology to create earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes, droughts and floods. If this is true then why are we not at least hearing about efforts to neutralize some of these superstorms with this same technology? If we can truly steer the jet stream, why aren't they doing this to prevent some of these superstorms? I hypothesize that the reason you hear absolutely nothing concerning this aspect of weather manipulation on the because our disastrous weather is being intentionally caused...and not just by the Russians as the video below hints at.

I believe that this whole 2012 fabrication is for the ultimate purpose of furthering and finalizing world government. Environmental disasters are The Cornerstone of the New World Order....while blaming it all on the average person under the ruse of Global Warming. Now that 2012 is here, events appear to be ramping up. Please keep all of this in mind as the year unfolds. We need to Haarp on the fact that we want answers!


  1. Very nicely done summary of the situation.

  2. Incidentally I watched a show on one of the mainstream T.V channels recently about this and as you say of course they put it all down to 'global warming' and 'climate change', nice to see a logical alternate view after watching that tripe though!


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