Monday, April 9, 2012


It appears that Agenda 21 and Gorbachev's statement that the environment is the cornerstone of the New World Order....are being strategically and covertly implemented. Before I say anything more I just want to emphasize that I am not "for" nuclear power and I am NOT against respecting our environment....and I certainly do not support corporate fascism (which is heading towards a unique blend of communism, technocracy and corporatism). In fact I would like to share a mind conditioning tactic which I have observed....especially recently.

Many people realize that the rich people of the world want to take control of planet earth. They want to own the fresh water supply, the food supply, the oceans, AND the land. They realize that this could not be easily accomplished without getting the majority to go along with it.This is where David Icke's "Problem, Reaction, Solution comes into play.Two recent disasters that come to mind where this technique may be being used are the oil spill in the Gulf and with the Fukushima earthquake, tidal wave and the supposed spread of radiation from this site. Much of this ...what I consider  scare mongering..... involves causes and results that we often personally cannot see or measure.

When we watched the news about the oil spill in the Gulf, we were treated to a never ending video of oil continually gushing forth. At first I was greatly disturbed......but one day while watching this video, which was played over and over,I was suddenly overtaken by the thought that this video may very well be on continuous "replay". I realize that this is not evidence of anything but after this thought came so strongly to me, I began analyzing the news in a whole different way. Here is one of the tactics I see being used on us......

Most of us do not trust the corporations or the way to get the public to clamor for the solutions desired by the government/corporations is to tell the public....especially through the alternative media which they own much of..... that the corporations and/or the government are not telling us the truth about something. Let's use Fukushima as a POSSIBLE example of this. I am not saying that the following is true but only that we need to consider it. Looking back again at Agenda 21 (explained in the video below) andGorbachev's goal of using the environment to usher in The New World Order (Keep An Eye On Gorbachev ) what possible means could they use to gain control of the natural resources of earth? Scaring the population with Oil spills, supposed global warming, supposed spreading of radiation, weather disasters(and resultant tidal waves) supposedly due to global warming...etc could get the people demanding that some centralized institution or Think Tank, such as The United Nations, should take control and make global rules that we would all have to obey. Saving the World would be the purpose. But ...wait a minute...there are some questions we should be asking before we give total authority over to anyone.
1. What and /or who are  the real causes of these events and supposed consequences that we are supposed to be fearing?

2, Are these events natural or orchestrated?

3. Could there be a global goal behind these events?

4. Is reverse psychology being used on us to get us to accept what is really "their" goal?

5. Would scaring people into thinking that our water and food supply is radioactive or contaminated by an oil spill, help the rich to become richer? Could this fear mongering possibly be based on a falsehood or perhaps an exaggeration and be used to gain control over the food and water supply?

6. Are we being told by alternative media that the government and the corporations are lying to us about the severity of the contamination so that we will strongly believe that there is contamination and clamor for their solution?

I do believe that we need to be much kinder to our environment. After all it is what sustains us. I have been noticing that when trying to manipulate the public, governments/corporations use valid concerns to build THEIR goals upon...such as women's lib, gay lib, saving the environment,....etc. These are all issues that need addressing to some extent...but it's when these issues get hijacked that we should begin to get concerned. For example, I believe that women should get equal pay if they have equal aptitude. However, women's lib is being used, by the rich who are in control, to tax 2 people in the family instead of 1, to get more control of the youth, and to destroy the family.

I feel that some, if not many of our recent disasters have been orchestrated and exaggerated, and double spun, to get us to believe that the government is hiding the seriousness from us. I believe that they may be using this technique to get us to accept control over the land, the sea, the food and water supply for the health and safety of the people and the Earth. Will they soon say our fish and water are polluted so we will need some sort of corporate filtering system to be able to drink and water our crops? Will we have total implementaion of fish farming instead of also having access to wild caught fish? Think of ways that the rich could gain if we were falsely told that these disasters are real, caused by global warming and will eventually poison us. Global environmental taxes to make the rich richer might be just one result.

You may want to check out some of the other articles on this blog to get the bigger picture concerning this issue. Are the ice caps really melting? If so, WHY are they really melting? Are weapons in space playing a role in this melting of the ice caps, in the formation of crop circles, and in the tremendous increase in our severe weather disasters? I certainly don't have all the answers....BUT....I do have plenty of questions! Whenever we are told to fear and act on something we cannot see or measure....such as Bird Flu or SARS, Swine Flu, invisible radiation, spreading oil that no one really sees in their areas, global warming ( if true....which could be due to star wars weaponry)....oh...and don't forget terrorism, think about how the rich can get richer and more powerful through this possible deception. Let's put on our thinking caps and turn off the propaganda. Remember Gorbachev says that the environment is the cornerstone (fear inducing factor?) of The New World Order.


  1. OMG, you have really hit a chord with me here. I think you are really onto something. For one, my highly educated brother & his wife live in Nagoya, Japan & they have felt all along that the fears in Japan over radiation have been overblown. They found the idea that radiation would travel & cause problems here in the US laughable. There is far more radiation coming from much more seemingly benign sources domestically then we will ever be effected by from Japan. Also, what about the chem trails they have been pumping into the air? Are they using this in connection with HARP to create drama with the weather in preparation for a power grab? This video was another eye opener for me which would seem to support your thesis:

    -Cass in Colorado

  2. When I was a young girl & learned about the Nazi's and their atrocities I was horrified & thought "How could that happen? How could the ordinary citizens sit by & let this take place?". I lived in am area with a high German population & am part German myself so it was obviously not just a flaw in the German make-up. I used to think "I am so lucky to live in a free country where there is no propaganda." ;) It has all started to make sense to me in the past few years. It is very upsetting & I refuse to ignore it or be a patsy. Thank you for this blog & for speaking about this. Educating ourselves & others is the key to taking our power back!!
    -Cass in CO

  3. Conspiracy AnalystApril 11, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    I'm not sure what is in the chemtrails but the ingredients are probably not too toxic as the wild animals don't seem to be suffering. However, I do think that maybe the chemtrails are creating some sort of plasma screen to interact with HAARP or Directed energy weapons in the satellites....for the purpose of manipulating the weather and or climate.....and maybe even the earthquake in Indonesia....breaking news on the TV as I am writing this.

    I used to think the same exact thing....about how lucky I was to live in a free country. Many people think like this due to the extent of the propaganda we are exposed to. It's a form of mind control. Thankyou for writing!


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