Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To Thwart Tryanny

Control of the world is in the hands of a few. Deception on all fronts is being used to manipulate the masses. It is urgent that the people study the many methods of deception. We are often discouraged when we are told..."What can one person do? The massive control is all too big and too late to turn around." Well.....I say that this is exactly how those in control want us to think. This sense of defeat promotes inactivity and submission.

Deception/propaganda is used on us because it is needed in order for the few to control the many. If we can understand the tactics of manipulation, mesmerism, hypnotism, controlled opposition, predictive programming, the Delphi technique, NLP, Problem/Reaction/Solution,reverse psychology, etc. then we can refuse to play along. We will be much better able to discern false flag events and soft methods of mind control. In fact, people will become able to a general way....what schemes will be perpetrated next. Then when they occur their suspicions will be validated. It's really quite a fascinating study.....and very practical.

An example would be learning the tricks of advertising. Take vaccines for instance. Most people are familiar with the scare tactics used in promoting vaccines...... a combination of rather toxic ingredients. Buzzwords are used to create concern, images of people standing in line to receive the shots create the impression that everyone is seeking this product. People become terrified and rush to get the latest jab. If it was understood that much of this nonsense is nothing but marketing techniques, people might be more likely to really investigate the vaccine issue for themselves to determine their real safety and effectiveness.

Listen to the quotes in the short video below to learn what we are up against. However, remember... this group of people only has power if we are ignorant of their deceptive tactics.

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