Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy...Unusual Superstorm... A Hybrid They Say

This is the year 2012. Last year in 2011 (here in the Northeast) we had a very unusual
hurricane....Hurricane Irene... AND an extremely damaging snowstorm in October when the leaves were still on the trees. These storms were basically unprecedented.....especially the close timing of the two storms. It certainly seems like most of our recent storms have been "one of a kind" and extremely frequent and destructive. We are told that these superstorms are a result of global warming and/or that "Mother Earth" is rebelling. The link below is predicting a HYBRID superstorm  as combination of  hurricane and possibly snow storm.
                               Hurricane Sandy...predicted to be a severe "hybrid storm"

 This is 2012 folks and we have had plenty of predictive programming to prepare us for extreme upheaval. This predictive programming has included so-called prophecies of physical upheaval along with a supposed mass raising of consciousness. All of this is mostly based on a Mayan calendar and other New Age philosophies. Now...don't get me wrong, I am very interested in the "spiritual" side of existence and have always believed that there is much more to life than what we can comprehend. However, I strongly sense that the "New Age" movement as a whole, is ultimately leading us down a deep dark hole with it's promises of 2012 being some kind of landmark year in the spiritual realm....combined with predicted chaos and turmoil. The link below is an example of how predictive programming may be being used to get us to accept the coming and possibly disastrous superstorm as a unique event but yet to get us to accept it as natural.... and/or a result of global warming. If this storm does appear, as they predict, I feel it will be orchestrated and will be a part of their effort to create turmoil and economic devastation.

This Guy is saying the Lord is sending the hurricane.....sheesh

The link below discusses a bit about the capability to steer hurricanes using microwave satellite weapons....Star Wars Weapons. If we have the ability to steer hurricanes then why are they not being steered away from vulnerable areas? We seem to be seeing the landfalls and hits at high tides, storms that stall over the vulnerable area,  snow storms that come with the leaves still on the trees, rapid fire sequences of tornadoes, etc etc.

We need to take research into our own hands to determine what is actually going on with the weather.
I have a Trifield meter which measures EMFs....magnetic,electric and radio microwave frequencies. I had been using it to determine where the hot spots were in my home. We don't have a microwave anymore so I couldn't test the microwave frequency to see if it worked. This past August, I happened to turn on my meter for some other purpose. It was during a severe summer storm where tornadoes were being predicted. Tornadoes in the northeast are very rare...or at least they used to be. I tried all the settings and noticed that the microwave gauge was reading the danger level. At first I couldn't figure out what was causing the gauge to read this way as we have no microwave appliance in our home. I wondered if it was cell phone towers but then it hit me that it may have something to do with the storm.When the storm was gone the next was the high microwave reading. It read zero again as I had always seen it read before. Every day I would check the gauge for a microwave reading and it would read zero on the nice days. When we had a normal day of gentle rain, it would still read zero.

However, there have been two more times since where I recorded  results when thunder/tornadoes were predicted. This is what I found during a spell of bad weather beginning sept 8 in the northeast. You can check it out ....what it looked like on the meter by looking at the microwave scale above. Here's what I wrote down in my notes.   "Sept. 8 2012.....Tornado watch for Middlesex County. The microwave gauge has risen from zero to between .1 and .2 in the red danger range. As storm is approaching microwave reading is more towards the .2

Sept 9   7:00 AM... morning after storm but still a few showers predicted. Gauge reads .1    8:30 AM.... gauge reads lower and is  between .05 and .1

11:30 AM on the 9th   gauge reads .05

Monday morning on the 10th there was clear weather and a zero microwave reading. Slept better last night."

There have been three separate storms now where I have measured microwave activity. We have had rain in between but the microwave reading is always zero. So far the only time the reading has risen is when severe weather...especially severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are predicted.

We need more people with meters to try and see if this phenomenon can be reproduced.

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