Monday, January 7, 2013

Spraying Around The Sun

 Persistent  and expanding jet contrails are clouding up our skies. Even NASA agrees with this observation. The questions I have are...

1.Why are contrails lingering much longer than they used to? The approximate date where the appearance of chemtrails began to change is around 1998. Before this date, according to many observers, the contrails would dissipate like the wake behind a boat. If atmospheric conditions were more humid, the contrail may have lasted till the jet reached the other side of the horizon...but then it would always disappear.

2. Why on extremely heavy"contrail" days does the jet traffic increase and why do the planes work the skies methodically to form cloud banks? These are NOT normal jet traffic patterns.

3. Should "contrails" linger and expand after the heat from the jet engine has dissipated?

4. Why are "contrails" much more prevalent during an approaching storm front? Increased moisture in the atmosphere cannot totally explain the whiteout that occurs BEFORE storms. Jet traffic is also notably increased until the sky is whited out and clouds form. When blue sky areas reappear, jets seem to be right on the spot to fill in the blue areas.

5. Why do "contrails" ...on lighter days where much blue sky is still noticeable.... seem to concentrate around the sun? The morning sun, midday sun and the setting sun ..seem to be the most heavily obscured. I am going to focus on this question for the rest of this post.

I began observing unusual "contrails" around 1998. At this time there was much talk on the Internet concerning the heavy amounts of particulate matter seen in the atmosphere , especially subsequent to heavy obscuration of the sky by jet  "contrails" (what some people term "chemtrails"). Instructions were frequently given on how to observe this particulate matter which appeared very dense in the atmosphere but could only be  seen when observed in a specific manner.Many who viewed these heavy contrail formations and the apparent subsequent fallout...were horrified that we could still be breathing midst this heavy amount of air pollution.

These were the viewing instructions which worked very well and alarmed many people. Position yourself...on a very deep normal blue sky day.... near a roof line with the sun 98% covered by this roof line. You don't want to stare right at the sun  Look near the sun in the BLUE sky area for particulate matter. The particulate matter was composed of  what looked like polymer threads and puffs. There was also a metallic looking and much finer type of particulate matter which sometimes fell like a heavy rain and other times it danced chaotically as if charged by some sort of energy. It was a MUST that the sky should be clear blue and not powdery blue as this would obscure observation of the light colored particulate matter.

After about a year of people observing and talking about how to view this strange phenomenon.....on basically blue sky days when the contrails were not heavy all over the sky...they would concentrate near the sun and whiten or haze the area around the sun so that I could no longer view this particulate matter as obviously. This "spraying" around the sun seems to continue to this day. It is much more difficult to view the particulate matter. Is this just coincidence or are they trying to block the observation or noticability of the particulate matter? I'm not a scientist so I am just going to speculate a bit further. Could the reason that the contrails seem much more prevalent around the sun...especially around sunset and sunrise be because the refraction of the sun's light at this angle really shows up the particulate matter very strongly and the contrails prevent this observation?? Particulate matter is an indirect piece of evidence that something covert really is going on in our skies.

There is still one way you can try to observe this pollution of our breathing space. Take a million powered spotlight and place it on the ground at night. Turn it on and view the beam from different angles to try and see this particulate "rain". Sometimes you have to raise or lower the spotlight and position yourself in different places in order to see it.

Some of the speculated reasons for this possible aerosol program are weather modification for good purposes, weather warfare for not such good purposes, military communications...and just creating a plasma screen in the atmosphere for whatever purposes. I  feel that mitigating supposed global warming through creating this screen in the atmosphere probably not a purpose of the chemtrails. I also don't think that sickening the population is a major purpose of this program ...although there may be unintended health consequences. In my opinion...if whomever...wanted to sicken and/or reduce the population...there are much cheaper ways to do it that would NOT affect everyone or the wildlife.

If you want to help spread the word about this disturbing...what appears to be a jet aerosol program...check out the chemtrail Tee shirts I the link below... from photos I took over the years. When you explain to others... try to do it in a humble manner by raising questions and getting people to think for themselves.

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  1. I woke up at around 2am one morning and looked out at the sky. It was completely covered in like furrows on a farm field, as far as you cold see in every direction.
    Each line butted up to the next, on and on across the sky.
    What kind of flight paths are these?
    It seems before a front comes in and when it rains it smells somewhat like treated deck wood-yellow wood. The smell is sickening. My neighbor noticed it also and that our clothes smell and her dog.
    If I'm outside when it's heavy spraying before the front I get feeling exhausted and feeling sick for days after.


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