Monday, February 4, 2013


Could "losing our power" have a double meaning? There has been alot of talk lately about electric grid failure, possibly in the future, being due to solar flares, alien attack, etc. Fairly recently India's Power Grid collapsed. Now we have the power outage at the Superbowl and we all know that there are hidden meanings in just about everything at the Superbowl...totally scripted.

Many of our recent rapid fire superstorms which are being blamed now on "Climate Change" instead of the once popular "Global Warming".....have also resulted in long power outages for many people.
Are those who are behind the scenes (I won't glorify them by calling them "elite")trying to send us a double message that we will lose our power in different ways, besides the electricity angle? When trying to defeat a supposed enemy, the popular tactic is to cause fear, discouragement, confusion and a sense of hopelessness. All of these symbols being used in the media, books, architecture, etc.....all the talk of reptilians, shape shifters and other scary monsters....are they for the purpose of making the perpetrators seem all powerful evil type of powerful that can't be defeated? Are we being given the message that we don't have any power or that we are losing our power to some entities who are for some reason supposedly more intelligent or evil or that they have some special supernatural powers?

A while back I read a book called "Black Science: Ancient and Modern Techniques Of Ninja Mind Manipulation. It contained some good information for not only how to deceive your enemy but what I was most interested in.....protecting our minds against deception. One quote from the  book concerning symbology is....."It is both the actual and perceived power pumped into a symbol by a culture, clan, or by a traumatized individual himself that observant and opportunistic mind-slayers evoke and manipulate through use of that symbol. " The symbol itself has no real power and perhaps the mind-slayers do not even believe these symbols have power. The Mind-Slayers often plant symbols , myths and stories in the  mainstream media, the alternative media and they also use New Age Gurus to promote some of these scary stories so that the people will feel they are doomed already, that they are POWERLESS.

Another quote from the book... "Why do symbols work? Why are they such effective tools in the mind-slayers bag of tricks? One theory behind why symbols work so well, affecting us both mentally and physically, is that symbols bypass the critical and logical conscious part of our minds and talk directly to the non judgemental subconscious level of our minds."

This is similar to how "magic" or spells seem to work on some people.

In other words......those mindslayers or people behind the scenes want us to notice these symbols. If we allow it, they can affect those who are unconsciously aware of these symbols and also those of us who are consciously aware of them. The symbols are creating a sense in us that the mindslayers are all powerful and that we , the average people do not have a chance. What we tend to believe often comes true(because we allow it out of fear or discouragement) and the Mind slayer knows this.

The Mind slayers cultivate an atmosphere of fear and also a sense that they are all powerful and cannot be beaten. The author of "Black Science" says that this superstition and fear protects the Mind slayers better than any armour. was the final quote that blew it all wide open for me. " Remember: Reputation often spills less blood. Thus shinobi ninja, LIKE OTHER SECRET SOCIETIES throughout history, intentionally drew around themselves an impenetrable shadow-cloak of mystery designed to  dissuade casual interest and discourage deliberate assault. Outsiders were encouraged to believe the ninja were descended from the mysterious tengu demons and therefore possessed magical powers."

I am inclined to think that all the stories and myths we are hearing everywhere...especially in Dan Brown novels, History Channel specials, from alternative gurus.....and other media....are designed for the very purpose of making the general public think that we are up against a scary enemy with magical powers or some sort of hidden technology or Secrets of the Universe. So , the next time you hear about shape shifting aliens in government or special powers of the elite through numerology, symbology, special handshakes...etc...think about these quotes. We often hear about CIA mind control of specific subjects but less often do we hear about what this article speaks of.

Even satanism has no real power. In fact most satanists do not even believe in satan as a material entity. I like to think of Satan as "mortal mind" or depraved human nature....with no special powers once the masses understand the tactics being used against them.

The Superbowl tried to instill an aura of fear and depravity through their color theme, red, white and gold. The halftime show seemed to give off satanic overtones...the colors , the sex, the evil depraved looks, the smoke, the idol worship and then the fire licking at their feet.. Many people would not notice the symbolism but for those who feel they are more "awake" most likely does cause fear and a sense of defeat...if only subconsciously.

I am all for Love and is very important. However, if you notice a public MEDIA trend of this, please be wary. Love and forgiveness sometimes crowd out what should be normal suspicion and investigation. Many of us realize that something is very wrong with the official story of Sandy Hook. I have been noticing that all of the Sandy Hook families who have been interviewed and the Sandy Hook Choir all made specific references to Love and forgiveness. The whole thing just seems scripted and unnatural. Again.....we do need to forgive our enemies BUT...we need to know who our real enemies are and to not be fooled by them. Let's make sure that Love and Forgiveness do not divert us from our duty as American citizens....keeping our government/corporations in line.

Oh the way, if in the near future we do experience a massive power outage and it is attributed to alien attack or a solar flare (predictive programming) ....think twice because the actual cause may be the very people who are now warning us of these possible future events. These events will be used for a specific agenda so it is important to try and decipher the real deal so we cannot be manipulated by fear to accept something we would not ordinarily accept. Lets not Lose Our Power to some "magic  Mind Slayer tricks.

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