Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blizzard Nemo:Weather Wars or Mother Nature?

Blizzard Nemo is the next super storm, one of a kind, and predicted to be historical in magnitude. We've had quite a lineup lately...all across the country. As I've mentioned before, these storms are slamming our country in an unnatural rapid fire sequence......and of course it's all being blamed on "mother nature" and/or global warming or should I say "climate change"?  Is climate change the new official term? If it this because all areas of the world are NOT warming? Maybe just the Arctic ice caps are melting? Check out my other articles on this blog concerning the intentional melting of the icecaps using man made weapons on the ground and involving satellites in space.

Many people scoff or look at me in disbelief when I speak of our more recent super storms (past 10 years or so) as being man warfare. I don't blame them. If I hadn't come across certain information, I would also think it  was crazy talk.

Think about it. It's not just the weather. If everything else in the world was peaceful and fine......if chaos of all sorts was not increasing at the same time as these super storms, then I would be less likely to question the true origins of these storms that are wreaking havoc on the economics of our country. Remember the mantra of psychopaths who want power and"Order out of Chaos".

Just about everyone at this point recognizes that the world has become very strange...across all departments...not just the weather. We have mass shootings that are blamed  on every cause (mental illness, too many guns, copycat, bullying...etc...etc) EXCEPT the most likely cause which is the very entities that own the media and the banks and are the ones who are presenting us with the news that is supposed to be reality. I won't go on too much about Sandy Hook except to say that people need to research ALL of the names of the people involved with Sandy Hook and look for connections between them and the current financial scandals and the financial corporations involved. The Sandy Hook event is not what it appears to be and may be accomplishing several goals at once. For example...where is all the donated money going to? Why can't the Sandy Hook School be reopened and used? It is obvious that gun control is one of the goals of this incident. Why are so many of those parents, teachers and even cops related somehow to Morgan Stanley and other financial corporations?Why is the "fiscal cliff" and Libor scanal occurring simultaneoulsy with Sandy Hook and our one of a kind superstorms? These are very serious questions that we need to be asking.

It appears to me and a growing number of other citizens, that 9-11,increased surveillance, increased debauchery among teens and adults, a decrease in family cohesiveness, destructive economy wrecking storms, the continual destruction of the constitution....etc...etc....etc....are all coming together at once in a most UNNATURAL fashion. The banks or financial systems are trying to take over the world. I am reminded of the game of RISK.

So...back to storm Nemo...or rather Blizzard Nemo. Below is a game that may relate to Blizzard Nemo.Storms are usually given specific names for a purpose. Let's try and observe what happens after blizzard Nemo. We must watch how the cleanup crews respond, if martial law is instigated, how long it takes to recover and then be on alert and stock up for any future rapid fire sequence storms. Don't be complacent and rest for too long after cleanup from Nemo. The "game" seems to be ramping up, not giving us too much time to recover in between disasters. If a country is to be taken over discreetly, it will be done from within. Corporations have infiltrated our government and are acting through are government, which is why you cannot trust or believe the mainstream news, which is owned by the world banks/corporations/government. They are all the same thing. We don't have to become socialistic or communistic to do away with such corporate greed. It may be too late at this point but why can't we keep a republic yet control the corporations. They should not be given the rights of a person.

I am not writing this to promote fear but to promote watchfulness and deep investigations. If those who are the perpetrators could only realize that the wealth they are seeking is only temporary and of no real eternal value and most of all.... can never bring true happiness, then we would live in a different world. ..a much better world.

Sometimes I like to sit around and just think about how awesome Nemo’s War is. Like right now.

Note that my love for this game may be tainted by my bias for the source material. I wouldn’t recommend that you read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea if you haven’t, because it turns most modern mortals away from sci-fi permanently, but the core story is phenomenal. Unfortunately Verne’s obsession with science in general and ichthyology in particular obscures the brilliance of the tale of Captain Nemo and his “guests.” Many of the chapters read more like a sushi menu than a gripping tale of adventure.

But forget all that. Nemo is one of the great anti-heroes of all time, waging his one-man war of utterly mad vengeance. Alternately gambling with his crew and suffering immensely when they are hurt or killed. Obsessed with science, but sailing in perpetual self-imposed exile. Targeting civilian ships, then scooping treasure from the ocean floor to help the poor and oppressed break the shackles of imperialism. Rescuing shipwreck victims only to permanently imprison them on his vessel so they won’t reveal his secrets.

And what a vessel. The Nautilus is one of the most amazing, wildly imaginative creations in the pantheon of sci-fi. A nigh-invulnerable submarine packed with wondrous technology. Capable of astonishing speed and punching holes in massive ironclads, yet furnished like a Victorian palace. It is the headspring of Steampunk, for better or worse, and Verne conjured it more than 150 years ago.

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  1. Did anyone see the news re: this? Some media outlets reported 5 people dies, others 6. Some reported 22" of snow for Boston, while others reported 25". Am I to believe that local news station can't count to 6 - or to 25!!!!

    Also, many of the videos of reporters "on the scene" were supposedly reporting after dark, but analyses of these videos produced TONS of anomalies. I couldn't explain every shadow pattern in these videos consistent with where the lighting source supposedly were, meaning that they were clearly recorded on a soundstage.

    All of this adds up to one inescapable fact: blizzard nemo never happened. This whole storm is nothing but the tail wagging the dog - a government invention in order to keep up in our homes and afraid, all the while giving them some space to set up re-education camps.


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