Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Let's take a closer look at methods used to throw conspiracy analysts off track. One tactic is to focus on a VALID issue involved in an event but to leave out other parts for the purpose of redirecting our attention AWAY from the main point or culprit.

Another tactic or method is to suggest that officials USED the opportunity of a certain event...such as carry out certain goals they may have...such as starting a war or taking our rights away...more surveillance, etc. When these methods are being used there is never any hint or mention that those who are trying to stay in control (politicians, world bankers, etc) are probably the ones who actually caused the disaster or event to further their  own goals. This is not an unusual scenerio! History is full of such conspiracies! Governments often cause disastrous events to legitimize future actions they want to take. Wars are often based on false premises in order to gain more control and resources from other countries. However, now that the United Nations is involved in an apparent planned global takeover, I would assume they will be going along with our President's claim that Syria used chemical weapons on their people.

Now, concerning the latest Naval Yard Shooting, it appears that different sources are again focusing on legitimate issues, such as over-prescription of Psychiatric drugs...but what is being left out? Take a look at Mike Adam's recent post from Natural News and see if you think anything might be missing?

Why was the shooter hearing voices and experiencing other electrical sensations? Why was he really on psychiatric drugs...if any of this is really even true? Is there more to the story than the shooter being on psychiatric drugs? We also have to be careful concerning supposed mental illness. Was the shooter's state of mind something that just came about naturally or was there some outside help? The military is known to experiment on servicemen. Is there more of an agenda concerning this shooting besides taking away the guns? I feel that mandatory mental health screening may even be more of a goal than gun confiscation. Notice how all of the shootings have been preformed supposedly by someone who is mentally ill. You would think that some of the shootings...if these events are just random and not planned by larger entities.... would consist sometimes of a larger plot or conspiracy with political goals and not just always lone mentally ill gunman.

So...while the pushing of psychiatric drugs on many many people should be seems highly likely that there is much more to the story. One disaster after another. The timing couldn't be more artificial. Be watchful of the news media. Is gun control mentioned yet again? What about mental health issues being stressed? We need to be very careful as to what we accept for solutions. Often the solutions we end up clamoring for are the goals of the so called "elite". gun control (confiscation), increased surveillance everywhere, perhaps mandatory mental health screening, a form of socialized medicine due to an intentional out of control health industry....etc. People are being relocated due to wildfires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, tidal waves...etc. It is becoming more and more obvious that these weather disasters are not due to "global warming" but more probably to weather warfare. Will micro-chipping of the population also gradually become a reality because of missing people? What is the big picture?

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