Friday, August 9, 2013

Today on the news (April, 28, 2014)  we hear of a very destructive tornado sweeping across the Midwest. I am adding a new link about Arkansas today and its fight against Agenda 21. Arkansas is one state being heavily hit by this sweeping tornado....right now.   The battle certainly does seem to be going to a whole new level as the title of the article states.

Connecting the dots......I urge all of you to research the Agenda 21 policies and activism being implemented in the states which are experiencing the most intense weather disasters.....on a repeated unnatural basis. These one of a kind storms are all being blamed on climate change and the newer positions of the jet stream. Modern technology includes the ability to steer the jet stream with HAARP and or satellite star wars weapons which can heat up the oceans and the ionosphere. Geo-engineering and weather warfare has been around for a while now. In the 1970s the United Nations supposedly had nations sign a treaty not to use weather warfare against each other. There are also other articles on this blog concerning weather warfare which you may want to check out in the right hand column.

Agenda 21 is a real and valid global effort to do away with private property rights....among other things. The states which appear to be bucking up against this private land grab are experiencing extreme weather which of course can harm crops and drive people from their homes. These storms also stress the economy which may result in states having to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund which is most likely involved with Agenda 21. What happens when these states are deeply indebted? Control of the water and food supply...along with the land, is the ultimate goal. Many well meaning people who are honestly concerned about the environment are being sucked into this global financial and resource grab scam under the benign sounding banner of environmentalism and sustainability. See "Keep An Eye On Gorbachev.

Before it's too late let's learn what "sustainability" is really all about! Understanding more about Agenda 21 and the corporations, U.N, governments and the financial institutions it is connected to ,may finally explain the rapid fire weather disasters...including wildfires, droughts and floods that are being blamed on global warming. People who live in the affected areas are being required to buy additional disaster insurance. The expense of all this eventually will drive people out of these areas which other entities either want to redevelop or re-wild.

Most of us care deeply about our environment and would want to support legitimate efforts to keep it clean...but there is a desperate need to make sure that the powers behind the mainstream environmental movement are legitimate and genuine. All of our tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes,hurricanes, snowstorms, droughts and floods are just too scripted, intense, and rapid fire to be due to pollution of the environment. The weather disasters are all converging on us at the same time as confiscation of rights, increased surveillance, supposed terrorism, school shootings, decline in morals, increase in chronic disease, which often are caused by microbes, increased push for biometrics...etc. Global control (government) appears to be the  goal. Quotes concerning a New World Order or global government have been stated by George Bush Senior, Strobe Talbot and many other politicians and world bankers. Are we going to ignore their warnings?

Maybe all of this evidence adds up to pure coincidence however, I always encourage others not to "believe" any single person but to do their own research, come up with their own conclusions and then share them with others.

The current flooding has affected Missouri, Tennessee, N.C. and Arkansas

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Article about Arkansas's battle with Agenda 21

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For info on Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma and Agenda 21 see


  1. Myself and other awake people have put the dots together, also nations who oppose the GMO's are targeted also. The only way to defeat these demons is,praying to GOD in the name of his Son Yahshua or Jesus in English. This is not only a physical war its a spiritual one also. That is why they are winning because man tries to fight it only in the flesh.

  2. Another very insightful article about Agenda 21


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