Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Lately the weather people seem to be coming up with all sorts of new terms to describe our oddball disastrous weather patterns. We have had "Frankenstorms" (Frankenstein was a manmade monster), "Hybrid Storms (that infers a storm is manmade), and now we have "Polar Vortexes".The term polar vortex has supposedly been around for quite a while but we rarely heard about it because the vortexes were not as severe as what we are currently experiencing. I'm sure there are many more new buzz words but these came to mind first.

Our first Polar Vortex of the year occurred in the beginning of January, and now on January 22 through approximately the 30 of January our weather will also feature record breaking low temperatures moving now mainly towards the Northeast. Why are all of our more recent storms  so much more intense and destructive? I think there are several plausible theories for our recent one of a kind weather disasters. 1. the most popular or propagandized theory of global warming. 2. intentional manipulation of the weather with advanced technology. 3. If the ice caps are being intentionally melted for the purpose of access to trade routes, oil , and other marine resources, our intense weather patterns could be a "side effect" of fooling with Mother Nature. The "officials" seem to be betting on further warming or melting of the icecaps. People and corporations are even investing in certain oil companies that will be exploring the arctic where the polar ice is melting.People are betting on the weather through weather derivatives. It was reported that Al Gore  bought 20 oil wells  He owns stock in Occidental Petroleum. More investigation is needed as to which oil companies are exploring the Arctic for future drilling sites now that the ice caps are so certain to melt further .... conveniently opening up access to a new and an extreme wealth of resources. Learn more about the Law of The Sea Treaty in relation to the melting polar ice. Try connecting the oil corporations with corporations that invent and create aerospace weapons and geoengineering.

It appears that we are being given two choices by the media in the debate over "global warming" often termed as climate change. This newer term covers the inconsistent weather patterns...patterns that appear to be inconsistent with a  steady increase in global temperature. Supposedly the Antarctic is not melting. This would also be inconsistent with a general global warming trend. The two choices are...1. the ice caps are melting due to global warming 2. The ice caps are not melting due to global warming. However, trade routes are apparently opening up...hence all the excitement over who gets to the resources first. This tends to lead me to conclude that the ice caps ARE melting. BUT...the real question we should be debating WHY are the icecaps melting?

Here is some info which tries to explain our disastrous weather through the global warming theory. This info infers that our extreme cold can result from global warming or the melting of the icecaps.

One of the questions I have is.....whether the polar regions warm up when the United States and other  countries experience the polar vortex? Does the Polar Vortex remove some of the cold air from the Arctic when this vortex occurs? There is going to be an Arctic Oil and Gas 2014 Summit in Oslo Norway. Will it be warmer in Oslo due to our polar vortex? Can this vortex help to melt the icecaps further? Possible technology used to accomplish this feat may include HAARP and/or satellite particle beam/microwave weapons. The Russians have been wanting to melt the ice caps for years. See this link to a newspaper article from the 1980s (included in a longer article)

Oslo Arctic Oil Conference!

See videos below for a more detailed account of the "arctic Rush" for resources

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  1. The cause of the polar vortex in the US and the corresponding heat wave in Australia is the earth wobble has cused the planet to tilt.


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