Monday, January 6, 2014


The mystery of the latest crop circle is supposedly solved. The company Nvidia has admitted that they created this crop circle as a publicity stunt to advertise their new computor chip. Many news feeds all over the world have picked up this story. I have read approximately 20 of them and so far none of the articles have explained how the crop circle was formed. We want details!

When we are presented with theories on how crop circles are made...we are given approximately 3 or 4 choices by the media. 1. crop circles are made by humans with boards and ropes as a prank. 2. crop circles are made by aliens trying to communicate with us. 3. crop circles emerge somehow from another dimension. 4. helicopters somehow shoot a beam of light when flying low over a field which then presses down the crops.

 The news media, concerning the latest crop circle in California, reports that the design was pressed into the field and another term used was that it was etched into the field. No details were given. The photo above does seem to show a line or perhaps an entry point from the road and another "line" that goes out of the crop circle near the other side of the circle. It is possible that these lines were created after the crop circle was made as a way of getting into the circle to examine it. The story goes that the owner of the field had no idea that this crop circle was being made because he just happened to be on vacation. I don't know whether I believe that or not.

I think it is highly unlikely and perhaps even impossible to create the intricate crop circles from the ground...especially with boards and ropes. One cannot view proportions from within a crop to form these intricate designs. Common sense tells me that crop circles must be created from above using some sort of template. Those in the media who present these possible causes of crop circles to the public realize that most thinking  people would reject the boards and ropes what is left? Aliens, crop circles emerging from another dimension and a helicopter or plane sending out some sort of laser beam. I think that the most probable explanation for crop circles is that they are created by satellites in orbit around the earth. We have Starwars Weapons in space which no one seems to be talking about. These weapons can be used to possibly play a role in weather warfare, melting polar ice and even creating crop circles. We need to do more research on the following terms....particle beam weapons, microwave weapons, star wars weapons, satellite weaponry, laser beams....etc.

Many people feel that the government is hiding the supposed reality of aliens from the public. I see the opposite happening through controlled opposition and reverse psychology. We have actually been bombarded by alien propaganda through movies, books and TV...especially through the Discovery and History Channels. All types of media are heavily influenced if not totally owned and controlled by governments/world finance and whatever they place in the media is there for a specific purpose. There is a covert reason for planting the seeds of an alien presence. Let's be alert to all angles of any future event or supposed scientific knowledge that will have been said to have been discovered...such as humans having alien DNA or other disinformation.I still think that there is a possibility of life somewhere else in the universe...however our current focus on aliens...I feel has been intentionally manufactured to further a global goal of control. Kissinger, Gorbachev and Reagan...etc... thought we needed a scare from outside our world in order to supposedly bring us together in peace "world government control"...the ultimate monopoly. We all know that monopolies are dangerous.

The purpose of the United Nations has always been to form World Government, however, nations will be reluctant to relinquish their sovereignty so a threat from "beyond" has to be manufactured to make people fearful enough to beg for protection from world government. See Reagan's speech below where he suggests that what we need is a threat from beyond our earth to bring all countries on earth together in world government. So just to restate my main point.....the government is NOT trying to hide an alien presence from us. Instead we have been saturated with alien images, stories, crop circles, movies and government sanctioned TV shows such as those on the Discovery Channel and History Channel. I ask....why so much emphasis on aliens?

I feel there is a bigger reason for this latest crop circle in California beyond it supposedly being an advertisement for a Nvidia Chip. Let's delve a little deeper.


  1. Either way its VERY dangerous technology that can do that

  2. I too agree crop circles are being created by highly sophisticated satellite dark/laser beams which are invisible.


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