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I wrote this article about Body Modification a couple of months ago but "Before Its News" just posted the video below so I wanted to include it in this article because it fits the subject of body modification  to a tee. The main point of the earlier article  below was that tattoos had been introduced to the public...especially the young get the population comfortable with defacing and merging things with their this case the goal is to merge electronics with the body. The video below shows how the speaker uses tactics to get people thinking that wearing a electronic tattoo is very cool and will keep us safe. Don't believe it! Be cool and don't go along with it! This is unbelievable. The text below the video is the older article where I predicted that the purpose of tattoos is to condition people to merge  with electronics. ...Transhumanism. The Creator already made our bodies miraculous. We have screwed them up with improper diet and unhealthy living. What makes people think that people can improve on nature?

Body modification is becoming more prevalent, more invasive and more bizarre. Young people who are searching for their identity, rebelling against their parents or the "system", or who just want to be unique and different, are usually the first in society to be swayed by these new fads. Some of the modifications are piercings of just about any body part, tattoos, subdermal implants and something called corset piercing. The video below demonstrates each type of body modification.

Now....I think it is very important to try and understand who or what starts these fads and for what purposes. Common sense tells me that these fads don't just begin with a random person in the crowd who thinks of something unique and shows his friends who then copy it. It seems more likely, and has been documented in some cases, that something larger with a covert purpose in mind starts the ball rolling. There are probably several factors involved.....creating a market for a product and/or service, molding and manipulating the population towards a specific covert goal such as the microchipping and eventual transformation of the people into robotic or transhuman organisms.

The hippie or drug revolution was supposedly instigated by the CIA...probably for experimentation purposes, to addict and demoralize the population, and to create an illegal drug market to make the rich richer.  Other social and civil rights movements, I believe, were also intentionally created to manipulate and control society. Usually valid human rights issues are used but then taken to unnatural extremes....such as the women's lib movement and gay rights. For example...women should have the right to vote and the right to have equal pay for equal work. However, it is reported that the CIA funded Ms Magazine and the Rockefellers promoted women's rights. A couple of their purposes in doing so was not because they loved and respected women but now that almost all women have to be in the workforce, taxes can be collected from both sides of the family and the children are now more often with the state and/or strangers than they are with their parents. All of this serves to break up the family unit. Women should be able to work if they want to but the economy has now been artificially manipulated so that women have to work....and worse...they are conditioned into thinking that if they
don't have a career outside the home....they will not be fulfilled and will have a boring meaningless life.

To sum up the manipulation...the rich actually manipulate the people to clamor for and demand the rich people's goals. the people's eventual detriment.This brings us back to body modification. Young adults are conditioned to think that through body modification they will be unique, and are rebelling against society and their parents ,when in actuality they are being herded like sheep towards a covert nefarious goal.
People need to evaluate any new fad before "going along with the crowd". Is a particular form of body modification really attractive or are we being brainwashed to think that it is? Where is the fad eventually headed? How could it affect society in the long run?

Try not to get too grossed out by the video below!

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