Monday, February 3, 2014


 The so-called "clouds" in the photo below are really persistent jet contrails that linger and spread out to form cloud cover. Is this massive jet aerosol program contributing to our Vitamin D deficiency blocking some of the natural sunlight?

Evidently back in 1977 technology was becoming available to manipulate the weather and to cause earthquakes and tsunamis A friend saved a newspaper article from around that time which I will type out here. Unfortunately the copied article does not mention what newspaper this article was from. Here is the article...

Banning "Weather Warfare"
"Scant attention was paid to last week's US Senate ratification of an international treaty banning weather warfare. Yet the occasion ought to be taken to recognize the treaty's groundbreaking promise. It shows that many nations are willing to stop somewhere in military hostilities; it includes, for the first time in a disarmament pact, a means for investigating alleged departures from it through a fact-finding "consultative committee of experts".

It has been three years since The United Nations General Assembly approved the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques. Not only weather modification is covered but any "deliberate manipulation of natural processes" to change the "dynamics, composition or structure" of the earth, its atmosphere, or outer space. On the forbidden list would be, for example, upsetting the ecological balance of a district, altering the state of the ozone layer, producing earthquakes, and causing tsunamis, the huge sea waves that come from underwater disturbances.

The UN had before it a study pointing to such techniques as generating storms, stimulating volcanoes, causing fog or clouds with chemicals, burning vegetation on a large scale. The study told of cyclones containing energy greater than that in nuclear devices. It warned of possible effects on human beings and communications systems from man-made efforts to alter the electrical properties of the atmosphere.

Even though the United States was one of the initiators of the environmental convention, its ratification of it has been preceded by more than enough other countries - including The Soviet Union, another initiator - to bring it into force. Twenty ratifications were required and that number was achieved over a year ago.

Some governments have been properly critical of the convention's failing to go far enough in its ban.. The agreement is limited to techniques having "widespread", and long lasting or severe effects", meaning several hundred square kilometers, several months, or significant disruption to human life and natural or economic resources.

No manipulation of natural processes for hostile purposes ought to be accepted. Nations should not need a treaty to refrain from such manipulation. But agreeing to such a treaty is at least an earnest of good intentions. We're glad the Americans have got aboard."

United Nations Weather Weapon Treaty

There are several points that need to be made in relation to this treaty and the rapid fire 
weather disasters, prolific wildfires, and earthquakes and tsunamis that we have been
 experiencing in recent years since this destructive technology has been available.

1. If indeed this technology does exist there should also be the capability to steer away 
 and other storms from target areas. But...instead we see hurricanes making sharp unexpected
 turns towards civilization and then often stalling for prolonged periods of time...or...even turning 
around and coming back to hit the target again.

2. Our current weather warfare capabilities or even possibilities are NEVER mentioned in the
 media. Instead ALL of our strange  destructive weather is blamed on global warming
....which is only a theory.

3. There are too many vague restrictions in this treaty. It evidently allows for a certain degree
 of weather warfare.

4. Would Agenda 21, a Global Initiative to do away with private property.....override this sort of 
Treaty...supposedly for the good of the planet?

5. We need to begin demanding answers from the media/government/global think tanks. 
Our weather and wildfires are getting out of control!

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