Friday, March 7, 2014


Observing certain members of the animal kingdom can give us some insight into the behavior of some human beings. The photo above depicts a frill necked lizard displaying himself. Its large ruff is usually folded back against its neck.....but when frightened, defending its territory or during courtship, the lizard opens his mouth wide, spreads its frill and lifts up its tail and body. This makes the lizard appear much more formidable than he really is. When you think about it is a form of deception. The lizard has to use this deception, most likely because he doesn't have any other characteristics or traits which would help him to achieve his goals...of survival, mating, or perhaps acquiring food.

Now...let's look at society in general while keeping in mind the example above. Could it be possible that humans use a similar tactic to take advantage or control over others? In the book 
Black Science : Ancient and Modern Techniques of Ninja Mind Manipulation we have an explanation of the human equivalent of the frill necked lizard. "The shinobi-ninja understood the need for, and the effectiveness of, propaganda in both peacetime and in war. Shinobi propaganda  included perpetuating the belief- both to recruits and to outsiders -  that ninja were descended from demons; that they were unbeatable warriors who could walk through walls; that they possessed the secret of the death touch. The effectiveness of these kynonin-no-jutsu propaganda ploys is evident in the fact that, still today, when the word "ninja" is spoken, people both East and West conjure up an image in their mind of mysterious shadow warriors capable of killing with a single touch."

Voodoo may be another example that uses deception and fear to take advantage of others.

Now, when we hear certain New Age Gurus telling us that the supposed "illuminati" or rulers of our world are really shapeshifting lizards or that there are currently aliens SECRETLY involved with our lives, we really need to start evaluating before we believe their explanations. The whole secret society scenario is set up to achieve an aura of mystery and secret power. While the masons and other secret societies may really have certain secrets...perhaps technological secrets....this does not mean they are invincible, all powerful, or related to some magical spiritual hierarchy. If you will notice "magic" is being intensely promoted through childrens' books and movies and adults are also being inundated with this message. What is magic really? It includes fear, superstition, hypnotism, mesmerism, deception, tricks, diversion of attention, false appearances....a watery illusion on the road up ahead. If we see through this deception we will understand and demonstrate the powerlessness of magic/spells/voodoo, and the tall tales of fearsome warriors.

I'm not saying that we should disregard or ignore the instigated chaos taking place all around us. We need to face it squarely, understand the tactics and then armed with the Truth we can gather together and proceed from there. But as long as we fail to understand the methods of deception, we will continue to be fooled at every turn. If the so called illuminati were really all powerful and a force to be feared without question, they would not need to deceive us. They would just proceed without all the propaganda. However, they need the propaganda, they need the deception to get us to cooperate. Remember the gurus who seem to have very well promoted radio and TV shows....who are well known throughout the internet, who are even sometimes interviewed on the History or Discovery Channels....have the support and backing of the opposition...otherwise they would not be allowed to be so popular. They tell 95% truth and then spin you off into La La Land with some crazy diversion....usually something that will factor into the larger agenda.

If we can learn the tactics of NLP, hypnotism, mesmerism, propaganda(not to use on others but for defense purposes) then we will be much farther ahead. We must try and evaluate certain things and practices. For example , while I believe in being still and listening for guidance.....too much meditation and placing our mind too often into an alpha state...for example....can make us more suggestible and open to negative influences that we are bombarded with every day. We are told that meditation does put us into a suggestible state but most often we are told that it is all positive and that we can mold and improve ourselves while in this suggestible state. Usually we do not hear that this alpha state (which I think veganism also puts us into this less grounded state) leaves us open to all sorts of propaganda. Think about it, would the mainstream be so heavily into promoting yoga, veganism and meditation if it gave us an edge against them? Or would they be more likely to promote these practices if it eventually leads us into a more subserviant role? I am certainly not advising that people do not pray or meditate. Again...I think that being still and asking for direction is vitally important. However, there is something about chanting and other practices, which the purpose is to put you into another "state"  a more susceptible state ...that puts up a red flag for me. Remember the ALPHA brain state puts you in more of a suggestible state for ALL propaganda.

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  1. There are aspects of truth to that. However, perhaps some basic science:

    All molecules respond to electromagnetic fields. A strong magnet can align all the molecules in a single direction. So you can vibrate molecules at certain frequencies to communicate emotion and thought. All runs through computers. Pre-scripted.


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