Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sandy Hook : Springboard for Political Goals

There  appears to be more than one purpose or goal behind the Sandy Hook massacre. More and more people are suspecting that the massacre at Sandy Hook was a staged event to bring about societal change which favors those who are in hot pursuit of more power and control. Creating crises and blaming them on a foreign or "crazy" enemy is a popular tool of governments for gaining  even more power and control. Another trend I have noticed after every "disaster", is the ushering in of a new and coincidentally available product that was waiting for a chance to be marketed. Immediately after the underwear and shoe bombers (ridiculous), they just happened to have naked body scanners waiting in the wings to be promoted and put into use. After the Malaysian missing plane, there has been much talk about antiquated tracking systems and that a new generation of tracking technology should be used. Now with Sandy Hook there is at least one probable product that is being marketed...called the biobox.  This is being introduced through a Sandy Hook initiative called Parenting Together".  Please look into this link to perhaps discern the corporate potential behind this Parenting Together initiative.
Blocked Off Road That Leads To Where the Sandy Hook School Was Located. It Has Been Recently Torn Down to Build Another School

Were the three events above  (and many other events) all naturally occurring disasters that corporations just happen to take monetary advantage of or  were they intentionally orchestrated for financial gain, social engineering, and political control? There are so many inconsistencies surrounding the supposed massacre at Sandy Hook that it would take a whole book to cover them all. There is much confusion surrounding Sandy Hook and what really happened that day. Those who orchestrated this event or play...of which there is no hard evidence of..... have witnessed that a growing segment of the public is beginning to realize that the official version of what really took place at Sandy Hook doesn't make much sense at all. In order to confuse and to defray an organized public outcry, the alternative media has been salted with conflicting scenerios of what took place that day. People are desperately searching for the Truth because what happened at Sandy Hook that day may be the springboard for many new restrictive laws, cultural changes, and loss of rights. 9-11 started the ball rolling and Sandy Hook....and the Boston Bombing were the next steps. Here are a few possible goals of the questionable Sandy Hook event.

1. Gun control and possible gun confiscation down the road.

2. Mandatory mental health screening. Notice how it is always...repeatedly.... a supposedly lone mentally ill gunman that causes the disturbance. Here is an extremely important link that explains why the "system" is creating and focusing on the idea that all the mass shooters are mentally ill and lone losers and what it could mean for you in the future!

3. According to some reports by people who have added up the many sums collected by the numerous online fundraisers, the total of money raised so far exceeds one hundred million!!! Reports have shown that many involved with this "disaster" worked for GE Capital, Ernst and Young, Morgan Stanley, and even Wells Fargo was involved. At the same time that Sandy Hook took place we had the Libor financial scandal and fiscal cliff making the news. It appears that it is all connected somehow.

4. Parenting Together is an initiative that sprung from the Sandy Hook event. This initiative has socialistic overtones. One of the connections for marketing a product under the umbrella of this initiative is the promotion of the  biobox which I mentioned above. Not only is this a product being promoted by Parenting Together but it is another way of introducing invasive surveillance that would be acceptable to the public. The biobox uses fingerprinting technology to insure that only the gun owner can fire the gun. Biometrics are not just high tech innovative products. The main purpose behind this technology is tranhumanism which will result in the few having more control over the many. Eventually this technology will evolve into remote control of the population. This is not just some conspiracy theory. Jose Delgado...a professor at Yale University, demonstrated on CNN, how he could remotely control a bull charging at him. He  was able to stop the charging bull with one flick of a switch that was connected to a receiver in the bull's brain. Here is a quote from Jose Delgado.
"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain." Dr. Jose Delgado

5. Influencing people's religious beliefs. Did the Sandy Hook parents, in the midst of their extreme grief, have the wherewithal to organize just several days,  color coordinated and butterfly themed funerals? All the parents interviewed professed loved and forgiveness of the perpetrator. While love and forgiveness are truly important, all of those parents who were interviewed
appeared to have been coached by the same source....and a few even appeared joyous.They almost seemed to be promoting that death was a good thing and that now all the children were happy together in paradise somewhere. While this is a hopeful and worthy thought, it just seemed like it was overdone. The whole incident itself, the funerals, and the news reporting all appeared to be choreographed. Then we have the Sandy Hook singers at the Superbowl...whose names they refused to give. How could these singers have been organized and trained so fast? Who were they really?

Some people feel that Sandy Hook has become the model town or springboard for social  and political change. Let's try and observe what other initiatives arise from this event.

The other day I visited Sandy Hook with a friend who used to live there. We parked in the small town and walked down by the river where there was a very small park. There alongside the river was this Greek Stage or platform. It looks similar to the Temple of Apollo in Greece where sacrifices were brought to Apollo. I asked a fisherman what the stage was for. He said that he really didn't know but that some people had their wedding photos taken there. Then he told me....."but over there in back of the stage , under that tree by the water, are flat smooth stones, all with the names of the victims written on them. I thanked him and went over to see. Here are a several photos that I took.
Every stone had a different person's name on it but the same verse was on each stone. So and so's "spirit , like a rock, will last forever". These stones were cradled within the roots of the tree. They were located near the water so if the river floods, they will be immersed. I also have photos of about 5 of the children's graves but felt it was not appropriate to show them here....just in case the event really took place as the media portrayed.
 The above photo is the Greek Temple that could be modeled after the temple of Apollo. Right behind it, down the little bank by the river are the stones. Most of the Sandy Hook activities have symbolic meanings. There must be some sort of symbolism here...Apollo....Apollyon...etc. Or could the stones behind the stage symbolize a play or act? Maybe I am looking too deeply into all of this...but the townspeople did use a lot of symbolism surrounding the whole event. Any ideas? One last comment.....If in fact the Sandy Hook event took place as the media portrayed, I am sincerely sorry for questioning its legitimacy. However, there is a complete lack of evidence to support the official as good Americans it is our duty to question what really took this event has the potential to strip Americans of their rights. It appears that they are playing on the emotions of the public to keep them quiet, submissive, and in some cases even supportive of extreme gun control.


  1. I forgot where I saw it, but the children that were at the superbowl singing were all of the Sandyhook "victims", alive and well. Basically the pictures that the media received of the children were pictures of the children when they were much younger. The pictures (that was then)---> The superbowl singers (this is now). You may find it online if you do a search.

  2. Thankyou for that information. I did see that video. Some of the older children looked like the younger children and with others it was difficult to tell. That scenario may or may not be true but it is important information for people to follow up on so thank you for posting it here.

  3. I had to quit reading at the mental health part... "notice how its always a lone mentally ill gunman" um, normal people dont go on a shooting rampage. Fucking idiot. Go enjoy your life instead of wasting all your time on nonsense.

    1. What do you call people who lead wars for political or monetary gain? They train soldiers to shoot up people all the time.....are they mentally ill too? Most wars are not for the benefit of the people whose countries lead the wars but are for the benefit of the world bankers/governments. They are not beyond killing people or staging a shooting to gain further control. Anyone who writes a post like yours....calling names and trying to make the poster seem ridiculous for questioning something that should be either controlled opposition or someone who needs to study the subject further

  4. Hahahaaha, you have to have the comments approved, whys that? Because if its something you dont like, youll just delete it? Pussy.

    1. I approve the comments so my posts don't get littered up with spam....selling products or services with links to their sites. I don't mind responding to any type of comment directed at my post because if anyone has sane arguments...I want to hear them so that we can all get at the truth. However, your comment has nothing intelligent to offer and is typical of controlled opposition.


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