Friday, June 27, 2014

Sandy Hook: The Saga Continues


I am going to try and summarize a very complicated subject. Let's think about the main themes surrounding the school and lone gunman shootings.

1. The shootings are almost always accomplished by alleged lone mentally deranged gunmen...that almost always kill themselves in the end. Same basic MO in all the shooting events

2. Automatic weapons are often used and guns are almost always the weapon of choice.

3. Donations and charity drives follow immediately

4. Immediate media press releases, often by the President, appear on the news promoting gun control and mandatory mental health screening. They may not mention the mandatory mental health screening but this is the goal and this is why all the alleged shooters are depicted as mentally disturbed loners. Note that I said "alleged" shooters.

Now before I go on I would like to talk a bit about this picture I took a few weeks ago at Sandy Hook. This is the blocked off road next to the firehouse that led to the Sandy Hook School. When facing the firehouse from the road parallel to the front of the  Firehouse, this blocked off road is on the right of the firehouse. I shared this photo on the internet and got two responses telling me the photo was a fake. I responded to them saying that I knew it was not a fake because I took the photo. They felt that there were many odd things going on with it. I went back and looked it over and have to agree with them. I didn't go up close to this blockade but took the photo with a zoom lens from the road parallel to the I couldn't really see what was behind the fence. It appears that the road stops right at the fence?? And it looks like the phone pole and what ever that large box beside it is in the middle of the road.. From the photo it looks like it is all vegetation and woods behind the fence. I am assuming that this was the road that led to the Sandy Hook School as that is how the helicopters and reported stories showed the position of the road in relation to the school and the firehouse.
I couldn't seem to find Adam Lanza on  nor could I find Elliot  Oliver Robertson Rodger (the California Shooter). Does this mean that they don't exist or is it just a coincidence that the names of both shooters cannot be found? I looked up the father, Peter Rodger and he doesn't seem to have any relatives....according to the records anyway. Now, I do realize that often the public records do not show the information on children....but in the eyes of the Public Records....when do you stop becoming a child....when you get a social security number? Myself and many others have spoken about the striking coincidence that Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games (where teenagers are sacrificed to the State through killing each other in sadistic yearly Games), lives in Sandy Hook. Now....what is one of the HEADLINES concerning the California shooting? The father, Peter Rodger was Assistant DIRECTOR on the Hunger Games movie. This is beyond coincidence and is so obvious that it appears to maybe have been announced on purpose. The irony of the whole matter is that while The Hunger Games is portraying a FUTURE scenario of government takeover and murder,  this very scenario is happening right under our noses. The people who defend the movie The Hunger Games as a warning to the people and as a positive thing, evidently are not aware of the real purpose behind The Hunger Games and the intentionally paced increase of school shootings by supposed lone disturbed gunmen. There will be more shootings until they get what they want.....and the mental health angle will be emphasized.

The alleged shooter in California, Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger ...supposedly on his own ....made videos and posted them on the internet. These videos are supposed to show how mentally disturbed he was. I have never seen such bad acting in my life. I could be wrong but the videos seemed extremely fake to me. And....what male.....whether he is disturbed or not ...would advertise that he can't get a woman? It's ridiculous! At least the actors in The Hunger Games did a better job!

Then to top it off, we have Janet Napolitano who was undergoing legal scrutiny, who has been questioned  during Hearings, who avoided answering the questions asked of her and then resigned her office in Homeland Security in 2013. Now in 2014 she just happens to have become president of The University of California where the newest shootings occurred. What is wrong with this picture?

Another possible connection I found involves the Carver family. I say possible connection because some proof is missing...but maybe some of you more savvy investigators can figure out the rest. As many of you already know, Wayne Carver was the medical examiner in the Sandy Hook Shootings. He allegedly autopsied most of the Sandy Hook bodies. The press conference he gave didn't imspire much confidence in me as to his professionalism. I looked H Wayne Carver up in the public records and found that he is listed as Howard Carver, H Wayne Carver,  and Carver 2. Today I found  documents that show he used the name Harold Carver during the Moxley/ Skakel case.  Carver used to live in Avon, Connecticut. Then I looked at the name listed above him which was Howard L. Carver who also lived in Avon, Connecticut. This Howard L Carver is not listed as Howard Wayne Carver's relative but the records show they both lived in Avon, Connecticut. The records do show that one relative they have in common is Carver Carver. Thinking that this was interesting ....I looked up Howard L. Carver and he has some very interesting jobs and affiliations.. Here is data from public records.
Howard L Carver
70 Hartford, CT
Avon, CT
Glastonbury, CT
Silverthorne, CO
New York, NY
More Locations
Sue Carver
Chad Carver
Cindy Carver
Carver Carver
Bradley University
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Assurant Inc
Ernst & Young Llp
Stonemor Partners Lp
More Jobs
Get Your Report
2 Howard W Carver
Hwayne Carver
Wayne Ii Carver
62 Old Saybrook, CT
Avon, CT
West Haven, CT
Crystal Lake, IL
Oak Bluffs, MA
Deborah Dehertogh
Robert Carver
James Carver
Carver Carver
Henry C. Lee Institute Of Forensic Science
Chief Medical Examiner
Here is a link concerning Howard L. Carver's connections to Ernst and Young.

Here is a link where you will find Howard L. Carver listed as on the board of United Way

Then this gentleman is also a partner in Stonemore Partners LP which claims it is one of the largest companies in the death care industry

I couldn't find any Stonemor properties however in Connecticut. I am not accusing anyone of anything....just trying to connect some of the dots like thousands of other concerned Americans. Is it  coincidence that Howard W. Carver who used to live in Avon is a medical examiner who does autopsies and Howard L Carver who also lived in Avon, is connected with funeral homes and cemeteries and just happens to work for the United Way? Also a few of the other main participants in the Sandy Hook Event also worked for Ernst and Howard L Carver did. The United Way collected quite a bit of money for Sandy Hook.

I'm not organized enough for the job but I think that a chart needs to be made involving all the parents, first responders (and who they work for) banks, charities, and the relatives of the main people involved and mark down what they do for a living. It seems that a chart will show the connections better than anything. 

We need to be very careful as to how we present ourselves. Most of us are not trying to overthrow the government or threaten anyone involved with Sandy Hook.According to officials The Sandy Hook Shooting is supposedly an open and shut case. Here is a definition of this term from The Free Dictionary.

"open-and-shut case a simple and straightforward situation without complications. (Often said of criminal cases where the evidence is convincing.) The murder trial was an open-and-shut case. The defendant was caught with the murder weapon. Bob's death was an open-and-shut case of suicide. He left a suicide note..."

So...if it is true that the Sandy Hook case is an open and shut case...then why would LT Vance threaten people who were discussing it on the internet? Discussing it and doubting the official story could not harm a valid  crime investigation if the case was closed and it was already determined  who the shooter was. Why would it or does it matter to an honest investigation (that is closed ) that people are questioning reports from the mainstream media? That's not illegal...or even harmful or wrong. ...unless a person or group of people ARE doing something wrong and illegal that they don't want uncovered.Concerned citizens who are questioning the official story are being portrayed as a threat and as mentally ill. Isn't it convenient that one of the main goals that I listed above is to introduce mandatory mental health screening. 

An idea to help move all this in a positive direction may be to summarize.... on a sheet or two of paper...the main inconsistencies of the Sandy Hook Shootings. It should be written in a calm and rational manner with no sarcasm. When trying to explain to others who believe the official story as to why many people are questioning it....handing them a list of the bizarre connections and inconsistencies......might help them to better understand the big picture. It's best not to pass too much around on the internet but it should be done in secret...either in person or through the U.S mail....while we still have it. A lawyer was spreading the word that information should be passed on in this manner so that the opposition will not know how to counteract it. Many suspect that the internet was set up in the first place to monitor the people. 

My goal isn't necessarily to hurt or imprison those who are complicit in this......because I believe that their actions alone will at some point bring retribution to them (and hopefully a lesson learned). I feel no hate or vindictiveness towards anyone.......I just want the truth exposed and the truth shall set us free. We are all learning lessons here on earth as to what is worthy...what is real and good and most if not all of us are misguided in different areas. I hope that if we approach justice with this mindset things will work out in the end. Reacting with hate, bitterness and vindictiveness will only breed more of the same.....and will make others doubt that we have anything rational to share. This does not mean that we ignore what is going on. Evil still needs to be neutralized. Understanding the tactics of deception is a huge factor in changing our world for the better.


  1. I appreciate your article and people like you who help connect the dots. I'd go along with everything you've said so far. Thanks for posting.

  2. I read an in depth article done a couple of months ago that proved that the school "Sandy Hook" was, is & had been closed for 5 ? years because of Haz-Mat. Crisis Actors were definatly used, I'm sure you've seen the clip of one father laughing & blabbering on until he had to: put on his "cry baby face" Let's remember, these folks are sociopaths & there for, clumbsy at times as lieing is what they live for & mistakes are made. Opporation North Woods in full swing in the good O'l : US of A. This will go on until we have at least 1 MSM outlet that Tells The Truth ! Under US military guard I hope! RC

  3. Lt Vance was the CT State Police Spokesman until folks realized he was lying about the fake Sandy Hook "shooting." At that point, CT suddenly reassigned Vance to the Traffic Division in FEB 2015.

    Newtown was a gun-grab Hoax, designed to trick Americans out of their AR-15 rifles.

    Was Obama's SSN stolen from Harrison Bounel (died in NEWTOWN CT, 1978)?

    Governor Malloy can't explain why he locked down ALL Death Certificates for the entire State of CT (to conceal Sandy Hoax).


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