Friday, July 25, 2014

Manipulate: Divide and Conquer

Every day the world is becoming more consolidated and controlled by the global financial institutions. At the same time as this monopoly is being created, the world is experiencing disasters of all different kinds..... all over the globe. This ensuing chaos is not just "happening" a great degree it is being intentionally created. We have all different types of disasters which are being blamed on global warming, people who are mentally ill, guns, foreign terrorists....etc.This is to take our attention off of the real culprits and goals of the so called Elite who need to divide us and deceive us in order to accomplish these goals that they know we would not accept if we understood their real intentions. Many of these disasters are False Flag Events created by these powers to get us to beg them for their protection....without us being aware that we were being manipulated to do so. It is a fact that we now have a certain degree of weather manipulation technology that can create many of the tornadoes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, create dryness for wildfires...etc.This technology has even been spoken of on the History Channel and Discovery. HAARP, which is a facility in Alaska, is one of the facilities believed to be for the purpose of weather control, earthquake creation...etc. Also satellites having to do with the Star Wars technology may also be playing a role.

 Check out the Smurf cartoon below which is an example of predictive programming and the conditioning of our children to eventually accept whatever comes along. In this case it is to ingrain the reality of weather manipulation. This particular cartoon is showing how the weather can be controlled and how weather wars can get out of hand. However, this may be to get us to think that the horrible weather disasters we are experiencing are not intentional but are just due to a system gone awry. Especially take note of the Harp that the smurf holds through much of the cartoon. Is this symbol indicating that the technology of HAARP is controlling the weather? A rather blatant symbol I think! I recently have been hearing commercials for HARP home Insurance. Is this another play on words that is indicating that Harp is being used to create the storms that destroy the homes which then need an insurance company?

 One of the goals is to bring the United States to it's knees through repeated disasters so that in the end we will succumb to their goals. Henry Kissenger, Strobe Talbot, the Bush Family presidents, etc....all speak of this goal and how sovereignty wasn't such a hot idea after all. They cloak their nefarious goals in well sounding words and terms...such as President Bush does below. Here is a quote from Maurice Strong who was a high official in the United Nations.

  • Maurice Strong, September 1, 1997 edition of National Review magazine
"What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group's conclusion is 'no'. The rich countries won't do it. They won't change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"
Gorbachev was quoted saying he was a convinced communist and nothing will turn him off that road. He also said that the environment was the cornerstone of the New World Order...meaning that pollution could be used to get the people to fearfully accept this One World Government in order to supposedly save the planet.
Manipulation, conditioning, brainwashing, predictive programming, diversion, pitting sides against each other....all keeps us busy and occupied while the financial powers (United Nations, Rockefellers, International Monetary Fund...etc) consolidate to bring forth a New World Order which George Bush senior spoke openly of on film.

The American people are being divided on many issues, some of them being immigration, gay rights, global warming, school shootings, free sex, the two political parties, women's rights, socialistic health care, and ,.... the list goes on. People obviously have different views and that's a good thing or life would be pretty boring if we were all the same... but many times we are manipulated into having certain views on an issue. The point here is......that usually the public is misled as to the basic premise and goal of the issue being pushed and argued over.

I will try to give some examples here to express my thoughts.

1. Global Warming:  Scientists have been and still are debating the validity of the global warming theory...that there is global warming and that it is being created by carbon emissions . I don't think that an overabundance of car exhaust, for example, is a good thing but is it really causing the planet to warm as they claim? The globalists want to institute a global tax to supposedly fund the cleaning up of the earth...but is this really what they are going to use the money for? Could other things be causing the melting of the ice caps and the dramatic increase in super one of a kind storms...such as weather modification technology and perhaps particle beam weapons in satellites that could be melting the ice caps? All the countries involved in the Law of the Sea Treaty seem very excited about the new trade routes opening up and the increasing access to all the ocean's resources, including fishing rights and oil rights. A newspaper article back in the 1980s speaks of the Russian's desire to melt the ice caps and therefore be able to access more of their land. The article also states that the United States and Russia have the capabilities to affect the weather and to create earthquakes. This was in the 1980s...imagine how technology has progressed since then! Disastrous weather scenarios have increased in proportion to the increase in technology. the Divide and Conquer aspect of this issue.....One side says there is global warming and that anyone who does not think so is AGAINST helping the planet and must be on the side of the corporations. The other side does not believe the theory of global warming and sees the prospect for the world bankers to make even more money on carbon taxes. Many on this side of the issue also care about the environment but if you observe carefully you may come to the conclusion that the money brokers are causing many of these disasters and blaming it on global warming...all the while manipulating the public to argue over something that may not even be an issue. I see the issue as 1. the globalists gaining access to more of the earth's resources, and 2. destabilizing the United States through repeated disasters so that in the end we will be convinced that we need a non government group, such as the U.N. (which we have no say in the formation of) to take over and save us all, along with the Gorbachev alluded to. Can you see that in this case we are busy  debating whether or not there is global warming...instead of directing our attention to what this Global Cabal may really be up to? They are experts at Social Engineering or the more feel good sounding term that is used now....Public Relations. Because they are experts we also need to become experts in their tactics and manipulations in order to save the freedoms we have left

2. Illegal Immigration:  Here again we have two sides debating this issue as to whether  or not the illegal aliens should be allowed into our country. One side is concerned that a massive immigration will destabilize our economy and water down people's knowledge of the Constitution. If we have to support a massive influx of people...this would also help to bring our country down to create a level playing field for the purpose of instituting world government. The other side argues that because our nation was formed through immigration that we need to be compassionate and true to our country's ideals. Both sides have a point. However, what is the REAL issue here that we are being distracted from? I see much evidence , when looking at the larger picture, that they are  basically opening the borders to pave the way for the creation of the North American they did with the European Union. But of course they are not telling us this or there would be an uprising. When it eventually happens they will seem to have good reasons for doing this. They will say it is for protection and peace. This could possibly be a good thing if politicians and the power brokers of the world were fair, honest, and  loving ....but I don't think that this segment of humanity has reached this lofty point yet and the end result will be a global government to further their power and wealth. They realize that they have to work together in order to obtain this goal. As I see it....we are being led (through movies, TV, Facebook and other social media) to focus on whether or not we should let the flood of immigrants into our country. We are being distracted from what is actually happening so the elite can proceed to their goal unhindered.

3. School Shootings, Gun Confiscation, and Mandatory Mental Health Screening: This debate is a cornerstone debate. In other words....what happens as a result of these school shootings will give these global bankers final control over the population. If you will notice.....all shootings were supposedly carried out by LONE, mentally disturbed gunmen. Then immediately after these shootings we have already planned announcements about gun control and how we need to somehow be able to tell who is mentally "fit" and who isn't. Then we have parents who should still be in shock and grieving, speaking out publicly about gun control. The funerals at Sandy fact the whole rigamarole around Sandy Hook was very choreographed, color coordinated, butterflies for everyone, a Sandy Hook chorus was formed within  a month or so to sing at the Superbowl.

The two sides of this argument, being encouraged by the real perpetrators are : 1. One side feels that we should have partial or complete gun control. This is based on the premise that the past mass shootings were carried out by loner misfits who are mentally deranged. This segment of the population also feels that of course we should have mandatory mental health screening as this would protect us from and prevent wackos from carrying out mass shootings. If governments/corporations were honest and providing the truth of these shootings to us then there might be a point that guns should be more controlled...that is if lone wackos WERE all of a sudden out of the blue committing these crimes for no real reasons. However, governments are NOT to be trusted and need to be kept in line according to quotes from our Forefathers. People also question whether there may be some other force behind these supposed lone gunmen. 2. The other  side of the contrived argument still believes that the shootings occurred the way the media is presenting them but they feel that it is the person and not the gun that is responsible so the guns should not be taken away. They also believe in the Constitutional right involving Americans owning guns. Both sides may or may not be for mandatory mental health screening because group two often still believes that mental lone wackos accomplished these murders by themselves. There is a third group...but I am not sure as to whether this is a contrived group that is being encouraged for the purpose of making the group look ridiculous in the end. This is the group that I am in...the group that questions the whole premise of these shootings ....who actually did the shooting, were there real shootings in all cases, why is there a choreographed ready response by government/media to each of these shootings? There are so many questions and inconsistencies that this group feels most of these "events' are False Flag Events. In other words, they are events planned by government to accomplish their  New World Order. So, here again we are being pitted against each other when we should be  questioning the whole premise of these events. Let's unite and get the real answers to all these scenarios that are tearing our world apart. The Elite believe in Order Out of Chaos and it appears that they are creating the current world chaos. See for yourself in the video below what Obama and others have said about world government. They have been planning it for years and are looking forward to it. Let's memorize their tactics and act accordingly. There still might be time.

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